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Isioma’s breath was blown away when she saw the bedroom, after Henry opened the door. He had made reservations for an exquisite lounge for them. It was decorated with red and white rose petals, and the fragrance that controlled the room was absolutely romantic. She turned to him and gave him a bear hug.

“I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday. I just…I didn’t know what to think…” She blushed, looking away.

Henry laughed and pulled her into the bedroom.

Tokunbo , Femi and Jadesola were also spending the night, lodged in different rooms. They were all supposed to meet back downstairs for dinner.

He took off his shoes and shirt, and then from the mirror he saw Isioma staring at him.

“What’s wrong Babe?” He smiled, turning to face her.

From her facial expression he knew there was something on her mind. He hoped he hadn’t done something wrong again. Maybe she didn’t like the proposal…

Isioma walked closer to him and began to kiss him, and to undress herself gradually. He pulled away and cleared his throat then held her hands.

“Isi…” He started.

Her face fell. She hissed and went over to the bed.

Henry sighed. They always had this argument anytime she wanted to get intimate with him.

“I don’t understand. You keep saying you love me and you want me. What is the problem? You just proposed to me! We are getting married anyways. You just always make me feel like a desperate woman…like I’m trying to rape you.” She fumed.

“Babe I have told you over and over again. I love you beyond just sex. I want to keep it till we get married. Maybe it’s because I never talked about marriage, but I had it all in mind, sweetheart. I am going to marry you and we can do everything you want.”

She hissed and let out a small laughter.

“Henry I am twenty nine. I am not exactly keeping myself for marriage, if you must know. If it’s about church, I’m a Christian too. At least God understands I have a ring now so we’re legit…”

Before Henry could reply her, they heard a loud scream from the room opposite theirs. They both scurried out.


Tokunbo turned off the running tap after he had splashed some water on his face. He just couldn’t get Jade off his mind. The last time, he knew old feelings were coming back and they had gotten the better of him. He’d felt so embarrassed when she told him off. For weeks, he had tried to get her off his mind. He knew he just had to stay away. She had a fiancé now, and he needed to respect that.

He switched on the TV, and then checked his iPad for missed emails. He saw an email from his old colleague, Jim Stevenson, asking if he had made a decision about coming back to work at Burt and Elias Investment Advisers. Some other mails had come from Virgin Trains regarding a promo on train tickets, some from HSBC, and a couple of others.

His phone beeped. It was a text from the church he had just started going to. He hissed. They always sent text messages concerning weekly fellowships, and he never bothered to finish reading them before deleting. He was never going to attend weekly services anyway.

He had started working at the family company last week. His dad was into Bakery and Dairy production and sale. The company also had Fast food subsidiaries, and Cake delivery services. They were recently planning to start a mobile small chops business to cater to guests at parties, competing with the likes of Laredo and others. He wasn’t so satisfied though. He missed Burt and Elias. It was more challenging and demanding, unlike his dad’s business where the staff worshipped him for being CEO’s son.
He still had Jadesola on his mind. He thought of calling one of those girls that flocked around him. He didn’t want to be spending the night alone…but he discarded the thought.  

It was nice seeing you again.
The delivery message came in shortly. His text had been delivered.

Jade’s phone beeped. She reached for it and opened the text message. It was from Tokunbo. She smiled, after looking at Femi who was watching the news of TV.

Yeah…same here.
She replied.

How’s Femi? I hope I’m not intruding on anything.

Nope. He’s listening to the news.

Want to take a walk?

No way. He will get upset.

Does he always get upset? How do you cope?

Well, you know his condition. I really need to be here for him. He doesn’t really have anyone to look out for him. So I have to deal with it. He’s usually not this way.

Poor you. Is there anything I can do to help?

He didn’t get any response for a while.


Femi heard Jade’s phone beep repeatedly. He tried to ignore the first three messages that came in, but then, it occurred to him she was chatting with someone. She didn’t keep that many friends, so maybe she was chatting with Teni. Her phone beeped again and then she went to the balcony.

“Hey babe, can I use your phone. Need to make a quick call. I’m out of airtime.” He said wheeling himself towards the balcony. She jumped and flinched as soon as she heard his voice.

“You scared me.” She laughed. He laughed too.

“Will you help me go get my iPad from the car quickly? I also need to send some mails.”

Jade forced a smile. She didn’t mind being his errand girl. She just wanted him to not feel frustrated.

As soon as she came back to the room, he welcomed her with an ice-cold expression. She was puzzled, wondering what had gone wrong.

“Are you okay?” She asked, dropping the iPad on the bed, and walking towards him.

“Tokunbo has a message for you.” He handed her the phone.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She read the message.
Are you there? Or you’re taking care of Oscar Pistorius? Lol. Just kidding.

She read the message again and couldn’t lift her eyes to look at Femi. He had his head in his hands.

“Could you at least help me call the room service guys? I need to go home.” He said coldly.

“Femi, please I’m so sorry! I don’t know why Tokunbo said that! I would never encourage that! I…” She ran to him and went on her knees, holding his good leg and sobbing.

“I said get me the room service guys!” He yelled. His yelling made her shiver.

“Femi I’m sorry. Tokunbo is so stupid to have called you that! I…I can’t believe he would say that.”

“I read the chat. I read what you said about my so-called condition. I told you I did not want to come here in the first place. I saw the way you held on to him when he hugged you. Have you even held me that affectionately since this thing happened to me?”

She had started crying, and was holding the tires of his wheel chair. He was angry, and wanted to get out by all means. He wheeled his chair with some more force and Jade fell to the floor. His anger pushed his consciousness away and he hadn't seen her on the floor when by mistake, his tires climbed on her. As soon as he realized, he wheeled away, panicking and terrified. She was screaming.

“Oh my God! Jade, Jadesola!” He shouted. He wheeled his chair to reach for the intercom to get room service.

Henry and Isioma heard where the noise was coming from. Femi and Jade’s room. Tokunbo had heard it too and he ran out.

“Is that Jade? What has he done to her?” He yelled, hitting on their door. The door wasn’t opened, but they heard her screams. She sounded like she was in pain. The suite attendant was there in no time, and opened the door with his own key.

Jade was sprawled on the floor. The blood had trickled down all the way to her feet.

Tokunbo saw her and pulled her up, then charged at Femi, grabbing his shirt. 

"What have you done to her?!" 

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