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THICK-thin Lines EPISODE 08


She dialed his number for close to twenty times non-stop. She even hid her identity but he didn't answer nor return her calls. She had sent text messages pleading and begging him but he never replied. 

Then she began to get worried. Was he okay? Had he been kidnapped? Was he alright? 

She had wanted to call Kema. He had missed the calls but then he finally text her back. 

"He's fine. He's at my house"

She had asked to be put through to G.D but Kema said it was best she allowed him cool off. 


By the evening of the following day, Rolake had begun to feel slightly better.  However, she still felt severe pains especially in her head, despite the painkillers she had been given. The nurse had put her on observation, but she felt she was able to go back home.  

Jessy had stopped by the hospital that morning with some food and change of clothes and undies. Rolake didn't really have any appetite so the food was still there the way Jessy had left it. 

She checked her phone. The battery was out. And her charger was not in her bag. She asked the nurse if there was any charger not in use but then, the nurse had only Blackberry chargers. Rolake used an iPhone. 

She decided she would go home, take a proper bath, and rest well, and she would also be able to eat anything she wanted. The basmati rice that Jessy had prepared was soggy. 

There were no internal complications from her medical examinations, so the doctor discharged her after her unrelenting insistence on leaving. He told her to be back by the end of the week for medical check up. 

G.D had already paid the hospital bill. She wanted to call him but she remembered he had said he had a board meeting. 

She had taken a cab home. Although she was practically shivering as she got into it, she felt more comfortable knowing that she wouldn't be alone in the taxi incase   those thugs attacked her again. 

"Madam hope no problem o" The taxi man had said, seeing her limp, with a bandage on her wrist and ankle, and a little swelling on her face. She hadn't bothered to put a little make up on. She had packed her hair in a rough bun and left. 

"Just take me to Adebola Avenue." She hissed, getting into the cab. 

She paid the man five hundred naira and walked to her gate. The gateman had left the smaller gate open and had walked away to probably go and buy some concotion from his usual seller down the road. She cursed as she walked in, at the same time dipping her hand in her bag to search for her keys. She saw Jessy's car. So she was home? She probably didn't have any clients to see. She saw another car parked in their drive way. Maybe Jessy had guests. 

She opened the door and walked in, already looking into the living room to see who was there. There was just a pair of shoes, and a black blazer on the couch. 

And they were not feminine items. 

She heard noises from her bedroom. What rubbish? Obviously Jessy was being intimate with whoever her guest was. She was about opening the door, but stopped and decided to wait in the living room, at least to respect their privacy. 

It was about twenty minutes after. She was sitting in the couch in the living room, and charging her phone. The charger was still plugged to the extension. She sent a quick text to G.D thanking him for paying the bill and informing him that she had been discharged.

She heard their voices. They were coming back to the living room. 

"Sometimes secret things are so sweet." The man said said, laughing. 

Jessy laughed. 

"So when am I getting the contract o. I've done my own end of the deal." She said. 

She was so disgusted. When did Jessy start sleeping with men for contracts. She turned around to look at the man as they walked into the living room. His voice was familiar.

"Oh my God!" Jessy screamed, staggering. 

"Ro..Rolake..." Kola stammered.

Rolake looked from her bestfriend to her ex-boyfriend. She didn't know who to fix her gaze of shock on. 


Hajia had come by the house to listen to what Umi had to say. Even if Alhaji had said he knew G.D would break her heart and leave her running back to him, she had vouched for him, because she saw the way her child loved the man. And Hajia's instincts were mostly never wrong. 

G.D had specifically promised her that she could count on him not to hurt Umi. That had been just 14 months ago. 

Hajia wasn't alien to this treatment from a man. Afterall, Alhaji has promised her about thirty six years ago, that he was a one-woman kind of man, despite being a Moslem, and that he would never give his love to another woman in the name of religion. 

She had loved him so much, and had agreed to wait for him while he went abroad for his university education. Her family had insisted on marrying her off to eligible wealthy suitors, but she had been so headstrong in her hope for her man. 

He came back to Kano and fulfilled his promise with a very elaborate and romantic wedding. 

She had just given birth to their second son when he decided he wanted to go to Lagos for business. She remembered encouraging him and nursing him each time a business proposal got turned down by a prospective client. 

Then one day, he hit it big, and things became better for them gradually. And gradually, Alhaji began to get more busy, and she began to see less of him. 

The excuse he had given her was that he needed an educated wife who would understand the way his business operated. She had been so shocked, but still she suggested that she could take business lessons. Afterall she stopped formal Education at Secondary school. And then, he said he had found a suitable woman. She was a sophisticated  one who had lived abroad mostly. Her name was Fatima. 

Fatima came into their home, and Alhaji put her in charge of his accounts and had made her a signatory to them. She stayed only two years however. As soon as Fatima had given birth to Laraba, she made away with large sums of money and fled abroad, leaving the baby girl behind. 

Hajia had taken Laraba as her own daughter and brought her up. Yes. Alhaji had been very humiliated. Many dailies carried the story and it affected his business badly. But she stood by him till he was able to build the business again to heights greater than it had ever been. 

Umi sobbed as her mother held her and comforted her. 

"Have you prayed about this situation?" Hajia asked her. 

Umi turned to look at her mother. 

"Yes, Umi. Have you prayed? You are a christian, isn't it? Have you asked your church pastor to pray with you? Or how is it done in the church?" 

Umi cleared her throat, embarassed that she hadn't involved God in all of this.

"So why did you protest to us that you converted? Is it just for religion sake? I know God or Jesus will answer your prayers." She said. 

Umi laughed and nodded. 

"Thank you mom." She kissed Hajia's cheek. 


The board meeting was over. G.D was so tired. It had been rounds and rounds of arguments and moving motions and dwelling on one matter in the Agenda. He had not envied the company secretary in any way. The man had been struggling to catch up with the pace. 

After the staff had taken some refreshments, most of them began to leave for home. G.D checked his phone. He wanted to visit Rolake at the hospital but then he had seen her text message that she had been allowed to go home. He decided he would still not go home to Umi just yet. But he was confused. Despite everything, he missed his wife.

"Should I go back to Umi tonight?" G.D asked Kema, as he shut down his computer. 

Kema shrugged. 

"She won't learn her lesson, if you ask me. Who knows? She may send thugs to  attack me too." He replied and laughed. 

G.D thought so too. He decided he would wait till the weekend. Maybe he needed to give himself time to think.

Kema had microwaved some spaghetti that he had made the night before. G.D had to admit it was nice. Where did Kema learn to cook like that? 

They played video games and joked about different things before G.D said he was sleepy. 

Kema joined him in the room after some time. He had stayed back to make some calls and lock up his doors. 

He looked at G.D fast asleep on the bed, in his boxer shorts only. His gaze moved to G.D's chest. He couldn't take his eyes off his abs. He looked at his brotherly's lips. They were pink and inviting. Kema stretched out his hand to touch G.D's abs but then he retreated. He didn't know how to go about this. The man he had been attracted to for a very long time was lying right beside him. 

He had wanted to hold him the previous night too, and to tell him to forget about Umi and Rolake. Women were not worth the stress. 

Then he leaned over and kissed Good Destiny. 

"Kema what the....!" G.D yelled, opening his eyes. 

*THICK-thin Lines


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