Saturday, 11 January 2014

The BIG picture. Episode 4

By Fisayo Talabi

Episode 4

Toyin ignored her mother’s greetings as she stepped in, and ran into her bedroom, sobbing uncontrollably. Why was this happening? This was not the first or second or third time Dotun had cheated. The first was sometime during a school vacation. They had broken up but she accepted it as a mistake on his part probably because he was just growing in the Lord. The second time, he had cheated with her friend, Kelu. She had found out and he promised to change. He had even given her some scriptures to assure her that he would never cheat on her again.

When he cheated with Nkiru, he confessed that he was trying to get over his sex addiction and that he needed Toyin to fast and pray with him. During the dry fast, he had cheated with Francisca.
Strange of all, Dotun had fit so much into the Christian brother role, that it was almost impossible for Toyin’s mentors-in-the-lord to believe that he cheated. One way or the other, his smooth-talking charm worked its tricks and bought everybody over one more time.

She was not stupid. Many times she had decided she would leave him and move on, but then she worried and wondered where she would start from. She had invested so much into the relationship that it was almost impossible starting over at her age. It was not as though she had not met other men. She was a pretty girl, with every quality a man wanted to take home to mama, but she was convinced her vision was to be in Dotun’s life, help him become a better person and by extension, a soul winner.

He had pressured her for sex and she always told him how much of a sin it was and how he needed to pray and fast against premarital sex. Over the months she noticed he had stopped asking for sex, and she felt finally, prayers were being answered…until she stumbled upon Porn magazines and movies in his bedroom. She had picked up a fight with him and forced him to attend a three-day-deliverance, and then, she thought the whole sex problem was over. She was so surprised he still saw Francisca secretly, and a baby was now involved.

How would the girls in Youth Fellowship see her? What would the Executives in church think about her? How could she hide a baby? Her stomach churned bitterly and she slumped into her bed, thinking of what to do.

Mrs Fayemi walked in to her daughter’s room, still surprised at the girl’s rude behaviour.

“Are you alright, Toyin?” the older woman asked, feeling her temperature.

Toyin wanted to express herself and speak, but she was scared of what her mother’s reaction would be. Her mother was a no-nonsense woman. She would call of the wedding and forbid Dotun from ever stepping foot in her house. Everyone would get to know what Dotun did. It was the shame, above everything else, that scared Toyin to her bones. She had advised a young lady who was new in the church, to stay away from her cheating boyfriend because God had better plans for her. She was ashamed that everyone would think she could not practice what she preached.

Deep within, she knew she loved Dotun. He was the first man she had ever been in love with.  He understood her better than anyone did, and he knew the right things and the right words to say to her whenever she needed to hear them. He was easy with her and hardly got angry. He understood she was saving herself for marriage and never tried to force his way on her. Dotun was like the father she never had. He protected her and took care of her and made her feel like the most special girl in the world.

There and then, she decided this was one of the many things no one needed to know about. She would forgive Dotun and make sure Francisca and the baby stayed out of their lives. If she left Dotun, she feared she would never heal emotionally. 
A lot of people had turned up for their Introduction four months ago. She could not cancel this wedding by any means. It was too late even if she wanted to. 


The wedding day had come.
The aso-ebi looked so lovely; Orange and Gold. It was the best day of her life. The guests were so many, and the decoration in the hall was so beautiful. Dotun’s parents had fulfilled their promise of giving them an elaborate and classy wedding. Her heart thumped for a second as she danced forward, in the midst of her friends, to meet her husband, Adedotun Da Silva, seated patiently, waiting for his bride. He was all smiles, looking as welcoming and as safe as heaven.

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