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“I want it to be a big surprise for her. Like nothing I’ve ever done before.” Henry said. “I know you love to plan things like this but I feel bad enough that I’m asking you to party when you have your fiancĂ© to take care of.”

Jade smiled, wrapping a strand of hair round her finger.

Maybe this was what she needed to make Femi feel good about himself again. He never wanted to go out anymore and she missed the times they went to clubs on Friday nights or even at the football pitch on Saturday mornings. All he wanted was to be under the duvet.

“I’ll be glad to as long as Femi can come too…” She said.

Henry paused for a minute.

“Okay. That’s fine.”

Henry wanted to propose to his pretty girlfriend Isioma. She remembered they had met just once at the restaurant when he had just come into the country. His plan was to take her out to see a movie, with his friends, and then at the beginning of the movie, propose to her through a recorded video on the screen of the theatre. Jade thought it was not novel anymore. She had seen that kind of proposal already on BellaNaija.

She suggested they all went out on a boat cruise on a private beach, and then propose to her, with some titanic effects like spreading arms wide at the peak of the boat (without the boat capsizing though!)

Femi looked at her as she talked about how Henry wanted to propose and all.

“And you thought I would be able to go on a boat cruise? Watching all your friends with normal legs?”

Jade could not believe her ears.

“Why do you always do this, Femi!” She yelled.

“Because you need to understand that everything has changed.”

“You used to have some faith, you know?”

He let out a small laugh.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Please, Femi. Let’s just go take some fresh air, and have some fun.”
He saw she was not going to let him be so he finally decided to go with her.

Isioma smiled as Henry undid the blindfolds. He said he had a surprise for her. She was already upset with him and she knew this was his way of trying to say sorry. Gifts. Well, she appreciated his gifts. The last gift he’d gotten her; a Chanel purse had come absolutely appreciated. In fact, she had wanted him to offend again and again and again.
She wondered what it was this time.

They had a small-big fight the night before. She had asked where their relationship was leading and why he didn’t want to marry her yet. She complained about all her friends getting married and how she was tired of always being the Chief bridesmaid. He had gotten upset too that she thought he was just in the relationship to waste her time, and then he left her flat.

She opened her eyes and stared at a pair of red sole Louboutins. The shoes were breath-taking!

“Henry!” She exclaimed. They were the very shoes she had been admiring online the previous week.

The ecstasy lasted for a brief moment though because what she wanted was a ring, and not shoes.

“You know this doesn’t solve the question I asked you yesterday.” She said.
Henry was about speaking but controlled himself and paused. 
Women! Why did they have to be this way? If only she knew he had planned a surprise proposal.

They got into his car and he drove down to the resort at Ibeju Lekki, off Lekki-Epe express way. He didn’t tell her his friends were coming too. Isioma noticed he was nervous and giddy as he drove down, but she thought to ignore him. She didn’t even have any time for drama. She just wanted to know if to stick around or find a man who was willing and ready to marry her.

They got there and she sighted Henry’s friend, Jade, from afar.

“Isn’t that your friend, Jadesola?” Isioma said, as they walked down. Jade was walking towards them already.

The two ladies hugged, and Henry gave Jadena nervous eye which she returned by signing for him to calm down. They went back to the tent where Femi was seated in a wheel chair.

“Babe, this is Isioma, Henry’s girlfriend.” Jade said, placing her hands on his shoulders and massaging them. She knew he was getting tensed up.

Femi smiled, and took Isioma’s hand.

“You are so lucky, man.” Femi said, signaling at Henry. The two men burst into laughter.

“Yeah, please tell him. He needs to know that.” Isioma said sarcastically, although Henry knew she meant what she said.

The two ladies went to seat somewhere else while Henry and Femi talked.

“So how’s it going with you and Henry? When are you guys getting married?” Jade teased. She was trying to find out if Isioma had any inclination as to what Henry had planned.

Isioma hesitated at first, but decided to talk to Jade.

“Jade, to be honest, I think I’m gonna leave him.” She said.

Jade was shocked.


“I’m not young anymore. I don’t know Henry’s intentions. He doesn’t say anything about us getting married. It’s not just about going to places together and all that. I want to know if this is it or not.”

Jade smiled.

“Trust me, babe. Henry is serious about you.”

She rolled her eyes, like Jade was just saying that because she was Henry’s friend.
Just then, she heard Henry shout their names. He wanted them to canoeing and fishing.
She looked at Femi who was already looking worried.

“I’ll just sit here and watch you guys, you know.” He said.

Jade smiled, for lack of words. She thought he could get in the canoe with them but then, she didn’t want to risk it. What if something went wrong?

“Henry my guy!” A male voice said from behind them. She knew it was Tokunbo. She turned around immediately. He looked so nice in his Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt and checkered shorts and Tommy Hilfiger slippers. He hadn’t really seen her because he was hugging Henry and Isioma.

“Jadesola,” He said when he looked her way. It had been a while she saw him. Actually, they had not seen each other nor spoken since the time he had been in her house and held her.

She smiled, and moved forward to hug him, standing on tip toe as he lifted her.
She forgot totally about Femi for a minute, closing her eyes and feeling comfortable in Tokunbo’s hug, with the masculine scent of his suave Polo Ralph Lauren perfume. She felt that connection again, and when the hug was lasting a little too long, she pulled away. Her guess was as good as she had thought. Femi’s expression was cold-stiff.
Tokunbo noticed and then decided to play some politics.

“Femi! You offended me, man. You took our friend from us. Abi, Henry?” He said, smiling and shaking Femi’s hand. Henry joined in the laughter. Anything to make Femi comfortable. Femi smiled.

“He’s my number one responsibility now. You guys are also getting married one after the other.” Jade said, trying to ease Femi’s jealousy. Instead, she caused another wild fire.

“Responsibility? This wheel chair is just momentary, my dear.” He said.

There was obvious silence for a while, before Isioma announced that it was time for the canoeing.

Tokunbo decided he would stay back with Femi, so that Jade could go have fun.
When they got back, they all sat over a table of drinks and barbeque, and then Henry thought it was time to propose to her. He held her hands and went on one knee, professing how deep her felt for her and how he was sorry for making her think he didn’t want to marry her. Then he proposed to her with a stunning shiny diamond rock!

“Oh my good God!” was all Isioma could say, as she stared at the ring, and jumped on Henry, kissing him.

Jade blushed, and held Femi’s hands, as she remembered the time he had propsed to her too.

Tokunbo kept his gaze on Jadesola, and only lifted his eyes to look away when Femi caught him staring. 

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The reflection in the mirror stared her back in the face. She didn’t know if she was already beginning to lose her mind gradually. This was not what she had planned for. The wedding was coming up in a few months and this was around the time they were supposed to travel out of the country to take some time off to rest. Now, her 6’3 feet tall groom would have to be confined to a wheel chair on their wedding day.

Yeah, he had said the wheel chair was just temporary and in some months, he would not even have need for crutches that much. She remembered how frail and afraid he had looked when he held her hands and told her all that had happened. He hadn’t said it but his eyes pleaded deeply with her soul not to leave him. She knew he needed her, and she wanted to be there for him with all of her strength. But she just wished all this was a dream. Even if she nursed him back to sanity and health, he would always be an amputee. A prosthetic.

She thought about the pregnancy. She didn’t know what to do about it. She didn’t understand how something she had had so much love for, suddenly began to scare her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted this baby anymore. The problem was not wanting the baby, but wanting Femi’s baby.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with me!” Jade sighed, walking into her sister’s room.

Teni looked up at her elder sister from her laptop, and took off her reading glasses.

“What do you mean?” She replied.

Jade placed her hands on her head and began to cry.

“I don’t know what to do. Everything has changed. This was not the plan from the start!”

“Sis, it’s okay.” Teni hugged her. “We just have to deal with what we are faced with, okay? There’s nothing you can do about it.”

Their mother walked in, and shut the door quickly like she didn’t want her husband to know she was in there. She looked at Jade, who had begun to wipe the tears smeared on her face.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” Mrs. Martins asked, forgetting the reason she sneaked in.

“I’m fine. I just…” Jade started but Teni had blurted it out already.

“That is exactly why I came to talk to you.” Mrs Martins said. “I don’t know why your father wants to continue with the wedding plans o.”

Jade looked surprised, and the facial expression was identical with Teni’s. No doubt they were sisters. The semblance struck even through mere expressions.

“What do you mean?” Teni said.

“We can’t go on with this wedding. I have been thinking hard on this and you just can’t marry him. Olorun ma je! (God forbid)”

Jadesola was surprised. Her mother had always loved Femi.

“I don’t…I don’t understand…” She stuttered.

“You can’t marry him. I understand he is a nice man. But you are a young girl and I won’t let you start a marital life of liability. It is not our portion In Jesus’ name. Abi, Teniola?”

Teni shook her head, wore her bedroom slippers, and walked out. She was obviously going to talk to their father.

“Jadesola, I am your mother and I have to tell you the truth.” Mrs Martins sat on the bed beside her, and pulled her daughter closer. 
“This is the time you have to save yourself a lifetime of liability. What will people say when you and him go out for events? Jade, it won’t be easy. You are a young and beautiful girl and I don’t want you to waste your opportunities. He will always be defensive and will whine and find a reason to blame you.”

“Mom, I’m confused…I can’t leave him. He is my fiancĂ©. We have sent out wedding invites. I love him and he really needs me to stand by him at this crucial point in his life…”

Her mother had begun to say something when Jade stopped her.

“I won’t leave Femi when he needs me the most.” She said and walked out.


She dropped her Prada handbag on the burgundy couch in Femi’s living room. The space was rough and totally untidy. Yemi had left since the day Jade had insulted her, and Femi wasn’t getting as much care as he should. His gateman helped out once in a while, and she also tried to help by buying meals from Shoprite and dropping them off for him before heading for work. She knew she hadn’t been really there for him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to. She was just so frightened and didn’t want to be reminded of what she would have to live with for the rest of her life.

She walked into his bedroom which was a lot filthier than the living room. She saw the pack of spaghetti and coleslaw she had dropped off the last time she was there; two nights ago. It was untouched.

She found him under the duvet, in the same t-shirt he had on the last time she saw him. He looked absolutely unattractive with his growing curly thick hair on his head and face.

“Femi.” She said, sitting on the bed.

He turned, opened his eyes, and gave her a weak smile. She knew he was disappointed in her with that look he gave her, but he just didn’t have the strength for nagging with all he was going through. She knew she was the one person who was supposed to be there for him. He didn’t keep many friends, and he really didn’t have anyone else, since Yemi walked away. Maybe it was high time she called Yemi and apologized.

“Baby, how are you?” He said with a very groggy voice.

The odor from his mouth was horrible.

“Femi this place is a mess.” She said.

“Yeah, I know. I would have but…I’m still tired and can’t move around. The gate man was going to clean it up.”

She looked into his eyes, and she knew the mess was an extension of what must have been going on in his mind. She couldn’t help it. She burst into tears.

“Jadesola!” He said, sitting up slowly. He wanted to pull her closer but he knew he stunk!

“It will pass. I told you already. This too shall pass.”

“Femi there’s no miracle that’s bringing back your real leg! This is forever.” She blurted out.

Femi was hurt, but he knew Jade was a spoilt girl and he liked her that way. He was the older one and had to act like it.

“I know…but nothing’s impossible…”

“Please let’s be realistic, okay. Don’t go all Teniola on me.” She said, like a defeated soldier who was trying to be defensive.

Femi paused.

“And what if I’m going to be this way forever, Jadesola? What if I’m now a handicap? You can’t deal with it? Is that what you’re scared of? Is that why you can’t be here to take care of me? All the mess in here is because of you!” He had begun to raise his voice.

Jadesola blinked. Femi was rarely angry or upset. She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to answer his questions.

“I’ll go run you a bath.” She said and walked into the bathroom, blinking away tears forming. The stench from the toilet stained with urine nauseated her. She looked in the bathroom mirror. Her pregnancy was still weeks old. She had not told him about it yet. She didn’t know if to go ahead and tell. How would he react? Did he want to have a baby now with everything that was going on? Did she even want a baby? His baby…
She remembered all her mom had said earlier and a pregnancy was not going to make this easier.

She needed to divert her mind from all these thoughts. She took off her blouse and rolled her Capri. She needed to do some cleaning. She grabbed the Harpic on his toilet lid and poured it round the toilet. She grabbed a scrubbing brush and began to clean the bathroom, crying, trying to wash her mind blank. 


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