Monday, 27 January 2014

the BIG picture Episode 8


He watched her sleep soundly after their trip, as he stuffed their luggage in the walk in closet. She had hardly caught any sleep in the plane. He had woken up about three times and found her staring into space. He wanted to talk to her but he knew she would not speak. It gave him some inner peace now, as she slept. She had not even showered. He unzipped his hand luggage and brought out the champagne coloured lace nighty he bought. He tried to imagine her in it, with her hair let loose, down to her shoulders. She mumbled in her sleep, and then he touched her face. She jumped suddenly.

“I’m sorry babe. I was just…” He stammered, confused.

“I’m sorry too. Was just a bit terrified. Probably because I am not used to this environment, you know.”

He knew she was concealing something but he was willing to let her speak at her own time.

“Do you still want to nap?” he asked.

“Yeah…but I think I have a headache.”

“Do you want me to grab you a snack?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t mind.” She said.

He went downstairs and in a jiffy, was back with a sandwich and a bottle of orange juice.

“My bank card worked on their POS.” He laughed.

“That’s good. So we don’t have to spend all the cash we changed. I told you it would work.” She replied, smiling. He held her hand, and stared into her eyes. Slowly, he got on his knees, without shifting his gaze.

“Toyin, I want you to know I am so sorry. I am willing to make it up to you. I promise never to hurt you for the rest of my life. I know I have messed up so bad. All I ask is for another chance. Please let me show you how sorry I am.”

“It isn’t that easy or simple. You don’t have an idea how much damage you have caused. Not just Francisca…but way back. You caused me so much pain, more than you even know.” She burst into tears.

“Then tell me what it is, please. Let me heal…”

“Only God saves. You can’t do anything about it.”

He sighed, and opened the sealed cap of the fresh juice.

“I won’t give up on us. Like you say, God has a reason why he brought you into my life.”

He convinced her to take a walk with him round the garden, and he brought up memories of their past---well, the good part of their past. He was glad to see her laugh again. She even responded when he tickled her. She was warming up gradually.


She swallowed two tablets of paracetamol, as she pondered on what next to do. She could not discuss this with anyone. Not her mom, not her friends in school who thought she was all spiritual, and definitely not Dotun. She had broken up with him. Her elder sister was away in France for her master’s degree. She was lost. She grabbed her bible but there were no scriptures on an unwanted baby. She thought of Mary mother of Jesus. She had also been pregnant out of wedlock, but God had specifically designed Mary’s situation. God had not told her to go to GBK’s house after she found out about Dotun and Kelu. She had run to Gideon because she felt he was spiritually mature to advise her sufficiently. She should have known better. Gideon was a full blooded male. She should not have gone to his house. But she had trusted him like a brother. She had her whole life ahead. She would die of embarrassment if they found out in the fellowship that she was pregnant. No one would understand she had been raped. Brother Gideon had been a two time pastor at her fellowship. No one would believe her.
She withdrew thirty five thousand Naira from her ATM and took a bike to Daddy Wiper Clinic. Chichi was waiting by the entrance.

“I am so scared, Chi.” She said, crying.

Her roommate hugged her.

“This is not the first time I am patronising Doctor. He is very good. I have done a job for a three month old bump. In a few hours it will be over.”
Indeed in a few hours it was all over. The baby’s life had been aborted and she was in so much pain. Fortunately her mom had travelled to Abuja for business and would not be back till Saturday. Chichi had called a cab, ready to take them home.
After three days, she was beginning to feel better. After two weeks, she felt absolutely no pain. He had told her to take a lot of hot Schweppes. She resumed school three weeks later, hale and hearty. No one needed to know. It was just between her, Chichi, and God.

However, about a month later, she began to feel strong pains in her abdomen. It was so sharp that she had to be rushed to the school clinic and they had to refer her to the school’s teaching hospital. She was told something had gone wrong and her womb had been damaged. How come?! Chichi had several abortions and still got pregnant. How come just that one time, and her womb was damaged?
Chichi had apologized and consoled her, but then she graduated that session, and changed her phone number. She became all alone in her mess.
She had gone back to Lagos, without anybody’s knowledge, and headed straight to Gideon’s place. She had made up her mind to do something horrible to the Brother that had destroyed her life! His apartment was locked. She decided she would wait there till he got back from wherever he went. His neighbour broke the news to her. Gideon Baker-Kolawole died in a car accident last week.


They had done a little shopping, and had dinner at a small romantic restaurant close to their rented apartment. He held her hands as they walked back and then, midway pulled her close and kissed her. She did not fight back. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. He knew she was ready…
She looked absolutely stunning in the nighty. It was definitely worth the wait! He was nervous. With all his escapades, he had never been with a virgin. He was grateful that she had not agreed to have sex with him all those times he had asked. He said a small “Thank you Baba God” and got down to husband duties…

“Dotun I can explain please!” she cried, holding his shirt.

“Get away from me you ugly hypocrite!” he roared. 



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