Monday, 22 September 2014

I DID final Finale


That's what Tony had told her when she had goneback to him. He had told her that he was now married to Gloria. 

She was hurt. Not exactly because he had found someone else and was now unavailable for her. No. It was because she couldn't believe how soon he got over her. 

"I'm sorry for everything, Tony. For what it's worth." She said. 

He nodded. 

She looked at his left hand, the fourth finger. He wasn't wearing a ring. 

"I guess this is it." She said, picking up her purse.

Tony nodded, looking away. 

As soon as she stepped out, a young woman hurried after her. She looked around, hoping to make sure that no one was looking. Then she pulled Theresa to a corner, beside a car parked on the edge of the road. 

"Who are you? What's this..." Theresa was starting to raise her voice. 

"Look, I am Tony's staff and friend too. I want to tell you something." She whisphered, as though people would still hear them. 

"What?" Theresa replied. 

"Okay. So Tony isn't married to me. I'm Gloria. He just said that to make you go away..." She said.

"What?!" She replied again, this time screaming. 

Gloria covered Theresa's mouth.

"I have to leave now. He's going to look for me soon. He's a good man and I think somewhere within, he still loves you." 

Gloria smiled then she went back into the house. 


Ronke Roland couldn't believe this. Her heart was thumping faster than anything she could compare it to. She looked at the stick again. She had peed on a stick and she had received a huge miracle. But she didn't want to say anything just yet. She decided to go to the hospital for a proper pregnancy test. 

And it had come back positive.

She had thought on telling Jide but she didn't think it was the right time. He had been so depressed since Dehinde's death. Chief Roland had hired his own private investigators when the NPF were acting slow and condemning the murderous act of Dehinde's P.A. In three days, while the Police were explaining that they were working on it and putting things in check, the private investigators combed out the woman. She had run away to Turkey; somewhere she thought no one would ever find her. She had left with her son. 

Now she was behind bars. She was still appearing before the Court of law for the murder charge. Everything her lawyer was trying to do to reduce her sentence and punish her for a lesser offence was being frustrated by Chief Roland via his connections in the Judiciary. 

Ronke couldn't take it anymore. She saw how miserable her husband had become. Not only had he lost his business partner and cousin, he felt horrible knowing that he had contributed to the actions that led to his death. 

So she came out with it. 

She arranged for the little boy; her husband's son, to be brought into their home. She first lied to Jide that the boy was her nephew. But then, she came out clean. And she told him the truth. 

Jide had grown to love the boy so much. She didn't know if he would even have any love left for their unborn child. 

Bt when it was getting closer to five months, she couldn't hide it from him anymore. She told him they were expecting. 

She could never forget the joy he expressed. He had carried her in his arms and kissed her all over. He bought her a brand new car and gave her about a million Naira to buy whatever she wanted. He bought landed property at Lekki in her name and promised to develop it for her. 


The baby was born on a Sunday. It was early in November. She had thought she was going to die and she had feared so much, not for her own life, but for her husband's. Tony had lost a wife in this very way before. She couldn't make him go through this again. She had tried to have her baby by normal delivery but the doctors had told her to go for a c section. 

Personally for Theresa, she was happy again that she was in an American hospital, not to abort a baby, but to bring it into the world. 

The look on Tony's face as he held the baby in his arms, was one she would never ever forget. 

"Thank you! You're amazing!" He said, lowering his head and kissing her lips. 

The baby cried.

His cries awakened her consciousness and she knew this was the beginning of a new chapter. 

A chapter of happiness. 

*the end of the End. 

*hope you enjoyed this.


*I Did



  1. Lovely happily ever after ending!

    1. Lol @ d end of the end.
      Yes I love it.. this is much better.
      Everyone loves a happy ending Fisayo
      I wish u God's grace and favor in your new location. And may great ideas for new stories flow into your brain every day u wake

  2. Thank u girl! At some point it really showed u were lost 4 how 2 continue. God bless ur memory. Beloved

  3. Thank God you finally gave the story a happy ending.
    May God improve your writing skills to be even better than it already is,Amen.

  4. Yippppeeeeee!!!! Now that's more like it.


  5. Yippeeeeeee..besst endiiing xoxo

  6. thanks a million girl.

  7. So beautiful, been waiting for the end since last week.. I am addicted to your stories..

  8. Wow! Now I like the ending. Thank you Fisayo your stories are amazing. .

  9. Okay this is a superise, Dehinde dies? Awww, jide is the father of child? Hmmmm Tony marries Theresa, Good except for Dehinde dying. Well done sis God bless you

  10. Okay this is a superise, Dehinde dies? Awww, jide is the father of child? Hmmmm Tony marries Theresa, Good except for Dehinde dying. Well done sis God bless you

  11. nice. i totally enjoyed the piece.

  12. Better ending. God will increase ur wisdom.