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THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 03


He had been so surpised. He couldn't believe it. Well, not that he couldn't believe. He was just...not expecting it. But he was overjoyed, as Umi told him the big news of the pregnancy, after their guest had left. He had noticed that she had been kind of really quiet when Rolake came over for dinner.
He had wanted to tell people but she had objected to it. She wanted to keep it a secret, till she was past her first trimester. She wasn't even going to tell her family yet. G.D didn't think it was a big secret. He felt it was a thing of joy to be shared with friends and family. But he wanted to respect her wishes.

She was tired and had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. He carried her in his arms. She was still so light-weight. Maybe she would put on some flesh during the pregnancy. He put her in bed, covered her up with the duvet, and kissed her fore-head, then went back to the living room to continue watching the News. The News flash included another record of many killings in Borno state, by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.


Rolake had finally met G.D's wife, Umi. She had to admit that she was a stunner. She had a mix of class and elegance and her beauty was effortless. G.D had invited her over for dinner, and she had been more than pleased to meet her. She was the quiet type though. She had just laughed at the jokes she and G.D cracked about their childhood, and said not so much when they started to talk about politics and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign that was gaining strong recognition globally. Rolake had been careful not to link boko haram to Moslems because she knew Umi's family was Moslem. So she had changed the topic and started to talk about the Kardashians, but Umi didn't contribute much either.

As Rolake changed into her night dress, picking up her iPad to check her usual gossip and wedding blogs, she saw her phone blink. She had received a text message. A part of her hoped it was from G.D, probably to check up on her if she had gotten home, but she brushed the thought away. The text was from Kola! She missed Jessy now. Jessy would have laughed and told her what words to reply him, but she had traveled to see her mother for the weekend. She dialed her number but it was switched off. Rolake hissed and then decided to call G.D but she wasn't sure if Umi would be okay with it. She was bored and really needed to gist with someone. She was surprised at how she was clicking with him again. It was as though there had never been any distance between them. She had to admit that she had really missed him. 

The call was connected. It rang for about four times, and she was about cutting it when he picked it up.

"Roxy, hey. I was about calling you to say thanks for coming over today. Umi really loved meeting you." G.D said.

Rolake laughed. "You still don't know how to lie, you this dude. Did she really love meeting me?"

G.D laughed this time. "Of course!"

"But she seemed really quiet...Are you sure she's okay with me being friends with you?"

"She's used to girls flocking around me. As a fine boy..." He laughed. Rolake laughed too, shaking her head.

"Guess who text me this night." She said.

"How I wan take know?" He hissed.

"Idiot. Kola did."

"Wow. What did he want?"

"He said he wants us to talk. Do you think he wants me back?"

G.D paused for some seconds.

"You know I don't really know the guy yet, so I can't just give him red card. Maybe you should hear him out first. And let's take it from there."

"Okay. Let me let you go. But wait, tell me it was you who cooked that fried rice we ate tonight."

G.D paused again. He was thinking. He didn't want to expose that Umi wasn't so great a cook. She tried. She really did. She always stayed glued to Food channels and food blogs to prepare him new dishes.

"It was me now. I know it was bad, but accept it with love." He laughed.

"There goes another lie. Tell her to be my friend o, so I can teach her how to make rice stand well well."

"Waka. Good night." He said and cut the call.

She was about turning off the iPad and going to bed when she got another text. This one was from G.D. He had wanted to respect Umi's wishes but he was so happy he needed to share it.

Somebody is gonna be a dad in roughly nine months. 

Wow! Umi was pregnant? Maybe that had been why she was so quiet. It was probably those pregnancy hormones she didn't understand.

I'm so happy for you dearie! Nice one!

She replied.


Earlier in the day, before heading for her store at Victoria Island, Kola had bought her favorite wine, and lovely red and white roses. He stepped out of his SUV and walked into Dainty and Special, Rolake's gift and clothing store. He missed her. Especially sleeping with her. He had picked up some side chicks since he broke up with her, but he just had to admit she had a fantastic body. All he needed to do was to warm up her heart so she could let him in again. That wasn't the first time he had broken up with her. But each time he came back begging, she always took him back. He hoped her crazy friend Jessy wasn't there. The girl just delighted in insulting and embarrassing him.

"Kola what do you want?" Rolake said angrily, as she saw him walk into her office. Her shop attendants already knew he was Madam's Oga, so they didn't need to ask for her permission before he came into her office.

"Baby, you know me. You know I make stupid mistakes. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and maybe that was the down...I have missed you so much. I couldn't sleep last night looking through your photos on my phone." Kola said, standing so close to her.

Rolake hissed but he pulled her closer and then kissed her forehead. She shut her eyes, but opened them and stepped aside.

"Just leave, please. I don't think I want to keep going on this roller coaster with you." She said.

Kola sighed, then dropped the flowers and wine on her desk.

"I got you these just because I know how much you love roses. I still love you very much." He said, and started to walk out.

"Wait," She said. Kola smiled, then turned to face her.

"I just think we need to talk and set out our priorities for this relationship...You can't keep walking in and walking out."

"I know dear," He held her hands. "Do I come by your house tonight? Is Jessy home?"

"No she's not. See you at night then." She replied.

He had come twenty minutes earlier with more roses and a box of chocolates and expensive perfume. Those were a few of her favourite things. She had made dinner. He missed that too. Rolake was an excellent cook.

She had gone into the kitchen to get some ice for their drinks. But by the time she was back in the living room, she saw that he had removed his trousers. He grabbed her close then began to unzip her gown and kiss her deeply. Rolake pushed him aside. So what he came for was sex?! She threatened to stab him with a knife if he didn't leave. He grabbed his things and left, telling her it was her loss.

Rolake grabbed her phone in tears, as she begun to type.


 Umi had been explaining to him that she really wanted to send one of her recent paintings to an Art gallery exhibition that was scheduled to hold in a few weeks. The exhibition was being funded by a close family friend so she had the opportunity of being show-cased. Maybe this would give her some recognition at least, before she opened her own gallery.

G.D held the canvass, trying to understand what his wife had done. He saw a mix of white and green and red and some gold. It didn't make any sense to him. There were no figures or people in her Art. Just a couple of colors splashed here and there. He thought that this was pure jagajaga.

"Can you explain what it is exactly? These beautiful colors?" He asked, confused, yet encouraging.

"Your mind is amateur." She punched his thighs with her foot. "Be open. Think!"

"Er...a kids' illustration..."

"Shut up, Ayiba. It's about a mix of green and gold for vegetation and blossom, but you will see i smeared the green with lots of red which shows the dilapidation of our country. And there is white just at the edge, trying to come into the picture. That's peace."

He smiled, nodding. The intention was impressive. But the picture? So this was what Alhaji sent his daughter all the way to the U.K for, and paid plenty of pounds!

"So, I'm going to take it to the gallery tomorrow." She said.

"You sure, babe?" G.D said.

"Of course. I know someone is going to buy it."

He got the text and couldn't believe it. What a jerk! The Kola guy. He felt bad for Rolake. She had always said she had wanted to get married at twenty five. But here she was at thirty one, single.
He had wanted to hook her up with Kema but she didn't like Kema. Umi thought Kema wouldn't take her too seriously, considering the kind of guy Kema obviously was. G.D had told Umi about everything, just for her to understand that there was nothing to be scared of.

They had said night prayers and had both lay down in bed, ready to sleep. She looked at his bare chest. G.D had been working out. His abs were looking really good. She never stopped admiring her husband. He was really handsome, within and out. She leaned towards him and turned his face to hers, then kissed him. G.D kissed her back, holding her closer. She reached for the bedside lamp and turned it off.

Then his phone rang. She had told him to ignore it, but then it rang a second time, and a third. He finally picked up.

"Hey Roxy. Are you okay...?" He breathed into the phone.

"Tell her now is a bad time, abeg." Umi whisphered.

"Oh my!" G.D said, and sat up straight.

Umi lost every interest in making out with him, and turned her back to him, then covered her petite figure in the duvet.

"Please stop crying dear. I know you feel bad, okay. I'm really sorry. C..can we talk about it tomorrow?"

Rolake didn't even hear that he had asked to talk about it tomorrow. She just wanted to pour out her frustration. She was tired of being wanted only for sex. She wanted something more concrete, and wanted to be respected.

By the time they were done with the long conversation, he turned around and looked at Umi. He bent over and kissed her.

"Babe I'm so sorry. Can you believe that Kola guy only wanted to sleep with Roxy?" He said.

"That's sad." Umi replied blandly.

"That's so disrespectful. I don't know why men disrespect women sometimes."

"And I don't know why some husbands disrespect their wives, receiving calls this late from female friends." She replied without saying a word. 

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