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Jadesola did not know what action to take at this point in time. She stared between the text message from the Android in her right hand, to the pregnancy kit in her left.

27 August.
What a day.

She let out a loud scream before she finally slumped on the sofa in her living room.

In about an hour and some minutes, she opened her eyes again, but she felt a strong and sharp pain in her head. Her vision was a bit fuzzy. She groaned then tried to get up a second time. This time, she saw Teni sitting beside her.

“What am I doing here?” Jadesola said softly, trying to sit up. Teni rushed to her side and hugged her.

“Oh my God, Jade! How do you feel? Should I call the doctor?” And before Jade could give any response to her younger sister, Teni had run out of the private ward and soon rushed in with their mother. The older woman looked absolutely worried. She appeared frail in her blue Ankara iro and buba, and her scarf hurriedly and imperfectly wound on her head.

“Jadesola!” Her mother held her hands and examined her as though she were a doctor.

“Mom, what happened? I think I was dreaming…where is Femi? Is he alright?”

Teni was about to say something but their mother shut her up.

“You need to lie down again, my dear.” She said.

The doctor came in shortly with their father, Chief Jide Martins, who was looking even more worried than their mother.

“Jade, good afternoon. How are you?” Dr. Rilwan began. He was probably a new doctor. Their family doctor, Dr. Nanya, had traveled out of the country with his family on vacation.

She nodded.

“Do you feel any pains in your head or around your body?”

“Yes, my head hurts…and…” Suddenly she remembered she had taken a pregnancy test with the kit she had bought from the mall earlier that morning. She looked at the doctor, with a puzzled and curious look, as she held her abdomen.

“The pregnancy is still very delicate. It’s a good thing you didn’t fall too hard else you may have lost it.”

She sighed. Everyone in the room looked surprised. No one had known she was pregnant. She knew her dad was highly disappointed especially because he was a Knight in the Catholic church they went, but he couldn’t even show any disappointment at this time. All she saw on their faces was something strange…

She remembered she had received a text message shortly before she passed out.


She searched around for her phone, hoping this was not true.

“Is Femi alright?! Mummy, Daddy?!” She said frantically, searching the ward for her mobile phone. Teni and her father tried to hold her back but she kept struggling.

“Oh my God! Is he okay?”

Mrs Martins burst into tears and walked out of the ward. Teni ran after her mother, trying to console her. At this point, everything came rushing back. It was Wendy, Femi’s personal assistant that had sent the message. She looked at her father with so much fear.

“Was he killed?” She asked her father, hoping he would say No.

Boko Haram had struck again in the very early hours of that morning. Femi had left Lagos with his team on business at the United Nations Headquarters building in Abuja. Their wedding was supposed to be in November, exactly a year after he had proposed to her. A lot of preparation had already gone into the wedding and they were even supposed to travel together in October, shortly before the wedding, to take some time out to relax from the wedding preparation stress.

Wendy’s text hadn’t exactly suggested that he was dead. She had just said he had been in the building when the bomb blast happened. Putting 2 and 2 together meant he was dead, but she chose to believe otherwise. She shut her eyes, irrespective of the streams that flowed from them, and began to recite her hail mary’s and the Lord’s prayer. She brought out her rosary from her jean pocket but didn’t even know what Mystery to begin to recite; Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious.

Femi was the love of her life. They had met while she was in her final year at University of Dundee and he had come on some weeks training with his company. His sister, Yemi, happened to be her housemate and close friend and she had introduced both of them. She had fronted and ignored him at first, even though she found him incredibly handsome and attractive. Plus, she had a huge incurable rush on one of her best friends but he had recently told her he had a girlfriend. She decided to give Femi a try, and that try was worth the shot! He was the gentlest man ever. And when they had little fights and misunderstandings, he knew the best way to appease her; Ice cream, KFC chicken Bucket, and a day at the spa.  Despite the seven year age difference between them, she never felt like the young immature one. In fact she prided herself in being the mother he had lost many years ago. She took care of him like a baby, pampered him, scolded him, and above all, loved him with a pure heart. It was no doubt her family loved him when she took him home. His family also accepted her immediately, and soon, they began to plan for the future. He was her everything. He got her a job with a consulting firm headed by his cousin, and made sure she took a professional exam to add to her academic assets. Why would she ever say No to his marriage proposal?

She had not known she was pregnant. She had only suspected, and she had told him about it. He suggested she took a test that morning. She had wanted to call him but his phone was unreachable. Shortly after, Wendy’s text had come in.


It was evening already, and Dr.Rilwan had discharged her from the hospital. She wanted to go to Femi’s apartment and wait in case he had returned, by chance, but then, she changed her mind. She wanted to go to his parents’ house but her father insisted she stayed home with them, to get enough rest.

Teni brought her dinner into the bedroom, but Jade shook her head. She wasn’t hungry. All she wanted was to hear from Femi. Wendy’s number was no longer reachable as well. Wendy had not been at the building with Femi and his team members. She had gone back to pick up something at the hotel where they had been lodged, when she got the news as well. Selfishly but realistically, Jade wished it was Femi who had gone back to the hotel, in place of Wendy.

She heard her parents praying in the living room. They were reciting the rosary and her mother was singing hymns.

“Jade, do you have faith he’s still alive? Because I do. There’s nothing impossible with God, you know.” Teni said.

Jade looked at her sister. Teni was the family rebel. She had said she was no longer interested in going to the catholic church and decided she wanted to go to a Bible believing and tongue speaking church. Ever since she came back from NYSC Camp, she had become a totally different person.

“Let’s agree on this and pray, Jade.”

Jade nodded. It couldn’t be that bad. She plugged her phone to the charger and then joined her sister as the latter began to make decrees and positive confessions.


“Oh God!” He yelled, as he opened his eyes. He was in so much pain. The nurse calmed him down and ran along to call the doctor. He looked around the ward. There were many other terribly wounded victims from the blast.

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