Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hi Everyone, 

Trust you had a nice day.
Firstly, my internet subscription ran out and I have been having serious issues with it. Hence the delay. Thanks for your patience. Much love. You're more appreciated than you know.

Second, I saw the emails of those who dropped theirs. I was finally able to find a way around it. I put in your emails for subscription to this blog. I believe you have received a link directing you on activation.

Furthermore, for those who still want to subscribe, the follow by email gadget is just by the right hand side of the blog. Please input your email. If you view the blog with a mobile device, you can click on view web version at the bottom so that you can input it.
Otherwise, you can drop your email in this post so I can do it for you. It's really straight forward though.

I munched the screen of where the follow by email gadget is.

Now, I'm going back to typing Spoken For 09. It will be posted tonight.

Thanks so much for your patience, love, support, and everything.