Monday, 22 September 2014

I DID Episode 08

Tony knew that that was not the right time to propose to her. She seemed so distracted. As soon as he saw the man that walked up to her, he saw how uncomposed she became. So he had walked over to her table and kissed her cheek. He actually wanted the man to see that. His guess was right. Theresa had introduced him as "Dehinde" and Dehinde had added the suffix, "her ex-husband."

Their dinner wasn't dinnerable. She was quiet and careful most of the time. He noticed that her ex and his date were seated across them. He had asked the server to take the covered dish away. He would propose another time; a time when she was more composed. 

"Let's leave." He said, wiping the edges of his mouth. 

She didn't hear him. 

Theresa had a million and one things going on in her head. She couldn't focus, with her ex sittihg just across her table, with another woman. It wasn't just any other was his P.a. 

She had always suspected that there was something going on between them. But when she had seen her that day at the hotel with Jide, she had thought Dehinde didn't have an affair with her afterall. 

She watched as his P.A placed her hand on Dehinde's chest and laughed about something. Dehinde wasn't laughing. His face was expressionless. 

When he had walked up to her and she had said hi, his face had been expressionless too. She had searched his face; the lines and dimples that expressed themselves to show whatever he was thinking. He always told her that she was the only one who knew had to read him properly. Now, she couldn't read anything. He was...bland. And it sort of broke her heart that seeing her again didn't cause any expression from him. Maybe he still thought she was that low-class uneducated woman. Just maybe. 

"Tessy!" Tony said again. 

She jolted from her thoughts and looked at her boyfriend. 

"Yes dear?" She said. 

"I said..." He hesitated, shutting his eyes. But he went on. 

"I said let us leave now." 

Theresa nodded.

The driver had taken home the car in which he brought Theresa. Tony had decided to drop her home himself. The ride to her place was quiet. She wasn't saying a word but her eyes were speaking volumes. He couldn't continue. He parked the vehicle off the road and then pressed the hazard light button. 

"Tony? What's wrong?" She said, confused.

"You. This. I should be asking you. What's going on with you?"

She sighed. She knew she had been acting funny since she saw her ex husband but she didn't know it was that obvious. 

"I'm fine." She smiled lightly.

"I'm not. I'm not okay with your ex showing up and changing your whole mood..."

"Please try to understand, baby. I was just..."

"Just what? Is this how it's going to be when we get married?"

She paused. Then she looked at him.
He shook his head and dug his hand into his pocket. He was holding the shiny diamond princess cut ring to her face.

"I was gonna ask you to marry me at the restaurant. Apparently I shouldn't have."

"Oh my God! I can't believe this..."

"Yes, I love you and was going to ask you to be my wife."

She sighed.

"It's so beautiful, Dehinde! It's so beautiful!" 

Tony didn't say a word further. He just nodded. He had gotten his answers. Theresa realized her mistake too. How could she have done this? It was bad! This was bad! Bad bad bad!

She was going to apologize and say she was sorry and didn't mean to call him Dehinde but what would be her excuse or her defence? This wasn't good. 

Tony tried to focus on the ride home. As they got to her apartment, he parked the car and unlocked her door. 

" was a mistake..." She started. He hushed her with his hand up. 

"This is how far it goes with us. Have a pleasant night rest." He said. 

She climbed out of the car and was about to say something but he drove off immediately. 


"You did what?!" Dehinde yelled. He yelled so loud that their three year old woke up from his slumber. 

"Dehinde stop embarassing your self in front of this child." His P.a said, hissing. 

Dehinde was furious.

"Are you crazy?" He shouted again.

"Look, are you the first person to have responsibilities? Are you the first young man to be succesful? I asked for just five million and you want to wake the dead." 

"Woman, I am not giving you five milion Naira to waste on clothes and shoes and all..." 

"I know it's because of that your local ex wife that you're being mean to me."

Dehinde didn't know what came over him. He raised his hand and almost hit her in the face. The child started to cry. She went to carry her son and placed him on her hip. 

"Hope you're happy." She said.

He sighed. He didn't understand what was going on with him. Maybe she had just told him the truth point blank. 


This was about Theresa.

He couldn't throw out the images and scenes that kept flashing in his memory. He thought about her every time. She looked different now. She looked...appealing. Gosh! Theresa was gorgeous in that green dress that enhanced her curves and edges. 

He missed her. He missed her desire to please and impress him. But now, he felt like he was the one who needed to please and impress her. 

She had a man now. He had felt the jealousy down to the very core of his masculinity. He knew Theresa was no longer his wife but he had to make it known that he had been her husband once. He had seen the look on her boyfriend's face when he told him that he was her ex-husband. The man was pissed! He was going to go on and say he owned the restaurant. But he let it go. 

He was back in his car. He was confused on what to do. He wanted to call her again. He wanted to speak to her. He wanted to her the soft caress of her velvety voice again.


"He broke up with me." Theresa said. Her voice was croaky. She was speaking with Jennifer over the phone.

"What? I was already planning on coming to Nigeria for the wedding!" Jennifer said.

"Well, I don't know if there's still gonna be one..."

"But you sef, you mess up big time Theresa! How will you make that mistake and call him Dehinde. That Dehinde is just bad luck." 

She sighed and sniffed.

"He was going to propose to me."

"Chai! How I wished you collected thr ring first before making that mistake. At least he wouldn't have collected the ring back from you." 

Theresa laughed. 

"You no well." She laughed. Jennifer laughed too.

"I have to get the door. Someone's knocking." Theresa said. "I'll call you back."

She ended the call and hurried towards  the door. A part of her hoped it was Tony. He had still not spoken to her since that night. Neither had he returned her calls.

He was standing at the door way. Before she could say anything, he walked in, uninvited. She stood by the door, finding the words to tell him to get out. He looked at her, feasting his eyes on her body. She was wearing a playsuit. A really low cleavage revealing playsuit. She noticed his eyes and folded her arms over her chest. What a perv. 

"Dehinde Roland you come into my house and harrass me with your eyes?" She said. She meant for her voice to be stern but it was not stern. It was shaky. His eyes were doing things to her emotions and her body. She begun to shake as he walked closer to her. 

"Dehinde get out.." She said, but by then, he had pulled her by the waist and was kissing the nape of her neck. He still knew her weak points. 

"Dehinde please leave..." She struggled, but it was too late. Their lips were locking now.

Then his phone started to ring. It was his P.A. He ignored the call and pulled his ex wife closer again. She struggled the first time but now she wasn't struggling anymore. She was hugging him and pulling him closer.

He had his answers.

He knew Theresa still wanted him.

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  1. I know many of you are upset that I couldnt finish posting. I must tell you I am under a lot of stress and pressure and also horrible internet connection because I am in a new location. I am doing the best I can because this blog is my passion and very important to me. I appreciate you always for the views, comments, and for reading and sharing. You motivate me always. Thank you. P.s i also cant wait to finish and start a new series.

  2. Thanks fisssy love...but pls don't let dehinde get tessy back...pleeeeasseeee Xoxo

  3. JESUS!!! How can they be kissing after the humiliation.. Gush Now I know women think with their heart and not their head.

    Fisi well done.


  4. I have been reading this blog for a about a month now but have never commented, I must say you are doing a good job. I even have the e book four on my android. Please please n please finish this Dehinde and Tessys story. I sympathise with Tony but he should know that the heart doesn't choose who it loves. Love just finds it. Keep up the good work sis n God bless you

  5. Someone said from the onset dat Theresa is a stupid gal. Now I agree

  6. girl you dont have to apologize, afterall we all get to read free stories and people need to understand and realize you have a life to tend too.

  7. Fissy, more grease to ur elbow. Just take things easy

  8. Fissy, more grease to ur elbow. Just take things easy