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I started olufisayotalabi Le blog in January/February with the little fear that what if people do not like my stories? What if I end up boring people? What if I delay or can't keep up? 

But I decided that nevertheless, this is my passion and I am going to write as soon as anything pops in my pretty head.

Now the blog has over a 100k pageviews. Well, some might think this is small because some blogs get 100k even in a month. 

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Thank you all so much and God reward you because He is the best rewarder of good.


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I DID final Finale


That's what Tony had told her when she had goneback to him. He had told her that he was now married to Gloria. 

She was hurt. Not exactly because he had found someone else and was now unavailable for her. No. It was because she couldn't believe how soon he got over her. 

"I'm sorry for everything, Tony. For what it's worth." She said. 

He nodded. 

She looked at his left hand, the fourth finger. He wasn't wearing a ring. 

"I guess this is it." She said, picking up her purse.

Tony nodded, looking away. 

As soon as she stepped out, a young woman hurried after her. She looked around, hoping to make sure that no one was looking. Then she pulled Theresa to a corner, beside a car parked on the edge of the road. 

"Who are you? What's this..." Theresa was starting to raise her voice. 

"Look, I am Tony's staff and friend too. I want to tell you something." She whisphered, as though people would still hear them. 

"What?" Theresa replied. 

"Okay. So Tony isn't married to me. I'm Gloria. He just said that to make you go away..." She said.

"What?!" She replied again, this time screaming. 

Gloria covered Theresa's mouth.

"I have to leave now. He's going to look for me soon. He's a good man and I think somewhere within, he still loves you." 

Gloria smiled then she went back into the house. 


Ronke Roland couldn't believe this. Her heart was thumping faster than anything she could compare it to. She looked at the stick again. She had peed on a stick and she had received a huge miracle. But she didn't want to say anything just yet. She decided to go to the hospital for a proper pregnancy test. 

And it had come back positive.

She had thought on telling Jide but she didn't think it was the right time. He had been so depressed since Dehinde's death. Chief Roland had hired his own private investigators when the NPF were acting slow and condemning the murderous act of Dehinde's P.A. In three days, while the Police were explaining that they were working on it and putting things in check, the private investigators combed out the woman. She had run away to Turkey; somewhere she thought no one would ever find her. She had left with her son. 

Now she was behind bars. She was still appearing before the Court of law for the murder charge. Everything her lawyer was trying to do to reduce her sentence and punish her for a lesser offence was being frustrated by Chief Roland via his connections in the Judiciary. 

Ronke couldn't take it anymore. She saw how miserable her husband had become. Not only had he lost his business partner and cousin, he felt horrible knowing that he had contributed to the actions that led to his death. 

So she came out with it. 

She arranged for the little boy; her husband's son, to be brought into their home. She first lied to Jide that the boy was her nephew. But then, she came out clean. And she told him the truth. 

Jide had grown to love the boy so much. She didn't know if he would even have any love left for their unborn child. 

Bt when it was getting closer to five months, she couldn't hide it from him anymore. She told him they were expecting. 

She could never forget the joy he expressed. He had carried her in his arms and kissed her all over. He bought her a brand new car and gave her about a million Naira to buy whatever she wanted. He bought landed property at Lekki in her name and promised to develop it for her. 


The baby was born on a Sunday. It was early in November. She had thought she was going to die and she had feared so much, not for her own life, but for her husband's. Tony had lost a wife in this very way before. She couldn't make him go through this again. She had tried to have her baby by normal delivery but the doctors had told her to go for a c section. 

Personally for Theresa, she was happy again that she was in an American hospital, not to abort a baby, but to bring it into the world. 

The look on Tony's face as he held the baby in his arms, was one she would never ever forget. 

"Thank you! You're amazing!" He said, lowering his head and kissing her lips. 

The baby cried.

His cries awakened her consciousness and she knew this was the beginning of a new chapter. 

A chapter of happiness. 

*the end of the End. 

*hope you enjoyed this.


*I Did

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I DID Episode 09 - Finale.

(This is not the end exactly. There is an epilogue which I posted after.)

It had been just two weeks. But they had been two entirely packed weeks. In those two weeks, Theresa could not put a finger to what was going on with her. She had been thinking of Dehinde almost every day. She had reminisced over and over the kiss they had shared. Maybe his P.A's call was god sent. If that hadn't happened, maybe she would have ended up sleeping with him.

He had called her every day of the first week, and even if she had been strong headed and told him to leave her alone and let her be, she couldn't deny the fact that she was going wild for this man. This man that had once made her feel the worst of herself.

It was Thursday. Dehinde had promised to pick her up from work. He wanted to talk. She knew what he was going to talk about. He was probably going to apologize for everything and tell her he wanted her back. Maybe she wanted to hear his apology. That was why she didn't mention a word of her secret Dehinde fantasy with Jennifer, the one person who could talk some meaning into her.

She saw his call. He was by the gate of her office already. She grabbed her handbag. The handbag was a green Hermes purse. Tony had bought her the purse on her last birthday. She had been ranting and talking on and on about Phyfashion, a clothier who sold nice clothes and accessories for ladies. She talked about how she was saving bits from her salary to be able to purchase items she had her eyes on. And behold, on her birthday, Tony had brought her the purse and the dresses she had wanted.

"Hi," Theresa said, climbing in his car.

"Hey Sweets," He said, smiling.

She ignored his endearment.

"So what do you want to see me for or talk about?" She asked.

Dehinde smiled. He knew she was trying to be stubborn and feisty.

He ignored her and drove down somewhere. It was very familiar. She knew this place; this open field. It was a private resort. His father actually owned it. It was getting dark already and the wind was blowing softly and full of grace. This was the place where Dehinde had proposed to her.

"What are you getting at, Dehinde?" She asked.

A server brought them glasses of drinks and peppered Asun. Theresa laughed. Dehinde knew what she liked. After all, he had been her husband once.

"I want us to talk. Me and you." He said, as they sat.

"There's no me and you anymore." She said.

"Theresa you can't fight this. I know you still remember old times. I know I messed up so bad...I know, but I am so sorry. I never got over you. I made a mistake and I regretted it. I miss you so much. Gosh, I can't believe how stupid I was."

She hissed.

"Dehinde, it's not happening, Forget it."

"It will happen." He said. He held her hand and begun to run his thumb over it, up and down, to and fro, left and right. She shut her eyes. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it continuously.

"Stop this, please. I beg you," She said.

"I can't. I'll do anything to have you back. I don't care if you have a boyfriend now. By the way Theresa you can do better than that man I saw you with!"

She couldn't believe what he just said. Tony didn't deserve that. By the way, she wasn't exactly sure if he still wanted her back; if he was still going to give her that ring.

"What do you mean? And you, who did you go for? Your damn Personal Assistant!" She blurted out.

Then the jealousy came rushing back.

"I...I am sorry...I just didn't have anyone else. And she was all over me." He said.

She hissed again.

"She got pregnant. I couldn't deny responsibility."

Theresa flashed him a sharp look. It was so sharp because it came from her pierced heart. Dehinde had a child? Dehinde, the man who had asked her to have an abortion?

"I can't believe this. You have a child?! Wait, oh my God..." She jumped from her seat. "Are you guys married?"

"I know what you're thinking. I know this is about the abortion..."

"Are you trying to make me your mistress? How insulting is this? First you divorced me and humiliated me, now you want to sleep with me as a side chick?"

Dehinde stood up and tried to calm her down but she pushed him away.

"We are not married, Theresa." He said.

"I'm confused here. Who is she really with? I'm disappointed in you if this is really true..." She laughed.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean, who exactly is she sleeping with? You or Jide?"

Dehinde frowned. The lines on his face and his little dimple above his cheek reflected his expression. The bigger dimple exhibited itself when he smiled and both dimples worked in collaboration when he laughed out loud.

"Jide? Whta the hell are you talking about?"

She shook her head, laughing.

"Oh my! So this girl is playing you guys. Does she have a mission to destroy the Balorama guys?"

"Woman you are talking parables here! What is going on, dammit!" He yelled.

"Hey hey...I'm not your wife anymore. Don't you raise your voice at me."

He tried to calm down.

"Okay. I...My bad. I am sorry. But please..."

"It's been a while. It's been about three years. We were divorced and after you abandoned me and sent me out, " She looked at his face. He flinched. She knew her words hurt him.

"I got a job in a hotel as a front desk staff. I saw her come into the hotel one day. I had to deliver room service at her suite. She was there with Mr. Roland and I thought..."

"Oh shit!" He cursed, jamming his fist into his other hand.


"That bastard! That whore!"

She hated this about him. He had still not changed. He still cursed at every time he got the chance to.


Tony shut his eyes and sighed. He'd had a really long day at work, but mostly, as he had been in the past weeks, he had been frustrated and his mood was damp. He was a man. He was not going to cry. The only woman he had ever cried for was his late wife.

He still couldn't believe what he had seen.

He had gone over to Theresa's office to pick her up for dinner, He wanted to talk and mend things. He wanted to give her a chance to apologize. Maybe he had been too hard on her and had over reacted when she called him Dehinde. He had tried to talk to his sister about it but he didn't want to breed any form of enmity or malice between both women who were important to him. He didn't want to create any in-law problems for Theresa...if she eventually became his wife. If.

So he had driven down to her office, just in time, He knew when she got off work. He had bought a box of Thornton's chocolates. He knew she liked them. He had to admit that he had missed her so much. He couldn't wait to have her back.

Yes he was hurt. No man would accept her blunder. But he also thought that maybe seeing Dehinde again had shaken her.

He was going to call her phone. Just then, he saw her walk out of the office building. She walked towards the grey colored Elantra that was parked by the edge of the road. Just before she got there, a man had come out of the car and opened the other door for her. He was smiling and almost undressing her with his eyes. Ton saw him clearly. The man was her ex-husband. Dehinde Roland. He had been so mad that he punched his honk, almost alerting passers-by.

He had to give up. He just had to let her go. She probably was not worth it. He had tried to give her all the love he could muster after his late wife passed on, but maybe what she had for Dehinde was stronger. He couldn't understand how a woman would want to go back to a man who hit her, asked for an abortion, disrespected her and her family, and never cared for her. Women were indeed weird!!!

"Hello sir," He heard a voice at his door. "Any body home?"

It was Friday morning and he had decided not to go to work. He had forgotten that he had scheduled very important meetings for that day.

He hissed as he stood up. He had actually slept off on the sofa in the living room. Empty plates of Noddles and empty packs of Grape Juice were littered on the floor. The TV was still switched on. He looked at the clock. It was 11.15 AM. His head throbbed with a stubborn ache.

He walked towards the door and peeped through the hole. It was Gloria, his Admin staff. She was is accountant too, and events planner and his support system at work. She could do the job of everybody.

"Good morning, Glo." He said.

She tilted her head backwards. She had never seen her boss this scruffy looking before. His breath stank!

"Are you okay, Sir?" She asked. She walked into his apartment.

In a few, he was in the bathroom, taking a shower, and she was cleaning up and fixing him something to eat.


"Tell me the damn truth, Woman! Are you having an affair with my cousin?!" Dehinde yelled, holding her neck stiff with his hands. She was coughing and starting to choke. Their son wasn't home. She had dropped him off at her mother's.

"You're hurting me! Please don't kill me!" She coughed.

Dehinde let go of her neck and stepped a few feet away, trying to keep calm.

"Tell me the truth." He demanded.

She was crying now. She was still holding her throat.

"I am not seeing him anymore." She said.

He paused.

"So when were you seeing him?"

"It's been long...Please..."

"So you went ahead and slept with my cousin the same time you were warming my bed. Wait," He placed his hands on his head.

"Am I his father?" He asked. He was afraid for her answer. The truth stared him in the face as she shivered and searched for answers. He was still pointing at the picture of their son.

"I said answer me! Am I his..." He snatched the framed picture of the boy and smashed it on the floor. She jumped and shrieked, screaming and crying.

"No...No he's not yours. I'm sorry! Oh God I'm sorry!" She cried.

She tried to run but Dehinde grabbed her by the hair. He wanted to kill her but he didn't. He sighed and let her go, breaking more things in the house. Then he grabbed his mobile phone.

The call went through. He was calling Jide.

"Hey Bastard!" He said the minute the call began to read.

Ronke Roland heard her husband's phone ringing. She had become really suspicious of late. Jide had totally changed from whom he used to be. She guessed he was having an affair. He was desperate for a child and he was going to do anything to have one, or two, or five.

He was taking a shower in the bathroom. He had left his phone on the bedside table. She grabbed it and saw it was Dehinde calling. She decided to pick up.

"Hey, Bastard!" Dehinde spat out.

Ronke was surprised. What was Dehinde so upset about?

"Hello?" She said.

Dehinde wasn't listening to anything she said. He probably didn't even hear her voice because he went on and on.

"I'm coming for you man! You can have her all to yourself. And your son too, But I'm coming for you. I can't believe you would do me this way! My own blood! You are a bastard! Jide I'm going to destroy you. You slept with her and got her pregnant! I have been fathering your son for three damn years!..."

Ronke sighed.

From his ranting, she got the message. She ended the call and cleared his call log. She called the security at the gate and ordered them not to let anyone in, even if it was Dehinde. She was going to protect her home. She knew Dehinde was frustrated and could kill her husband with his bare hands.

She was going to protect her home. She was never going to mention it to him that he had a son...She didn't know how she would go about it because Dehinde was still going to find a way. But maybe she just wasn't ready for the roller coaster ride of her husband bringing in a new child.

"Who was it? I heard you speaking over the phone." Jide said, walking into the bedroom.

She smiled.

"It was one of my business partners. Nothing serious." she replied.


Dehinde was still furious. He was mad at her for making him believe a lie all these three years. He walked angrily towards her and grabbed her neck again. He hit her face and spat in it.

"You're a whore! You are a curse! A home wrecker! You have made my life miserable!!!" He yelled. He was holding on to her neck tighter and tighter, suffocating her. She reached for her pocket, if she could find anything to stop him from hurting her. She remembered that she had been filing her nails just before he stormed into her apartment. She reached for the nail file and raised it to the side of his stomach.

She didn't mean for it to go that deep into him. She didn't mean for all that blood to come spilling out. She didn't mean to soak his white shirt in deep red. She didn't mean to take his life. She didn't mean to kill him.

She shivered, not knowing what to do, as she watched Dehinde Roland's body on her lush rug.


Months had passed since the funeral and every one had mourned him. Theresa had mourned the most. She couldn't help it. She blamed herself. Maybe she should not have mentioned the affair to him. Maybe he would still be alive somehow.

Ronke Roland had mourned too, but secretly, she was glad that the secret about the child had died with him.

And Tony had moved on. He was now married to Gloria, the woman who had come to clean up the mess that Theresa made.

*The end
*I Did

I DID Episode 08

Tony knew that that was not the right time to propose to her. She seemed so distracted. As soon as he saw the man that walked up to her, he saw how uncomposed she became. So he had walked over to her table and kissed her cheek. He actually wanted the man to see that. His guess was right. Theresa had introduced him as "Dehinde" and Dehinde had added the suffix, "her ex-husband."

Their dinner wasn't dinnerable. She was quiet and careful most of the time. He noticed that her ex and his date were seated across them. He had asked the server to take the covered dish away. He would propose another time; a time when she was more composed. 

"Let's leave." He said, wiping the edges of his mouth. 

She didn't hear him. 

Theresa had a million and one things going on in her head. She couldn't focus, with her ex sittihg just across her table, with another woman. It wasn't just any other woman...it was his P.a. 

She had always suspected that there was something going on between them. But when she had seen her that day at the hotel with Jide, she had thought Dehinde didn't have an affair with her afterall. 

She watched as his P.A placed her hand on Dehinde's chest and laughed about something. Dehinde wasn't laughing. His face was expressionless. 

When he had walked up to her and she had said hi, his face had been expressionless too. She had searched his face; the lines and dimples that expressed themselves to show whatever he was thinking. He always told her that she was the only one who knew had to read him properly. Now, she couldn't read anything. He was...bland. And it sort of broke her heart that seeing her again didn't cause any expression from him. Maybe he still thought she was that low-class uneducated woman. Just maybe. 

"Tessy!" Tony said again. 

She jolted from her thoughts and looked at her boyfriend. 

"Yes dear?" She said. 

"I said..." He hesitated, shutting his eyes. But he went on. 

"I said let us leave now." 

Theresa nodded.

The driver had taken home the car in which he brought Theresa. Tony had decided to drop her home himself. The ride to her place was quiet. She wasn't saying a word but her eyes were speaking volumes. He couldn't continue. He parked the vehicle off the road and then pressed the hazard light button. 

"Tony? What's wrong?" She said, confused.

"You. This. I should be asking you. What's going on with you?"

She sighed. She knew she had been acting funny since she saw her ex husband but she didn't know it was that obvious. 

"I'm fine." She smiled lightly.

"I'm not. I'm not okay with your ex showing up and changing your whole mood..."

"Please try to understand, baby. I was just..."

"Just what? Is this how it's going to be when we get married?"

She paused. Then she looked at him.
He shook his head and dug his hand into his pocket. He was holding the shiny diamond princess cut ring to her face.

"I was gonna ask you to marry me at the restaurant. Apparently I shouldn't have."

"Oh my God! I can't believe this..."

"Yes, I love you and was going to ask you to be my wife."

She sighed.

"It's so beautiful, Dehinde! It's so beautiful!" 

Tony didn't say a word further. He just nodded. He had gotten his answers. Theresa realized her mistake too. How could she have done this? It was bad! This was bad! Bad bad bad!

She was going to apologize and say she was sorry and didn't mean to call him Dehinde but what would be her excuse or her defence? This wasn't good. 

Tony tried to focus on the ride home. As they got to her apartment, he parked the car and unlocked her door. 

"Tony...it was a mistake..." She started. He hushed her with his hand up. 

"This is how far it goes with us. Have a pleasant night rest." He said. 

She climbed out of the car and was about to say something but he drove off immediately. 


"You did what?!" Dehinde yelled. He yelled so loud that their three year old woke up from his slumber. 

"Dehinde stop embarassing your self in front of this child." His P.a said, hissing. 

Dehinde was furious.

"Are you crazy?" He shouted again.

"Look, are you the first person to have responsibilities? Are you the first young man to be succesful? I asked for just five million and you want to wake the dead." 

"Woman, I am not giving you five milion Naira to waste on clothes and shoes and all..." 

"I know it's because of that your local ex wife that you're being mean to me."

Dehinde didn't know what came over him. He raised his hand and almost hit her in the face. The child started to cry. She went to carry her son and placed him on her hip. 

"Hope you're happy." She said.

He sighed. He didn't understand what was going on with him. Maybe she had just told him the truth point blank. 


This was about Theresa.

He couldn't throw out the images and scenes that kept flashing in his memory. He thought about her every time. She looked different now. She looked...appealing. Gosh! Theresa was gorgeous in that green dress that enhanced her curves and edges. 

He missed her. He missed her desire to please and impress him. But now, he felt like he was the one who needed to please and impress her. 

She had a man now. He had felt the jealousy down to the very core of his masculinity. He knew Theresa was no longer his wife but he had to make it known that he had been her husband once. He had seen the look on her boyfriend's face when he told him that he was her ex-husband. The man was pissed! He was going to go on and say he owned the restaurant. But he let it go. 

He was back in his car. He was confused on what to do. He wanted to call her again. He wanted to speak to her. He wanted to her the soft caress of her velvety voice again.

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I DID Episode 07

It's been a while. I have been thinking and thinking of how to take this story. But here it goes...


Dehinde's P.A opened the door of her apartment for the father of her child to come in. She smiled and opened her hands to hold him in an embrace but he dismissed her and walked straight into the living room. He sat on the two-seater settee, shaking his left leg repeatedly.

"Are you okay?" She asked, taking a seat beside him. She placed her hand on his shaky leg but he flinched.

"What the hell did you think you were doing by asking my accountant to credit you Ten million Naira?" He ranted.

She shrugged, although she had a confused expression on her face.

"Dehinde, I had to get a new car and get some things fixed in this house..." She said.

"What the hell?! I gave you Six million just last month. I got you this apartment. It cost me Thirty five million Naira! Do you think we just pluck cash on trees?"

"Look, I am the mother of your son. I don't care if it costs you heaven and earth. We are your responsibility..."

"How did I end up with you?" He shook his head, placing his hands on his head.

She didn't work as his P.A anymore. After she had gotten pregnant, she told him the job was too stressful and she wanted to quit work for some time. The baby had been born and was about three years old now, and she still hadn't come back to work. All she did was spend his money and request for things. He knew he had made the hugest mistake ever by asking his accountant to avail money to her whenever she needed it. That had been during the pregnancy, and she had taken full advantage of it. It was about three years and she was still taking advantage.

"Dehinde, I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that gibberish you just said to me. How do you think I feel? This isn't what I wanted from life. To just be your baby mama is certainly not my dream. I'm twenty nine. You think I don't want to get married?"

Dehinde looked at her and laughed.

"What did you say? Marriage?" He laughed.

She eyeballed him.

"Let me be explicit. When are we getting married? When are you coming to meet my people?"

He was still laughing.

"Are you serious now?" He laughed, holding his tummy. "This is soo damn funny! Woman, I am not going to marry you. It's never going to happen. We have a child together and that ends it." He said.

"I don't get it, When you were still married to that your low-class wife, you always came to me. You told me how you couldn't wait to get out of that marriage and how she made you very embarrassed. Dehinde, there were even times I went with you to meetings with people and I covered for you when you introduced me as your wife. I spoke soundly and they told you how lucky you were to have married me. You know I left my fiance for this job. He couldn't deal with me not always having time for him. And I quit the relationship because of you. I have given you so much..."

Dehinde sighed. She knew she was winning him over gradually so she continued to remind him about how he had started to like her and how he had told her she was one of the most intelligent women he had ever met. When he wasn't saying anything, she went over to him and put her hands on his chest, massaging it the way he liked. She hugged him and started to kiss his neck and ears and before they knew it, they were back in the bedroom.


"Jide...what do you mean?" Ronke Roland asked her husband again. They had just returned from church that Sunday afternoon.

Ronke had noticed that her husband had been acting really weird since after the service. He had snapped at her in response to everything she had asked him. She didn't just start to notice his attitude. It had not been just that day, and not that week. He was withdrawn and distant.

"I said I want you to leave me alone!" He raised his voice at her.

She opened her mouth in shock. He never raised his voice at her. He was the perfect husband...the perfect gentle man.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay..." He apologized.

She went over to him and held his hand.

"Jide, please talk to me. Did I do something wrong? Did something happen? Is there a financial problem?"

"Exactly my point!" He barked. He barked so loud that she jumped out of her skin.
"All our success is based on financial leverage! That's all we have. Ronke we are rich. We are wealthy. But that's not all I want..."

She knew where this was going.

"This is about the baby dedication they had in church today right?" She said softly.

"Yes! I want kids! It's been seven years."

She sighed.

"But we are trying. It's not my fault...we tried IVF and..."

He hissed and walked out on her.

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Quickly speaking...

This is to inform you all that I will not be able to update till weekend due to reasons of urgency that I have to take care of. 

I'll make sure I finish the series by weekend so I'll write and upload it to the end please. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding! 

Lots of love


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I DID Episode 06

She took in a deep breath as she stretched out her hand to knock the door. She hadn't been here in a long time. It wasn't that she didn't want to visit. She had just been really embarrased. They still had no idea that she was no longer married to Dehinde Roland. 

She pushed the door when no one answered. She hoped the door wouldn't fling open as it always did. She hoped her dad had fixed this ancient door. But her expectation was cut short...the door flung wide open and she almost fell. She walked into the small apartment. The standing fan was switched on. So was the orange electricity bulb that hung from the ceiling. 

"Daddy...are you there?" She called out. 

There was no response.

"Thomas!" She called her brother's name. There was still no response. 

She was walking into the kitchen when she heard her father's voice. The old man was making some pap. 

"Daddy..." Theresa said, hugging him. 

He smiled, holding his daughter. 

"Tessy. How are you? You didn't tell me you were coming." He said. 

Theresa rolled her eyes. 

"Do I need an invitation to visit my own family?" She shook her head. 

"It's been so long." 

"I know. I'm sorry...it's been work and..."

"Work? When did you start working again?" He asked. 

Theresa searched for something to say. 

"I can't just be idle Dad. How's Thomas? Where's he? How come you're the one in the kitchen?" She quickly changed the topic. 

The old man shook his head and shrugged. 

"Your brother quit school. He says he is into business now. I don't know what kind of business it is. He hangs out with some young boys in flashy cars. The last time I saw him was two days ago." 

Theresa opened her mouth wide. She couldn't believe this. Thomas was the braniac of the family. How could he quit school? 

"Thomas now does yahoo yahoo?!" She exclaimed, grabbing her phone. She dialled his number. It was switched off. 

Just then, she heard a car park in the compound. Loud music was playing and there was some noise. She hurried to the window and squinted her eyes to see through the net. Then she sighted her brother. She dashed for the door. Thomas was walking in too so she bumped into him. 

"Sisto!" Thomas exclaimed, smiling and hugging her. He stood some feet over her . 

Theresa could perceive his strong cologne. She could also perceive the strong smell of weed. His cologne wasn't strong enough to disguise it. 

"Tom what is going on?" She said. 


"Tom what is going on?" She asked again, looking at her brother as they sat to talk in his bedroom that evening. She hadn't planned sleeping over but she now had to. She couldn't leave her baby brother this way. 

Thomas sighed. 

"Sisto, I'm not going back to school. It's a long thing. At the end of it all I will still have to look for a job. This country is messed up, men. I even have to pay lecturers and buy their handouts and materials just to pass the course! I'm freaking smart. I know I am smart. But they made me carry over three courses. I'm done with that ish! There's no independent panel to appeal to. And the lecturer's just hating coz I used to date the girl he wants to sleep with! It's crazy, Tessy. I can't waste my time there. I just wanna make enough cash and travel the hell out of this country..." 

Theresa watched her brother rant. 

"And you think it's easy abroad? You think it's that easy?" She said. 

"I know it isn't but at least things are loyal. There's equal opportunity. There's a chance! This country is messed up!"

"So what do you do now? What kind of business do you do?"

He sighed again. He avoided her eyes and she was glad he did because her eyes were roaming his bedroom. There were both empty and new bottles of alcohol all over the place. She saw a pack of cigarettes and a pack of condoms on his table. Then her eyes came back to him. 

"Yahoo?" She said, when he didn't reply. 

"No!" He yelled. Theresa freaked a little. His yelling almost reminded her of Dehinde.

"I...we get girls for music videos and for celebrities..." He said. "Like an agency for video vixens." 

Theresa nodded. 

"And I can see you're having your fill of the vixens." She looked at the condoms on the table. 

Thomas raised his shoulders. 

"Look, I wanted to start a carwash or a sharwarma place. Something like that. Went to meet your husband and he told me off. He said you guys are no longer together and lots of other stuff and he even..."

Theresa didn't hear the rest of what he said. Her mouth went ajar. She was shocked. How could Dehinde have told them? Well, how could he not have? He didn't owe her an oath of secrecy to keep their divorce a secret from her family. 

"Does dad know?" Theresa asked. 

"About my business?"

"No! About the divorce." 

Thomas laughed.

"So I'm not the only one being a bad child here. Of course he does. Dehinde stopped the standing order at the bank to credit dad's account. He also stopped calling and I had to tell him when he complained to me." 

She sighed this time. 

Thomas took off his shirt. He wanted to go take a bath. Then she saw the cheap tattoo on his arm. His name was inscribed. It was spelt wrongly though. 


There was a piece of drawing beside the name. Theresa couldn't decipher if it was  a sword or an arrow. 

"I hope you got your money back from the tattoo guy." She said sarcastically, walking out of the room. 


She hadn't brought up the topic of her divorce with her father but as she was about leaving the next morning, he did. 

"Tessy," He started.

"Yes, dad?" She said, grabbing her purse. 

"I hope you're moving on and not waiting for your ex-husband to come back. Even if he comes back, let him see that you moved on. Don't make a man disrespect you twice. He will never find it reasonable to respect you. The most he will do is pretend." 

Theresa didn't know what to say. She burst into tears as he hugged her.

"He hurt me...he broke my heart." She sobbed.

"He doesn't deserve you. I'm happy you're working now and doing something for yourself." 

"I am. I'm done with men. I can't go through what he put me through again."

Her father smiled.

"That's what your mother said when I met her. Till I swept her off her feet." 

Theresa smiled as her dad wiped her face. 

"Take care of yourself, dad. I'll call you." 
She said.

He nodded.



Theresa couldn't believe what she just heard. She stared at her best friend, Tony.

She had spoken with Jennifer some days before and her friend had told her that Tony definitely wanted to be more than friends. A man didn't stick around that long just to be an ever loyal friend. 

Theresa knew it too. 

He had been everything to her and she knew she had started to care about him but she brushed off the thought when he hadn't approached her or said anything in the romance department. 

Tony had been her rock. He had helped her get a new job. He said he didn't like that she worked in a hotel. She now worked in an IT firm although as a front desk staff still; but she was 15,000 Naira better paid than her last job. 

He had also worked some magic on Thomas. Theresa didn't know what he said or what he did but Thomas suddenly decided he wanted to go back to school. Tony had promised to fund his tuition provided he topped his grades. He had moved him to another University. Theresa didn't know that he even promised to help him get a job after school if he made a minimum of a second class upper. 

"That man is into you." Jennifer had said.

Theresa laughed.

"I don't know...he hasn't said anything about that...he's like my brother."

"Taaaa!" Jennifer had yelled. 

"I just don't know, Jennifer. It's sudden."

"It's been about two years..."

Theresa heard Jennifer's baby start to cry. She missed her friend so much and wished she could be there to help out with the baby. 


Tony was still looking at her, waiting for a response. 

"Tess, I'm serious about this. I really want to make our friendship more serious. I want you." He said.

Theresa sighed, looking away.

"Tony I don't know what to say...You're like my brother and best friend."

Tony shook his head in disapproval. 

"Sweets, don't get it twisted. I am not your brother. Thomas is your brother. I am a man who has intentions towards you, and they are not brotherly intentions. " He said. 

She saw his smirk and laughed. 

"Its just so sudden. I don't want to go through..."

Tony sighed. He knew already that she wanted to compare him with Dehinde. The day she had come all out and told him about her past and how her ex husband had maltreated her and made her have an abortion, he had been mad. Mad at Dehinde, mad at fate, mad at himself for not meeting her first. It was the abortion that hurt him the most and he had felt like  laying his hands on the man's neck! 

Tony had been single for about eight years. He had been married to the love of his life; the only woman he had ever loved. But when she had gone into labor to birth their daughter, she hadn't survived. And he had lost both wife and child. 

His life had never been the same since then. His family thought he had lost it. He kept her clothes and smelled them all the time and he even spoke to her pictures. His sister had been the one to force him into seeing a psychologist. They had even involved a pastor. The pastor had said his wife's spirit was evil and that she was the one tormenting him. Tony had been so angry that he had gone physically violent on the pastor. 

When he had met Theresa and she had commented about his dress sense, he had laughed. Not just because it was funny, but because his late wife had always complained about the same thing while they were courting. She had transformed his life and wardrobe and people started to see him as a fashion icon. His fashion consciousness however went down the drain when she died. It was as though she took his life away with her. She took him away.

But Theresa was finding him back. 


"I want to finish school and get a proper job first before I even think of remarrying."  She continued.

"Theresa, I am nothing like your ex. I love you and I mean that verb. I won't restrict you from your dreams. I won't disrespect you." 

She nodded.

"I will give you some time to think about this, okay?" He said as she walked him to his car. His driver was waiting already. 

"Your shirt matches your pants today." She teased him, trying to change the topic.

He laughed, then he kissed her forehead before he got into the car. 

She was thinking about everything he had said as she went back into the house. But what was chief on her mind was the kiss on her forehead. She felt giddy like a teenage girl. She realized that since her divorce, she hadn't had any tint of intimacy with a man. She walked to her bedroom mirror and stared at herself. She found herself smiling and blushing.

"What do I do now?" She said, smiling. 

Her reflection stared her back in the face. She saw a different woman, different from the one she had been while she had been married to Dehinde Roland. 


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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I DID Episode 05

She was sorting out the hotel pamphlets and hospitality magazines on the front desk when she heard the calculated echoes of the high heels against the marble floor. She raised her gaze to look at the coming customer, with a default smile forming on her face. 

She recognized this face. It was a face she was very familiar with. It was her husband's (ex-husband's) personal assistant. She was wearing a body hugging ivory dress and in her hand was a green purse. She wasn't familiar with designers but she knew it was Hermes. 

"Good evening, welcome to Sweet Palace Hotel." Theresa's colleague said, when no words had proceeded from Theresa's open mouth. 

Dehinde's P.a smiled, without taking her eyes off Theresa. She was also lost for words too. 

"Please give a minute to call the customer so I can inform him of your arrival." Theresa's colleague said. The P.a nodded, trying to avoid Theresa's eyes. 

"Hello sir... Yes sir... She is around sir...alright I will send her upstairs now. Have a nice time sir." Theresa's colleague said as she spoke with the customer in Suite 25. It was the Platinum suite at the top floor for elite customers. 

"You can go upstairs now Ma." She smiled. 

The P.a nodded then she looked at Theresa. 

"Hello Theresa." She smiled sarcastically, and then she catwalked out of the reception into the hallway. 

Theresa's colleague waited for the P.a to leave the vicinity totally before she poked Theresa. 

"You sabi am?" She asked, poking further. 

Theresa didn't want to discuss her private life with her. She hadn't told anyone anything about herself. Even her own family. She looked at her colleague with hidden disgust. The girl was dying to get the information so she could share with other staff. 

"No. Why?" Theresa said, as she went back to sorting the pamphlets and magazines. 

She was trying not to think about what just happened. What did his P.a come to do? Which customer was in Suite 25? She hadn't lodged anyone there. She wanted to check the records but she called herself back to order. She wasn't going to let immature thoughts control her actions; immature thoughts and weird imaginations that it was her ex-husband that was lodged in Suite 25. She had never trusted his personal assistant, and that translated to dislike, which was a mutual feeling between both women.

Dehinde had always talked about how smart his personal assistant was. She had studied Law but had decided to work as an executive personal assistant. Being a P.a seemed the perfect job for her because she was perfect at what she did. Even Jide Roland his cousin had tried to poach her once or twice, but she was extremely loyal. Each time Dehinde commended her loyalty, Theresa couldn't help but get jealous and flinch at his comment. 

Now, seeing her, she flinched again. With the way she had greeted her, she knew that the lady knew all the details about her divorce from Dehinde. 

"Well, she called your name." Theresa's colleague continued. It seemed she hadn't had enough and wanted to dig up more information from Theresa. 

"Well, I have a name tag." Theresa smiled. 

The colleague smiled too and looked away, grabbing the message and listening   between the lines. 


The urge to check the customer at Suite 25 was still chief on her mind. She missed Jennifer. She would have called her best friend right away and Jennifer would have told her to delete the thought. Well, Jennifer was no longer in Nigeria. She was now married and gone with her husband in Germany where they were expecting. Theresa had to admit that she had been a little jealous. But she knew she had also had her moment of shine...and that moment, Jennifer had still been a waitress at Balorama restaurant, hoping and waiting for a rich-husband miracle. Now her time had come. She only wished that the miracle wouldn't translate to a disaster like had happened to her in her own marriage. 

The hotel manager walked into the reception. Theresa rolled her eyes. The manager had been trying to hit on her for a while now. And because she wasn't co-operating, he had started to use his boss powers to manipulate and frustrate her. 

"Theresa, take some towels to the customer at Suite 19 and 25." The manager said, avoiding her eyes. He had been avoiding her eyes ever since she had insulted him and put him in his place. 

"Why me? There are staff for that." Theresa said, defensive.

"Because the other staff are busy. Theresa I have been watching you...you are getting wings and..." He started. 

"Okay okay. I've heard." She cut him short and walked out of the reception. 

She held the soft towels with the Sweet Palace logo printed on them in gold embroidery. It was after she had delivered the towel in Suite 19 and was approaching Suite 25 that she realized Dehinde's p.a had actually joined the customer in Suite 25. 

She wanted to turn back, but her feet wouldn't let her. She knocked the door and then followed the knock with the usual "Room service." The customer asked her to come in. It was a male voice. She already knew it was Dehinde. She already knew it was her ex-husband. As the door creaked open, she shut her eyes. But then she opened them so she wouldn't look foolish.

"Theresa... Um..." The P.a said. She was wearing just a light dressing gown. 

Theresa was trying to hide her anger. Maybe the P.a had even specifically requested that Theresa be sent upstairs so she could rub it in that she was sleeping with her husband (ex). 

"Dehinde is in here, isn't he?" Theresa said. Her eyes were on the suit jacket and the Balorama restaurant souveneir diary on the bedside table. 

The P.a didn't say a word. She was trying to gain composure. 

Then he walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing just his boxer shorts. 

"Oh my God!" Theresa screamed. 

She was looking at Mr. Roland. 

Mr. Jide Roland. 


It was friday and she was done with lectures for the day. She had to squeeze out time to be able to maintain a balance between her job and her education. She was schooling full-time. Part-time would demand extra years from her and she wanted to get her degree over with as soon as possible. She had delayed long enough. 

It was her day off at the hotel so she decided to rush off to the bank to make a deposit in her father's account before it struck 4pm. She looked at her wrist watch. She had just five minutes to make it to the bank. This was one of those times she missed being married to Dehinde Roland. The days when she could just call the branch manager and he would order the security men to let her in. 

She got to the bank in time though. However, they had shut their doors. It was 4pm on the dot, yet they refused to open. She hissed, stamping her foot on the floor like a spoilt child. 

"Theresa?" She heard someone call her name. She turned around to see who it was. It was probably one of her course mates. 

She recognized him. It was that man that had sat at her table in the food canteen during her registration. But she had forgotten his name. She hated this...forgetting peoples' names. Especially people who knew her name. 

"Oh! Wow! Long time! How have you been?" She said, smiling and hugging him. She hoped the hug would make him feel some sense of familiarity. 

He smiled, although surprised at the sudden hug. He guessed she didn't remember his name and she was trying to cover up for it with the hug.

"I'm good. How are you?" He asked.

"I'm alright. Just trying to make a deposit in the bank and now they are closed." She hissed. 

"Oh. Don't you have online banking?" 

She rolled her eyes.

"I prefer doing things the normal traditional way, please." She laughed. 

Tony smiled.

"The ATM is free. You can make a transfer via ATM." He said. 

She grumbled a little then she asked him to help her as they walked to the ATM. There was no queue thankfully. 

"Thanks a lot. I'll still have to come back to deposit the cash with me in my account though." She said. 

"Okay. The time is coming when the ATM will accept cash deposits. It actually exists already." Tony said.

"No. I don't want to be the scape goat." She laughed. "What if something goes wrong and I can't get my cash back?"

Tony laughed.

"So where are you headed?" He asked her as they walked out of the banking area. 

She looked at her wrist watch again. 

"Well, i'm going home. I stay at Jakande estate towards Ajah." She said.

"Oh that's fine. I'm visiting my sister at Abraham Adesanya so we can go together." He said. 

She didn't know what to say. She didn't have a car and she hadn't planned on taking a cab. She had actually planned on taking a bike all the way. It was always faster for her. 

Before she could speak, a black SUV pulled beside them. Then Tony opened the door for Theresa to get in. After she did, he did, climbing in from the other door. 

Theresa was still surprised in the midst of their discussions. He didn't look one bit like the owner of the vehicle. He asked her which course she decided to settle for. She told him Political Science. He asked her how she had been finding classes and her long-term plans. Then they started to talk about other things. She felt at ease talking with him. She didn't feel that pressure to please him or impress him like she always felt with Dehinde. 


Maybe she had judged him wrongly. Maybe he wasn't cheating with his P.a afterall. It had been his cousin, Jide all along. 

"We are at Jakande." Tony jolted her back from her thoughts. 

She smiled. She wanted to come down and take a bike to her flat but Tony insisted on dropping her home. She was embarrased. Her flat was nothing to not be embarrassed about. 

"I have to stop at the market first to buy something." She lied.

Tony nodded.

"Okay then. Let me have your contact." He said. 

She smiled and called out her digits then he gave her a missed call. 

"Let me see what you saved my number as." He leaned beside her immediately, before she could hide the phone. He knew she didn't remember his name.

He laughed looking at it. 

Sociology rich man. 

That's what she had saved his contact as.

"My name is Tony. Anthony." He said, laughing.


"My name is Tony. Anthony." He said for the third time over dinner. Theresa laughed, shaking her head.

"I get the message! Gosh!" She giggled.

"I mean, you should have just toldme you   didn't remember my name. My first degree was in human psychology, you know. I can read people." He said.

She sipped her glass of orange juice, glancing at him. 

"So tell me about you. This is the fifth time we are hanging out together and I don't really know much about you." Tony said. 

Theresa shrugged. She had to admit that she had let him do all the talking. They had been seeing eachother for a few weeks now but she wasn't putting a label to it. She just saw him as a good friend. Someone she could spend time with. Someone who wouldn't make her think of her past. Maybe a replacement for Jennifer. 
He worked with a consulting firm. He owned the firm actually, as she had discovered later on. He had a masters degree in Human resources already but he felt he wasn't done so he thought to bag another in Human sociology. Theresa wondered maybe it was just the human title in front of his degrees, that was his motivation. 

"Well, there's not much. I have to tell you that I am not as wealthy or classy or as educated as you. Well, maybe I am more classy, thinking of it." She laughed.

Tony shook his head. She always made him laugh. 

"What do you mean, Madam?" 

She shrugged again.

"Well, I'm your friend, and coming from someone like me, this is bad. Your dress sense is not exactly..."

"Hmmm...I don't look like I'm worth you   mean?"

"If you put it that way..." She said shyly.

He smiled.

"Okay. Your new job is to be my personal stylist."

"What? Trust me I'm the wrong gal for the job." She said.

"I see." He said, shaking his head again for the umpteenth time and wondering what to do with this woman he was growing fond of with each passing day. 

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

I DID Episode 04

Some time had passed since the divorce and since Theresa had picked up the job as the front desk attendant at Sweet Palace hotel. She still hadn't told her father and brother about the divorce but she couldn't deny the deep intuition that they knew something was wrong. Theresa had mourned her marriage for weeks...even in pretense, because she didn't want Jennifer to think she was crying again. She didn't just want to give up. She still loved her husband. He was the only man she had ever loved and she didn't have a clue how to live without him. But some time had passed since the divorce and she now knew that she couldn't keep on brooding over a dead and gone marriage.

It had been a little over a year. She wondered if he was married now. If he was, it was probably to an educated and sophisticated high-class woman. Someone with more finesse and class. Someone who wore customized dresses and expensive jewelry. Someone who matched his taste.

"Do you think he has found someone else?" Theresa asked Jennifer. It was a Sunday afternoon and they had just finished cooking lunch.

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Theresa ooooo! Theresa my friend." Jennifer said, laughing sarcastically.


"Okay if he has moved on, so what? What do you want to do with the information?"

Theresa sighed, then she shrugged.

"I just..."

"Babe, it is over a year! You got a job fine. But what else have you done for yourself? What's up with school? Aren't you going back? What next is there for you? Aren't you going to meet someone else?"

Theresa was silent.

"I mean, I have wanted to talk to you but somehow I just haven't been able to. You're getting older, I hope you know that."

"Jennifer, it's not easy for me..."

"When you see Dehinde again, would you prefer he has moved on and you're still stuck here?"

"I have been thinking of going back to school. It's just been so long. I don't think I still have my admission. The time lag is too long. I think I'll have to start again. And that will take about four years. And I don't have any time on my hands anymore. I'm almost twenty nine..." Theresa blurted.

Jennifer stared at her. It was as though she was trying to think of something to say.

"I have to tell you something." Jennifer said.

Theresa's eyes widened. Maybe she had seen Dehinde somewhere...maybe he had stopped by the restaurant and he had come with another woman.

"Okay?" Theresa said.

"I...I am pregnant." Jennifer said.

The two women were silent, staring at each other. Theresa was shocked. She didn't know what to say or what reaction to give.

"Wh..what?" Theresa finally said.

"Theresa I am pregnant."

"I know,..I mean...how old is the pregnancy? And who's the father? I don't really know if you're seeing anyone..."

Jennifer smiled. It was a sarcastic one though.

"I have been seeing someone for about six months now. You probably just didn't ask or notice because everything has been all about you. We have been so busy with trying to make Mother Theresa happy again."

Theresa went over to where her friend was seated and took her hands in hers.

"Jenny I'm so sorry. I've just been so confused. My entire life was dependent on him and it's just so difficult for me." She said.

"It's okay." Jennifer replied.

"So who's the dad? And how many months gone?"

"Um...I'm just six weeks. The dad is an old friend. We were childhood friends. We reconnected. He just came back from Germany. He lives there."

Theresa frowned.

"Is he aware? I mean, the pregnancy. Are you sure you know him well enough? Are you sure he's not married to some white woman there already and probably has kids. I don't want you to go through what I went through with Dehinde..."

Jennifer held her friend's hand and looked in her eyes.

"He has asked me to marry him. We are getting married next month. It's going to be a really small wedding. I don't want anything loud. And after that, we're going to Germany."

Theresa was shocked. She couldn't believe everything she was listening to from Jennifer. Marriage? A baby? Relocation? It was just too much information to digest at once.

"I'm...I'm happy for you." Theresa said, but her tone was flat and bland. She couldn't help but remember when she had been pregnant and Dehinde had persuaded her to abort it.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. You've just been so caught up..."

"I understand, Jennifer." Theresa smiled.


The admissions office had told her that she had delayed her degree program for too long. She had guessed as much already. However they had given her the option of starting all over again from Two hundred level. She had been so delighted at the opportunity. She didn't really know which course to study. The admission officer was nice to her though. She asked her to make a choice and return in two days to complete registration.

Theresa was tired. She had spent practically the whole day at the admissions office and also shuttling between departments and faculties. Her stomach growled. She was hungry. She stopped by a small food canteen opposite the Student Union building and decided to buy some food to eat. With her plate of Jollof rice and fried plantain, and a bottle of chilled Coke, she walked around the small canteen. There were no empty seats. She sighed, hoping someone would hurry up and make a seat vacant. She finally found an empty seat. She hurried to take it before someone else did.

"Hi, good afternoon." She said to the man that was sitting opposite her on the table. It was a table for two.

"Good afternoon." He smiled, looking at the beautiful woman that just joined him.

She started to eat. He was done eating but he wanted to make conversation with her. Besides he didn't really have anywhere to rush off to.

"Em...you look rather stressed." He said.

"Yea..." Theresa said. "I'm so tired. Been on this registration thing since morning."

"Have you finally completed it?"

"I wish I have. I still have to decide what department I'm choosing."

"What options do you have?"

"Political science on one hand. And Sociology on the other."

"I'm actually a student in the Sociology department."

"Oh really?! Please can you help me decide? I just really want to get a degree to be honest." She laughed, sipping her Coke. "What level are you in?"

"I'm actually taking my Master's degree program."

"Oh. That's good." She smiled.

"I'm Tony. Anthony." He extended his hand to shake hers.

"I'm Theresa." She replied.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I DID Episode 03

"It doesn't have to be a messy one. I'll make arrangements for enough funds to cater to you and help you go on with your life. Thankfully there isn't any child between us..."

"So you had this in mind all along, Dehinde Roland. Is that why you asked me to abort my child back then?"

Dehinde shook his head.

"Theresa, let's be mature about this. Don't make it harder than it already is."

Theresa heaved a sigh and buried her head in her hands. Then she asked him.

"Do you still love me? Or did you ever love me?"

Dehinde laughed at her question, making her feel more embarrassed.

"You promised to love me always. You said you would never hurt me!" She had started to cry. She ran over to him and held the collar of his shirt. She lay her head on his chest and wept. Dehinde didn't pull her closer. He wriggled himself free from her grip and straightened his shirt.

"This can't work. You're just not..."

"Just not what?" She screamed.

Dehinde paused for a bit.

"I already spoke to the lawyer. I want you out by the end of the week. If you prove stubborn about this, you will only get more frustrated."

Theresa wanted to yell at the top of her voice. A part of her wanted to beg him and go on her knees and apologize for whatever she might have done to get this much hatred from him. She wanted to cry till he had a shred of mercy on her. Another half wanted to threaten him. She wanted to tell him that she would go to the press and tell the public and all the very many ears who cared to listen that he was a wife beater and that he had made her have an abortion.

"Don't think of playing any tricks like telling the press about our issues. Trust me, you're not smart enough to handle what will come your way." Dehinde said.

She shuddered. He had such control over her...even her thoughts.


Theresa had not been able to tell her father that she was now a divorced woman. She had just spoken with him again and he had asked how things were with her and her husband. He complained about not hearing from Dehinde in a while. Theresa had told him that everything was fine and that he had traveled for an important meeting. As she said her goodbyes, the ceiling fan started to roll after a series of repeated sounds. The sounds scared her, as though the fan was going to fall off.

"Thank God. Up Nepa." Jennifer said, joining Theresa in the small living room. The electricity had been interrupted for about three hours. Theresa wasn't used to this...at least in the past three years. The maximum they stayed without electricity back at her husband's house was five minutes. And that was because the gate man had to change over to the Generator.

Theresa smiled weakly. Jennifer could tell that her friend had been crying again.

"Theresa you're annoying me. You're vexing me big time!" Jennifer said.

"I'm sorry. I just...I don't know what to do. He told me to leave. He told me he doesn't love me anymore. He even offered me money and a house. He thinks I'm a gold digger. After all these years. I don't understand. He said I'm not good enough for someone like him and that he can't keep taking a risk with me." Theresa sobbed, holding her arms and shaking her head.

"I'm finished, Jennifer. I don't know what to do with my life."

Jennifer hissed.

"What is wrong with you. When did you become this weak?" Jennifer said.

"You can't understand..."

"Theresa you were stupid. He gave you money and a house and you rejected it. What were you trying to prove? Look who is suffering here in this tiny flat with me. You! The man is enjoying himself probably on a vacation with some other woman."

Theresa looked up at Jennifer immediately.

"He said it wasn't another woman. I asked and he said there is no other woman..."

"He is no longer your husband. He can have any woman he wants. You should have at least collected the money. You really need the money. Did you think of your life or your father or your brother..."

"Jennifer, I thought of my integrity." Theresa said.

Jennifer laughed.

"Okay o. Let your integrity pay the bills. See, I think you have mourned the divorce enough. Start thinking about what is next. You have to get a job to start helping me around here if you know you want to live with me."

Theresa sighed again.

"I don't know where to start looking. He told me I would never have to work again." She said. "Um...I can't go back to Balorama. I can't work for him. I can't..."

"Of course not Balorama. I'll help you in the little way I can." Jennifer said.

"Thank you, Jennifer. I really appreciate it."


Dehinde had been busy all day. He had to admit that it felt a little lonely living alone and not coming home to an idle wife. He didn't miss her. The cook had already prepared dinner even if he had eaten at the meeting with his other business partners. He changed into something more comfortable and put on the TV. He scrolled through the cable TV. There wasn't really anything interesting. He left the TV on Al Jazeera and went into the kitchen to get something to snack on. He heard his phone ring. It was probably his P.A.
He checked the caller ID. It was a withheld number.

"Hello..." Dehinde said, wondering who it was. He never gave his phone numbers out except to highly important business partners or colleagues. All correspondence was with his P.A who then got through to him.

"Hello my love." She said.

Dehinde rolled his eyes. Not again. That was the fifth time she was calling in that week.

"So you thought to hide your number now?" He said, shaking his head.

"Dehinde please I'm begging you don't hang up on me. You stopped picking my calls. Please..." She cried.

"Oh Lord, this woman please let me be! We are divorced, Theresa. It's becoming obsessive what you're doing. Where's your dignity? You see I was right when I said you didn't have class. A sensible woman wouldn't chase after a man, let alone a man who doesn't want her." Dehinde blurted.

He heard a sob at the other end of the line. He knew he was harsh, but he knew that was the only way he could get her to leave him alone.

"Thank you." She said, and then she ended the call.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I DID Episode 02

Theresa sighed as she ended the call. She had just finished speaking with her father. He was feeling a lot better than before and it gave her utmost pleasure that she could take good care of him now. Her father was her backbone, her box of wisdom, her anchor, her confidant...and she could tell him anything, except that her husband hit her a few times, and was now a very changed man.

It had taken a series of fights and lots of pleading to convince him into letting her marry Dehinde. He had said he didn't want any man treating her less than she ought to be treated just because she wasn't from a rich home. Theresa had vouched all she could for Dehinde. He was the sweetest and most humble man she had ever met. She didn't know how to tell him that things were heading south now.

Just as she ended the call; the only thing that had given her some pleasure that morning, she heard the door of the room open wide. It was her husband. He had come to get his clothes for the day. Dehinde for the past couple of months had moved out of their bedroom. He now slept in the other bedroom opposite theirs; the room where he had out of excitement said would be the nursery for their first child. It never became a nursery however.

Their marriage was thirty six months now...and there was still no Nursery. Instead, there was now a bed and a sofa and a shelf of books, with a flat screen TV hanging on the wall.

Sometimes, she wondered why she had agreed to have her first pregnancy terminated. She remembered the whole experience like it was yesterday. She had come home so happy to inform her husband about the good news. Dehinde had smiled and kissed her but then, he told her he didn't think it was the right time for them to have children. He wanted them to enjoy their marriage for a few more years together as a young couple, before kids came to interrupt the flow of things. Theresa had been shocked. She always saw having kids as a big blessing but her husband didn't think it was time to be blessed. He had flown abroad with her to have the abortion done in the hands of trusted  doctors in a safer hospital. After then, they had spent two weeks together on vacation, as though the vacation was the gift for terminating the pregnancy.


He opened the door of their bedroom. He had nothing but a large towel around his waist. Theresa looked at her husband and despite how cold he was being to her, she still was attracted to him. She noticed his abs were more obvious than the last time she saw them and his muscles were well pronounced. She wished he would hold her and kiss her and show her love like he used to.

"Good morning, Babe." Theresa said, smiling.

Dehinde had his phone in his hand. He was scrolling through it.

"Erm...there's a function tonight at the Balorama restaurant. We are hosting the silver jubilee of the holding company. So I want you to get dressed and be ready for 8.30 PM. Make sure you look presentable. Family and business partners and friends will be there. I transferred some money to your account so you can buy a new dress custom made for you from a designer. And get your hair, nails and all that done." He said, not looking at her once.

"Oh great. Thank you." She smiled. She was pleased.

Going to Balorama again meant she would see her old colleagues and friends. Her closest friend, Jennifer had been one of the waitresses. She still worked there. They kept in touch some times. But she was more pleased that he was taking her out. It had been so long they went anywhere together. He usually went to everywhere with his P.A.

"Please wear something classy." He added. "And you could maybe read a thing or two about current affairs in case you might have to engage in an intellectual conversation."

She swallowed, trying not to say anything. But she couldn't.

"Dehinde please give me some credit. I'm not a dull woman." She said, trying not to cry.

"Just clean up." He said and walked out.


After she had taken a bath and had breakfast, she brushed her hair and braided it into a small pigtail. She loved her natural hair. She wished she could just style it and not have to fix weaves on it. But Dehinde wouldn't have that. She got her things together for the salon and then grabbed her iPad so she could keep herself occupied while the beauty salon staff did their thing. She would also stop by the boutique to get a new dress. She decided to get the dress first, and then head for the salon. She locked the doors of the bedrooms so the domestic staff wouldn't wander in. She stepped outside and then got into the SUV. The driver started the engine and drove out.

By 7.15 PM, she was ready. She looked at her reflection in the long mirror which hung on the wall of their bedroom.

"I think I look pretty." She smiled, admiring her self in the silver maxi dress with a high slit and mesh insert back. Her Funmi hair looked beautiful as the curls fell on her oval face. She had picked the dress at a boutique in Lekki. She didn't want to go to one of those designers who would charge high prices for a simple dress. She wanted to save some money so she wouldn't have to ask Dehinde and go through another round of ridicule when she needed money to get something done next time.

She took a picture of herself and then got her clutch then hurried down the stairs so she could get into the car in time. Dehinde had sent a text and asked her to come early enough so that they could walk into the restaurant together. He would wait for her before he went in so people would think they had come together.

As the driver approached the restaurant, her heart beat faster in anxiety. A host of different things clouded her mind. She wondered if the old manager still worked there. She knew the manager still had the impression that she was a slut and gold digger who had forced her self into Dehinde Roland's life. She wondered if truly, she would have to engage in intellectual conversation with some of the partners or their spouses. What if one of them brought up a topic about World news and conflicts, or sports, or even Nigerian politics. Well, she knew a little about Boko haram, Confab, and she knew about Ebola.

The driver parked the car and Dehinde's call came through. She wondered if he had seen them already. She saw him climb out of his Range rover. She took in a deep breath then got out of the car to join him.

"Hi dear." She smiled. She knew she looked beautiful and she hoped he would say something. Even the driver had told her she looked dashing.

"So, first things first. I want you to just smile or laugh when someone says something funny. You'll be sitting beside me so i'll give you signals or just cover up for you if something technical is said..."He started.

Theresa rolled her eyes.

"Can you just stop! Dehinde! Why do you do this?" She raised her voice.

He held her hands, looking around.

"Keep your voice down."

"I want you to apologize." She said.

Dehinde laughed.

"No time for jokes. Let's go inside." He said.

Their table was for eight people: Dehinde and Theresa; Jide Roland, Dehinde's cousin and the co-owner of The Balorama restaurant, and his wife; and two other couples who seemed like very important people. An A-list jazz band was performing on stage as the guests filed in and took their seats. Shortly after, Chief Roland, Dehinde's father, walked in with his wife, Madam Anne Roland in his arm. Theresa had to admit the man looked very dapper in his white tuxedo despite his protruding belly. Madam Roland was dressed in a bespoke burgundy dress with matching shoes and purse. The M.C announced his presence and then people started to troop around him to exchange pleasantries.

Dehinde's youngest sister read the opening speech and after every one applauded the recent Harvard graduate, a couple of board members and business partners as well as M.Ds of subsidiaries took turns in saying one or two things about the company and how successful it had become over the last twenty five years.

"Your father is indeed a great man, Dehinde. To think he started this company by himself in a rented shop at Mile 2. You know, I have had the opportunity of being advised by him a couple of times, and I ended up feeling I ought to have paid for the chat sessions we had. They seemed like inaugural lectures!" Mr. Okafor, one of the men at their table said.

His wife nodded in agreement, not saying a word, and Theresa instantly felt the woman was probably doing what she was told as well. But then, the thought was short-lived. Mrs Okafor opened her mouth and spoke.

"He encouraged me to pursue my doctorate degree in Economics when I felt very frustrated as a banker. Now I wouldn't trade being a Financial consultant for anything. I just got an offer to give a lecture at a London University next week." She said.

Dehinde laughed.

"I'm honoured to hear these things. Congratulations, Mrs Okafor. Besides, when you talk about my father, you should know the apple doesn't fall far from the apple tree." He laughed. The others laughed too.

"So how is the plan for Balorama in Ghana coming?" The other man asked Jide, Dehinde's cousin.

Jide sipped his wine and then talked about buying over an existing restaurant in Accra and also the plan to branch into South Africa where his wife would be heading that branch.

"Oh, great. Means you should be getting ready for probably the next one in Dubai." Mr. Okafor said, looking at Theresa. Theresa didn't know if the question was directed at her but it seemed like it. She didn't know what to say.

"Oh we aren't looking at Dubai for now." Dehinde said, laughing. "She's focusing on the plan for another branch at Ikoyi. I don't want to take the Madam too far from home. She's going to be managing that branch. She's very good at management. That's her field of expertise." He said looking at her and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Theresa didn't understand what he was talking about. They had never discussed anything about a branch in Ikoyi.

"That's nice. Where did you get your degree?" Mrs. Okafor asked Theresa.

The M.C called Dehinde's name. It was time for his speech. Theresa saw the look in her husband's eyes as he stood up. She knew he feared that she would embarrass him.

After he left, Theresa heaved a sigh of relief. The conversation would probably be focused on someone or something else now.

"So, Theresa, I'm listening..." Mrs Okafor said again.

"Um..." Theresa stared eyes wide at the woman.

Jide's wife cut into the conversation.

"The rate of the spread of this ebola virus is crazy. I have sanitized my hands practically about twenty times today. And I don't have OCD." She laughed.

Every one laughed too then they started to talk about the disease. Theresa noticed it was just her who hadn't said anything.

"I think the disease has put the consciousness of being clean in every body's subconscious at least." Theresa said.

"I absolutely agree with you, Theresa." Mr. Okafor said.

In a little bit, Dehinde was back.

"Great speech love." Theresa smiled and kissed his cheek. He smiled.

"I was telling someone the other day about how auditors sometimes wreck a business instead of guarding against wreckage in the first place. I mean, when you take a look at the financials of a company and..." The other man started.

Dehinde was enjoying the conversation. He was contributing with utmost keen interest.

The servers had started going round to take orders.

"Jennifer!" Theresa said, recognizing her close friend who was one of the servers slash waitresses. Jennifer came to their table and was about hugging Theresa when she saw Dehinde and Jide; the main Balorama bosses. 

Dehinde looked at the Jennifer and then looked at Theresa. Jennifer smiled, immediately took the orders and left hurriedly, trying not to get into any trouble.

"Someone you know?" Mrs Okafor asked.

Theresa smiled, nodding but Dehinde opened his mouth to speak.

"Please excuse us." He said. "Honey, please come with me." He held her hand, pulling her.

They went outside the restaurant and Dehinde pulled her to a corner.

"Are you out of your mind! What did I tell you about messing up?" He tried not to raise his voice.

"Dehinde, I just want to leave. I feel...uncomfortable. I'm not enjoying the discussions about Israel and Gaza and Ukraine and Crimea and all that..."

"It's because you are not smart. Gosh...how did I find myself here!" He muttered under his breath.

Theresa heard him. She tried not to let her tears fall.

"What do you mean, Dehinde?" She said.

He shook his head.

"I'll tell them you're sick. You have to go home." He said.


"Then you have to behave!" He said, dragging her back in.

As they went in, he smiled at the others. Theresa smiled too as she took her seat and sipped her glass of wine. What she actually wanted to do was to gulp it.

A top Nigerian musician came on stage to perform. Her back up dancers were dressed in silver dresses. Then before he could say anything, Mrs. Okafor opened her mouth.

"Wow, you have the same dress as her back up dancers. Who makes your dresses?" The woman said.

Theresa didn't say a word. Dehinde's look of disappointment shut up her voice box. She already knew what he was going to say...that she didn't get a bespoke dress like he ordered.


"Please say something, Dehinde." Theresa said finally. He had been so cold and silent and it pierced her heart deeply. She was scared that she had disappointed him. He hated that she was wearing the same dress as the singer's back-up dancers.

He had forced her to leave immediately and had gone with the original excuse that she was sick and had to leave.

When he got home, she hadn't changed her outfit. She just sat in the living room, waiting for him. He sat in the living room too, looking at her but not saying a word.

"You want me to say something?" He finally spoke, breaking the loud silence.

"Yes!" Theresa said, with eagerness in her eyes.

"Okay. I want a divorce." He replied, his eyes not blinking.

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