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He had just finished taking his usual morning dump in the toilet. He had the habit of taking his mobile phone with him because that was mostly the only time he had to read blogs and catch up on the social pace of events. He had just washed his hands. He knew he was so hygienic that he could pass for an OCD patient. Shomi said she admired that about him because she wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up his house. He was about getting under the shower when a text message came in. He wanted to check it but he decided to wait till he was done bathing. He wrapped his blue towel around his waist, mopped up the water that had splashed on the bathroom tiles, washed his hands again, then he picked up his phone from the sink to check the message.

It was his ex, Biola.

Hi Dapman. I'm having a little get-together for my thirtieth birthday this evening. I'd like for you to come around. For old times sake, at least. Expecting you. Strictly by I.V-   from Bio in case you deleted my number. 

He read the message once, then twice, then he was going to delete it but he decided not to. What was Biola doing? Why was she calling him Dapman? She knew very well that she was the only one who called him that, and that he was the only one who called her Bio. He decided to reply her message.

Happy birthday, Biola. I'll be busy. Have fun. from Dapo

It was after he had sent it that he realized that it might look childish.

Well, he had every right to be childish. She had really hurt him. He had really been in love with her and things had been going so well until she decided to choose a career over him.

Come on. I don't bite. It's just a get-together. Make this day good for me. - Bio

Dapo laughed. He could keep on playing this game with her. He knew that she had sent Bio again on purpose.

It was a Saturday and Shomi was supposed to come over. They hadn't been able to see much of each other during the week. He had been occupied with work, and so had she. Her business was growing so well and he was so proud that she was handling things professionally. One of the things he loved about her was that she had a very strong 20/20 career vision and foresight. She already knew she would have competitors so she had told him that she wanted to input more things in her menu. She would include Fried plantain specially rolled in fish sauce, fried eggs, fried yam, and even Agege bread for those that loved Akara Sandwich. The first time Dapo tried it, he couldn't believe it was the same idea he had condemned. It was probably because he had never eaten Akara and bread before. But once he started, he couldn't stop eating it.

He hadn't introduced Shomi to his family yet. He wanted to. But at the same time, he wanted to take his time. He didn't want to rush things. He wanted to be sure that she was really in on the relationship and wouldn't back out if she found the next guy that could rent a bigger shop for her.

He hadn't discussed it with her but he felt her love for him was tied to gratitude. Ever since he got her the shop, she had become more open. Yes, he knew that women liked gifts and nice things, but he feared. What if he invested so much in her and then she eventually cheated on him with someone who would give her more cash. He knew that he loved her, but he didn't want to compromise. He wanted to be sure she felt the same way genuinely too before he started taking more serious steps with her. Their relationship was some months over two years old now; almost three years. Shomi had never asked him when they were getting married, like most ladies would. She always seemed so unconcerned whenever he talked about them being together and having kids. She usually just smiled and changed the topic. Yes, he knew she wasn't such an open and emotional person. He was getting used to that already. He had asked her once about her parents and she had told him that they died when she was a child. He knew the subject of losing a parent, not to talk of two parents, was quite a big deal so he decided never to touch the topic.


"I don't want to watch football jo." Shomi hissed as she grabbed the remote control of the TV from Dapo. She had come over to spend time with him.

"I don't want to watch Africa magic either." Dapo laughed.

She shook her head and then brought out her phone from her purse.

"Rubbish. My battery is out. Where's your charger?" Her eyes were roaming the living room. She finally saw his phone charging by the large extension box beside his dining table which was still sparkling new for lack of use. She wondered why a bachelor had a dining table.

"You should sell this dining table set, you know." She said, laughing.

"It will be occupied soon. Probably when the kids start coming." He said. He waited for her reaction.

"Haha. I bet your kids will be as neat as you." She replied, trying to charge her phone.

Dapo smiled that weird BBM smiley when you're trying to keep your cool. Your kids? Wasn't she even thinking of a future together with him? Even Biola, the one who had left him for a career, still talked about their future and what their kids would look like. He shook his head and continued to watch his Arsenal match.

Shomi sighed, holding the phone in her hands. She felt so bad that tears would have been the easy way out to release her emotions, but she wasn't going to cry in front of Dapo. She wasn't going to look weaker than she already felt. She knew this was going to happen. She was just waiting for the day it would. And to think she had started to fall so much in love with him eventually. She had started to wonder if he wanted to marry her someday. Yes, she had always been scared of what his rich parents would think of her and maybe that was one of the reasons why she always kept an emotional distance. But now, she was willing to meet them more than ever before because she was thinking of the possibility of a future with him. Dapo was her haven and heaven. He was the shelter and love she had been deprived of. He was her certificate of hope for a life filled with love. Without him, she felt empty; more empty than her entire life had been from the start.

But then, all that was no longer necessary.

He was no different from every other living human male.

She wanted to pretend like she hadn't read his text messages. But she couldn't.

"I need to leave." She said coldly, after some minutes.

Dapo was shocked. He had this confused expression written all over him.

"Because I am watching soccer?!" He asked. He didn't get it.

"No. Because you are playing soccer with my heart. Say hi to Bio for me." She said.

Dapo rushed to stop her from leaving. She had already grabbed her purse and was heading for the door.

"What is this, Shomi?" He said.

She smiled.

"It is nothing. I'm going home."

"No. Please...what...?"

"I read your texts, okay."

"So you're sneaking up on me now? You don't trust me?" He yelled.

"Seriously?! That's not the point. I was playing a game on your phone when her text came in. And I read her previous messages."

"Oh. And did you read my replies?"

"Yeah. You encouraged her. You didn't ignore her. You didn't tell her you have a girlfriend!"

Dapo sighed.

"You don't trust me." He said.

"No! It's not about that."

"Then what is it? Tell me to my face that you trust me, Shomi." He demanded.

She shook her head. She wanted to say it. Dapo I trust you. You're the only human I started to trust!

"Even if I did trust you, you've betrayed it! So what are you saying?"

He grabbed his phone in annoyance to read the text messages and defend himself. Then he saw the new message that Biola sent.

I miss you though. It will be nice seeing your cute face again. Bio. No one calls me that still. 

He sighed again, out of confusion and lack of words this time. Shomi stared at him, waiting for an explanation.

"Trust me, there's nothing going on between me and this girl." He said.

"I trusted you until ten minutes ago." She turned and walked towards the door.

Dapo was angry. He was mad. He couldn't believe that he had done everything a faithful man would do in his relationship and she was still accusing him of cheating!

"I should be the one not trusting you. You're the one who took money from a man just because we had a fight. You don't even want a marriage or family with me. Do you?" He knew he shouldn't have said those words the minute he spoke them.

Shomi didn't say a word.

"I can't deal with this. It's over." She said and walked out. Dapo felt like a part of him was walking away. He wanted to run after her, but he wasn't going to play the Indian guy in Bollywood that would run after the girl in the field, and then rain would suddenly start to fall and they would start to sing. No. He was going to be realistic. They had issues and they needed to settle them. He shook his head then ran after her before she went too far. But it didn't rain. It was horribly sunny.

"Babe...I'm sorry." He said, pulling her arm.

Shomi wriggled herself free from his grip but he didn't let her go. Then she raised her other hand and slapped him across the face.

"Get away from me." She said.


Dapo was mad. He had never hit a woman in his entire life, let alone being disrespected by one. He couldn't believe that Shomi had slapped him in the face. He had held his hand to his cheek and let her go. He was done. He wasn't going to take disrespect in addition to her attitude. He went back inside the house and headed for his small bar by the corner of the living room. He brought out a bottle of whiskey to clear his head. He took a shot but then, he decided to put it away. He wasn't going to become an alcoholic because of a woman. She wasn't even worth his faithfulness. He grabbed his phone and started to text Biola back.

I'm on my way.


He parked his car in Biola's car park. She lived in a nice duplex at Lekki Phase 1. Her gateman already knew that he was coming. He guessed she had told him already. As he parked, he was wondering where the other cars were. She had said it was a get-together.

She welcomed him with her warm smile. He loved her smile. It showed her gap and her deep dimples and it reminded him of the dimples on her lower back too. His thoughts started to go beyond her lower back. Her outfit wasn't helping matters. Bio knew she was a curvy woman and Bio knew he always told her that her curves killed him. The plunging neck line and backless plum dress wasn't helping matters.

"Hi, Dapman." She smiled, hugging him. He tried not to touch her back.

"Happy birthday." He smiled as he gave her the gift bag he brought along.

He took a seat and looked around. He expected her friends and colleagues from work to be there, or even her family members. Her house was empty!

"I thought you were having a get-together..." He said, surprised at what was going on.

She smiled.

"Yeah. Who says two people can't have a get-together?"

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