Saturday, 11 January 2014

The BIG picture. Episode 1

 by Fisayo Talabi                                            


Toyin stared one more time at the text message in her hand. She could not believe what she was reading. She just could not understand it. The words stared her back in the face with all the boldness and effrontery it could gather. As though her phone was mocking her, the Blackberry hang sign froze her screen and the message just would not go away.

Dotun, at the other end of the line, heaved a sigh, as though he had finally performed a herculean task. For many months, he had planned how to tell his fiancée that he could not go through the wedding. He had feared her reaction, and had decided a text message would do justice for them both. How on earth could he explain to the woman he loved the most in his life, that he could no longer marry her after nine years of dating and courting? How would he tell her his reason for calling it off? Would she ever forgive him for sending that text two weeks to their wedding?

He scrolled up at their text conversation. She had only just sent a message the day before that the Caterer she had booked for the wedding was messing up and that her gown was yet to be delivered. He felt like typing every reason for his actions, but the most he could do was to sum it up in a few words.

My greatest desire has been to be your husband and your friend for life, but sometimes, life twists things around. I am so sorry we cannot go through with this plan anymore. I hope you can understand and you can forgive me. It is for personal reasons. May God give you your bone of your bone…”

As she read the text message again, she decided to delete it and pretend like she had not seen it. She would not let this man put her to shame. Her parents had never really liked him. Her mother thought he was a smooth talker and feared men like that meant nothing but trouble. She would not allow this text message to make a fool out of her.
Where would she even start from? She had given nine years of her life to this relationship. She was turning thirty in two months. That was part of why she had decided to get married in February, right before the big thirty came knocking. She had chased away every other guy that had an interest in her. She had even refused a diamond ring from an ex-toaster just to stay faithful and true to Dotun Da Silva.

Pastor Ilori’s message last bible study hit her suddenly. She remembered his clear words…”let God be true and every man a liar”.
“Dotun you are a liar!” she muttered between gasps from tears arising. “Dotun you are a liar. Devil you are a liar…I bind every spirit speaking through Dotun Da Silva. Let God be true and every man a liar.”
Even if she deleted the text, she could not delete it from her mind. There was no button for such. She dropped the malfunctioning Blackberry on her bed and fell flat on her face, sobbing and wailing. Why should this even happen? Why would Dotun do this? He was the best man she ever knew. He was a God fearing and committed young man. In fact, he never gave her reason to worry about anything. Her friends always wished for a man like Dotun. That aside, she was the Assistant Head of Counselling in the church. How would she begin to explain that this relationship she had been so sure of was coming to an end? Or was it the ring? The second Dotun had proposed to her, she had taken a picture before even saying yes, and had displayed it as her dp. Was it the number of times she had climbed the pulpit to give testimonies that it had begun to seem like spiritual bragging to single sisters in church?

“Let God be true and every man a liar” she cried, trying with so much mental and emotional force, to push away that text that reared its ugly head that Friday night.


*fisayo talabi *


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