Tuesday, 17 June 2014

THICK-thin Lines Episode 01



For Oluremi Ajoke. No stronger love than a mother's. 


Umi smiled, as she saw the car pull into her drive way. It was a brand new ToyotaCamry and it came in his best color; grey. She had ensured the car dealer delivered it right in time, before he came back from work. She reduced the volume of the TV and went outside the house. 

The dealer had driven it down himself. Ugonna. He was such a business man. Whenever Alhaji or Hajia purchased cars from him, he always went back with some extra cash...and more contacts. Because Alhaji always spoke so well about his exceptional customer service to his friends, business associates and club members. 

Talking about exceptional customer service, Ugonna had also brought a big cake with the words HBD from Ugomotors International. Umi laughed. The Ugomotors International was longer than the purpose of the cake which was to wish the celebrant a happy birthday.

"Seriously? HBD? You couldn't pay for a full Happy birthday Mr. Igobasi?" She said, her eyes perusing the car's exterior. 

"Madam don't mind my staff. Next month is Madam Laraba's graduation from university. When you buy her a nice car from us i'll personally do a big cake that can take all the words." Ugonna replied.

Laraba was the baby of the house, her little sister, and her father's favourite. 

"Haba Ugonna. You just can't change" she said, in her usual british/northern accent. You just con' chainge (with a silent t) Her accent stood her out. It made people always want to listen to her, even if she wasn't particularly saying anything that was of necessary importance. 


"For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow..." The staff in his department sung, being interrupted by Kema. 
"So beer and shayo for us! Hurray!" Kema sung out loud. 

G.D saw his close friend and shook his head laughing, at the same time engulfed with so much love from his team. They had brought a huge cake that said Happy 50th! 
G.D knew the age thing was Kema's idea. Kema was always pranking and joking. There was never a dull moment with him. 

They had planned a small party for him at the office. Kema had planned more. Wasting tins! As he had called it. His own way of celebrating was taking his brotherly out for drinks and pepper soup. 

It was about 8pm. He decided to call his wife. He knew she would be upset because she would have wanted to spend his thirty third birthday with him. He looked forward to going home and the thoughts of being with her was top on his mind, but she would understand. It was his best friend Kema who was taking him out.

"I'm so sorry my mata" G.D teased her. That was his strategy to get out of trouble with her. She laughed at the way he pronounced mata

"Goood Destinnyyy" Umi whined. 

That was his full name. 
Good Destiny Ayibaisin Igobasi. 

He was a Bayelsa man, born and bred, and had come to Lagos for his university education at The University of Lagos. He had dropped the name Good Destiny since university because he got teased often and stuck with G.D. It hadn't been a big deal back at Bayelsa. Most friends he knew had names like that. Infact, Kema's name was Target. But he now preferred to be called by his middle name Kemauode. 

Only people who had known him since way back, called him Good Destiny. Kema for sure always did, and G.D had paid him back in his coin when he had told a girl that Kema had been eyeing at work that his first name was Target. She laughed and told everyone in the office. 

His wife, Umi, said she would call him by his middle name Ayiba. She was the only one who called him that. And his mother. But now, she called him Good Destiny because she was upset. 

"The food i made will get cold. I cooked because you said you have an early morning meeting tomorrow. And now you're messing up." Umi complained. 

"I'll make it up to you trust me babe." He said, did a muah to kiss her, and cut the call. 

Umi threw the candle lighter on the table in anger. She had prepared classy dinner with candles and her favourite china. She looked at the envelope on the centre glass table. That table would have to be changed soonest because of the content in the envelope. 

One of his birthday gifts. 

The positive result of her pregnancy test. 


Rolake tried to hook the lacey bra which was a little too small for her. That was the point. She wanted to enhance her cleavage in the mustard colored short dress she had selected. 
She was going clubbing with her flat mate Jessy. This was the sure way to get over her now ex-boyfriend, Kola. 

She had cried her eyes out, as though that would heal the hurt within. They had dated for three years, and all of a sudden, he had said he wasn't feeling it anymore. Maybe it would have been better if she had caught him cheating. At least that was a more concrete ground! 
Jessy had her back. Silly girl. She had called Kola up and cursed him in her native Delta- Ibo dialect, and then suggested they went clubbing. 

Jessy drove. Rolake was in no state of mind to. They decided to try a new club, different from Becks, the usual one they went on friday nights. It was only wednesday and they knew Becks would be dull. 
They found one on Ademola Jackson avenue. It looked like there was some action going on there. 

In ten minutes, Jessy and Rolake were laughing themselves out in embarassment, as they went back to the car. The club had been booked by a rich man's fifteen year old boy who was having his birthday party with his friends. There was no room for ladies like Rolake and Jessy in their early thirties. 

They found a bar and decided to just get a couple of drinks and some pepper soup. 

Kema was the one who saw her first. Well, it was her boobs he had seen first, before he looked at her face. 
It was Rolake Momodu a.k.a Rolake Mothernature. 

They had all gone to secondary school together. Rolake, Kema and G.D. Rolake's dad had been an oil worker in Bayelsa back then. She had been one of the first set of girls to reach obvious puberty really fast. By SS1, she was already obviously curved femininely hence the name mothernature. So many guys wanted her and she knew how to use that to her advantage. She never got punished because even the Head boy lusted after her. 

Rolake couldn't believe who she was looking at. Kema, and ofcourse, Good Destiny! They had been bestfriends back in school. People always teased them that they loved eachother but he had been the only boy back then who did not want to strip her. They had lost contact when she left the school for the U.S when her dad got transferred. 

"Ayiba!" Rolake screamed. She had always called him that which his wife now called him. She adopted it back then because he had told her that it had been what his mother called him. 

G.D smiled, opening his arms wide as she clung closely to him in a hug. 
Then his phone began to ring. It was Umi. He looked at the time. 10pm. He had promised her he would be home by 9.30pm.

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  8. Hmmmm,good start.....Good destiny better do good things for your destiny o