Saturday, 11 January 2014

The BIG picture Episode 2

Episode 2                                                                   

She was forty minutes gone in tongue-speaking when her phone rang. Her heart skipped a beat. She hoped for a minute it wasn’t Dotun.

My Eminadoootun”


She and Dotun had shared that song by Tiwa Savage; Eminado and from then on, she had saved up his contact as My Eminadoootun. Dotun had been the one to call up the radio station and had them play her the song on the morning of their sixth year Anniversary. She had loved it initially. She had felt it was so romantic and breath- taking, and her sisters and friends who had been listening, made her feel like the centre of attention. On second thought, she wondered what the church members would think if they got to hear it. They would think she was carnally minded. She was about dialing his number when his call came in.

“Happy Anniversary, my Love. You always have and always will be the best thing to happen in my life. ” He said.
Her heart melted at the sound of his rich baritone. This her smooth-talker boyfriend shaaaa.
“Good morning Baby. Happy Anniversary. I feel so thrilled this morning. Thank you so much!” she chuckled.
“I hope you liked it…”
“Yes Dotun I do like it…but remember we are not allowed to partake of songs like that. The Kingdom is near and that’s what I want you to have in mind especially as we will be getting married soon you know. You are going to be the head of the home and there are certain decisions required of you from Christ, from me, from our kids, even from Pastor Ilori. I…”

Dotun sighed and flung the piece of paper in his hand. He had written some love quotes and had wanted to read them to her. He undid his tie, as though her words were tighter than the knot, choking his neck. He did not know what else to do. For six years he had been with Toyin. This was the first monogamous relationship he was ever going to keep that long. He had been in love with her for a really long time and was willing to do his best to make her happy. He felt secure she was a church girl. At least he knew she would stay faithful to him and not mess around.

In the first few years when they had just begun dating, he had tried to mellow into the church-boy behaviour. He went to every campus fellowship programme with her and joined the Workforce because of her. His friends laughed at him because they could not understand the new Dotun. However he could not keep up for long. Whenever the school closed for a vacation or break, he was back to his regular life of sharing drinks with friends and clubbing as much as he wanted. He felt free…like nobody was breathing down his neck, to go to Sunday School. Toyin had found out somehow, and decided she wanted out. He wanted out too. He knew even if he loved her, he could not cope. He respected her wishes to stay celibate till marriage, but he could not deny the fact that he was used to sex. He did not want to pretend anymore. But, when Toyin came back after many months, saying she had prayed and God told her he was the man for her and her job was to fix him and change him, he found himself back in the holy arms of the woman he loved.

After series of sermons and talks from mentors forced on him by Toyin and her pastors, he decided to try to live holy and please everyone. 
There was one time in church when the pastor had preached about communicating with the Holy Spirit. He knew he did not understand what it meant to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. All he knew was that the Holy Spirit was the third person in the blessed Trinity, and that Mary had conceived by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He had wanted so much to raise his hand and ask how he could have an encounter with the Holy Spirit but things like that were just…not done. He looked at the entire congregation and wondered if everyone understood and had that direct relationship with the Holy Spirit. Toyin had been up on her feet, clapping and saying “Yes Sir!”. He admired her zeal for God, but each time he looked at her, he was afraid. Afraid that he would never know Jesus as much as she did. When she sat down, he whispered to her that he needed to ask how to communicate with God. She had said “Dotun you are assistant head in Drama team. People who are upcoming in the Lord are looking up to you” and shushed him.

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