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G.D was an emotionally strong man. Open, but strong. He hardly cried except for very seldom occasions in his life; when he had failed JAMB, when his mother died, when he had to sleep with a man, and that evening, when Umi left him.

Their marriage wasn't up to a year. How could so much have happened in just a few months. He started to wonder where he had gotten things wrong. Things had happened so fast when he had met Umi. She had been the best thing he had going for him. She was like a gift from God for breaking away from homosexuality. He loved her so much, and everyday with her had been breathtaking. As absurd as it sounded, in all the two years and a few months they dated, he hadn't found one minute, to tell her about his ugly past.

The time he wanted to, just before he proposed, Kema had warned him not to. He had said she would leave him, without even thinking about it.

But indeed, the same thing would have happened. She would have packed her heart and love, and taken them away from him.

His ring tone jolted him from his deep thinking. He sighed and walked down to the multi-socket extension where he had plugged it to charge. The call was from Kema. G.D had been ignoring his calls, but then, his greatest fear had already materialized. Umi had found out, and walked out on him.

"Kema, yes? What do you want?" G.D said, not giving any care about what more could happen.

"I gave you an ultimatum. Look, you're making me seem like the bad guy here. G.D you've done this before. It was adventurous, and you can't tell me you didn't enjoy it even once." Kema said.

"You're a fool. A bastard. Go ahead and call Umi. Tell her everything. She knows already, and kudos to you, she left me. I hope you're happy. Because you're not laying your filthy fingers on me."

Kema was silent for a while.

"I...I'm sorry about that." He said.

"Look, I have to go. Never call this number again."

G.D ended the call, and headed out to clear his head from everything that surrounded him.


The alarm went off at 7 AM. Rolake was awake long before then. She had been deep in thought. The doctor had asked her to check back that day by 11 AM  for the results of her test. She hadn't been able to catch any sleep. She kept having horrible nightmares about HIV. It seemed as though every single lesson she knew about being able to live with HIV escaped her memory. All that was in her head was that she was going to die.

Her life started to flash before her eyes, the way it is believed to happen, before a person passes on. She remembered when her mother had left her father to be with another man, and how her father had practically raised her alone. She had sworn that she would be very selective in choosing a life partner...someone she understood, someone she loved, someone who was her best friend. And only G.D fit that description.

She had loved him for a very long time, and even if she knew he was married, she couldn't deny the fact that she still had high hopes.

By 8.30 AM, she finally got off the bed and then she saw her bible. She grabbed it. She needed something to give her some faith. Something authoritative that would tell her she would walk into the Doctor's office, and no trace of HIV would be found in her system. She opened the Bible. One of the very few times she had, since she had bought it. She didn't find anything to hold on to. She was eager for scriptures of healing, but she didn't know where to look, and nothing came randomly. She shut her eyes and tried to breathe.

"God please, if I'm clean, I promise I'll never sin again." She said.

Her heart skipped two beats and her stomach churned in unison as she said that. Even her organs knew she had just told a lie.

"God I'll do whatever you want. Anything you want from me. Please just let me not have this. Please. I'm begging you, please. I won't chase after Ayiba. Just help me!" She prayed, but with fear overshadowing her heart.

She was walking into the bathroom when Jessy called her phone. Jessy had decided to travel back home to spend some time away so she could regain consciousness and get used to this new status of being HIV positive. Rolake had feared that her friend might do something unthinkable to herself, but she was for a part, glad that she had left. The more she saw Jessy, the more scared she became. She didn't want to be anything like her. Jessy cried everyday and looked miserable, and even Rolake couldn't comfort her because she feared she might have the same disease.

"Hi, Jess. How's home?" Rolake said.

"I'm good. How are you?" Jessy asked.

"I'm...I'm good too." Rolake lied. She was far from good.

"I wanted to tell you to be strong and positive about this." Jessy said.

Rolake shivered at her choice of words. Positive wasn't what she wanted to be.

"And trust God. That's one thing I've come to believe now, especially being in this situation. I just have to take God more seriously, for the remaining days I have left."

"Jessy, you're scaring me. Please." Rolake admitted.

Jessy laughed.

"I'm sorry."

"Thank you."

"Rolake, I also wanted to apologize for everything I did to hurt you. I am truly sorry."

"That's not important now. I just want you to be okay." Rolake replied.

She took her bath, hoping each shower would wash away whatever traces there was in her system. She got dressed in a t-shirt and capri pants, then grabbed her car key, and then headed for the hospital.


G.D was sitting at the bar, still on his first bottle of beer. He had come out to drink and drown his thoughts away, but somehow, the thoughts ended up drowning the beer. He had thought of ways to bring Umi back. Quitting was not an option. If for any reason at all, it was that he wouldn't subject her to having to face Alhaji again with an I told you you'd be back.

"Hi, my love."

G.D turned around. He knew it wasn't Umi. The voice was masculine. Kema smiled, placing his hand on G.D's shoulder, then he sat on the opposite seat.

"Are you...are you following me?!" G.D asked, stunned and disgusted to see Kema.

"I had to make sure you were okay." Kema said.

"Can you hear yourself speak, Kema?" G.D said.

Kema ignored him.

"I have done a lot of thinking, and I think it's for the best that Umi left. Maybe fate wants us together. We can finally relocate abroad and be more comfortable being together..."

"You are deranged!"

"I'm not, G.D. Please just give me a chance."

G.D had had enough. He gulped what was left in his beer mug and stood up to leave. Kema held his hand but then he charged at him and pushed him to the ground. G.D wasn't satisfied. He punched his face. A crowd was forming already. Someone pulled G.D to restrain him from hitting Kema.

Kema struggled to get up, touching the part of his face that was sore. He looked at G.D and saw the anger in his eyes.

"You didn't need that. You just made this worse. G.D you'll regret this. I'm going public with your story. Starting first from the office! And clients. I'll destroy you!" Kema said, then he walked out.

G.D for a moment, thought he had seen a ghost. Maybe the ghost of his dead homosexual partner. It seemed like he was back into the situation he had run away from. Kema was a man of his words. If he said he would spread the story at work, he was definitely going to.

He had no one to turn to. He couldn't go home. It wasn't a home. It was just a house, void of love, filled with fear and tension. He decided to go to the only friend he had. Rolake.

He knew he had told her to get lost, but he had to talk to her. He couldn't take anymore of the blows that kept coming his way.

He sat in his car, and dialed her number several times. She didn't pick up. He decided he would go to her house.


Rolake burst into tears as she saw her test results. She was speechless. Words eroded her.

As she drove back home, she heard her phone ring continuously. She didn't bother to check who it was. All she wanted was to go home, as fast as possible. She stepped on the accelerator, and moved on full speed, nearly hitting someone as she drove.

She got to her gate, and she saw G.D's car parked there. He was leaning on the car, looking into space. She parked her car and walked up to him.

"What's the problem? Are you okay?" She asked him.

"Are you okay? You look..." G.D held her shoulders.

She hugged him, breaking down in tears again. Her emotions could not be contained. He held her and then they went inside the house.

"I got tested for HIV." She started. "Jessy is positive and she slept with Kola. So I had to get tested."

G.D was shocked. He couldn't take another hit from life. No, not Rolake! He stared at her eyes wide, finding the words to say.

"I got the results today." She continued.

"Okay? What was it? How was it?"

"It's negative, Ayiba! God answered my prayers! I can't express how overwhelmed I am!" She sobbed.

G.D sighed in relief, hugging her again.

"Yeah, God answers prayers!" He said.

He told her about everything that had happened. Rolake was shocked that Umi had walked out on her home. She was more shocked that Kema was resorting to threats now. G.D, her emotionally strong best friend, now looked as weak as a weakling, for lack of more descriptive words.

She hugged him this time, and he held her tighter. She began to get attracted to him again, and when she looked in his eyes, she saw that it was mutual. He looked empty, starved, and tired. He held her face and wanted to kiss her but she looked away immediately. First, she had entered into a contract with God. God had fulfilled his part by giving her HIV negative results. It was time for her to respect G.D's married status. Secondly, she also needed to respect her dignity. She knew the only reason he was coming on to her was because he felt alone and vulnerable. But she wasn't going to be the vulnerable one here.

She walked away, and then went to the kitchen to get him something to eat. Then she picked up her phone and dialed Umi.


Umi picked at her food. She wasn't a happy woman. She had left G.D because everything at that point made her unhappy. But she still hadn't found any happiness. She didn't want to be a single mother. She wanted her child to be born into the arms of his/her father, so he/she could be born into a feeling and atmosphere of love.

She held that last thought. It struck her that that was the same way God held her in his arms, since she had come to know him, surrounding her with love. His Love was unconditional. She had her very sinful days, but despite all, things still worked out for her better than other people. Sometimes she didn't understand why, but she knew one thing, and it was that she was Loved by God.

Love is patient
Love is kind...
It always protects, it always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 

Love never fails.

She knew she had a choice. A choice to either walk away finally from him, or a choice to go back home, and fix the mess. He had vowed to protect her always. There were times; In fact, very many times, that he had hurt her, but their relationship was cracked with thick thin lines, not broken. Maybe it was time she started protecting him. Maybe it was time to fix it. She was just a thin line away from either being married, or being single. It was her decision to make.

She saw Rolake's call.

"Hi." She said. Then she remembered that Rolake was expecting her test results.
"Have you gone for the test results?" Umi asked almost immediately.

"I'm negative!" Rolake said.

"Wow! That's really good news." Umi replied.

"Umi, I need to talk to you."

"What's the problem?"

"You need to come and get Ayiba. He's at my house." Rolake could almost hear Umi flinch.

"He needs you. He's alone and everything is upside down."

Umi sighed.

"I felt the same way too, when he was spending time with you." Umi said , voice flat.

"Look, if you're not going to be there for this man, I will be there for him a hundred percent. If you're not going to love Ayiba, I gladly will. He's here, having the dinner you should have made." Rolake said.

Umi was quiet.

"Hello?" Rolake said.

"I'm on my way. But do me this favour. Please stop calling him Ayiba." She said.


G.D woke up to see his wife beside him. He had thought he was dreaming. He remembered he'd had dinner and then fallen asleep at Rolake's house.

They were still at Rolake's house. He was more surprised seeing Umi, under Rolake's roof.

She saw that he had woken up, and then she went closer to him and hugged him. G.D held her, as though she could run away again. He kissed her and kept on apologizing and pleading with her to forgive him. And then she begged him to also forgive her for leaving.

They sat together on the rug, his head on her shoulder, and then he talked about everything. How he had gone to drink, how he had attacked Kema, how Kema had threatened him, and also, how he had almost kissed Rolake. She pretended not to mind, but G.D knew she was offended. He held her hands and looked into her eyes.

"Umi, I don't want to keep any secrets from you. I promise you that nothing is ever going to come between us again. Even Rolake. I'm really sorry."

She nodded.

"So about Kema, what are you going to do about it?" She asked.

He sighed, placing his hands on his head.

"Babe, I honestly don't know. I am confused right now. The ghost of that man is coming back to haunt me."

Umi got up, and then held his hands.

"Let's pray about this." She said.


Kema was jogging that saturday morning, trying to exercise his muscles. He still felt a bit sore from G.D pushing and hitting him. He reduced his pace to catch his breath, and in a split second, his breath caught him when he was  napped by some really strong and hefty men. They threw a cloth over his head and bundled him into a car then drove off.

Kema recognized them, as soon as they took the cloth off his face. He looked up, first, fearful, but later, surprised and shocked. He looked around him. They were in a room, sparsely furnished. There were no pictures, nor decorations. It was just plain.

"What's this? Guys? What are you doing? I paid you everything we agreed on!" He yelled.

One of them laughed, and then, a few seconds after, a man in a well starched Jalamiya walked in. His perfume was silent, yet audacious. He had a large frame, and his beard was very well trimmed.

Kema didn't need any further introductions. That was Alhaji.

"I was told you needed to learn some lessons. I wasn't told what it is you did, or didn't do, but I hear you're troubling my daughter and the husband, eh..Good Destiny." Alhaji said, in his fine northern accent.

"I'm sorry sir. There's been a mix-up. I was only joking with him. He took me too seriously....I...Sir, please..." Kema lost his tongue.

"What is that your name again?" Alhaji asked, distracted by the important business call that was coming in on his phone.

"Kemauode Target Dickson Sir!" Kema said, stuttering.

"So, young man, you can see I don't have time. I have to be somewhere soon." Alhaji put his phone in his pocket, and picked another phone that was ringing from his other pocket.

"Do you get my message? Or do you prefer these guys pass the message across better?" He asked.

"I..I get the message sir!" Kema said.

Alhaji nodded and left, instructing the thugs to let him go, after a few rounds of beating.


G.D was very hesitant going to work the following morning. Umi had to practically dress him up. As he drove to the office, he kept praying in his heart for Kema not to make a mess of things.

He got to work, and all eyes were on him. Even staff who didn't talk to him usually, were looking at him. He walked to his office hurriedly, almost soiling his pants. As soon as he got in, he shut the door and dragged in some air.

His door was flung open and one of Kema's colleagues who was also his friend, walked in.

"G.D, wetin happen na?" The guy asked, searching for answers in G.D's face.

G.D was confused.

"Kema..." The guy was saying, when another staff walked in.

"Why did Kema resign now? He sent in his letter this morning and no one has been able to reach him. Rumour has it that maybe he stole money or something." The other one said.

G.D sighed again, this time, for relief. He dialed Umi's number, after the guys had left his office.

"Kema resigned!" G.D said, excited, but surprised.

Umi laughed.

"He did?" She said.

G.D knew that tone. Umi didn't sound surprised.

"Umi...did you have anything to do with this?" He asked.

"Well, let's just say you never mess with a rich kid." She said, this time not regretting flaunting her dad's wealth.

G.D laughed too, and then before he ended the call, she said;


"Yea?" He replied.

"If you mess with me again, what happened to Kema might happen to you."

She ended the call.


She had given birth to the cutest baby girl. She had been right. The baby was so beautiful. She inherited the northern pointed nose from her mother. G.D had never been in love this much. He had never felt the adrenaline to want to protect and shelter another person, apart from Umi. Now he understood why Umi's father had been harsh on him.

The naming ceremony was even bigger and grander than their wedding had been. Alhaji had invited so many people...It was a wedding all over again!

Rolake came too. Not alone, but with her new beau. He was a Lawyer. They had started seeing each other, and he had good intentions. He had already popped the question and Rolake had readily said yes!

Kema came. He had been invited. By G.D.

G.D spotted him from a distance and walked down to meet him up. He hugged his brotherly.

"How did the therapy session go today?" G.D asked, as they walked into the tent where the party was going on.

"Very good. I think I'm falling in love with my doctor." Kema replied. "She invited me to church."

G.D laughed.

The Doctor was a woman.

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THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 11


She was happy to have her husband back. She couldn't believe the same G.D that had walked out on her, was the one now dotting on her. He had cooked dinner, and spoon fed her, and rubbed her belly. What went right? Maybe a miracle happened somewhere.

When he started rubbing her feet, she had to sit up straight and ask him.

"Ayiba what's going on?" She asked.

"Going on?" He replied. He changed the TV station to her favorite...Ebony Life. He never liked to watch that station. Something was really going on.

"You're being...I don't know. You're showing me too much attention."

G.D stood up, arms akimbo, facing her. Then he shook his head, still staring at her with surprise.

"I don't understand women. I have tried! But I don't. I am showing too much attention? Umi you were the one complaining that I wasn't showing you any attention!"

She laughed, but still, she had this gut feeling that he was hiding something.

"How's Rolake? You haven't told me what happened exactly between you too. In fact, you owe me lots of explanations!" She pushed the blanket he had covered her legs with and stood up, so she could face him.
"You can't just walk in here and pretend like everything is fine! We have to talk about what happened."

G.D was confused. He had run out of ideas on how to please this woman he called wife.

His go-to person would have been Kema. Kema would have laughed and told him women were just strange like that and there was no point trying to understand them, and that, it was best to just agree to every allegation and charge.

"I'm sorry..." Those were the only words he could think of. He had never heard a woman complain about being pampered.

"This isn't about sorry. Ayiba, what happened between you and Rolake? Did you sleep with her?"

He heaved a sigh and walked away. She was just impossible. She followed after him into the bedroom, asking the same question.

"I need to know. Did you or did you not?" She asked, beginning to raise her voice.

"Umi, when I accused you of sending thugs to Rolake, what did you say? You said it was horrible of me to think you were capable of doing a thing like that. I'm giving you the same response." He said.

She rolled her eyes.

"That's different..."

"Umi, look, I'm sorry I showed you some attention, okay? I'll try not to do that anymore since it offends you."

"Yeah. Because you can't wait to run back into her arms."

G.D let out an arrrgggghhhh and walked into the bathroom, then locked it up before she joined him in there with more nagging.


Rolake walked into her apartment. Involuntarily, each time she came back home, she always checked for weird male items in her living room. Her eyes were searching around when they sighted Jessy sitting and sobbing in a corner.

She ran towards her, hoping everything was alright.

"Jessy? What's the problem? Are you okay?" Rolake demanded, squatting beside her.

"Oh God..." Jessy cried.

When she wasn't saying anything, Rolake picked Jessy's phone up. It was beside her. She scrolled through her recent calls. She didn't find any clues.

"Is your mom okay?" Rolake asked again.

Then Jessy brought out the white paper that she had tucked into her pocket. Rolake read through it, and then opened her mouth wide.

"Oh my God!" She staggered.

"Rolake I'm finished! I'm done for." Jessy cried.

"I...I don't know what to say...Where..."

"I'm going to commit suicide."

Rolake hadn't even heard that. Her brain was working ten times faster than her ears.

If Jessy's HIV disease had come from Kola, then there was a very exceedingly huge 99.9% probability that she could also be HIV positive. Her heart began to beat really fast, like the soundtrack of a horror movie.

"Do you know how this happened...or through whom got this?" Rolake said. Tears were streaming down her face.

"I don't know. I don't. I've been with different men." Jessy said.

"Ummm...when did you take this test?"

Jessy sniffed, wiping her face. But more tears kept coming. Her eyes were blood shot.

"I went to see my mom two days ago."

"Yeah I noticed you weren't around. I had no idea you traveled." Rolake replied.

"She sent for me. And I sort of had the money for her surgery. Kola actually credited my account with some money. I told him about my mom and he promised to give me money, and some big contacts."

Rolake flinched. But she didn't have the strength to be more disappointed in her friend.

"The previous time I went to the hospital where my mom is,  I was told she needed blood transfusion, and my blood was a match. But the results came back. This was the result when they ran tests." She waved the paper at Rolake's face.

"Had you taken a HIV test before you slept with Kola?"

Jessy looked away.

"Rolake, I slept with him four different times. But I swear, they were times you guys broke up or had problems."

Rolake couldn't take any more of this. She had wanted to ask if they had used protection, but at that point, nothing made sense. She didn't care that Jessy had stabbed her in the back, and the front, more than once. She grabbed her car key and drove off.


Umi heard G.D's phone beep. It was a text. He had left the phone on the bed when he went to lock himself in the bathroom.

She dashed for it, expecting it to be from Rolake.

It was.

-I'm dead! Ayiba I'm so afraid! Please I need you. I'm parked by the Recreation Park in my Estate. Please I need you to come over right now!!

Umi didn't know what to say. Maybe that was her answer. There was actually something going on between Rolake and her husband. She had started to reply with his phone.

-You slimy slut....

But then she erased the text and sent Okay. Will be with you soon. 

Then she took off her sandals that made funny noises when she walked, so that G.D wouldn't hear her walk out. She took the key to his Camry and dashed out of the house. She'd had enough of this. She didn't know what she was going to say to Rolake. But she knew she wasn't going to be embarrassed like the last time. She dialed Kema. He didn't pick up the call.

G.D heard her start the engine of the car, and then it occurred to him that she was going out. He unlocked the bathroom door immediately and went after her, but she was gone. He went back into the room and searched for his phone. He knew he had been holding it with his small face towel. The towel was there, but there was no phone.

Umi parked the car by the side of the road, and then wore her sun glasses, and a fedora hat. She didn't want Rolake to identify her first. Then Umi spotted her; the figure eight slash hour glass light skinned girl who was gradually snatching her man. She brought out G.D's phone and sent a text to Rolake.

-Are you wearing a white shirt and white pants?

In a few seconds, her reply came in.


She saw Rolake turning around to look for G.D. Umi finally caught up with her and took off her shades.
She almost could bet on it that she saw Rolake stagger.

"We meet again, the woman who wants to be the new Mrs. Igobasi." Umi said, keeping a straight face.

"Umi, please. I'm not in the mood for this. Where's Ayiba?"

Umi laughed.

"You've got guts, you know? You're asking to see my man! What on earth is this stupid text about? Telling him you need him? I guess whoever sent the thugs didn't do a good job. In case you didn't know, I'm just one phone call from armed soldiers who can bundle you away. You know who my father is, right?"

Umi regretted saying the last question. She never bragged about whose daughter she was. She never liked to link herself to his power or fame. But she needed this one from daddy to scare the sexy monster called Rolake.


"Don't you ever text or call him again!"

"I shouldn't be the one to be worried about, my dear."

Umi narrowed her eyes at Rolake.

"What does that mean?" She asked.

"It means...oh God. It's nothing. I..I'm sorry." Rolake realized G.D hadn't told Umi about everything yet.

"No, you will talk. You are going to tell me what the problem is. What's going on?" Umi demanded, holding Rolake's arm tight.

"Let go! You're hurting me." Rolake wriggled her arm free.

"Please, let me know what the problem is." Umi said.

Rolake hesitated, but then, she didn't feel comfortable with the way Umi was now looking helpless, lost and confused.

Umi sat beside Rolake, waiting to listen to everything she had to say.

"Kema is gay." Rolake started.

"What? What? Huh? What?!" Umi screamed.

"Same reaction I had when your husband told me. Please stop screaming."

But Umi screamed louder when Rolake told her that Kema was in love with G.D.

"He didn't tell me. Ayiba didn't say a word. I knew he wanted to say something." Umi said.


"Well, Kema knows Ayiba's married to me. So nothing can possibly happen between them." Umi said.

"Umi, there's a lot happening. Kema wants to blackmail him."

"With what?"

"By telling you, Umi, please you should be having this talk with him, not me." Rolake said.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. I'm listening to you." Umi said.

"'Okay. Gosh. How do I say this? Look, Kema is planning to reveal something about Ayiba's past, if he doesn't have a relationship...I mean, a sexual relationship with him."

Umi laughed.

"There's nothing about Ayiba that I don't know. Except you of course. Till you popped up, we were good." Umi said, reeking of scorn and sarcasm.

"Oh yeah? Including the fact that he's been with a man before, for money?" Rolake blurted out.

Umi raised her hand and slapped her across the face.

"What? Are you crazy, Umi?" Rolake held her face.

"You are crazy. You are very crazy, for saying that about my husband." Umi said.

But she saw Rolake's response from her expression...and she knew she wasn't telling a lie.

"He had just graduated from the University. And he was looking for a job. He had a second class upper, yet no firm, company, or business was willing to take him. He said they all wanted graduates with a minimum of three years working experience. So he moved to Abuja. He said everyone he knew that was making it, was making it big in Abuja. He just knew that contracts or jobs would come, or he could even be an aid to one of these government men.

So one day, he had gone out with the friend he was living with at the time, who worked for a Special adviser to the president. I think it was a party. That's where he met this man. The man was a senator at the time. Active member of the senate. He had a wife and some kids, all abroad. The man took special interest in Ayiba. He gave him his contact card and told Ayiba to contact him soonest.

Well, your husband was desperate for a job. So when he called the man, he asked him to come over to his private lodge. And then he didn't waste anytime in making it clear to Ayiba that he wanted to have a homosexual relationship with him. Kinda like, a sugar daddy thing."

Umi was horrified.

"Eeeeww !"  She exclaimed with disgust, but her disgust was overshadowed by surprise from all she was hearing.

"He said he was disgusted and left immediately, but unfortunately, the man had marked him down, and anywhere in Abuja that he tried to get a job, he was turned down because of the man's strong connections. So he eventually went back to him out of frustration. You know Ayiba's family is quite a humble one, financially. He was supposed to be the bread winner because he had younger siblings and his parents expected him to start shouldering responsibilities. School fees, hospital bills, and all.

The senator gave him five hundred thousand Naira  without even sleeping with him. In a few weeks, the money was gone on family responsibilities and his friend had started complaining that Ayiba wasn't contributing anything to rent or food stuff or fuel. So he went back again. He said the man refused to give him any more money if he didn't sleep with him. And that's how it started. The man gave him a lot of money and cars. He tried to run away many times, but like I said, strong connections. He said he started saving up. Finally, the man got really sick and he had to be flown abroad. He died in his sick bed in London.

Ayiba saw it as a miracle and a sign from God, to walk out of the whole web. He said it was always hell for him each time he had to do nasty things with the man. Especially because rumors started to spread that big men in Abuja were sleeping with young guys for juju. But I think the man was just...I don't know. He had a wife and kids, so I don't understand it too. But that's what happened. Ayiba fled for Lagos, and he started life afresh. Sadly, he told his best friend about it. Kema. And now, Kema wants to use it against him. He wants to tell you if Ayiba doesn't sleep with him. Right now, he feels he's back in the gay-slavery web again."

Umi didn't say a word. She just nodded and grabbed her small hand bag.

Rolake pulled her back.

"Please, Umi. I need you to come with me to the hospital. I'm scared. That's why I text Ayiba. I think I may HIV positive." Rolake said, with fear in her eyes.

Umi stared at her, eyes wide. She didn't know if Rolake had been sleeping with G.D.

"Did you..." Umi asked.

"No. I never slept with your husband." Rolake replied.

They got into the Camry, and neither of them could drive the car. They were both shaken with the news that pertained to their individual situations.


Umi watched as the Lab man called on Rolake to go in for a blood test. Her heart was running a marathon, on hurdles. Was Rolake really telling her the truth? What if G.D had slept with Rolake, and had transmitted the disease to her by extension. She was confused.

She shut her eyes. Images of G.D being with another man, flashed through her mind. She tried to shove the thoughts away, but she couldn't. They just kept coming. Then she began to imagine him with Kema. Kema! She still couldn't believe everything she had heard. She needed to talk to someone before she ran totally mad.

She pinched her hand, perhaps it was a dream. But this wasn't no dream. She was awake, still wearing her Fedora hat, and holding G.D's key and phone.

She picked her phone from her pocket. She scrolled through her contacts. She couldn't tell her mom. Hajia would definitely tell Alhaji. She had started to text Laraba, but she erased the message. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She felt absolutely disappointed in G.D. They were married! And he had missed out that one humongous information. What was he thinking? That she would never find out? Truth always catches up one way or the other. She sighed, her head throbbing, her stomach growling. Even the baby must have been disgusted. She tried to think of something pleasant, but they were attacked by images of G.D and other men.

Rolake joined her after some time. Umi didn't know what to say, but she knew Rolake was more scared than she could ever be. Hers was a fatal issue. Umi's was emotional and physical. She held Rolake's hand and squeezed it.

After what took like forever, Rolake was called in again. Umi could see her shaking.

In a few minutes, she was out. She was silent. She didn't say a word. Umi led her to the car and then decided to take her home to rest. As Umi drove, Rolake opened her mouth to talk.

"They said they can't get the further results now. I have to come back after some days. I don't know how I'm gonna survive waiting for the results." She said.

Umi didn't say a word. Rolake asked to be dropped off at home. She had left her car at the park. She wasn't in the right frame to drive it. Umi dropped her off at her house, then drove back home.

It was evening already. G.D opened the door, yelling at her to know where she had been all day. She ignored him, throwing his phone at him, and then walking into the bedroom.

G.D joined her in the room and found her packing clothes into her travel bag.

"What's going on, Umi? Where are you going to?" He asked.

She didn't say a word still. She dragged her bag and headed for the door. G.D blocked her. She grabbed the flower vase that was directly beside her, and threatened to break his head with it.

He held her hands tight till she screamed.

"What's wrong, talk to me!" He said.

"Get your filthy hands off me, you lying pretender! You ugly disgusting homosexual!" She yelled.

G.D dropped her hands like hot coal. He was lost for words.

"And to think you made me tell you everything about myself. I thought we had no secrets! But there you are, having sex with men and not telling me. You're so full of shit!" She cursed.

She grabbed the door open and ran out, then drove away.

He wanted to chase after her, but he was weak to his bones.

How did she find out?


He dialed Kema's number. The call wasn't answered. He wore his palm slippers and grabbed his car key. He was fully charged, very ready to fight him to his last blood. Then Rolake's call came through.

"Roxy this is bad timing! I'm..." He started.

"I'm sorry I told Umi everything." She said.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" He asked.

"I told her about your past. Everything you told me. She needed to know..."

G.D was quiet for a while.

"Go to hell, Rolake!" He ended the call.


Umi was weeping profusely as she drove the car. She had no destination. She didn't know where she was going to. She just knew she had to get away from the very breath of the man she had married. She decided to go to a hotel to spend the night. It was dangerous driving aimlessly.

G.D kept on calling her phone but she ignored each call. She didn't have anything to say to him. The very thought of him irritated her to her guts, worse than her usual morning nausea caused by pregnancy.

She parked her car in the hotel's car park and walked in. The receptionist chatted her up, and then after she had swiped her First Bank Visa Gold card on the POS terminal, she was given a key to an executive suite. She ignored the greetings of the man who had come to carry her luggage.

As she soaked herself in the bath tub of warm water, she tried to drown her thoughts with music. She had left her phone at the edge of the sink, which was a little far from the tub, so she couldn't walk down to change the song that was playing. She decided to just listen to it.

It was Katy Perry's Unconditionally. 

 ...All your insecurities, all the dirty laundry, never made me blink one time...
   Unconditional, Unconditionally, I will Love you, Unconditionally...

She had promised him that she would love him come what may. But now, she was just too confused. She burst into those tears she had been holding back since Rolake told her everything that had happened.

*THICK-thin Lines

THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 10


"Look, Ayiba, maybe you should tell Umi. If Kema's blackmail is telling Umi, then isn't it better if you just told her?" Rolake said. 

"I don't know how to. And I don't have anyone else to talk to about this." His voice was croaky. 

He thought about Umi. It was three days now, and she had stopped calling or texting. He knew he had ignored her and had walked out on her. And it tore him to shreds that he had done that. His wife was pregnant. He hadn't been there for her. She was also very vulnerable and he began to realise her jealous and possessive instincts were right after all. She had been skeptical about him hanging with Kema always. And about Rolake. And it turned out both man and woman wanted a piece of him. Now he blamed himself. 

Maybe she didn't care anymore. She had a right not to care. He had treated her unfairly. 

The problem he had now, was telling Umi about his past. It wasn't just any kind of past. It was a homosexual past...


Umi looked at her phone, and she decided she couldn't take it anymore. It was her birthday, and her husband had not even dropped a call or a birthday message, even if it was copied and pasted from somewhere. No gifts, no cash, no flowers, and no coming back home. 

At first, she had concluded she wasn't going to keep calling. She was already feeling really humiliated. Maybe if she kept her distance for some time, he would be bothered about her and then call her. Or even if it was just to say Happy Birthday. 

But he didn't. 

Her heart felt so heavy. Hajia had told her to pray. She had attempted that, but she wasn't doing too well in that department. She didn't have the words to say. Would she ask God to take Rolake far away, back to the U.S? Or would she pray for G.D to suddenly hate Rolake? All sorts ran through her mind. They were talking about the missing Malaysian flight on TV. Maybe she could pray for God to take Rolake on a trip to some country, and then, the plane would be declared missing. Wild thoughts just kept coming.

Proverbs 31, right? She heard it all the time. About being a virtuous woman. About how she was supposed to build her home and not tear it down with her own hands. But wasn't a home supposed to be built by a husband; the Head, and a wife; his Help? 
Why did she have to be the one at the back office, bearing the brunt of his mistakes with outsiders? Why couldn't he fix things? Afterall it was their marriage, not her marriage. 

She was clueless why it was okay for a man to cheat, and then the African society was so quick to tell the woman to accept it just because 'that's the way men are.' Hajia had practically said the same thing when she had told her story about Alhaji marrying Fatima. She said she stood by him and bla bla. 

Being married didn't mean being stupid. Submission didn't mean inferiority. It just wasn't.

In her anger, she put her phone on silent mode abd turned it over so that the screen was facing the cushions.


G.D nodded, as Rolake asked him to call Umi. He brought out his phone and dialed her number. It rang. 
First time
Second time
Third time
Fourth time. 

Umi didn't answer her call. 

"She's probably done with me. I've given her enough to deal with, and you want me to add homosexuality to the list?" G.D said. 

Rolake's phone beeped. It was a debit alert from her bank. She hissed. 

"It always takes them a micro second to send an alert for my debit entries. Three hundred thousand naira. But when I'm credited, it takes forever!" She hissed again, tossing the phone aside.

"Hmmm. What did you buy for that amount?" G.D asked. 

"It's a standing order. The rent for my store. Every 16th of the month. I pay monthly instalments." 

16th? It was the 16th of the month? 

"Oh my it's Umi's birthday today! Maybe that's why she's not picking up. She's mad at me." He exclaimed.

"Please just go home and be with your wife." Rolake said. "Call me later, to tell me how things went." 

G.D looked at her. He wondered how she  was feeling, being in love with him, yet encouraging him to go home to Umi. 

"What?" Rolake said, seeing he wasn't taking his eyes off her. 

"I'm sorry things didn't work out between us, beyond being friends. I really am. You'll always hold a special place in my heart." He said, holding her shoulders.

Rolake blushed, then nodded, trying not to cry. 

"For what it's worth, I love you." She said. 

"I...I can't say it back, Rolake." He said.

"Come on, yeye boy. I am not expecting you to say it back. Just telling you." 

He pulled her closer and then hugged her.

"And take a bath, for the love of God!" Rolake said, as she got out of the car. 

He laughed, driving off. He was going home to his wife. 

Kema saw her climb out of G.D's car. He was upset. Not necessarily at Rolake, but because he realized he was getting obsessed with G.D. 


He had started following Rolake around when he noticed G.D had started spending more time with her, and less with him. He had tried to make advances at Rolake so she would think he was interested and so she could stay away from G.D. But she didn't like him, reciprocally. He had wanted to get close to her friend, Jessy, so that he could make her influence Rolake to stay away, but then Jessy was all about getting her contracts. And he couldn't bring himself to sleep with her. G.D was the only one he wanted to be with. 

And so, he had arranged for Rolake to get beaten up. But it seemed she wasn't learning her lesson. 

He felt so shaken, seeing G.D hug her a few minutes ago. G.D had said he couldn't cheat on his wife. But there he was with Rolake! 

Perhaps he would call Umi to tell her that he was still seeing Rolake. The worst she would do was to leave him, and that would leave G.D heart broken. And then G.D would finally be his. 

But he didn't want to do that. The blackmail was his best bet. He could use the information about G.D's past, to get him in his bed. 


Umi opened the door. She had heard him park his car outside and she knew he was coming in. 

"Hi." She said, looking at him. "What do you want?" Even if she was so happy seeing him again. She forgot all about her anger and wanted to hug him tight.

 He looked very tired...and bothered. 

"Umi. I'm so sorry, baby." He came closer and hugged her. He was holding a gift bag. 

"Happy birthday darling! I love you so much. I am so sorry for how everything happened. I know you didn't mean to send those thugs at Rolake but I know it's all my fault..." 

"Hold it Ayiba. What do you mean I sent thugs? You really think that low of me?" Umi moved away. 

" didn't?" He asked. "Kema...he said you talked to him. And Rolake said they warned her to stay away from me. And she said Ayiba... "

"And it's just us your wives; Umi and Rolake, who call you Ayiba." Umi hissed. 

It all started to make sense now. It was Kema. It had to be Kema. He was always stepping out of the office for reasons he never disclosed to anyone. And what more? The man was in love with him! He had torn Rolake's note in the past. He could do anything to kick her out of the picture. But how come he hadn't attacked Umi? Umi was the wife. Anyway, he had said he didn't mind that he was married. All he wanted was an affair...a relationship. 

His phone beeped. It was a text from Kema. 

"I gave you three days to make up your mind. I'm counting. Else, I'm spilling the beans to Umi. I miss you."

His felt his heart thud. 

"Umi I need to talk to you about..." He started, looking at her.  She was expressionless, but hopeful. He looked at the gift bag in his hands, then handed it to her. 

"I need to talk about how we are celebrating your birthday." 

She smiled. And he could give anything in the world for that smile never to leave her face. 

He was in the shower when he heard the door bell ring. He smiled. He knew it was the courier guys. They had delivered Umi's cake and roses. He had ordered the exact cake they'd had at their wedding. 

And the art work that had been at Rolake's house. 

He swore he could almost hear the voice of her smile!

*THICK-thin Lines

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 09


He shoved Kema away and sat up straight, moving away from the guy he called his brotherly. Kema sighed. He was embarrassed. He was not expecting G.D to take the kiss with levity however.

"What are you doing, dude!" G.D asked, horrified.

"I'm sorry..." Kema stuttered.

"No. I don't understand what just happened." G.D said.

Kema decided there was no point hiding it anymore. He could as well just tell G.D that he was into men.

"I'm attracted to you. I am in love with you." Kema said.

G.D made a puzzled face, worse than a jigsaw.

"What are you talking about? Kema wetin do you?"

"Is it hard to believe? I love you. I always have."

G.D put his hand over his head, still confused.

"I love you too man, but not unto that level...that's some gay ish, man!"

Kema let out a slurred but short laughter.

"That's me."

"Huh? Tell me you're joking, please. Kema today's not April Fool's day. I have known you practically all my life! You like women. You change them like..."

Kema didn't need to say anything. G.D began to get the message. Kema had never stuck to one girl. He always changed them...and maybe that was because he wasn't into women, not because he liked the female sex to a fault.

"You sleep with them! You were checking out Rolake the other day...You said Umi was hot when you met her...Kema please..."

"Calm down, G.D." Kema said, taking G.D's hands in his. G.D pulled his hands away faster than the speed of light.

Kema smiled.

"I don't find any pleasure being with women. I mean, I look at women, but to be honest, I'm not attracted to them. And that's why I don't stick with them. It's more like a cover-up. I don't want people thinking I'm weird staying away from girls.

I had someone at the University. He understood me and he really did like me too, but things didn't work out. I guess it's because the feelings I've always had for you were still so strong. I can't explain it, man. I just feel so attached to you."

"Nawa o. Guy, you high? Did you drink something too strong, abi you dey weed?" G.D said, still shocked.

"No. I am very composed and conscious. Why do you think I've stuck with you since all these years. Four years at the Uni was horrible for me, without you. That's why I made sure I didn't lose communication with you."

" approved of her. You said I was lucky."

Kema burst into laughter, and for a split second, G.D hoped the laughter would end in his best friend admitting he was only pranking, as usual.

"Umi, Umi, Umi. I approved because if you married her you would not be poor or have to struggle anymore. Come on, her dad is a big shot. I hated seeing you struggle. I wanted you to be happy. I know I'm not making a lot of sense...

You don't have an idea all the things I've done to have you to myself."

Kema got up and walked towards the wall, and then leaned against it, keeping his eyes glued on G.D's chest. G.D followed Kema's gaze, and immediately grabbed a pillow, pressing it against his chest.

"I won't rape you na!" Kema laughed.

G.D nodded.

"When Rolake was leaving Bayelsa for America, she gave me a note for you. She said she was in love with you and couldn't live without you, bla bla. I always knew she liked you...I kept the note. In fact, I tore it, so you would never see it."

G.D was surprised. Rolake? She liked him? He knew he was beginning to have some feelings which he had no business feeling for her, but he never guessed she wanted him too. Now he was getting very confused about everything that was happening. He looked at his wrist watch. It was around 1 AM. He grabbed his shirt and other items, then started to wear his shoes.

"Where are you going? It's 1 AM." Kema said. His voice shivered.

"Of course to my wife! Where do you think?" G.D yelled.

Kema didn't say a word. He watched as G.D packed everything and dashed out of the bedroom like it was a filthy shrine. He came back however, after a few minutes.

"Kema please open the door. It's locked." G.D said.

"That's because I locked it." Kema smiled.

"Please I don't have time for this. I need to leave."

Kema looked at him.

"You're not going anywhere. I'm not letting you go."

"Huh? Why? You want to rape me now, right?"

Kema laughed again.

"How do you think I feel? When you have your marital problems, and you dump them on me. You need company and time away from your brat of a wife, and you call on me. I'm tired of being in the friend zone. I have emotions too."

Now it was G.D's time to laugh. He couldn't believe these words were coming from Kema. They sounded like something a woman would say. If they were coming from Rolake, it would still have made some sense. But not Kema! Kemauode!

"So what do you want?" G.D asked, finally sitting on the bed, seeing Kema wasn't going to unlock the door.

"I want you."

"You were my best man. So you know I'm married." G.D said, throwing jokes back at him.

"That was the worst day of my life!"

"Okay." G.D said dryly.

Kema came closer to him and knelt in front of him, holding his waist. G.D pushed him aside.

"I don't mind that you're married. I just affair, a relationship..." Kema said.

"So I should cheat on my wife with a man." G.D laughed. "This is crazy. How do you want me to help you? You're just locking me up in your house for no reason. Do you want me to book an appointment with a therapist for you..." G.D said.

Kema got angry. He stood up and walked away from him again, this time, facing the wall.

"G.D why are you pretending like you haven't been with a man before? I'm your best friend. You tell me everything...remember? Even your dirty little secrets."

G.D swallowed hard. His heart skipped a beat. Literally.

He had closed that chapter of his life. Why was Kema bringing it up again.

"Kema, no. I trusted you with that information, as my brother. You can't use it against me. It's past!" G.D said, defensive, yet attacking.

"Oh, so you know how it feels, right? Consider this a conflict of interests."


Rolake didn't know what next to do. She and Jessy had paid the rent for the house together. There and then, she felt nothing else but keeping her distance from the back stabber of a friend she had. She couldn't bear to be under the same roof with her.

She had started to pack her things, but then she realized she wasn't stupid enough to take irrational decisions. Where would she move to? If she lodged in a hotel, Jessy wouldn't be bearing the cost.

She was dialing G.D's number when it occured to her that Jessy might have been the one who had sent those thugs to beat her up. Maybe she wanted her to be away in the hospital, so she could have the house to herself and Kola. But no. Jessy didn't need to go that far if that was what she wanted. She could as well have just gotten a room in a hotel or gone over to Kola's house.

Jessy had been so ashamed that she couldn't bear to face Rolake.
She now started to consider all the reasons why she should not have betrayed her. Things she hadn't thought of, prior to sleeping with Kola, the same man she had consoled her over.

She remembered how she had come to Lagos and needed a place to stay, and she didn't have enough money for the rent. Rolake had offered to pay 70% while she paid 30%. It was Rolake who had given her capital to push her interior design business forward. Not as an Investment, but as a gift. She had even worn some of Rolake's expensive formal clothing in her search for contracts from big clients...big clients that Rolake had introduced to her.

It wasn't as though Kola was worth it. He had promised to help her out with big clients in the Oil and Gas, and Telecoms industry who would undoubtedly give her jobs. She didn't want to, but then, they had broken up. Rolake had said it herself that she was over Kola, and she was beginning to like someone else. And Jessy knew that someone else was G.D.

And that was why she had stayed away from sleeping with G.D.

She had marked him; G.D Igobasi. But then she had been upset when Rolake began to show a lot of interest in him. It wasn't just for the job. She was very attracted to the man. He was too good looking to be true, like he had walked out of a GQ magazine.

She had shifted focus to his silly friend, The Kema guy. Kema had scoped her the day she had stopped by their office. He even gave her his card, and told her to call him. She eventually did, and after a few dates of making it obvious he wanted more than her sales speech, she eventually fixed a day and a hotel room to seal the deal. He had told her he had a cousin who needed designing done in his new office. However, a day to their supposed meeting, Kema blew her off and told her he was sorry but he couldn't cheat on the person he loved. She had thought Kema was weird though. He didn't seem the kind of guy that took any woman seriously. She wondered who the lucky woman would have been.

Rolake heard a knock on her door. She knew it was the whore, Jessy. She didn't respond. Plus, she was still in pains, from the severity of the beating.

"Rolake please, we need to talk. We can't go on like this." Jessy said.

Rolake didn't respond.

Then Jessy forced the door open.

"Get out!" Rolake yelled.

Jessy rushed to her side and sat on the bed beside her.

"Rolake, please. I'm so sorry. I know I messed up big time. Please let me explain." Jessy pleaded.

"I don't know what you have in mind to say. I'm not interested. Please leave my room."

'Please just hear me out. I can't hurt you deliberately."

"I said get lost!"

"I'm broke! I did it because I'm broke. And my mom is dying. The last time I went to visit, she was so sick. And there's no money for the surgery she needs. Please, Rolake."

Rolake kept quiet, although still angry.

"And sleeping with Kola was the solution?" She said.

' I never meant to hurt you...I had no other choice. My business isn't yielding much. That's why I had to do this."

Rolake turned to look at her...with pity, but mostly with disgust.

"It's no justification. How different are you from a prostitute? You should be ashamed of yourself. That's like the worst thing ever. Where's your class and dignity? First, he's my recent ex. I am your best friend, girl! Secondly, you're getting paid for sex. Jessy, I'm so disappointed in you. If you can do this to me, you can seduce and sleep with my husband when I'm married. You can break my home! You...." Rolake went on.

Jessy stood up.

"Heeeeessss! Wetin sef, Rolake? Unto what? Because I dey beg you. Stop judging me. You don't know nothing about class or dignity? You're worried about me breaking your home when you're shattering Umi's home. Remove the log in your eye before you see mine." She hissed and walked out.

Rolake stared at the door, minutes after Jessy had slammed it. It wasn't Jessy's razzness or the loud sound of the door being slammed that kept her staring. It was the volume and and weight of what Jessy had just said.


"She has still not left him alone. Didn't you hit her enough? Didn't she get the message?" The caller yelled over the phone at one of the thugs who had worked on Rolake.

"She no dey hear word o! You mean say she still dey follow am?" He said.

"Don't give me that. I paid you good money to do your job."

"No vex. I will call my boys and we will attack again."


"No, no. That's not necessary. I have other means."

The caller hissed and ended the call.


She was wearing a denim shirt and black leggings, and huge Ray Ban sun glasses, with a baseball cap. She looked around, scared that someone might be watching her. She was only just recovering and didn't want to get beaten up again by unknown men from unknown enemies.

She spotted G.D sitting in his car, parked at the back end of the car park. His seat was reclined. She opened the other door and then reclined the seat too, so they were side by side. She looked at him, taking off her sunglasses. She almost leaned a few more inches forward to kiss him, but she discarded the thought.

"You still look bruised." He said softly.

She nodded. That didn't sound like him. He looked and sounded so weak and vulnerable.

"Ayiba what's wrong?" She asked almost immediately.

"So much! So so much! I'm finished, Roxy. I'm confused. I don't know what to do."

"Talk to me please."

He cleared his throat.

"Kema is gay, and he wants to sleep with me." He said.

He had wanted to laugh at the look on Rolake's face but he was too worried to think of a laughter.

"What?" She replied.

"He is gonna blackmail me if I don't."

"How? With what?"

G.D placed his hands on his head, and Rolake had to admit he wasn't oozing a very nice smell. Had he even had his bath?

"I'm not gay. But I've been with a man before...." He said, looking away, tears stinging his eyes.

Rolake sat up straight, not minding whoever was looking.

"What?! Ayiba?"

"I was desperate. I was broke...Rolake, trust me, I'm not gay."

"Does Umi know this?"

"That's the blackmail. He's going to tell Umi."

*THICK-thin Lines
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Monday, 23 June 2014

THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 08


She dialed his number for close to twenty times non-stop. She even hid her identity but he didn't answer nor return her calls. She had sent text messages pleading and begging him but he never replied. 

Then she began to get worried. Was he okay? Had he been kidnapped? Was he alright? 

She had wanted to call Kema. He had missed the calls but then he finally text her back. 

"He's fine. He's at my house"

She had asked to be put through to G.D but Kema said it was best she allowed him cool off. 


By the evening of the following day, Rolake had begun to feel slightly better.  However, she still felt severe pains especially in her head, despite the painkillers she had been given. The nurse had put her on observation, but she felt she was able to go back home.  

Jessy had stopped by the hospital that morning with some food and change of clothes and undies. Rolake didn't really have any appetite so the food was still there the way Jessy had left it. 

She checked her phone. The battery was out. And her charger was not in her bag. She asked the nurse if there was any charger not in use but then, the nurse had only Blackberry chargers. Rolake used an iPhone. 

She decided she would go home, take a proper bath, and rest well, and she would also be able to eat anything she wanted. The basmati rice that Jessy had prepared was soggy. 

There were no internal complications from her medical examinations, so the doctor discharged her after her unrelenting insistence on leaving. He told her to be back by the end of the week for medical check up. 

G.D had already paid the hospital bill. She wanted to call him but she remembered he had said he had a board meeting. 

She had taken a cab home. Although she was practically shivering as she got into it, she felt more comfortable knowing that she wouldn't be alone in the taxi incase   those thugs attacked her again. 

"Madam hope no problem o" The taxi man had said, seeing her limp, with a bandage on her wrist and ankle, and a little swelling on her face. She hadn't bothered to put a little make up on. She had packed her hair in a rough bun and left. 

"Just take me to Adebola Avenue." She hissed, getting into the cab. 

She paid the man five hundred naira and walked to her gate. The gateman had left the smaller gate open and had walked away to probably go and buy some concotion from his usual seller down the road. She cursed as she walked in, at the same time dipping her hand in her bag to search for her keys. She saw Jessy's car. So she was home? She probably didn't have any clients to see. She saw another car parked in their drive way. Maybe Jessy had guests. 

She opened the door and walked in, already looking into the living room to see who was there. There was just a pair of shoes, and a black blazer on the couch. 

And they were not feminine items. 

She heard noises from her bedroom. What rubbish? Obviously Jessy was being intimate with whoever her guest was. She was about opening the door, but stopped and decided to wait in the living room, at least to respect their privacy. 

It was about twenty minutes after. She was sitting in the couch in the living room, and charging her phone. The charger was still plugged to the extension. She sent a quick text to G.D thanking him for paying the bill and informing him that she had been discharged.

She heard their voices. They were coming back to the living room. 

"Sometimes secret things are so sweet." The man said said, laughing. 

Jessy laughed. 

"So when am I getting the contract o. I've done my own end of the deal." She said. 

She was so disgusted. When did Jessy start sleeping with men for contracts. She turned around to look at the man as they walked into the living room. His voice was familiar.

"Oh my God!" Jessy screamed, staggering. 

"Ro..Rolake..." Kola stammered.

Rolake looked from her bestfriend to her ex-boyfriend. She didn't know who to fix her gaze of shock on. 


Hajia had come by the house to listen to what Umi had to say. Even if Alhaji had said he knew G.D would break her heart and leave her running back to him, she had vouched for him, because she saw the way her child loved the man. And Hajia's instincts were mostly never wrong. 

G.D had specifically promised her that she could count on him not to hurt Umi. That had been just 14 months ago. 

Hajia wasn't alien to this treatment from a man. Afterall, Alhaji has promised her about thirty six years ago, that he was a one-woman kind of man, despite being a Moslem, and that he would never give his love to another woman in the name of religion. 

She had loved him so much, and had agreed to wait for him while he went abroad for his university education. Her family had insisted on marrying her off to eligible wealthy suitors, but she had been so headstrong in her hope for her man. 

He came back to Kano and fulfilled his promise with a very elaborate and romantic wedding. 

She had just given birth to their second son when he decided he wanted to go to Lagos for business. She remembered encouraging him and nursing him each time a business proposal got turned down by a prospective client. 

Then one day, he hit it big, and things became better for them gradually. And gradually, Alhaji began to get more busy, and she began to see less of him. 

The excuse he had given her was that he needed an educated wife who would understand the way his business operated. She had been so shocked, but still she suggested that she could take business lessons. Afterall she stopped formal Education at Secondary school. And then, he said he had found a suitable woman. She was a sophisticated  one who had lived abroad mostly. Her name was Fatima. 

Fatima came into their home, and Alhaji put her in charge of his accounts and had made her a signatory to them. She stayed only two years however. As soon as Fatima had given birth to Laraba, she made away with large sums of money and fled abroad, leaving the baby girl behind. 

Hajia had taken Laraba as her own daughter and brought her up. Yes. Alhaji had been very humiliated. Many dailies carried the story and it affected his business badly. But she stood by him till he was able to build the business again to heights greater than it had ever been. 

Umi sobbed as her mother held her and comforted her. 

"Have you prayed about this situation?" Hajia asked her. 

Umi turned to look at her mother. 

"Yes, Umi. Have you prayed? You are a christian, isn't it? Have you asked your church pastor to pray with you? Or how is it done in the church?" 

Umi cleared her throat, embarassed that she hadn't involved God in all of this.

"So why did you protest to us that you converted? Is it just for religion sake? I know God or Jesus will answer your prayers." She said. 

Umi laughed and nodded. 

"Thank you mom." She kissed Hajia's cheek. 


The board meeting was over. G.D was so tired. It had been rounds and rounds of arguments and moving motions and dwelling on one matter in the Agenda. He had not envied the company secretary in any way. The man had been struggling to catch up with the pace. 

After the staff had taken some refreshments, most of them began to leave for home. G.D checked his phone. He wanted to visit Rolake at the hospital but then he had seen her text message that she had been allowed to go home. He decided he would still not go home to Umi just yet. But he was confused. Despite everything, he missed his wife.

"Should I go back to Umi tonight?" G.D asked Kema, as he shut down his computer. 

Kema shrugged. 

"She won't learn her lesson, if you ask me. Who knows? She may send thugs to  attack me too." He replied and laughed. 

G.D thought so too. He decided he would wait till the weekend. Maybe he needed to give himself time to think.

Kema had microwaved some spaghetti that he had made the night before. G.D had to admit it was nice. Where did Kema learn to cook like that? 

They played video games and joked about different things before G.D said he was sleepy. 

Kema joined him in the room after some time. He had stayed back to make some calls and lock up his doors. 

He looked at G.D fast asleep on the bed, in his boxer shorts only. His gaze moved to G.D's chest. He couldn't take his eyes off his abs. He looked at his brotherly's lips. They were pink and inviting. Kema stretched out his hand to touch G.D's abs but then he retreated. He didn't know how to go about this. The man he had been attracted to for a very long time was lying right beside him. 

He had wanted to hold him the previous night too, and to tell him to forget about Umi and Rolake. Women were not worth the stress. 

Then he leaned over and kissed Good Destiny. 

"Kema what the....!" G.D yelled, opening his eyes. 

*THICK-thin Lines

Sunday, 22 June 2014

THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 07


He was supposed to be working till like 9 PM but he had hurried over his work. He didn't want to let Umi down. He knew he had told her he was working late but he really wanted to be with her and give her the attention she wanted.

He needed to tell himself the truth. He had done a reality check and truly, maybe he was getting too close to Rolake. He had realized that they spoke or text more than once a day...and she was a single attractive woman. He was getting attracted to Rolake, and he needed to hold his horses before things got out of hand.
That night when he had hugged her, he hadn't really wanted to let go. What bugged him more was that he had felt a tinge of jealousy when she had told him she was in love with someone.

He just had to put his home in order before things broke beyond repair.


The frame of their wedding photo fell from her hands, and got broken...beyond repair. She had taken it off the wall. She was so hurt and she needed something to hold on to. She couldn't believe what Kema told her. How could G.D have given her art work to his mistress, Rolake? Yes. As far as she was concerned, Rolake was his mistress. Only a mistress had the right to act the way Rolake had.

She looked at the glass on the floor. It was shattered into tiny and large bits of sharpness. That's how her heart felt. She never would have doubted G.D. He was one of the very few good men she had met. Breaking her heart when they weren't even into one year of matrimony was beyond her!

She picked up her phone and dialed Hajia. She had to talk to someone who really cared about her.

"My darling, how are you?" Hajia said.

"Mom, I'm not okay. I'm so confused!"

Hajia was surprised. This was her daughter who had left her house only some hours ago.

"What's the problem? Eh?" Hajia said.

"I don't know what to do. I think my husband is cheating on me. Mom, what do I do? Ko za ka taimake ni? (Can you help me?)" Umi cried.

"Talk to me, Umi. Zan zo? (Should I come?)"

"No, Mummy."

Umi was still narrating everything that had happened so far when she heard G.D park his car. She told Hajia that she would call her back and begged her not to mention a word to Alhaji.

G.D came into the house, and dropped his laptop bag, opening his arms wide to hug her.

"I rushed. It's 8.15 PM." He said, grinning.

Umi didn't take her eyes away from him, as she sat down in the couch, with the shattered wedding picture still on the floor. G.D saw it and walked up to her.

"Oh my, what happened Umi?" He said, trying to pick the pieces.

"Are you okay, baby?" He asked her, when she didn't respond.

"Did you use protection at least." Umi said. The coldest he had ever heard her voice. It was bereft of any accent. Just cold. Ice cold.

"What are you talking about?" He said, confused.

"Good Destiny don't play me! Tell me the answers to my question right now!" She yelled. He stepped back a bit, surprised at this woman he was seeing. This was not Umi.

"I'm lost, babe."

"Oh yeah right, you are. So you deceived me, bought my art work, and gave it to your side chic, right? Oh wait. I think i'm the side chic now. Cos you spend more time with her."

His heart began to thump. She had found out about the painting. But how? He had seen Rolake's calls when he was driving but he had ignored them. He didn't want to encourage the closeness.

"Em...Umi, it's not what you think, really." He stuttered.

"Oh so tell me what it is. You gave it to her as a gift. That is the height of disrespect! I have done nothing but love you since day one. I have never ever disrespected you, even when my father disapproved!"

"I..." He didn't even know where to start or how to explain because he didn't know what had happened exactly. How would he explain to her.

"Even if you needed to buy her something in return for sex, because she's a whore, right! Why my painting? That's just crazy. I just can't deal, man!" Umi kept on yelling.

She was a very calm girl. He had never seen this angry side of her. Mata and Yarinya wouldn't work here.

"I was looking out for you. I just did not want you to feel bad. And I couldn't bring it home or put it in my office because you would see it. I love you, Umi." He said calmly.

"Because you think I'm a failure and I can't do any successful painting. Just...have fun. Knock yourself out. Good night." Umi got up and walked away. He chased after her.

"Please..." He said.

"If I hadn't gone by her house today..."

"Wait!" G.D said, surprised at what he had heard. "You went to her house?"

"Oh yeah I did. And she disrespected me. Cos you've let it."

"No, you let it! Why didn't you just let me handle this?Why would you do that? Umi, that's not classy."

"Classy?" She laughed. "Coming from you who's sleeping with..."

"Shut up! I am not!"

"Where's your class, Ayiba? When did you become a dog?"

He raised his hand but then, restrained himself before he slapped her face. He felt insulted to his blood. She had never called him such insulting names before.

"I'm disappointed that you went to her house." He said.

"I am disappointed in you too." She retorted.

He clenched his fists and grabbed his car key then stepped out. He just wanted to stay away from her before he did something he would regret. He loved her too much to hit her or get abusive. He drove down and grabbed his phone to dial Kema, but Kema's phone was switched off. He stopped at a bar and begun to drown himself in beer.

Umi burst into tears, as he slammed the door. He had slammed it against her fragile heart.


Rolake had noticed a particular black Honda that always lurked around at her Avenue. She had been concerned at first, when a few times, she had noticed the car following her from a distance, but she had discarded her fears when Jessy had told her the car probably belonged to one of the neighbors.

She had decided to close early from her boutique that day. She wanted to get enough rest because she hadn't been feeling too well. Her store attendant took note of the instructions Rolake gave, and then Rolake grabbed her hand bag and walked down to the car park where her car was parked. She turned on the ignition but the car wasn't responding. She had rushed out that morning without doing the necessary vehicle routine checks, but she knew her car was fine. She didn't know why it wasn't starting.

Jessy needed her own car so she couldn't ask her for it, because she had gone out to see a very high profile client who wanted some interior decoration for his new hotel.

She had noticed G.D had been avoiding her calls. She had wanted to tell him about Umi coming to her house. She hated it and had wanted to warn him to prevent such embarrassment from happening again. But she was glad that she had intimidated Umi. The girl had looked so shaken, especially when Rolake had said she could sleep with G.D if she wanted to. Of course she knew she wasn't sleeping with him, but she just wanted Umi to feel like she had the ruling power.

She was looking for a cab when G.D called her.

"Ayiba, I have been calling you." She said.

"I know. I'm not happy with you, Roxy. Why did you talk to my wife like that! How could you let her see that painting." He said coldly.

"I should be the one angry. Why did she come into my property to harass me? I could get her sued or something. I'm just considering that she's your wife." Rolake said.

"Okay, I'm sorry about that. But you disrespected my wife. And that means you disrespected me too."

She paused.

"Can we talk?" She said.

He hesitated at first.

"I'm still in the office. I'm busy. We have a board meeting tomorrow."

"I'm stranded sef. My car won't start and I don't have a mechanic."

"Oh. I can call mine and ask him to meet you up."

"But what if he can't fix it today? I'm really scared of taking cabs actually, especially as they are kidnapping people these days."

G.D paused then gave a suggestion.

"Alright. I'll ask my office driver to come meet you up with my car, and then you'll drive it home. He'll come back with public transport." He said.

"But what about you? How are you going home? I don't want Umi's palava!"

"I'm not going home. I'm working all night."

"Aww boo. Won't you be bored or something?" She said.

"Kema's here for some time, before he leaves."

She hissed. She didn't like Kema. The guy was just too all over the place.

"Thank you. I appreciate this a lot. And Ayiba..."


"I'm sorry about what happened with Umi. You know I'll never disrespect you."

He nodded and said Mmmhh then cut the call.


Rolake saw that car following her again. Now she was scared, because even if the person knew her car and was following her, this was not her car. It was G.D's Camry. She felt weird driving it though, because he had told her that Umi had bought him the car.

She stepped harder on the accelerator and increased her speed. The Honda driver increased its speed too, and then when they got to a corner with no street lights, the car over took hers and three armed and very heavily built men climbed out of it and came towards her car.

She missed America. She had reached for her phone to dial 911 but she remembered she was on her own in Nigeria. There was no emergency help code that she knew of. Before she could do anything, one of the guys pulled her door open and then pulled her out. She was shaking to her bones like a prisoner in Iceland.

"Rolake abi?" The man said. He was obviously high.

She shook her head. "No I'm not o! My name is Jessy." She said.

"Nonsense woman! You still dey lie ehn?"

They threw her to the ground and hit her several times. She kept on begging them not to kill her.

"Stay away from Ayiba. If you don't, we will be back for you. If you tink say you smart and you call police, e mean say you don ready to die be dat!" One of them said, kicking her big butt.

That road was usually deserted, so there was no one to help her out. They zoomed off and left her in the dirt.


Jessy squeezed the towel in hot water again and mopped Rolake's face and hands where she had been bruised. Rolake had called her immediately and she had come rushing down. She had been too weak to drive after being beat up. Fortunately, Jessy had gotten home by the time she saw Rolake's call.

"I think we should get you to the hospital. What if you have internal bruises or something?" Jessy said, careful not to burn her fingers with the steam.

"Call Ayiba for me." Rolake struggled to say, crying and in pain.

"For what na? Rolake you dey hear word so?" Jessy replied irately.

"Just call him. I have to tell him what Umi has done to me."

"I don't blame the Umi. You're taking her husband away from her! You have her painting in this house? Can you take that?"

Rolake hissed and tried to reach for the phone but Jessy got it for her and then called G.D.

"Oh my God! I'm on my way." G.D said, as soon as Jessy told him what happened. Kema had left for home already as at then so he couldn't hitch a ride with him. He called out the first bike man he saw and asked him to take him to Rolake's Estate all the way from his office.

He got her to the hospital, and then after the doctors had placed her on admission and had started giving her care, he had to go back to the office to finish up work in time for the next day's meeting. He called Kema and told him what happened. Kema rushed down to the office immediately. He had brought food too, because he knew his friend would be tired and hungry.

"Guy, wetin happen na!" Kema said, as soon as he walked into G.D's office.

"Men, I'm so confused. Told you Rolake was beaten up by thugs."

"Wow. Is she okay?" Kema asked.

"Yeah she's getting treatment now." He sighed. Kema went over and hugged him.

"Have you called Umi?" Kema asked, unwrapping the sandwich he had brought.

"Umi! That little...." He held himself from swearing.

"You think she did it?" Kema said.

"Rolake said the guys said she should stay away from Ayiba! Who else?"

"Oh, Umi...noo...She didn't have to go this far. Maybe it's because she saw Rolake driving your car."
Kema said.

"Exactly. Because she bought me that car. I don't know why she's so paranoid. When did she become this way?"

G.D's phone rang. It was Umi. He had purposely not called her...maybe because he still doubted that she could do something like that.


"Thank you very much. I'll see you tomorrow." Umi said, and then cut the call. She scrolled through her phone again.

She felt bad. She hadn't seen G.D since the night he walked out. She had been really angry too. The angriest she had ever been. But then she decided to call him and apologize.

She dialed his number from her call log. He didn't pick up. But then he called back.

"Ayiba, I'm sorry. Please come home." She started.

"You're sorry? Is sorry gonna get Rolake out of the hospital? Umi, I can't believe you these days. What's possessing you? How could you send thugs to beat her up!" G.D yelled at her.

"Ayiba? Ayiba?..." She said, but then she only heard the beep.

He had hung up the call on her.

"I can't even work right now." G.D said, scratching his head.

"Why do you have to do all this work? What of your assistant?" Kema asked.

"I'll come up with something. I just need to rest my head tonight." G.D said.

"You can't sleep here. And I don't think you should be near Umi right now, I mean, so you don't have to do something you'll regret."

"Yeah bro. Let's go to your place."

*THICK-thin Lines

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THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 06


She had been bored at home, and so she decided to drive over to visit Hajia. Plus Laraba had jut returned from the U.S. Alhaji had traveled out of the country for an international business conference. Truth was, she really needed someone to talk to. Even though her husband had kissed and hugged her that morning before he rushed out for work, she still felt that disconnect. Maybe it was her though, and maybe like he had said, she just needed to take her mind off Rolake being in the picture. But she couldn't.

When she arrived at the mansion at Banana Island, she spotted the white G-class at the car park. It was a new one. She knew Alhaji didn't like Mercedes Benz so she was surprised seeing it. Then it clicked that maybe Alhaji had bought it for Laraba's graduation present.

Laraba jumped on her sister as soon as she spotted her.

"Umilicious! I've missed you!" Laraba exclaimed.

Umi laughed, hugging her back, then gradually freeing herself from her sister's grip.

"Careful now. There's a little person in here." She whispered, smiling.

Laraba shrieked with excitement and was about running inside to tell their mother when Umi dragged her back.

"No, no. I don't want to tell mom yet." She said.


"I'm just not know how she gets. She can decide to move into my house so she can take care of me."

Laraba shrugged.

"Whatever. But I'm so happy! How's your hawt husband?"

"First, tell me, is that yours?" Umi said, pointing at the white G-class.

"Of course. Daddy got it for me two days ago."

"It's from Ugonna motors right?" Umi asked. Laraba nodded.

"Did you get a cake with it from them?"

"No I didn't. Just a congratulations card." Laraba replied.

Umi shook her head. She remembered when Ugonna had said he would deliver a big cake with the car, for Laraba's graduation.

"I'm jealous!You've stolen Daddy's love from me!" Umi said.

Hajia had joined them now. Umi had to admit her mom looked gorgeous in an aqua green Jalamiya with a matching head wrap.

"Umi, jealous haba? Your dad sent you on vacation to Hawaii and Paris with your friends for your graduation present too. So leave your sister alone." Hajia said.

Umi laughed, hugging her mom.

They had lunch together and caught up on life and new happenings. Laraba announced she had met someone new, and that he was coming to meet the family as soon as Alhaji came back from his trip. The someone was from a wealthy Northern family too...In fact, the son of an ex-governor of Niger state. Umi knew Alhaji would approve without a doubt.

Often times now, she had begun to wonder if Alhaji was right that she would regret her choice of marrying G.D. She had wanted to discuss the situation with her mother, but then on second thoughts, she decided not to, and thought it was best she handled things her own way.


G.D was going through the company's Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Comprehensive Income which the finance department had sent to him, when he saw his wife's phone call. He had wanted to ignore, because he assumed she would be calling to complain about something. But then he picked up.

"Yes, Umi." He said, looking through the figures in the documents.

"Hi, Baby. How's work?" Umi said softly.

"Good. Thanks." He replied.

"I hope you're not missing me too much?" She laughed.

G.D dropped the documents and walked towards his window. He knew he was in love with his wife. This was just a phase and he knew they would get past it. She hadn't been this emotional with him in a while.

"I am, my love." He said.

"Then come home soon, okay. I miss you too." She said.

He smiled.

"Um...I'll be working a little late today cos we have a board meeting in two days. I'm so sorry, Umi. But we can skype too. I'll check on you very frequently."

He swore he heard the drop in her tone but she tried to camouflage it.

"It's fine dear. Have you had lunch?"

"No. But I'll grab something quick." He replied.

"Okay. Guess what, daddy got Laraba a G-Class!"

"Wow! That's so good. Did she come by the house?"

For a moment, he tried to imagine when he would be able to afford a G-class...Brand new, not Tokunbo. And he hated Loans. Some bankers had come marketing auto-loan facilities to him but he had declined. And here was his twenty-two year old sister in law with a Brand new G-class. "There is God" ...He said silently.

"No. I was bored so I went over. Then had to stop by the hospital too for my check-up with the gynecologist." Umi said.

"Okay babe. I have to go now. I love you. Take care of you for us."

After a few minutes, he received a notification on his phone. It was their wedding picture. Umi had sent it to him via BBM, and had sent a message following it that she loved him.

-I love you too, my mata.  He replied.


Umi dropped the phone after she had spoken with her husband, but for some reason, she wasn't convinced. She didn't believe that he was working late. She just had this really strong feeling that it had something to do with Rolake.

She felt bad with herself that she was beginning not to trust her husband. She decided to discard the thought, and went to watch some TV. Guiliana and Bill was up. She tried to imagine life after her baby was born. She didn't even have a clue yet if it was a boy or a girl. But she knew for sure that the child would be really cute. She still wasn't comfortable though, so she decided to talk to Kema about it.

"Hey, Kema," Umi said, as he picked up her call.

"Hi beautiful." He replied.

"Are you with G.D?"

"Umm...not now. I'm busy at my desk."

"Oh. Really sorry to disturb you. Can you talk?"

"Sure. Definitely."

Umi paused.

"I haven't gone to Rolake's house yet. I dunno if I should now. I just want to get this over with. I want her to stay away from my man!"

Kema cleared his throat.

"Then go to her house and talk." He said.

"Okay. I will."

"Do you have the address?"

"Yeah. She described it the day she came over for dinner."

"Alright then. Let me know how it goes."

"Okay. Thanks Kema."

"Thank you too." He said, after he had cut the call.

Umi was right. She saw Rolake's car drive in just as she turned into the Avenue. She was scared at first. What if G.D was there? He would be mad. But she had every right to be more mad.

The gate man opened the gate for her after she had said "Tell your madam that I'm from Mr. Ayiba."

Umi stepped into the living room. Rolake's place had taste, but nothing like her own home. She hissed, hating herself for even comparing in the first place. Soon, Rolake joined her. She was wearing jeans shorts and a really low neck tank top. Umi's mind began to imagine the worst. What if G.D was sleeping with this woman! She wasn't half as busty or as curvy as Rolake. Her stomach churned.

"Hi Umi," Rolake said, surprised to find Umi. She had thought maybe G.D sent someone to drop something.

"Rolake. Surprised to see me, yeah?" Umi said, gathering courage.

"Yeah, I am. You look pretty. Where did you get your purse?" Rolake started conversation, and then went into the kitchen to get her something to eat and drink.

Then Umi saw it.

Her painting. She was confused.

"What's my painting doing here?" She asked, as soon as Rolake walked in with a small tray of drinks and peppered snails.

Rolake sighed. Uh-oh.

"Oh my God. How did it get here? You weren't at the event..."

"You know what, I don't wanna get in the middle of anything, okay. I think you and Ayiba need to talk."

"Shut up! Stop calling him Ayiba."

Rolake rolled her eyes and stood akimbo.

"Hey, small girl. I think I'm giving you too much respect. I'm not your age-mate at all. So don't disrespect me. I've known AYIBA for years before you even knew his name, so you don't have any right to shut me up. I'll call him whatever I want till he says otherwise." She said, stressing the AYIBA.

Umi didn't know what to say. G.D had caused this. He had caused another woman to disrespect her.

"Why are you so possessive, Umi? You're gonna choke him out!" Rolake added.

"Oh shut up! Who are you to give me advice? Do you even have a man, let alone being married?" Umi yelled back.

Rolake laughed, clapping her hands.

"I don't have time for this." She said.

"Are you sleeping with my husband?" Umi asked, as she picked her purse to leave.

"I could if I wanted to."

Hot tears streamed down her face as she drove back home. She felt so embarrassed. Her heart kept on pounding. She dialed Kema's number and put the phone on speaker.

"I found my painting at her house! Kema tell me is she sleeping with my husband?!"

Kema sighed, telling her to calm down.

"He bought the painting. He gave it to Rolake."

*THICK-thin Lines