Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I DID Episode 03

"It doesn't have to be a messy one. I'll make arrangements for enough funds to cater to you and help you go on with your life. Thankfully there isn't any child between us..."

"So you had this in mind all along, Dehinde Roland. Is that why you asked me to abort my child back then?"

Dehinde shook his head.

"Theresa, let's be mature about this. Don't make it harder than it already is."

Theresa heaved a sigh and buried her head in her hands. Then she asked him.

"Do you still love me? Or did you ever love me?"

Dehinde laughed at her question, making her feel more embarrassed.

"You promised to love me always. You said you would never hurt me!" She had started to cry. She ran over to him and held the collar of his shirt. She lay her head on his chest and wept. Dehinde didn't pull her closer. He wriggled himself free from her grip and straightened his shirt.

"This can't work. You're just not..."

"Just not what?" She screamed.

Dehinde paused for a bit.

"I already spoke to the lawyer. I want you out by the end of the week. If you prove stubborn about this, you will only get more frustrated."

Theresa wanted to yell at the top of her voice. A part of her wanted to beg him and go on her knees and apologize for whatever she might have done to get this much hatred from him. She wanted to cry till he had a shred of mercy on her. Another half wanted to threaten him. She wanted to tell him that she would go to the press and tell the public and all the very many ears who cared to listen that he was a wife beater and that he had made her have an abortion.

"Don't think of playing any tricks like telling the press about our issues. Trust me, you're not smart enough to handle what will come your way." Dehinde said.

She shuddered. He had such control over her...even her thoughts.


Theresa had not been able to tell her father that she was now a divorced woman. She had just spoken with him again and he had asked how things were with her and her husband. He complained about not hearing from Dehinde in a while. Theresa had told him that everything was fine and that he had traveled for an important meeting. As she said her goodbyes, the ceiling fan started to roll after a series of repeated sounds. The sounds scared her, as though the fan was going to fall off.

"Thank God. Up Nepa." Jennifer said, joining Theresa in the small living room. The electricity had been interrupted for about three hours. Theresa wasn't used to least in the past three years. The maximum they stayed without electricity back at her husband's house was five minutes. And that was because the gate man had to change over to the Generator.

Theresa smiled weakly. Jennifer could tell that her friend had been crying again.

"Theresa you're annoying me. You're vexing me big time!" Jennifer said.

"I'm sorry. I just...I don't know what to do. He told me to leave. He told me he doesn't love me anymore. He even offered me money and a house. He thinks I'm a gold digger. After all these years. I don't understand. He said I'm not good enough for someone like him and that he can't keep taking a risk with me." Theresa sobbed, holding her arms and shaking her head.

"I'm finished, Jennifer. I don't know what to do with my life."

Jennifer hissed.

"What is wrong with you. When did you become this weak?" Jennifer said.

"You can't understand..."

"Theresa you were stupid. He gave you money and a house and you rejected it. What were you trying to prove? Look who is suffering here in this tiny flat with me. You! The man is enjoying himself probably on a vacation with some other woman."

Theresa looked up at Jennifer immediately.

"He said it wasn't another woman. I asked and he said there is no other woman..."

"He is no longer your husband. He can have any woman he wants. You should have at least collected the money. You really need the money. Did you think of your life or your father or your brother..."

"Jennifer, I thought of my integrity." Theresa said.

Jennifer laughed.

"Okay o. Let your integrity pay the bills. See, I think you have mourned the divorce enough. Start thinking about what is next. You have to get a job to start helping me around here if you know you want to live with me."

Theresa sighed again.

"I don't know where to start looking. He told me I would never have to work again." She said. "Um...I can't go back to Balorama. I can't work for him. I can't..."

"Of course not Balorama. I'll help you in the little way I can." Jennifer said.

"Thank you, Jennifer. I really appreciate it."


Dehinde had been busy all day. He had to admit that it felt a little lonely living alone and not coming home to an idle wife. He didn't miss her. The cook had already prepared dinner even if he had eaten at the meeting with his other business partners. He changed into something more comfortable and put on the TV. He scrolled through the cable TV. There wasn't really anything interesting. He left the TV on Al Jazeera and went into the kitchen to get something to snack on. He heard his phone ring. It was probably his P.A.
He checked the caller ID. It was a withheld number.

"Hello..." Dehinde said, wondering who it was. He never gave his phone numbers out except to highly important business partners or colleagues. All correspondence was with his P.A who then got through to him.

"Hello my love." She said.

Dehinde rolled his eyes. Not again. That was the fifth time she was calling in that week.

"So you thought to hide your number now?" He said, shaking his head.

"Dehinde please I'm begging you don't hang up on me. You stopped picking my calls. Please..." She cried.

"Oh Lord, this woman please let me be! We are divorced, Theresa. It's becoming obsessive what you're doing. Where's your dignity? You see I was right when I said you didn't have class. A sensible woman wouldn't chase after a man, let alone a man who doesn't want her." Dehinde blurted.

He heard a sob at the other end of the line. He knew he was harsh, but he knew that was the only way he could get her to leave him alone.

"Thank you." She said, and then she ended the call.


Theresa never imagined she would go back to hustling. She had sworn to herself when she married Dehinde that she would do everything it took to make a better life for herself. Maybe she had gotten too comfortable being the Madam of Dehinde Roland's house. She had totally forgotten about completing her education at the University. Money was no longer a problem and Dehinde hadn't stopped her from going to school. She realized that she had just never mentioned it in the three years of their marriage. She knew it didn't make any sense that she hadn't found one minute in all that time to decide on going back to school. She hadn't even started a small business by the side for herself. She agreed with Jennifer. She had been a very unwise fool, if there was anything like that.

She buttoned the last one on her sky blue shirt. The time was 9 AM already. She was resuming as a front desk officer at a new hotel in Victoria Island. Jennifer had helped her get the job. The old front desk officer had resigned and relocated to Abuja. She pinned her name tag to her breast pocket then she looked at her self in the mirror again. She looked okay. Her eyes were not as swollen from too much tears like the day before.

"Hi. You're the new lady, ba?" The other front desk lady said. It was a large hotel; although not a five star rating.

"Yes. I'm Theresa." She smiled.

The lady smiled back, then they got to work. People had started to come into the hotel.

"Good morning, welcome to Sweet Palace Hotel. My name is Theresa." Theresa smiled. She had rehearsed her welcome speech as she had been taught.


She was Theresa now.

Not Theresa Roland.

Just Theresa.

*I Did


  1. Oooooo diz theresa is annoyin me. Such a clinger! Get a life!

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  3. I said it before and am saying it again. I don't like this Theresa,maybe later I will. She got so comfortable being Mrs Roland and forgot to empower herself, at this age and time who does that? School you no finish savings you no get. Mtcheew. Well I know at the end she will make it. Kudos my dear Fisayo you are very talented.

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  6. Oh God, give us wisdom not to make unnecessary mistake.

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