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She liked him, and he liked her. It had been about two weeks since the surprise date powered by her mischievous sister, Lolade. Tobi knew it had been just two weeks but somehow, she felt like she had known him for ages. They got along soooo well. And above all, she had come out clean about her occupation and passion, and he wasn't against her. Those had been his words; I am not against what you do. Well, she might have preferred an I support what you do. But didn't both sentences mean the same thing? She liked what he did too. He wanted to make women beautiful. But she felt the real beauty of a woman was in the natural. Perhaps it was because she wasn't crazy and fanatic about artificial addendum.

He had bought her a gift on their last date; a chiffon sequined maxi dress, and Fiore heels, and Cambodian human hair, and Black Up Make up. She had smiled and accepted them, but she knew she was going to eventually hand them over to Lolade. She didn't quite get it though...he had said he loved that she preferred to be natural in her looks...but why was he buying her these things? She had wanted to raise the issue with him, but Lolade had told her not to pour sand in her own garri. 


Jibola nodded as he parked the car at her gate and waited for her to get down.

"I understand." He said.

Tobi sighed.

"I'm really sorry, Jibola. I know it's hard on you but I really have to be at this event. Plus, it could be an opportunity for the sponsors to make me an ambassador of their brand, you know. This means so much to me and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I have my speech prepared and I'm ready to address this missing girls issue that no one is saying anything about. There's also the childnotbride issue as well..." She went on.

"It's fine, girl." Jibola said.

Tobi shook her head.

"Excuse me? Girl?" She said.


"I should be asking you. What do you mean by Girl?"

Jibola let out a sound and ran his hand over his head.

"Tobi, it's a word of endearment. It's something I call a woman I'm fond of. I called my ex that all the tiime..."

She laughed in sarcasm.

"Yeah, I guess you're still hung up on your ex."

Jibola let out a heavy breath.

"Please leave. Just leave and get into your house." He said, unlocking the door.

She opened her mouth ajar.

"Seriously? Look, Mr Dauda, you can't tell me what or what not to do." She said, staring at him.

Jibola laughed.

"Tobi are you serious here? Mr Dauda? My God. I'm trying to be the mature one here, so I'll just save you the embarrassment and let you get out yourself." He said.

She hissed, grabbed her purse, and stormed out. Jibola zoomed off.

Lolade was still awake. She had seen them from the window. Then when Tobi stormed into the house, muttering a lot of gibberish, she knew there was a problem.

"What's up?" Lolade asked.

"Can you imagine the man! He had the guts to ask me to get out of his car?"

"Huh? Why?! You guys had a fight?"

"I don't even care. Let him go to hell."

"Hell is a really bad place. I'm sure you don't want that gorgeous man burning in hell."

Tobi laughed, taking a seat.

"Babe, I'm sure what he did wasn't that bad. You need to relax and breathe. The women you fight for, you do know some of them are married, right? You need to...I'm sorry, but you need to get a life." Lolade said.

Tobi looked at her sister, very shocked.

"Good. Call me a lesbian too." She said.

Lolade hissed.

"You must be on your period. That's why your angry hormones are so high." Lolade said.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm going back home tomorrow."

Tobi opened her mouth, surprised.


Lolade nodded, looking away.

"It's for the best. I can't run away from my problems. It's been almost a month I've been putting up with you. Me and baby. And I miss him. I'm pregnant and I need him sometimes, you know."

Tobi shook her head.

"So it's until that man kills you, abi?"

"No, it won't get to that stage. We will work it out."

"Do you realize it's almost a month and he didn't come looking for you?" Tobi said.

Lolade shrugged.

"It was my fault. I was the one who left. I was the one who broke our vows by walking out. Besides, he...he calls." She stuttered. Tobi knew she was lying.

"My God, I see Mom is brainwashing you. This is so typical of her. How is it your fault? It's your fault he beats you up?! And by violating you he is taking your vows rightly?"

Lolade shook her head, biting her lower lip.

"I...You can't understand. That's why you need to get married or something." Lolade said and walked out.

Tobi was still staring at the door, after her sister had jammed it. Her heart suddenly started to beat faster. She was suddenly feeling all alone again. She had to admit that since her sister moved in, she had been less cranky than her usual self.

But what if Brother Yemi did something drastic? What if...

She remembered the story of the Titilayo banker that died some years ago. Her husband had killed and mutilated her. Even if he had been arraigned in court and judgement had been served, it never brought the woman back. What if her brother-in-law did something similar? She was afraid, very afraid.

But by the next morning, Lolade had gathered her things and had called a Taxi. Then Tobi realized that she was very serious. How on earth could she go back to that beast of a man?

Lolade hugged her, then she put her son safely at the back seat, and joined him. In the twinkle of an eye, they left.


Tobi shook her head. It was about a week since their small fight in his car. And now, they were having lunch at a restaurant in Ikoyi. She had gone out of her way to look good for him. She finally fixed her hair with the weave he had given her, and she wore pretty clothes, but maintained her ballerina pumps. She just couldn't make her self uncomfortable in heels.

She missed him, she had to admit. Staring into his perfectly chiseled face was enough lunch for her. The waitress interrupted her lunch. 

"Can I take your order Sir?" The waitress said, facing Jibola alone.

This was why Tobi shook her head.

"Don't you have manners to know you serve a lady first?" She blurted out.

Jibola looked around, unconsciously. He didn't want her to cause a scene. He knew his date was a very vocal woman.

"Please do serve her first." Jibola said, looking away.

When the waitress left, Tobi held his hand.

"You think I'm a crazy and difficult woman, right?" She said.

Jibola smiled. His answer was yes, but he couldn't say it. She would get upset and get more vocal.

"No. No way." He said.

"I'm sorry, I just don't like it when people don't act right...If we all did, the country would be a better place." She said.

Jibola nodded.

"I totally agree."

They were having their meals and a conversation when this suddenly happened...

A young woman, possibly in her mid twenties, walked up to their table, directly at Tobi. She grabbed the glass of water on the table on poured it on Tobi's shirt. The woman was extremely furious.

"You hypocrite! You idiot!" The woman yelled.

Jibola stood up to hold her back from hurting Tobi. She was creating a scene already; the scene he had badly tried to avoid.

"What is wrong with you?" Tobi yelled back. She recognized the woman. She was Ireti Daniels, one of the women who had sent her an email and had taken counselling sessions with her. Ireti's husband had maltreated her and always insulted her. Ireti had been at the pit of her existence, so she had run to Tobi to help her get her sanity back. Tobi had told her to stand up for herself and confront her husband. Ireti did exactly that and her husband told her to leave. He sent her away and took her three kids from her.

"You misled me! My husband has thrown me out of the house. I'm more miserable than I was! And you are here having a nice time with your own man, right?!" Ireti ranted.

Nothing Jibola said stopped the woman. She was at the verge of tearing Tobi's blouse, but for security who came and bundled her away.

The ride home was weird. Jibola didn't know what to say. He was embarrassed, but also embarrassed for her. When he dropped her, he knew he had something to say. He couldn't continue this way. Things just didn't seem to flow between them. It had started with her giving him a false name as Tayo, and one drama or the other kept spinning off.

Tobi got the message though. The next couple of days, he had avoided her calls. Then when he finally picked up, he came out straight with it.

Social media had made matters worse. News had captured her ordeal at the restaurant with Ireti. She was reading comments online, but when they got too much to handle, she shut down her computer.


"Are you deaf? I was calling and you didn't answer me. Didn't you hear me?" Lolade raised her voice at the help; the girl that the Priest had brought to stay with them.

Lolade had called her name like five times, asking her to prepare breakfast for her son.
The girl eventually strolled into the bedroom.

"Ma?" She said.

"Don't provoke me this morning o. Just do not provoke me!"

The girl rolled her eyes.

Lolade dragged her by the collar of her tshirt and attempted to hit her face.

Then the girl suddenly spew it all out on the floor. She couldn't hold it any longer. She vomited right on Lolade's feet.

"I'm sorry Ma!" She said and ran out of the room.

The only thought in Lolade's head was Ebola. What if the girl had Ebola???

In about a split second though, it occurred to her...

"Maria!" She yelled, looking for the girl like a hungry Lion, waiting to pounce on her.

Maria knew what was coming. As soon as she saw Aunty Lolade, she went on her knees crying.

"I'm very sorry. Please Ma." She cried.

Lolade shook her head.

"You are pregnant? Oh my God! How old are you? fifteen? And you are already letting these useless boys at your school touch you! I will report you to the Priest!"

Maria cried, pleading with Lolade.


Then that night, as she lay in bed with her husband, Yemi, he said he needed to go check something in the car. She had nodded. She was sleepy anyway. But in about ten minutes, he wasn't back. She got out of bed and walked towards the living room. Then in the kitchen, she heard their voices. Her husband was comforting Maria.

"Uncle, I am afraid. What if she finds out that I am pregnant for you?"

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  17. Nawa o, it's like I will stop visiting this blog, I have refreshed more than 20 times since the last post. This is not how to keep readers

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