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THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 04


The Reveal Exhibition show was set to hold already. It was a cocktail event. Of course Umi's art work had been accepted and was going to be displayed. The show was principally funded by one of Hajia's friends. It was a big deal actually. The organizers had invited top jazz musicians to play at the event. Important dignitaries had also attended, most in person, and fewer by representatives.

She had chosen a burgundy maxi dress with gold and silver sequins embellished in fine lace, which covered the shoulders and bust. Her shoes were elegant, matching her Prada evening purse. She had done her weave in a fish tail, and the professional makeup artist had done good justice to her face.

G.D had joined her almost immediately at the event, from work. Kema had asked to come around so he could meet new chics in his own words. G.D had laughed it off and said okay, but then dashed out when Kema had gone to the M.D's office. He didn't want to get into another fight with Umi about bringing Kema.

He kissed her cheeks tenderly.
"You look so hot!" He whisphered in her ear. Umi blushed.

"Hmmm..." She said. "Thank you."

She had gone to talk with some of her father's friends at the event, and he had gone to get a refill of his drink when he saw her art work at one end of the display wall, hung with other works from obvious professionals. The one exactly beside hers was a picture of a rainbowed sun, in the hands of a new-born child. Now to him, that was deeper than a splash of colors. But he was supposed to be her number one fan.

Umi went towards the wall where her work had been. It was no longer there. Then she was informed her work had been purchased by an anonymous for the sum of Three hundred and fifty thousand Naira. She had been so happy she ran to meet G.D and told him, thrilled and excited.

He shook the hands of the staff who had packaged the art work and put it in the back seat of his car.

"Thank you oga" The staff said, as G.D pressed two one thousand naira notes in his hands.

G.D had excused himself, explaining to Umi that he had to get back to the office to pick up somethings, and that he would come back to pick her so they could go home.


Rolake opened her door as she saw him park and step out of his Camry. He had called her but she had been charging her phone. Then she saw his text about him coming over. He didn't stay long though. He explained that he didn't want Umi to get embarrassed by the other perfect works when people started bidding for them so he had secretly bought it to save her the shame.
Rolake had thought it was beautiful though.

As G.D drove out of Rolake's gate, and out of her avenue, a black Honda followed him, till he got back to the event.


G.D had been in the toilet doing his business when his phone started to ring again. Umi ignored it at first, but then she went over to the bedside table where it was, and took it. It was Rolake. Maybe it was the way he had stored her name; Roxy Bestie, or the fact that it was still early in the morning, around 7.10am.
She hissed and was about cutting the call when she decided to pick it up. Maybe Roxy bestie would get the message that it wasn't okay calling her husband at odd hours.

"Good morning, Rolake. This is Umi..." She had actually wanted to say, This is Umi, G.D's wife.

"Oh! Good morning Umi. How was your night? Was really nice meeting you." Rolake replied.

"Oh. Thank you," Umi laughed. "So, did you accidentally dial his number? Maybe it was your last dialled, you know. It happens to me too, when I don't lock my phone screen. Because it's rather early..."

Rolake paused for a few seconds, then said ha-ha.

"I was calling to ask Ayiba to give me your number. I wanted to congratulate you on the pregnancy. Really happy for you guys!"

Umi was dumbfounded. She went silent, out of surprise. Surprise from Rolake congratulating her on the pregnancy, and also because she had heard her say Ayiba. So she also called him Ayiba?!

" you." Umi said. 

Just then, G.D stepped out of the bathroom, his towel tied around his waist.

"I'll let my husband know you called to congratulate us on the baby." She said, without taking her eyes off him.

Oh no. G.D didn't know what to say. Umi was looking really angry. He walked closer and stood facing her, thinking of what to say. She ended the call and hit it on his chest, then walked out of the bedroom. He followed her quickly, apologizing.

"I'm sorry baby!"

Umi ignored him and started to arrange things that didn't need any arranging in the kitchen. He went closer and held her waist.

"Umi now...please talk to me. I know I shouldn't have told her..."

"Of course you should have told her! Ayiba, you should have. She's Roxy Bestie right! She's your best friend. Maybe you should have waited till you guys re-united so she could be your wife! Since she's your everything. You are my bestfriend! Yet another woman is your's. Look, I don't get it. okay!"She said all at once.


"Don't you dare say anything because you have no excuses! And to think she called you Ayiba! You told me it was special and that's why I started calling you that. But hey, my school mother comes to town and has the right to call you that, yeah?" She hissed. "How could you tell her I am pregnant! I hadn't told my family yet. I told you not to. You just don't have any respect for me. I am really disappointed in you."

Her last words struck him. He felt really bad, and insulted. He had wanted to say something, but remembered she had said not to dare say anything. So he decided to keep quiet and let her pour out her rage.
After some minutes, she looked up at him.

"You don't even have the courtesy to apologize." She shook her head, with tears forming in her eyes.

"But you said...." He looked at her and sighed. 

"Baby, listen." He pulled her to the kitchen table, lifted her up and placed her on it, then hugged her and placed his head on her shoulder. Umi shook her head, but he just knew how to make her calm down.

"She's not a threat in any way. We were best friends. And she's going through a lot, that's all. I'll work on it and make things right, okay. I'm sorry." He said.

She nodded and then let her self free from his hold, and started to walk away.

"I don't want some bff calling you at odd hours. Period." She said and shut the door, leaving him staring at her behind.


"She's a woman, guy. What do you expect? She won't be happy with the fact that you're spending time with Rolake. Guy, Rolake mother nature for that matter!" Kema laughed, rolling the sleeves of his sky blue shirt.

"You just no well, Kema, I swear." G.D laughed.

"Doro Fine boy, Doro G.D..." Kema teased.

"Seriously. I feel hurt, like she doesn't trust me enough. I just didn't want to complain because she was saying so much. I have never cheated on my wife, and I never will."

Kema looked at him.

"Okay, do you want me to talk to her?" He said.

G.D was silent for a while, thinking through his friend's suggestion. Maybe Umi really needed to hear how much he loved her from someone other than him.

"I'd appreciate it, bro." He said.


Umi was surprised when she saw Kema's text message that he was almost at their house. Kema was her friend too, but they really didn't relate like that, especially since Umi felt he was also one of the best friends dragging her husband from her.

She hugged him as he walked in. He looked nice in a t-shirt and shorts. Carefree. That was the best description for him. She laughed as he called her his mata by extension.

She offered him a drink and some cookies, then sat down to listen to what he had to say.

She was upset that G.D had been discussing their personal issues with him. She wondered if he ever listened to anything she said. But she was touched though, that G.D had wanted Kema to actually tell her how much he loved her.

"I just want him to stop this thing with Rolake." Umi let her feelings out.

"Are you thinking he's cheating?" Kema asked.

"Well, really I trust him." She had started to say when she saw Kema's smirk.

"I saw that. What does that mean?" She said almost immediately.

"What?" He asked

"I saw that smirk. Is my husband cheating?!"

Kema sighed.

"I'm just messing with you, o girl. See ehn, I think what you should do is just trust him some more. Put your mind at rest...And get his attention. All those your sexy sexy lingerie and all. And cook well for him o because Rolake can cooookk die!"

Umi smiled, a little embarrassed, and a little more scared. Maybe G.D had started eating at Rolake's house. He hadn't taken dinner last night.

As Kema stood to leave, gulping the last of his drink, and the pack of the juice, to Umi's amusement, he said

"I think you should pay Miss Roxy a visit."

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  8. Waoooooooo, let her go & find d painting there. Can't wait for next post, pls post asap.

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