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I DID Episode 07

It's been a while. I have been thinking and thinking of how to take this story. But here it goes...


Dehinde's P.A opened the door of her apartment for the father of her child to come in. She smiled and opened her hands to hold him in an embrace but he dismissed her and walked straight into the living room. He sat on the two-seater settee, shaking his left leg repeatedly.

"Are you okay?" She asked, taking a seat beside him. She placed her hand on his shaky leg but he flinched.

"What the hell did you think you were doing by asking my accountant to credit you Ten million Naira?" He ranted.

She shrugged, although she had a confused expression on her face.

"Dehinde, I had to get a new car and get some things fixed in this house..." She said.

"What the hell?! I gave you Six million just last month. I got you this apartment. It cost me Thirty five million Naira! Do you think we just pluck cash on trees?"

"Look, I am the mother of your son. I don't care if it costs you heaven and earth. We are your responsibility..."

"How did I end up with you?" He shook his head, placing his hands on his head.

She didn't work as his P.A anymore. After she had gotten pregnant, she told him the job was too stressful and she wanted to quit work for some time. The baby had been born and was about three years old now, and she still hadn't come back to work. All she did was spend his money and request for things. He knew he had made the hugest mistake ever by asking his accountant to avail money to her whenever she needed it. That had been during the pregnancy, and she had taken full advantage of it. It was about three years and she was still taking advantage.

"Dehinde, I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that gibberish you just said to me. How do you think I feel? This isn't what I wanted from life. To just be your baby mama is certainly not my dream. I'm twenty nine. You think I don't want to get married?"

Dehinde looked at her and laughed.

"What did you say? Marriage?" He laughed.

She eyeballed him.

"Let me be explicit. When are we getting married? When are you coming to meet my people?"

He was still laughing.

"Are you serious now?" He laughed, holding his tummy. "This is soo damn funny! Woman, I am not going to marry you. It's never going to happen. We have a child together and that ends it." He said.

"I don't get it, When you were still married to that your low-class wife, you always came to me. You told me how you couldn't wait to get out of that marriage and how she made you very embarrassed. Dehinde, there were even times I went with you to meetings with people and I covered for you when you introduced me as your wife. I spoke soundly and they told you how lucky you were to have married me. You know I left my fiance for this job. He couldn't deal with me not always having time for him. And I quit the relationship because of you. I have given you so much..."

Dehinde sighed. She knew she was winning him over gradually so she continued to remind him about how he had started to like her and how he had told her she was one of the most intelligent women he had ever met. When he wasn't saying anything, she went over to him and put her hands on his chest, massaging it the way he liked. She hugged him and started to kiss his neck and ears and before they knew it, they were back in the bedroom.


"Jide...what do you mean?" Ronke Roland asked her husband again. They had just returned from church that Sunday afternoon.

Ronke had noticed that her husband had been acting really weird since after the service. He had snapped at her in response to everything she had asked him. She didn't just start to notice his attitude. It had not been just that day, and not that week. He was withdrawn and distant.

"I said I want you to leave me alone!" He raised his voice at her.

She opened her mouth in shock. He never raised his voice at her. He was the perfect husband...the perfect gentle man.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay..." He apologized.

She went over to him and held his hand.

"Jide, please talk to me. Did I do something wrong? Did something happen? Is there a financial problem?"

"Exactly my point!" He barked. He barked so loud that she jumped out of her skin.
"All our success is based on financial leverage! That's all we have. Ronke we are rich. We are wealthy. But that's not all I want..."

She knew where this was going.

"This is about the baby dedication they had in church today right?" She said softly.

"Yes! I want kids! It's been seven years."

She sighed.

"But we are trying. It's not my fault...we tried IVF and..."

He hissed and walked out on her.


Theresa got out of the bathroom and hurried into the bedroom to get dressed. She looked at the clock. The time was already 6.45 PM.  Tony was a punctual one and he always stuck to time. He had told her that he had made reservations for dinner for 7.30 PM. He was going to be there by 7. She grabbed her roll-on and rolled it over her pits, Then she hurriedly moisturized herself. She was just brushing her weave when her phone rang. He told her he was going to be a little late and that he had sent his driver to pick her up. She could delay a bit then, since it was just the driver that was coming.

The restaurant was all too familiar. It was Balorama. But it wasn't the Balorama where she had worked. It was a recently opened one at Oniru. So Balorama was the place that her boyfriend had been going on and on about. He said it was a really nice place and he had held a few business lunches there.

He had told her to wait for him there and that he would join her after a few minutes. As she waited, she tried to distract herself from the memories of everything that had to do with Balorama restaurant.


Tony smiled as he saw her walk into the restaurant. She took his breath away. She looked absolutely gorgeous in that green shimmer dress she was wearing. He had planned this all out. He was going to ask one of the servers to take a covered starter dish to her. He had placed a ring in the empty plate. The diamond sparkling ring was actually the starter meal. After she had seen the ring, then Davido's Aye would start to play and then he would walk over to her, grab her from behind and whisper in her ears that he loved her so much and wanted to marry her. He would tell her how she was his blessing and the most beautiful thing that had happened to him.


They walked into the restaurant. She smiled.

"It's doing really well...and we just opened it like five months ago." Dehinde's P.A said.

She had her arm in his. They had come to have dinner. Dehinde nodded in approval.

"I'm proud of you, baby." She said.

He smiled.

Immediately the Manager joined them and walked them to the table reserved for them.

As Dehinde walked with his son's mother in his arm, his eyes met hers.


Theresa's eyes met his too. The server was still holding the starter dish beside her but she was totally distracted now. She couldn't take her eyes off him. Then his P.A saw his gaze and followed it.
Dehinde walked towards her table. Her heart started to beat faster and louder and she feared it would burst out of her chest. She didn't know why she was feeling this way. It had been years! She had gotten over him. She couldn't understand why she was getting goose pimples and feeling jittery.

Was that jealousy she felt? She saw his P.A walk beside him. She placed her hand on his chest in possession.

"Hi, Theresa." He said. His face was expressionless.

She opened her mouth to speak but she didn't know what to say. And it made her feel embarrassed.

"Dehinde..." She attempted to say but she ended up whispering. She saw his smile and she hated herself.

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*I'm sorry for the delay. I have been so busy! Extremely busy! I have also been thinking of how to go on with the story line...Maybe you can give me suggestions....Still thinking and still writing.


  1. Praise God, finally got something to read after refreshing more than a hundred time.
    Dehinde shouldn't feel to proud of himself and Theresa should have Twins with Tony and live happily ever after

    1. I agree with you.

      Dehinde should be ashamed of himself.

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  3. Gud wk fisayo , stil waiting to finish d story .

  4. I am very sure dat dehinde is not d father of dat child , less u 4get his p.a was sleeping wt jide , so 4 sure dehinde wil suffer when he found out he has been spending his money on another person child .

  5. fisayo plsss just end the story already. i have been checking this blog non stop through out the weekend. as long as we learn a lesson from it, end it as u like. good job keep it up

  6. Fisayo this is unfair, u promised to end the story by weekend, now is monday already and just one episode was added. This is murder*crying my eyes out*

  7. So this story hasn't ended!!! I give up, I'll be back next month.
    Thanks Fisi


    1. Susan no vex o! Trying my best in the midst of a million things.

  8. Haba u said u would finish it up this weekend. I was looking forward to a long read.

  9. Awwww...can imagine d pressure u must b under fissy, it's all good. Loving it all d way.
    I do think Theresa should b a lil flustered n unsure n mess up Toni's well planned proposal. Jes let d story roll frm dia, she shud even make d mistake of going out with dehinde a few times, dis is someone she still has feelings for now, let her get really burnt dis time n learn to keep away forever. Babe let it roll, u knw wat to do..

  10. No Fisayo...Theresa shouldn't go back to dehinde, it won't be fair cause its will just make her a weakly. But let dehinde beg and beg after seeing how strong, educated and beautiful she is now, and she should accept Tony's proposal and gv birth to twins. Chia! Fisayo nice one, keep it up

  11. I can't be angry with you. Don't mind me, I'm just been selfish and naughty. I understand. Take your time and write me beautiful stories. Yes meeeee! RME!!! Lols. Kudos Fisi.

    You Rock.


  12. Beautiful composition!.. great work. Our gifts are God's investment in us... It's our responsibility to prune, sharpen, and water em'.