Monday, 13 October 2014

ON AIR PERSONALITY ... (Not Episode 4)

I said I would post tonight. But I got home really late and exhausted! Still tried to write but I just had to respect nature. 

Any attempt to write another episode now might just twist the story. So I don't go writing about how Lolade snatches Tobi's new man, Jibola, which isn't even part of the plot of the series. 

I appreciate every single comment and every single page view. I really do! 

But it's best I write with a refreshed and rested mind so my imagination can expand. Lol. 

Nevertheless, great people, I will write and post quickly and promptly even if it means typing with my phone. The plan is to finish the series sharply. 

Have a great night! And to our readers in other parts of the globe, have a great afternoon, or morning. 




  1. pele dear. And thanks 4 d 411. Better than refreshing of d page. BELOVED.

  2. take your time dear. We appreciate you more.


  3. Well done Fisayo.

  4. Well done Fisayo. You are just an inspiration