Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Revelation

At 3, Ogunwale street, somewhere in one of the numerous residential Estates in Lagos Island, Vivian was getting a face slap, getting anxious and giddy to see Gabriel again. It wasn't exactly seeing him again that made her giddy...perhaps it was what she wanted to find out from him.

It had been about a year since he had left Nigeria. His job had transferred him to Dubai. She had been worried...really worried. Especially because they had been courting for a long time, and up until he left, he didn't say a word or give any hint about proposing to her. She decided to give him time. Maybe he needed to settle in the foreign land where he found himself. So she waited a week, two weeks, three months...and there was nothing forthcoming from him. Yes, it crossed her mind several times to break off the relationship and find someone else who was ready to get married. The constant pressure from her mother and her married friends didn't make matters any simpler.

But she loved him too much to cheat on him or to end the relationship.

Then one day, Gabriel told her he was coming to Nigeria for two weeks and he wanted her to hurriedly apply for her Leave period at work so that they could spend time together. Ordinarily, being who she was, she would have started to guess that maybe he had a Proposal planned up. But she was tired of the anxiety that always yielded nothing. So she decided to let herself breathe. Maybe it was better she asked him about his plans for her. That's what her Pastor had said in church on Sunday. ...That any man who wasn't interested in taking a woman to the altar was probably only interested in Not taking her to the altar. She decided she would ask. What was the worst that could happen?

By 7.30 pm, he was already at her gate, waiting. They were supposed to have dinner at the Four points at Lekki. She had to admit he looked hot! Lord, would she be able to focus and pass across her message to him with all seriousness? Looking at him, all she wanted to do was stay in his arms forever...regardless of if he took her down, along, or away from the altar.


At a hotel room at the Bluechord hotel, Yetunde was anxious as well, as she washed away the make-up from her face. Her make-up artist had done a really good job at the face slapping. She had looked absolutely fabulous at her wedding earlier that morning. She knew for sure that the bellas were going to be posting her wedding photos online. She couldn't wait for the comments. But most importantly, she couldn't wait for what was coming...

She was twenty eight years old and had just gotten married to Tunde, the man she had courted for six years and had kept her virginity for. She had looked forward to this day...her wedding night, for such a long time. Now it was finally here. She opened her hand luggage and pulled out the darn sexy lingerie her friends had packed up for her at the bridal shower. She more polarized to the conservative line of life, and she doubted if she would be comfortable wearing what she was holding in her hands. But then again, this was going to be her first time and she wanted it to be excitingly special with the man of her dreams.

The man of her dreams was in the hotel room, eager for her to join him. He had always told her every day before they got married, that he couldn't wait to make her a woman. She found it weird though...that the basis of being a woman was sex. What happened to poise, beauty, brains....and every other ingredient that made a female a woman in the actual sense of it?

She finally found the courage to wear the lacy black thin strap nighty. She smiled, looking at her self in the mirror, as all her feminine features became more pronounced. Perhaps indeed, she was actually going to be made a woman.

"This is it." She sighed, shaking her head so that her weave fell to the other side of her neck. She opened the door of the bathroom and stepped into the bedroom, facing her new husband who was grinning from ear to ear like a giddy school boy.


Chike couldn't believe this. He had to park his Toyota at one side of the road to read the text message properly. Was this real?! He had just been granted a contract to supply all the branches of a bank with security cameras. He had only just started the CCTV business and had only done one job in two years. He had already started to get frustrated. First, after school, and with a very strong Second class upper division degree, he hadn't been able to find a decent job. He had found a bank job in the marketing department but when he couldn't deal with targets and pressure, he resigned and decided he was going to start his own business. He started quite alright, getting loans and gifts from family members and friends. And after his first contract, he hadn't been able to lift his head above waters anymore. Then the depression came back, and he started to wish he never left the banking job, especially when he saw his colleagues who now had houses and cars to their names.

He hadn't submitted a proposal to any bank in particular. He couldn't understand this. It had to be a miracle...or was it a scam? He read the text message again. He wanted to see if the sender left any number to contact them on, since the sender was a No-response one. As though God was hearing him speak, his phone started to ring. It was an unknown number.

"Good afternoon..." Chike said, anxiously.

"Hello, Mr Chike Azuka. I'm Kenneth from ABCD Bank. I'm the Head of the Shared Services Unit and we have looked through your proposal..."

"But I ..."

Shut up Chike...Don't tell him you didn't send a proposal!

"We would like for you to show up at our head office tomorrow at 10 am if that's fine by you." Mr. Kenneth said.

"Thank you very much! I will! I definitely will. Thanks a lot." He said.


Vivian had prepared her speech. She was going to give him a piece of her mind! She wasn't going to play the patient girlfriend and the whole Surulere card anymore. She needed answers and she needed them that moment!

But as she started to speak, Gabriel told her to hold on. He told her he had been wanting to do this for a very long time. And then, he got on one knee, and brought out the velvet purple box from his pants pocket. He opened it and shining before her eyes....

Shining before her eyes was not the diamond rock of a ring she had seen in the velvet box. She couldn't explain this light. It was extremely bright...whiter than brand new headlamps!

Then she heard the sound. It was so loud it deafened her ears from hearing anything else.

And that was it!

It was a trumpet sound.

Yetunde heard the sound too, as she walked towards the bed, approaching her husband, eager for their much anticipated love-making.

But in the twinkle of an eye, it happened.

What happened, she couldn't understand.

But she  was taken away. And he was left behind in the room.

In the twinkle of an eye.

Chike was laying his clothes on the bed for which outfit to wear to the bank the next day, till he heard the sound of the trumpet too. And then, he didn't understand where he found himself. He was no longer in the room.

There was a changing of bodies...from corruptible to incorruptible. How it happened cannot be explained, It all just happened in the twinkle of an eye.

Then there He was!!!

The Son of man. The One whom Vivian had always tried to imagine how He looked...the One Yetunde's husband had given his life to before he somehow took his life back again. The One they had crucified many years ago...The One who was, who is, and who had come.

He was coming in the clouds. With great power and glory. With such bright incomprehensible lightning all around Him. He was surrounded with beauty, with angels everywhere, gathering the people who had been taken up.

Those who had been dead also started to rise again too. Chike saw his father...and all the pain he had held on to together with the depression of his job, suddenly eased away like they had never existed!


Yetunde's husband still couldn't believe what had just happened, and he didn't know which troubled him the more...

That rapture had happened and he had been left behind,
or that rapture had to happen just as he was about to make her a woman at last.



p.s - This is entirely a work of imagination. Please be guided accordingly.
May none of us be left behind.

1Corinthians 15; 51-53

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  1. Men! Why did rapture have to happen on the wedding night?!

  2. Waow! Amazing n vivid! Bet I don't want on my wedding night o *wailing*! Its all good sha...
    Christ is truly coming back again!
    No need denying the truth!
    Love me some Fisayo Talabi *big huge hug*

  3. May we not be left behind in Jesus' name. Amen!!!!


  5. May I and my entire family not be left behind IJN. Amen! Weldone Fisayo

  6. Amen. May I nd my family not be left behind in Jesus name. Amen

  7. Amen ooo. Thanks Fisayo

  8. Amen. Nice1is dat d end?

  9. Amen...Nice write up

  10. This blog is officially dead now... SMH

  11. This story is meant for deep minds. Not shallow minds like yours. If only u can use ur brain u will see d inner meaning. Grow up.

  12. Wow. In the midst of every other story we consider 'fun', we shouldn't forget the true message. The Rapture is indeed near. Good job with passing this message across this way.

  13. Wow. In the midst of every other story we consider 'fun', we shouldn't forget the true message. The Rapture is indeed near. Good job with passing this message across this way.