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THICK-thin Lines Episode 02


By the time G.D got home, it was around 10.45pm. Umi had still stayed up, but she had lost her appetite for food. She just wanted to be sure he was home safe so she could go to bed. She placed the car key and his cakes on the dining table, then went into the bedroom and kept the test result in her drawer.
He knew she was upset and followed her into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry now." He said in a childish voice, trying to get her attention.
Umi ignored him and began to clean the make-up on her face with a moist face wipe. She had excellent skin. G.D always wondered why she had so many beauty products.

Her beauty, and of course her accent, had been some of the things that had attracted him to her. They had met through Kema. Kema had been dating a girl at the time who happened to be Umi's very good friend. One of their friends had been getting married and so, had invited Kema for his bachelor's eve. Kema never went anywhere alone. He was an absolute sanguine, always wanting to be around people. So he had invited G.D, especially because G.D had been single.
Umi had been forced to come for the bach eve. She had just graduated from Art school, and was trying to build a social life in Nigeria. Most of her friends were abroad, so she was usually home doing nothing.
So when Kema had left G.D to go chat up a new girl he had sighted at the party, and Kema's girlfriend had left Umi to go look for Kema, they had each been alone. They had each decided to go get drinks, and then a guy groped Umi, trying to dance with her. She had yelled and tried to wriggle away but the drunk guy didn't let go. Then G.D came into the picture, and the rest was, as they say, history.

Her father was a super-successful Forbes listed business man in Nigeria. Alhaji Shettima was also a Northern political godfather, and had a very strong relationship with the royals of Kano. Umi had gone to Art school, and her father had supported her, because he knew that even if she didn't get a job in Nigeria, with her kind of specialty, she would definitely join her brothers in running his group of companies. And if not, he could fix her up with one of his many contacts, or at best, open an Art gallery or something for her.
Her father never really liked the art thing. He had wanted her to study Business administration but she had refused. She always said she knew she had talent and was ready to put in effort to showcase it.

G.D had believed in her dream to be a prominent art designer. Although, she had to admit that the first time she had told him about it, and went on and on, he had just been nodding, and concurring with everything she said. It was later he told her he had been blown away with her looks and her accent.

The relationship with Alhaji Shettima, her father, had gotten really strained at a point. She had gone against all his desires for her and decided she wanted to be different. Well, he was a liberal man. He wasn't extremist. So when Umi came home and said she no longer wanted to be a moslem, but a christian, shocked he was for days. He got her elder brothers and all the Imams he knew to change her mind, but she was bent on her decision. Like that was not enough, she had brought home a Bayelsa man, as her choice of a husband. His background was not that petty, just comfortable. Alhaji had offered to employ the Bayelsa boy or rather, set up a company for him, but he had refused and claimed he loved Umi for who she was, and not for her background.

Alhaji always said Umi would regret her choices, even though he was willing to still cater to her the way a father is expected to.


"You got me a car! Oh my God, Baby!" G.D screamed, lifting up his petite wife. It was 6.30am the next day. He hadn't actually seen the car the night before. She had asked the driver to spread a car cover over it, so the surprise would not be marred. He hadn't even eaten dinner. He had pleaded with her till he fell asleep.

Umi smiled, glad that he appreciated it.

"I don't like what happened yesterday. If we weren't married, I would have been so embarrassed." She finally said. She had the habit of bottling her feelings up, so anytime she let them out, he made sure he appeased her.

"I'm sorry my love. Kema took us out. Just hanging with friends..." He said, kissing her.

"I am priority. Kema is not your wife."

G.D sighed then pulled her close, hugged her, then unlocked the car and got into the driver's seat.

"I'm taking this baby to work. Kema would be soo surprised!" He laughed.

Umi shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Aren't you going to even ask me into the car?" She said.

"Babe, when I'm back from work okay. I owe you movie night. Today's Friday. I have to leave now because of the traffic." He said, reversing and honking for the gate man to open the gate.

When he had left, she went into the bedroom, and began to separate his clothes which he had thrown into the laundry bag, separating whites from coloreds. She thought of the pregnancy. She was glad. They had been married for seven months and God had blessed them with this gift. She loved the husband she had chosen. Even if he had his days when he never had time for her, she still loved him. She had found a job with an Art gallery somewhere in Lekki, but he had said he didn't want her working for anybody, and that after some time, she could open up her own gallery and sell her work.


G.D had just walked back into his office. The meeting had gone well. Thanks to his high spirits which had come from driving the wheels of a brand new car given to him by his Umi. He was about logging on his system when his phone rang.


He smiled. He had really missed her. They had been besties, and he hadn't been able to get another girl who looked out for him as a friend, the way she did. They hadn't really been able to talk that night, because Kema had kept on disturbing her for a dance. She seemed prettier and more womanly now. He hadn't seen a ring on her finger so he guessed she was still single. But then, he had to leave and go home to Umi. He promised to keep in touch but she had beat him to it. It was 12.30pm.

"How's your day going?" She spoke into the phone when he picked up.

"Yeah, going good. Just had a successful meeting. Ha ha!" He replied.

"Good for you! I'm glad for you."

"Thanks Roxy."

She laughed.

"You still remember my nickname eh?"

"Roxy mama. Yes now. So how's work? You know we really need to catch up."

"I know, right. But I don't want Kema involved o. He was practically eating me up last night at the bar with his eyes!"

"Whose fault? Didn't you see yourself in the mirror?"

She chuckled.

"Thank God I'm married o. Don't tempt married men like us." He added.

"I'd really love to meet her. She's lucky. Remember you always said your wife would have to get my approval." She joked.

"Yea Yea. Those times. Time flies, you know."

"Yes o, Ayiba!"

"So, eh, why not let's meet at the same bar but earlier. Like 5pm ish? Don't want to annoy my wife again today. Need to be home early."

Rolake consented for five, and then they ended the call.

In about five minutes she sent him a text.

Really good seeing you again. Loads to talk about. FYI I am still angry with you. 

He read the text and then replied.

Angry? Wetin I do you?

She replied with a smilee and typed Later. 

He dialed Umi before leaving the office to tell her he wanted to meet up with an old friend, and that he would give her deatils. He informed her it was a lady. He knew his wife trusted him, but he always wanted to exercise due diligence and give her all information, just in case some crazy friend of hers happened to see him and was thinking otherwise.

Jessy laughed when Rolake said she wasn't coming home straight because she wanted to meet up with G.D. Jessy warned her to sha not end up in the man's bed.

"Come on, he used to be my best friend. He's like my brother!" Rolake said, laughing.

"Ehn, no wahala. Just hook me and the guy up now. Since you're not interested." Jessy said.

"I'll kill you. He's married abeg."

"And so?"

"No way. I won't destroy his home because of your greed you this woman."

By the time she arrived at the bar, he was already there, texting on his phone. She guessed he was talking to his wife.
She pulled his ear from behind, then bent to hug him. He stood up and hugged her, laughing.

"You were late o. I'm hungry. Was waiting for you to get here before I ordered." He said, jabbing her.

"I'm sorry dear. Traffic." She said. He went over and pulled a seat for her. She smiled. It was something a guy had never done for her before. They never pulled seats for her, they only pulled her clothes off.

*THICK-thin Lines


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