Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hi Guys, 

I have included the other email addresses but I guess Feedburner takes time to deliver, plus It seems a little complicated. So please, just refresh the blog for new posts. Will try to post very often as reasonably possible. 

Thank you so much!

Much love!

And thanks for your comments. It makes me happy that you enjoy the story. And for criticisms too. It's all for better output. 

And please, I'm really sorry for the inconveniences with this e-mail issue. 




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    1. Some pipu r so full of nuthn but hatred in dia heart! If u dont care den y did u comment or vizit her blog! Run along!

  4. 'Kunle Davis Oke14 August 2014 at 13:52

    I think this young woman is doing a great job here and as much as I believe constructive criticism is needful for the development of anything I think derogatory and unsavoury comments and undue pressure on this talented mind is cowardly, unnecessary, unappreciative and otiose. If you can't build her up, don't pull her down. It's not a must you comment. If your fingers are itching you, scratch your head and perhaps you'd write something as worthy as her's. Don't taint the beautiful atmosphere on this blog, biko.

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  6. Ur blog is simply the best, you are a very talented young woman. God bless you for sharing ur talent freely with

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