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EPISODE 13 (finale)

Nora looked through the daily devotional book that Alex had given her some time ago. She had never really read through it before, but that evening, as she got back from work, she felt a strong instinct to read through it.
Her phone rang and it was her mother.

“Mummy, I was going to give you a call this evening. How are you?” Nora said.

“I’m fine my dear. How are things with you? And has Alex returned to her mother’s house? I don’t want you to get in the middle of a mother and daughter fight.”

“She’s still here, but I’m planning to talk to her today, and I’ll go with her to beg Aunty Lisa.”

“Okay. When will you come by the house, or when can I come and see you?”

Nora paused.

“Em…I will come. I hope there’s no problem though.”

“It’s the Landlord o. He’s really on my neck. And then we need some food stuff too.”

Nora rolled her eyes. There she was trying to get a clean break from Bankole and her mother was asking for more money.

“Mummy I don’t really have much, but I will send some money through Bright tomorrow.”

Her mother was silent for a bit.

“What about MD? How is he? I should even call to say thank you for the food stuff he sent last month…”

Nora knew where her mom was headed with this. She would call Bankole and the latter would begin to ask if she was okay and doing well, and would send her some money through Bright.

“Mummy, please leave MD out of this. You already said thanks before. I have said I will send money to you tomorrow.”

“Okay o. Take care and good night.

“Bye bye. Greet Vivian and Comfort for me. Later.” She said, and hung up.


Joan Okeke parked her car by the end of an empty street then got down from her Jeep. She was wearing a black scarf and sun shades. She had told her driver to go home and had insisted on driving herself that evening. As she crossed the un-tarred road, the person in the Black Mazda honked and then she got into the car.

“Madam,” The dark skinned man who drove the car greeted Joan. His name was Risky.

“Risky, how far? Is everything set, and did your boys find out the hotel they are using tonight?” Joan asked.

“Yes Madam. Everything is under control. I just came to get the deposit.”

“I don’t know why you made me come here though. I would have just transferred it to you with online banking.”

Risky shook his head in disapproval.

“That’s not the smart way. I don’t want any traces. I always do a clean job to the last piece.”

Joan nodded.

“So, I just want you to teach the Nora girl a lesson. Treat her as you wish but don’t kill her. I repeat, don’t kill her. Nothing must happen to my husband o.”

Risky laughed.

“Yes Madam. You will hear from me when it’s done.”

Joan handed him a brown envelope and walked out of the car, back to her Jeep.

Alex saw Nora’s many missed calls but continued to ignore them. She knew Nora would ask where she was and if she told her she was on her way to meet Ejike at the club, she would get mad and ask her to leave. Ever since she had heard that message at church last Sunday, Nora had started acting different. She had even said she wanted to apologize to Bankole’s wife for everything. Alex thought it was a stupid idea though, and that it was better to let sleeping dogs lie.

She looked at her wrist watch. It was 8.00pm already. She decided she would just call Ejike and ask him to meet her outside instead of going in and wasting more time. Tomorrow was a working day and Lagos traffic was not going to reduce.
Ejike saw her call and smiled.

“My yellow pawpaw, oyibo baby.” He teased.

Alex laughed.

“Good evening Sir.”

“I have told you to drop this Sir. Call me Ejix.”

Alex rolled her eyes.

“Okay o, Ejix. Please meet me outside. I don’t feel like coming inside.”

“Okay. Give me five minutes.”

Risky watched from his car as Ejike walked out of the club, and after a few minutes, Alex came out from her car, and then hugged him.

“Should we go in my car or in this your jalopy? I will upgrade your car for you if you treat me right today and pass this your exam.” He laughed, beating the top of Alex’s car with his big hands.

“Let’s go with mine. I don’t want anybody to see me with you and harass me.”

She thought of Aunty Joan or Rhoda, or one of their friends.

He got into Alex’s car, and she drove off.

Risky drove behind them, at a reasonable distance.


Lisa Udeh sighed, as she gulped another glass of water. She had just entered the house, and she had forgotten her phone in her bedroom that morning. She picked up her phone and saw Alex’s missed call. She had called in the afternoon, but Lisa had been in a meeting at work all day. She missed her child, and wanted to bring her back. They say, you rebuke a child with one hand, but pull him back to you with the other. Maybe she had been too harsh on Alex. It was probably her fault that Alex was proud and unapologetic. Lisa Udeh was a very proud woman when it came to apologies, and it was only natural Alex had inherited this trait from her, since that was what she had grown to see and learn.

The phone call to Alex went through the first time. Alex didn’t pick it, and Lisa knew her daughter was angry. She called two more times, and then decided to send a text message.

“Alex, come home this night. We need to talk. I forgive you. Love, Mummy.”

Nora had been dialing Alex for a while and Alex hadn’t replied her calls. She was getting worried, and then it suddenly hit her. Maybe she was with Ejike. She called again and finally, Alex picked up the call. She was speaking from the bathroom because her voice echoed.

“Hi Nora, what’s up?” She said in a low voice.

“Alex, are you with Ejike?”

Alex was silent.

“Yes. He’s going to give me the money.”

“Alex I told you to stay away…please just come home.”

“I can’t. As soon as I get the money from him it’s going to be the end of this affair. I won’t come back to him. My conscience is pricking me enough already.”

“You can! This thing is addictive. You think you’ll quit but you won’t be able to. Have you done anything yet?”

Alex paused, and she looked at Ejike who was taking off his buba.

“No. I’m about to. He’s giving going to give me thirty million for the account. Yusuf embarrassed me like crazy today, and I can’t let that happen again.”

Ejike called her name out loud from the bedroom, and she cut Nora’s call. She saw her mother’s text message, and hissed. A simple apology by SMS wouldn’t suffice for how her mother had told her to get out of the house. She had called earlier in the day when she needed her help, but she had refused to pick her call. She deleted the text message and put the phone on the table as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Risky walked into the hotel, paid for a room with a false name, shortly after Ejike and Alex, whom he thought was Nora, walked in, and hurriedly, he followed them at a distance, and saw the room they were lodged in.

In about twenty minutes or more, Ejike had begun comforting Alex who was crying over losing her virginity. He pleaded with her that he did not know she was new at this, and promised to compensate her with more money. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Risky knocked on the door and it was the usual “Room service” excuse. Ejike said they had not asked for any service, and then Risky said he had been instructed to fix something in room by the Manager.  Ejike finally opened the door, and Risky walked in, locked the door, and brought out his hand gun.

Alex saw the gun and screamed but Ejike covered her mouth so as not to infuriate the intruder.  Ejike snatched his briefcase and began to count some money.

“Please how much do you want? Don’t kill us please.” He said.

Alex began to cry and Risky yelled at her then turned to face Ejike.

“Keep your cash. I’m not a robber.” Risky said.

He looked at Alex, pointed his gun at her, but he decided not to shoot her. After all, Joan had said not to kill anyone. She was already red with fear. She was very beautiful, and she was half naked. He smiled, pointed the gun at Ejike and pushed him into the bathroom, then locked the door. He began to unzip his trouser, looking at Alex with so much lust.

“Why are you giving what belongs to the boys, to an old man like that?” He laughed, and pushed her on the bed. She was shaking with so much fear. He was about to rape her when he heard Ejike’s lowered voice from the bathroom, calling someone on the phone for help. He was consumed with anger, and then kicked open the bathroom door. He snatched the phone, and checked the contact Ejike was speaking with.

It was “D.P.O”

He slapped Ejike’s face and Ejike tried to fight him back.

“Na me you call Police for?” He yelled angrily.

The trigger was pulled and there was a shot.

He dropped the gun on the floor, took the key, removed his gloves, composed himself, and walked out of the hotel, hurriedly driving away.

Ejike limped, as he walked over to the edge of the bed to grab the hotel phone.

“Please, we need help. Call an ambulance. The lady I came with has been shot,” He said, trying to keep his cool. “Don’t let the man escape. He just left this room!”

By the time the ambulance arrived, Alex was gone.


Life will go on. Nora will feel horrible and will continue to blame herself, up until Phillip comes to comfort her. He sees she is a changed woman, and gradually, through mourning Alex, they both grow to be in love with each other. They will frequent Alex’s tombstone often, but the visits will reduce after they get married, and have to focus on their own lives. Nora will keep mentoring and motivating people to live right, using Alex as a story to learn from.
Yusuf will be surprised, and devastated. So will Alex’s colleagues at work. But the bank will not shut down or wind up because a staff died and didn’t meet her target. They will pay Lisa a condolence visit, and in a week, two max, employ someone else, giving her another huge target.
Risky will get caught and be put in jail, but Joan will deny knowing him, and she will bribe her way through freedom. Nevertheless, she will resign from the oil company because she cannot bear to live with the guilt of working in the same office with the mother of the girl whose death she caused. She will live with this guilt till she becomes so depressed, and it becomes a mental illness, which leads her to confessing in her lucid intervals. Ejike bundles her to their village in Enugu, where she’s confined to a traditional mental facility. He does this to keep her from soiling his name. He takes a new wife later on.
Lisa will mourn. Yes she will. She will be broken down, but she will meet someone in five years, and he will comfort her with love. They will also get married and have a child. Lisa will name the girl Alexandra too, but the real Alexandra can’t be reincarnated. She will train the new child up in a better way, trying not to make the mistakes she made with Alex.

Life is worth living rightly. Nothing is worth dying for.
                                                -My two cents.

Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what is promised. For “yet a little while, and the coming one will come and not delay; but my righteous one shall live by faith, and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.”
But we are not of those who shrink back, and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.
                                                                             -Hebrews 10.35-39.

Let anyone who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

*fisayotalabi    * 
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    It is really sad that Alex died :(

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  19. Waoooooo, this story is really inspiring, learnt a lot.

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