Monday, 27 January 2014

The BIG picture Episode 6


It was about 2am in the morning when she heard him tip toe into bed beside her. She had waited up for him, and eventually cried herself to sleep. The creak of the door woke her up. Her heart began to beat faster. She did not know what Dotun had or had not done. She opened her mouth to say something but could not find the right words to say.

He longed to hold Toyin and ask her to forgive him but he swore he could feel 0 degrees in the room, from the level of her coldness. How long would this go on for? He buried his head under his pillow and tried to catch some sleep, as thoughts of his new son danced around his mind.


Francisca smiled as she saw her phone ring. She knew she was gradually having him in the palm of her hands.

“Yes Dotun?” she said

“I am inside. Where are you?”

She turned off the ignition and carried her black handbag, then walked into the restaurant. She spotted him almost immediately. He was looking very worried.

“Hi,” she said, taking a seat.

“Where is the baby? Is that not why we agreed to…”

“Hold on Mr. man. He is with my mom. You don’t expect me to trouble a little baby, do you? I am just here to have a discussion with you.”

He paused, tapped his bottle of water with his fingers nervously, and shook his head.

“So what do you want?”

“I have been thinking. Honestly, destroying a home, a new one at that, is the least I want to do. But I want you to understand that this boy would need your presence in his life. I don’t want him to go through what I went through…growing up fatherless. So all I am asking is that you be in his life…”

He held his head in his hands.

“Francisca, I just got married! We are yet to go on our honeymoon. I don’t wanna dump my son but I can’t do this to Toyin. I have hurt her enough. Despite all she still went ahead to marry me. I should at least show her some respect. Please just let me visit him from time to time and send some upkeep money.”

She looked into his eyes, shook her head and got up.

“Keep your bloody cash. You are not fit to be a father. I thought too highly of you.”


“Let me go!” Toyin screamed and jolted from her sleep, sweating like no man’s business. Dotun held her immediately, forgetting the tension between them.

“What is it babe?” he asked, holding her shoulders.

“Um…oh my!” she switched on the lights. “I am fine. It was just a dream.”

“Are you sure you are okay? Do you need me to do anything? Should we talk about it?”

She got up and picked her bible then started praying.

“Fire, Fire, Fire, come down on the plans of the devil! Fire Fire…”

Dotun stared into thin air. He did not know what to do. He did not even know what to pray about. He watched her as she kept on shaking her head vigourously. He knew she was scared and all he wanted was to be there for her.

“Baby let me help you…what dream did you have?” he asked calmly, holding her again. She pushed him aside and shot an angry stare at him.

“You are not Jesus. You cannot help me. Help yourself first.”

The moment she said those words, she regretted them. Her husband nodded and went back to bed.

She went to the bath room, locked the door, and cried uncontrollably. These dreams were coming back again to hunt her.

Gideon opened the door hugged her. She held on tight, weeping profusely. She was deeply hurt and just wanted some comfort. The only person she could talk to and confide in was Bro. Gideon. He always had the right words of encouragement to make her spirit bounce back to life.

“I have told you to break this relationship off Toyin. Don’t waste away your youth with him…” he said, stroking her hair.

“Bro. Gideon I received a word… It hurts but I know within me that Dotun is going to be my husband.” She replied.

“God never plans evil for his children.” He wiped her tears with his hands. “He puts the right people in your life to make you make the right decisions.”

“Dotun has hurt me so much” she cried. “He cheated with Kelu!”

“I know dear” Gideon kissed her forehead. For a moment she wondered if it was okay for him to do that, but then he was her big brother in the church. He kissed her cheeks and then she knew something was wrong when he kissed her nose. She stepped away.

“Bro Gideon…” she stammered

“Toyin can’t you see God wants us to be together and fulfil ministry? Why are you wasting away with Dotun? I will not let you spoil our future, Toyin. I hope you have not slept with him.”

She was stunned.

“No I have not! What do you take me for, I am still a virgin.”

She swore she saw a small curve by the side of his mouth. He came closer and she ran to the door. Just then she remembered he had locked it when she came in crying.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

“Toyin I have always wanted you! Couldn’t you see that?” he said, his voice low and dragging.

“Bro Gideon you are scaring me please…” she had started to cry.

“Don’t cry baby. I wont hurt you. Don’t cry please.” He kissed her face. She pushed him and slapped him hard on the cheek. Some blood spilled from his mouth. She could never forget the anger she saw in his eyes as he looked at her. He pushed her on the floor and slapped her face, pulling her hair.

“Are you an idiot?! Fool!” He cursed and tore her chiffon blouse.
In eight minutes, the violation was over. Her white skirt was now blood stained.

“I am so sorry, Toyin! The devil came over me! Please I am sorry!” He cried.


  1. mtcheeeew so its not like she is flawless so she shuld ease up on Dotun jor...Funny enuff i see alot of myself in her...God help me oo

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