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I DID Episode 04

Some time had passed since the divorce and since Theresa had picked up the job as the front desk attendant at Sweet Palace hotel. She still hadn't told her father and brother about the divorce but she couldn't deny the deep intuition that they knew something was wrong. Theresa had mourned her marriage for weeks...even in pretense, because she didn't want Jennifer to think she was crying again. She didn't just want to give up. She still loved her husband. He was the only man she had ever loved and she didn't have a clue how to live without him. But some time had passed since the divorce and she now knew that she couldn't keep on brooding over a dead and gone marriage.

It had been a little over a year. She wondered if he was married now. If he was, it was probably to an educated and sophisticated high-class woman. Someone with more finesse and class. Someone who wore customized dresses and expensive jewelry. Someone who matched his taste.

"Do you think he has found someone else?" Theresa asked Jennifer. It was a Sunday afternoon and they had just finished cooking lunch.

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Theresa ooooo! Theresa my friend." Jennifer said, laughing sarcastically.


"Okay if he has moved on, so what? What do you want to do with the information?"

Theresa sighed, then she shrugged.

"I just..."

"Babe, it is over a year! You got a job fine. But what else have you done for yourself? What's up with school? Aren't you going back? What next is there for you? Aren't you going to meet someone else?"

Theresa was silent.

"I mean, I have wanted to talk to you but somehow I just haven't been able to. You're getting older, I hope you know that."

"Jennifer, it's not easy for me..."

"When you see Dehinde again, would you prefer he has moved on and you're still stuck here?"

"I have been thinking of going back to school. It's just been so long. I don't think I still have my admission. The time lag is too long. I think I'll have to start again. And that will take about four years. And I don't have any time on my hands anymore. I'm almost twenty nine..." Theresa blurted.

Jennifer stared at her. It was as though she was trying to think of something to say.

"I have to tell you something." Jennifer said.

Theresa's eyes widened. Maybe she had seen Dehinde somewhere...maybe he had stopped by the restaurant and he had come with another woman.

"Okay?" Theresa said.

"I...I am pregnant." Jennifer said.

The two women were silent, staring at each other. Theresa was shocked. She didn't know what to say or what reaction to give.

"Wh..what?" Theresa finally said.

"Theresa I am pregnant."

"I know,..I old is the pregnancy? And who's the father? I don't really know if you're seeing anyone..."

Jennifer smiled. It was a sarcastic one though.

"I have been seeing someone for about six months now. You probably just didn't ask or notice because everything has been all about you. We have been so busy with trying to make Mother Theresa happy again."

Theresa went over to where her friend was seated and took her hands in hers.

"Jenny I'm so sorry. I've just been so confused. My entire life was dependent on him and it's just so difficult for me." She said.

"It's okay." Jennifer replied.

"So who's the dad? And how many months gone?"

"Um...I'm just six weeks. The dad is an old friend. We were childhood friends. We reconnected. He just came back from Germany. He lives there."

Theresa frowned.

"Is he aware? I mean, the pregnancy. Are you sure you know him well enough? Are you sure he's not married to some white woman there already and probably has kids. I don't want you to go through what I went through with Dehinde..."

Jennifer held her friend's hand and looked in her eyes.

"He has asked me to marry him. We are getting married next month. It's going to be a really small wedding. I don't want anything loud. And after that, we're going to Germany."

Theresa was shocked. She couldn't believe everything she was listening to from Jennifer. Marriage? A baby? Relocation? It was just too much information to digest at once.

"I'm...I'm happy for you." Theresa said, but her tone was flat and bland. She couldn't help but remember when she had been pregnant and Dehinde had persuaded her to abort it.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. You've just been so caught up..."

"I understand, Jennifer." Theresa smiled.


The admissions office had told her that she had delayed her degree program for too long. She had guessed as much already. However they had given her the option of starting all over again from Two hundred level. She had been so delighted at the opportunity. She didn't really know which course to study. The admission officer was nice to her though. She asked her to make a choice and return in two days to complete registration.

Theresa was tired. She had spent practically the whole day at the admissions office and also shuttling between departments and faculties. Her stomach growled. She was hungry. She stopped by a small food canteen opposite the Student Union building and decided to buy some food to eat. With her plate of Jollof rice and fried plantain, and a bottle of chilled Coke, she walked around the small canteen. There were no empty seats. She sighed, hoping someone would hurry up and make a seat vacant. She finally found an empty seat. She hurried to take it before someone else did.

"Hi, good afternoon." She said to the man that was sitting opposite her on the table. It was a table for two.

"Good afternoon." He smiled, looking at the beautiful woman that just joined him.

She started to eat. He was done eating but he wanted to make conversation with her. Besides he didn't really have anywhere to rush off to.

" look rather stressed." He said.

"Yea..." Theresa said. "I'm so tired. Been on this registration thing since morning."

"Have you finally completed it?"

"I wish I have. I still have to decide what department I'm choosing."

"What options do you have?"

"Political science on one hand. And Sociology on the other."

"I'm actually a student in the Sociology department."

"Oh really?! Please can you help me decide? I just really want to get a degree to be honest." She laughed, sipping her Coke. "What level are you in?"

"I'm actually taking my Master's degree program."

"Oh. That's good." She smiled.

"I'm Tony. Anthony." He extended his hand to shake hers.

"I'm Theresa." She replied.


Dehinde drew her closer to him and kissed her face, then her lips. His hands found their way to her thighs then he began to kiss her all over.

"Where have you been hiding?" He mumbled, kissing her.

"I've always been a phone call or a door away from you." She laughed, kissing him too. She was bursting with so much joy and satisfaction. Satisfaction that she finally had the man she wanted. She was finally getting the reward for her years of patience and eagerness. He had always seen as her as nothing more than his Personal assistant but she had always seen him way more than as a boss. He was the man she wanted to be with; the man whose children she wanted to bear.

Since the divorce between Dehinde Roland and his wife, she had seen different girls come in and out of his hotel room. He had become a totally different man emotionally and arranging girls for him was now part of her job description.

That Friday night, she had made sure all the house staff took the night off. Then she lied that she couldn't find any girl to warm Dehinde's bed. She had purposely brought alcohol. She knew he now had an incurable penchant for alcohol. She had worked with the man for seven years and she knew his weaknesses already. She knew that once she was able to get him drunk, she could flaunt herself at him and finally get into his bed.

She had calculated it all. She knew this was her fertile period when she could get pregnant.

As Dehinde carried her and continued with it on the bed, she said a silent prayer...a prayer asking for a pregnancy to happen. She knew that once a child was involved, all her life problems would be solved in a jiffy.

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