Sunday, 12 January 2014

The BIG picture. Episode 5

by Fisayo Talabi

Episode 5

Dotun sat at the edge of the king size bed in The Landscape Hotel, where they were to spend their first night as husband and wife, before travelling for their honeymoon at Agios Nikolaos. He had looked forward to this special day eagerly, especially since she never let him touch her.

Was it the guilt from his fathering a child out of wedlock with another woman, or his wife’s nervousness? He could not tell. She cringed at every move he made to hold her close.

“Baby I said I am sorry. Please let’s not start this at the very beginning of our marriage. We have been looking forward…”

“Dotun please just stay away from me. I won’t let you defile me with filth. We need to speak to a Pastor and have you cleansed.” That was the coldest he had ever heard Toyin’s voice.

He was dumbfounded, surprised and alarmed. Cleansing? For a moment he felt he should have not agreed to marry her. This was exactly the reason he had wanted to break the engagement. Not just that he had hurt her deeply, he also did not want to pay for his crime for the rest of his life. If there was anything he wanted to do right in life, it was to be a good husband to his wife, and be a great family man. His father had cheated on his mother and eventually brought in two other wives, despite the fact that his mother had endured and stuck with him all through his church-rat years. The minute he started making money, she became “Iya Dotun” and no more “Sweetheart.” The Sweetheart had been reserved for his girlfriends. Dotun loved his mom to bits and had sworn he would be nothing like his dad in marriage (not before marriage.)  He knew if Toyin continued with this spiri koko  attitude of hers, he would cheat and drink, and sneak around doing things that gave him the closest thing to rest of mind. He knew she was going to make him pay spiritually for his sins. But he loved her.

“Okay. If that’s what you want. We will see Pastor Ilori tomorrow after the thanksgiving.” He said calmly.

She stared at him with all the hatred she could gather and hissed.

“You must be out of sane zone, to think I am bringing problems to my pastor on the very first day of my marriage!” She said.

“I am your husband, Toyin. Watch your language and show some respect.”

“Res what did you say? You lost my respect the day you started cheating!”

By now she was raising her voice and shrieking.

“And that is why I am trying to do everything possible to do right by you. Can’t you forgive me? You are a Christian for God’s sake!”

“Do not just call the name of the Lord in vain. There is nothing you can do.”

Their eyes locked for a minute, before she looked away, trying to stop herself from crying.

“I tried to prevent this. I did not want us to get married because I did not want anyone to get hurt.” He said, and walked out of the room.

Toyin tried to fight back her tears but they flowed like unending streams. She felt her heart beat faster. She was afraid, hurt and confused. She did not want to fight on her wedding night. She had always imagined it would be perfect. Her giving herself to her husband would signify the awakening of better things in her life. She wanted this to be a healing for her past hurts and pains. But now, this was the opposite. She wondered if she was right as to have forced the wedding to hold. Would she ever be able to let Dotun sleep with her without thinking of Francisca, and GBK. She wanted to call Sister Moji, her Unit head, in church, but she hesitated. This was only the wedding night. She could not have anyone gossiping about her. It was too early for problems.

She wanted to pray, but she felt she was stronger than running to God with every little problem. She had listened to a message recently about feeding on strong meat, and not milk. God expected more of her. he did not expect that after so many years of Christianity, she could not handle an issue as little as this.

Wiping her tears, she went to the bathroom, washed her face, applied a little powder and lip gloss, and straightened her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror and all she saw was fear. Would Dotun see it? Would he understand? Would he hurt her?


Dotun gulped down his beer and decided to call her back.
“Hi. I saw your missed call…” He said, his voice showing every weight of depression.

She smiled and spoke back. “Hi Mr. Dotun, or do I say, Daddy Dotun.” She paused. “How was the grand wedding?”

“Is that his name?” He asked

“Of course. He is not a bastard. He is Adedotun Da Silva Junior.” Francisca said.

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