Tuesday, 22 April 2014



He was still so sleepy. The brown curtains were not enough to shield the piercing rays of the sun. He finally opened his eyes. The battle between sleep and the sun had finally been won by the latter obviously. 

He had just come into the country from Nottingham that week, but was still feeling as lazy as the lazy song itself. 

Someone knocked at his door. It was one of the maids, probably. His mom had traveled to Abuja, to arrive that evening, and his father had definitely left for the office. He looked at the clock. It was ten minutes past Nine a.m. He knew his father had indulged this act of laziness only because he just came into the country two nights before.  

“Good morning Oga. What will you have for breakfast? The cook prepared Spanish omelet and sausages. He also made Yam and tomato sauce…” The maid dressed in her blue and white pinafore said, trying to avoid his eyes.

“Just get me two slices of bread and black coffee. I’ll have it downstairs on my way out.” He replied.

He grabbed his iPad to check his schedule for the day. Part of the reasons he was back was to work with the family business. He had a job as a I.T engineer back at Nottingham but his father wanted him back to Nigeria permanently. His mother of course only wanted him back to push him into getting married.


The thought of Jadesola flashed through his mind. He went to his Photos app on the device and found some photos he had saved from BN Weddings. They were photos from her pre-wedding shoot with her fiancé. She still looked as beautiful as she always did; even more beautiful. She had lost some of the teenage fat and now looked absolutely womanly stunning. Yes she did look happy in those photos, but he had come to learn from his last relationship with his ex, Somto, that pictures do not convey the true state of things.

Somto had been his girlfriend and both families were very consenting to the relationship. It would have been one of those Billionaire marries billionaire stories. He knew she loved the attention and the awe people felt and expressed at their relationship, but deep within, he knew he was not a happy man.  She was visionless, focusless, and only wanted to go from country to country on shopping and vacation. She didn't think she needed to get a job. Her Daddy was rich enough, and she counted it as one of her many blessings. It took a lot of courage and bravery to finally decide that he did not want to live a life of pretense. Perhaps it was high time he went back to the girl he wanted.



“I really don’t feel like going anywhere today. But I’m just sitting home like an idle person, waiting for Femi to call me. I don’t understand what is going on. Maybe I just need to step out and get a breather.”  Jade fussed as she walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open so she could talk with her sister.

“I think we should just give him some time…” Teni started.

“Time? Teni I am carrying this guy’s baby! He doesn’t even know yet. We are getting married in a few months. He shouldn’t be keeping things from me. Do you know how it feels to hear your fiancĂ© is in India and you have no idea why or when he got there? I don’t even understand Yemi and their dad’s actions anymore. Or are they trying to kick me out for another woman to come in? There’s nothing I haven’t thought about. Is he trying to run away?”

Teni sighed.

“Sis, can you please just stop being selfish for one second? The guy was in a bomb blast! This is not about you, babe.”

The shower came on and Jade began to wash. The water drowned the curse words she hurled at Teni.

As she stepped out, her phone beeped. She dashed towards it, scrolled, and then hissed. It was from Henry.

Hi Pretty. Double dinner date. Venue Still at Radison. See you soon.

“What is this? I don’t have time for all this double dinner date nonsense.” Jade nagged.

Teni got off the bed and walked towards the door.

“I really can’t stand you anymore. You are so grouchy. Maybe it’s the pregnancy. You go out, okay? I’ll keep trying to call Yemi. You really need to leave this room. It needs maximum cleansing!”

Jade eyeballed her and turned into her closet to get something to wear. She had thought she would be seeing just Henry and had decided on just Jeans and a top, but now that he was talking about double dates. Phew!

The cab man dropped her off at the hotel in Victoria Island. She was in no mood to drive because all her thoughts were fixed on worrying about Femi. Just then she realized she had forgotten her phone at home. She cursed, paid the cab man, and as she stepped out, luckily, Henry sighted her. He had just parked his car and was trying to call her phone.

“Jadosky!” He hugged her. She smiled, happy to see him, and hugged him back.

“It’s been a long time, Henry. Really long!” She laughed.

“I know dear. I’m so glad to see you again. I came all the way from the U.K just to see your face, at least before your husband marries you away. He stole you from me.”

Jade laughed, looking away. She saw the light skinned beauty standing at a corner behind Henry.

“Baby, come closer. This is Jadesola.” Henry said, pulling the lady closer, kissing her cheek, and then finally, looked at Jade. 

Jade smiled. So that was the girl that finally got Henry’s heart.

“This is my girlfriend, Isioma. She’s the one running my heart these days o.” Henry laughed, introducing both ladies. Isioma smiled, and Jade reached out to hug her.

As they walked into the restaurant section, Jade tugged at his sleeve.

“Why is this a double date? My fiancee isn’t…he’s not around.” She whispered.

“I know.” He smiled.

The waiter took their order, and Jadesola began to feel a little uncomfortable watching Henry and Isioma coo sweet nonsense into each other’s ears. She wished she had her phone with her badly at that point.

She felt two strong hands over her unmade up eyes. The perfume was exactly the kind she had given Femi on his birthday in January. For a minute, she dared to imagine the wildest. Perhaps Femi wanted to surprise her and had planned this date with Henry. But the hands didn’t feel like his. Before she turned around to face the person, he bent and kissed her cheek.

“Hello my long lost friend.” Tokunbo said, smiling at Jadesola.


Teni could not believe what Yemi had just said. She burst into tears, absolutely dumbfounded. She opened her mouth but no words proceeded.

“Oh no!” She cried, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Hello, Teniola…Hello, can you hear me?” Yemi said.

Teni finally responded.

“Oh my God!”

“Please…don’t tell her yet. He is still trying to figure out how to tell her this. He is so confused. Please promise me.” Yemi pleaded.

Teni nodded, then said yes.

“I promise.”

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  1. Fisi, u shld b in Hollywood! Writing awesome, awesome scripts. I know pple will roll deir eyes n say I'm not a good Nigerian but sorry, dere's no witchcraft in Fisayo's stories n dt's d only thing dt sells in Nollywood. Biko, post d next episode now now o?