Thursday, 5 June 2014



She stared at the screen of her laptop. She had googled ideas on how to make her husband active in bed. She saw all sorts of ideas and suggestions. One of them made her remember an episode from the TV series Desperate Housewives where Carlos couldn’t consummate and Gabrielle hired a stripper.

It got Jadesola thinking. Maybe it was her body that Henry was not attracted to. She knew she was a drop dead gorgeous figure 8 any day any time. It was difficult for a man not to be attracted to someone like her. She had begun looking for private contacts of strippers in Lagos when it hit her that she was being crazy.

He had agreed to visit the doctor. Jade had said it was okay at first but then on second thought, she decided they went together. She just had a strong feeling that Henry would not be honest with the result of the tests. The doctor eventually called them back some days after the first visit. Jade had prepared her mind for the worst. She had been so nervous that she couldn’t focus at the office. She had picked up her phone several times to call her sister but she wanted to respect Henry’s privacy.

Henry held her hands as they sat in the doctor’s office, waiting for his report. It seemed more like a verdict in this instance than a report, though.

“Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Nwosu,” The doctor said, expressionless. Jade smiled, trying to keep calm. Henry was jittery.

“So, Mr Nwosu, have you smoked in the past or been overweight?” He asked.

“No I have never been overweight. I have not been a smoker…that much. Just a few times. Not heavy smoking…” Henry said.

“And alcohol level?”

“Doctor I believe he must have filled all this information in the forms you gave him the last time. Why don’t we go straight to the point?” Jade said.

The doctor paused, as though he tried to caution his words.

“The test results show Erectile Dysfunction…and symptoms that may lead to diabetes. This is because high levels of blood glucose can damage blood vessels, including those responsible for supplying blood needed for sexual intercourse.”

Henry swallowed and looked at Jade who was looking more scared than he had ever seen her.

“What’s the treatment?” Henry asked.

“First, we need you, Madam, to make sure he eats very healthy. He needs to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Cut back on the drinking and the smoking please.”

Jade nodded.

“Mr. Nwosu, you are not infertile. So you have wider options of still having a baby, which I believe is your concern right now.”

“Yes.” Jade said.

“I’ll give you some prescription drugs. I believe they should help. You should have come earlier though…but it’s a good thing you came at this time.”

“Thank you doctor.” Henry said.

All through the ride home, Henry was silent. He was ashamed. Jade was upset and crying. She kept asking what if the drugs did not work. They got home and she refused to eat anything.

“Let’s have some faith, okay?” Henry finally said when her wailing became irritating to him.

“This is just God punishing us for what we did to Isioma and Femi. It’s all my fault!” she cried.

“It’s not your fault. I’m the one with the problem, and I believe it’s going to be sorted, okay.”

She nodded, wiping her tears.


It had been about two months since Henry had been on medication but nothing was happening. The doctor had suggested artificial insemination to them. Jade was scared. The mere thought of conceiving a child out of the normal way made her really frightened. The doctor had told her to go back home and sleep over the thought.

She couldn’t sleep. She crept out of bed in the middle of the night and went to downstairs. It was high time she talked to someone. She couldn’t keep bearing the situation alone. Henry was depressed. She knew he was trying to stay strong for her but she knew she needed to talk to someone. She called Teni.

Teni came over the next morning. It was a public holiday so she didn’t have to be at work. Luckily for them, Henry had gone out for a company seminar fixed for that day.
Teni watched her sister pour out her heart. She was surprised that Jade had been going through so much frustration and had not even said a word about it.

“Please don’t tell mom and dad.” Jade said.

“I think we should…they would know how to handle this better.” Teni said.

Jade ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.

“What have I done? Maybe this is Femi’s curse, you know. Maybe I should go beg him for his forgiveness.”

“You’re just being delusional. Have you even prayed about this?”

Jade rolled her eyes.

“Quit the whole spiritual thingy. I’m talking about a real problem here.”

“And who better to solve real problems?” Teni said.

She walked towards Jade and held her hands.

“Dear God, we commit this situation…”

Jade hissed and walked away.

“I’m not in the mood. I’m worried, okay. God put me in this situation in the first place. I don’t get it! I had a good life going on for me. Everything was picture perfect. I was gonna get married to Femi and we were gonna have a baby. Suddenly he lost his leg, and I lost my baby…”

“Truth be told, you let this happen, Jade.”Teni said.

“What do you mean?” Jade hissed.

“I mean, Femi is walking well now. You wouldn’t even know he’s an amputee. I saw him at the mall the other day and he was even wearing shorts. He wears a plastic prosthetic leg now. The whole wheel chair and crutches thing was temporary.”

Jade swallowed. She was silent for a while.

“Is…is he married?” she stuttered.

Teni laughed.

“I didn’t ask that. He just gave me his new number that’s all. I didn’t see a ring though.”

Jade nodded.


Power supply in Nigeria for a short while is very much appreciated than the usual constant non-supply. The power came on at eight thirty p.m. There had been no power for the whole day, and the generator had a fault. Jade decided it was high time she really considered buying an inverter.

Henry came home around that time too. Lucky him. There was stilll power.

“Happy anniversary.” He said, kissing her. She had totally forgotten that it was their wedding anniversary. He gave her a gift bag. She looked away in embarrassment. She hadn’t even cooked anything. She had been thinking all day. They had finally decided to go through with artificial insemination but she was so scared.

He kissed her and took her to the bed room, and for the first time that night, literally and metaphorically, there was power supply.


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