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Episode 4

They were seated on a couch in his house, they were talking and laughing and they were obviously married because hanging on the wall of the sitting room were frames of her personal pictures and the ones they took together. He couldnt make out what they were talking about but they were sure having fun.

That was the second time he was having a dream like that about her.

Now he understood! The déjà vu feeling he got when he met her was as a result of the dream he had twice. He knew he had seen her somewhere but he didnt know where. At first when he had the dream, he didnt know what to make of it so he prayed but forgot about it. The second time it was like a trance because he was at the office and he wasnt asleep. He felt God was saying something to him but he hadnt been sensitive at the time.

He told Pastor Abioye, his pastor and friend about it and he had suggested and joined him in a 3 day prayer and fasting session for a better clarification of what God was saying and what He wanted him to do. Voila! It was three weeks after the prayer and fasting that Tomide  met her at the shopping mall and she was more beautiful than she was in the dream. The only reason he didnt show his shock and excitement was because he knew he had to play smart and not scare her away but he ended up being stupid because he forgot to get her telephone number.

He was very upset with himself that he forgot God had already told him to leave everything to Him and true to the word of God, their paths crossed again. They met for the second time at one of his respectable clients and friends child dedication. He saw her look towards his side where he was standing after the service. He didnt want to take the moment for granted again because if he did God was going to be blame him for being sluggish and not smart.

He went in search of her in the church auditorium. He didnt know if that was the church she attended so the option of describing her to one of the ushers to help search for her was out of it. Immediately he got outside the church, he saw her getting into her car so he quickly got to her side and greeted her politely.

She was not one to pretend not to recognize people after a brief meeting with them. She recognized him immediately she saw him because she greeted him warmly with a wide smile revealing her gap teeth. They talked briefly and exchanged telephone numbers. He gave her a call that evening and they spoke at length like they had known each other for a long time. 
After the call he felt the need to know her more but he wanted to keep it cool. He didnt want her feeling pestered so he called her two consecutive times after then before asking her out on a date. By then they were more comfortable with each other. On his side he was very sure of what God wanted for him and he was beginning to like her too but he was willing to take baby steps towards this.


Tomide was tired of the tension between him and his wife. He had told her several times that with or without kids he still loved her and he was never going to leave her except death made them part, just as they swore on their wedding day. He couldnt help but think back to the beginning of their relationship. She had been so beautiful in the pink skirt and blouse she wore with a matching head gear. Her make-up was subtle, with her lip stick matching colour of her dress.

He still remembered the exact way she looked the day he met her again at Tolu and Biolas child dedication. She used to have a very great dress sense but since the miscarriage happened, she had stopped dressing good. He knew looking good was the least of her problems and he didn't want to bug her about it. She was more concerned about getting pregnant again and having a child. Tomide was no longer comfortable with her attitude and he had spoken to her about it . He didnt know how else to talk to her and they were drifting apart gradually but that was not an excuse for him to continue seeing Adesola.


If she was somewhere else, there was every probability she was going to scream out loud but she couldnt because she was at the office. Dieko stopped reading the bible passage immediately she saw the first line of the scripture because it was all too familiar. 

Dieko what is it? Tolu asked, seeing the look on Dieko's face. 

Tolu indeed our God is awesome Tears was rolling down Dieko's face this time. You wont believe this was the same scripture I heard yesterday night when I was down in my spirit. I knew it was the Holy Spirit and I held unto it, and hearing you again this afternoon is the final confirmation I need that God is really at work in my life. He is on my case already.

Its okay, you dont have to weep again. The Lord has wiped your tears already Tolu was on her feet now, patting her back and cleaning the tears off her face. Very soon you will testify to the goodness of God. Now you see why I said I just love God? He told you something and He is confirming it through me again. You remember the scripture that says any charge must be sustained by the evidence of two or three witnesses. My dear just keep rejoicing in anticipation.

Thank you so much Tolulope, I dont know what I would have done without you. You are more than a friend to me. You are the sister I dont have. I love you so much She still had tears in her eyes. She hugged her. “Thank you for standing by me and for always tolerating my sometimes appalling attitude. She was smiling now.

They both burst into laughter.

I have another apology to make to my husband when I get home tonight, I have not been nice to him lately”Dieko said.

You better apologise very well and make it spicy too Tolu said winking and smiling mischievously.

Trust me now, in fact over spicy. Dieko winked back and laughed.

Im sure its past lunch time already She said checking her watch.Ooops! Its ten minutes past, I have to run back to my office. Aunty Dee didnt allow us eat today She was patting her bump and speaking to it.Dont mind her when we get home well report her to daddy She said laughing.

Im sorry my darling and its only you Im apologizing to not your mommy Dieko rubbed Tolu's belly, laughing.

Ill be leaving the office early. Im going for ante natal. I'll buzz you when I get home. Make sure you take care of yourself. Bye. Tolu blew her a kiss and breezed out of her friends office.

With her friend gone she went back to her seat and smiled to herself, knowing that very soon she would be the one going for ante natals.

You are the ever faithful God and your word is yea and amen, you have the final say over every situation. Thank you Lord for the confirmation of your word, thank you Lord what you have done in times past, for what you are doing presently and in anticipation of what you are yet to do. I give you glory over the life of my friend and my sister, thank you Lord for by faith you have turned her sorrow into joy, thank you because your promise is being established in her life and her home. Thank you Jesus.

Tolu couldnt stop thanking God. Finally! A word came from God. They’d been praying for a long time now; her and her husband Biola. They had taken it upon themselves to seek the face of the Lord every month through special prayer and fasting concerning Tomide and Dieko's childless state. It was as though God had turned deaf ears to them because with all their prayers, there was still no word from Him. Recently they started becoming weary and their faith was wavering but because of their level of relationship with God, they knew it was the devil trying to make them weary and lose hope probably because their request was about to be granted.

She was happy when she heard the clear and audible still small voice. She couldnt wait to leave the hospital and give her husband the gist. She wasnt paying attention to what the nurse addressing them was saying, after all she has been down this lane before and it was as if the woman was repeating what the matron had earlier said in verbatim. She was tired of sitting in the so-called general hospital and listening to the ill-mannered nurse address them rudely all in the name of ante natal checks.

Checking the time on her phone, she rolled her eyes and adjusted on her seat then she sent her husband a message. She would rather gist with her husband on BB than listen to  the epistle the nurse was giving. They had thirty more minutes to go.


She was driving at the same time thinking of how to give her husband a special treat that night.  Immediately a thought popped in her head. It was too late to prepare any elaborate meal so she decided to work with something else. She parked by the roadside and called someone. After she had ended the call, she called her husband to find out where he was. Thankfully, he was still at the office and wasnt going to be home until about 8:00 pm. 

My love, please wait for me at your office Ill be there say in……” She checked her watch. It was 6:30 pm thirty minutes time.... or Ill be there at exactly 7:30. She was smiling now. “Dont worry all is well. Just wait for me there. Bye and yes I love you

She was grinning from ear to ear now. Yes! Her plan was turning out fine. She smiled, navigated her car towards the main road and zoomed off.


She left home that morning feeling very moody and now she called him My Love and she also said 'I love you'. Tomide couldn't recall the last time they said that to each other. She definitely had something up her sleeves because she didnt just act like that without reason. Women. They could be so unpredictable sometimes. He was going to be patient for her to unravel her plans, at least she was in a better mood and that was enough reason to be happy. He got back to work smiling.

Immediately Dieko got home, she went straight to their closet to search for what to wear. She finally settled for the dress Tomide bought her on their 1st wedding anniversary; a black satin dress trimmed with pearls and sequins. She dashed to the bathroom for a quick shower. She was done dressing under thirty minutes. She took a look at herself in the full length mirror beside the dressing table and she was satisfied with the figure staring back at her. She let her hair down because her husband liked it cascading down her shoulder and back. She smiled at the thought of Tomides words whenever she lets down her hair in its full glory. He always said "flaunt it cos you've got it!"

She had a tiny pearl earring pinned to her ear and her make-up was subtle with the shade of pink lipstick Tomide liked. It was all about him tonight. Enough with the cold attitude. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time, dabbed her nose with a little more powder and did some adjustments here and there. She picked up her red purse matching with the red stiletto Loub heels she had on and left the room. It was 7:00 pm already. She had thirty minutes to get to Tomides office and she didnt want to keep him waiting. She rushed out immediately she heard the honk of the car.


The ambience was warm and cosy. There were few people seated and most of them were obviously couples having a nice time. They walked past the tables to another area of the restaurant that was secluded and had been reserved for them. She had already called the restaurant to make reservations and she called her cab man who had dropped her off at her husbands office. The table for two was nicely decorated and soft music filled the space. Immediately they were seated, a waiter was there to take their order. They placed their orders and after the waiter left, Tomide couldnt hold his thoughts any more. He voiced out with a puzzled look on his face.

Dee, what are we celebrating? I dont seem to know the reason behind this. First you called me to wait up for you at the office, then you came down in a taxi all dressed up, asked me to allow you drive the car and you also told me not to say or ask you anything till we get to where we were going. I have been obedient all the way, so please dont let me die in silence.”He said all in one breath.

She rolled eyes and laughed 

“Hey Mr Williams relax, okay? Theres no cause for alarm. She stretched out her hands across the table and held his, entwining their fingers together. Looking him straight in the eyes, she smiled.

 “My love, Im very sorry. I know I have not been much of a darling wife lately and I noticed it has put a strain on our relationship....

Sssshhh... Tomide placed his fore finger on her lips to stop her from continuing. Its okay darling, no need to explain yourself I understand. Thank God you are in a better mood now, lets forget it. He was smiling now “If that is the reason for this, then lets enjoy the moment. He winked at her and kissed the back of her hands.

Lest I forget, you look beautiful as before, in fact more beautiful. I can see you used my favourite lipstick Avon frostiest mauve. Am I right?" He laughed. "I bless the day I met you at that store. I wont lie I noticed your gap teeth first then the lipstick before even taking a proper look at your face. He winked and they both laughed this time. 

The waiter was back with their orders and a bottle of Ariel. They both had an Italian dish of Spaghetti with Fresh Breadcrumbs, Garlic and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as the main course and Torta di riso for dessert. They talked while eating, reminiscing on old times together. When they were done, Tomide wanted to pay but Dieko insisted.

No way darling! This is my treat for you and I owe you this one. She said as she placed the money in the bill slip on the table. Thank you for forgiving me and for coming here with me tonight.

Thanks for the surprise too. Are we good to go now? Tomide said, standing up and helping his wife up too, he hugged her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Nothing is ever gonna change my love for you Diekolooreoluwasimi. I love you darling.

I love you too she said still blushing.

Dieko told her husband about the confirmation Tolu had from God on their way home. He was happy about it though he already knew God was closeby.

The confirmation shall become a reality today he said grinning from ear to ear as he carried her upstairs into their bedroom. Even the sound of his ringing phone could not stop him. Whoever was calling would call back if it was important. 


She was restless. He wasnt picking her call. He seemed to be playing the faithful husband but she was going to get him at all cost whether he liked it or not. She was not going to back out until she had her way and she had it all planned out. 

And Anyone who tried to obstruct her plans would pay dearly for it....even if such person was his wife. 

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Thursday, 3 December 2015



Later that day, after work when they had both gotten home, Tomide and Dieko had a discussion with Vicky and James. Vicky had worked with their family for a long time, precisely since the first year of their marriage. Few months into their marriage after Dieko had experienced a miscarriage, Tomides mother had brought Vicky to be of help to Dieko. Her hard work and sincerity made the couple like her and treat her like a relative. She was a indeed a good girl who seemed like she had a life plan and all these factors aggravated Dieko's disappointment in her. She was caught between relieving Vicky of her job or letting her stay at the expense of her homes security. The couple decided to give her another chance after she had pleaded and promised never to repeat the act again. James on the other hand was forgiven but relieved of his job.


It felt wet and sticky and it was coming down in a gush. She didnt know what it was but she knew one thing .... this was very painful and it gave her severe back pain. She knew it felt like menstrual cramps but it wasnt. She was whimpering and crying out in pain. It was 5:00 am and she had to get to the hospital. The only person she could call was her best friend because her husband was not home but it was still too early. She was soaked in her own blood. With no choice but to call Tolu, she struggled to pick her phone and dial her number.

‘’Hello’’ Tolu said. She heard her friend whimpering and sat up straight. ‘’Dieko what is it? What is wrong with you?’’

‘’Tolu.please.I need your help..I need you to the hospital. Im sorry to disturb you’’Dieko moaned. 

‘’What!’’ Tolu screamed.‘’Jesus! Dont worry Im coming right away, just stay calm Ill be there in a jiffy.’’

Forty minutes later, Tolu and her husband Biola were at Dieko's house to take her to the hospital but it was too late. She had lost the baby.


Dieko was weeping silently by her side of the bed because she didnt want her husband to know she was crying or thinking about the incident. She had lost her 9 week old pregnancy and the pain was still fresh in her memory even though this happened four years ago. She could still recall everything she went through; the emotional trauma and the pain of the Dilation & Evacuation she had to undergo to take out the remains of her baby which was rudely termed "just a foetus".

Since then, Dieko had not gotten pregnant again. She had gotten tired of visiting different fertility specialists and eventually stopped. Tomide blamed himself for the miscarriage. He felt if he had been at home the day it happened, the baby would have been saved one way or the other. The guilt pushed him to employ an assistant who could handle any of his businesses outside their base; Abuja. At least he would be able to stay home more often and be there for his wife. 

She was tired of people who knew when she got married and were counting the running years. She was fed up of people who didnt know she had no children but would ask how the "children are doing"  based on their hasty assumptions. She was tired of her mother-in-law calling her every time and asking her how she was feeling in a bid to stylishly know if she was pregnant yet. It was only her husband and her bestfriend that understood her feelings. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to become a burden to either of them.

Tomide heard her sniffing and he instantly knew she was crying again. He didnt know whether to let her be or talk to her about it. He knew Vickys issue was going to unravel another bout of emotions. At first he thought she had gotten over the miscarriage incident but obviously she hadnt. 

He remembered they were super elated when it was first confirmed that Dieko was pregnant. They had made several plans for the arrival of the baby and Tomide has insisted that she would deliver of the baby in the UK. In fact ,they already had names for their child and whenever they talked about the baby, they referred to names. It was a shock to them when the miscarriage happened and more saddening that Dieko has been unable to conceive after the miscarriage. The doctors assured them that everything was fine and they should allow nature to take its course and be patient.

They had been patient for the past four years and had never for once doubted God. They were both believers and they believed in the word of God and had faith. He loved his wife but whenever she was in her moody state he wasnt sure of the best thing to say to calm her down. He knew he had to be strong for her. He moved closer to her on the bed even if he didnt really know what to say so he held her tight to himself and kept assuring her of Gods promises to them.

In their silence that night and her troubled spirit, Dieko received these words from God:

"For still the vision awaits its time, it hastens to the end- it will not lie. If it seem slow, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay’’ and

"Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in travail! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her that is married, says the Lord."


The service was power-packed, both the sermon and the praise session was awesome she had always thought no other praise team could beat the one of her church but she was proved wrong by this particular one. She had her share of a good dance, She was known for dancing since she was a child. Even her mother told her that she had started leaping and kicking right from when she was in the womb whenever there was music or singing. When she was a toddler she would twist her tiny body to any song that was being played and if the music is stopped she would cry until she was pacified with something else. 
She was in the church for her friends child dedication and she was the god-mother of the baby.

She saw him in the midst of the crowd but she wasnt sure if he was really the one or it was her imagination. Since the time she met him she has not been able to get him off her mind. With the little time they spent together, she knew he was going to be someone fun to be with. There was just a kind of flow between them that she couldnt explain. She couldnt say she liked him already but there was that possibility of her having a thing for him perhaps if they got to know eachother a little better.

He had the physical attributes she admired in men; TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome), well-built, deep voice and of course he spoke well too. He had dimples deep enough to take the tip of her pinky finger and he was obviously intelligent. She wasnt hoping for anything. She just liked what she saw in the man that day at the store. Although she was disappointed he didnt ask for her telephone number, she had to admit that she was impressed when he asked to pay for the item she bought even if she declined his offer.

She secretly wished he was the one she had just seen inside the church. But what could he be doing there? Maybe that was his church or he knew her bestie, Tolu or her Husband. But if it was Tolu he knew, she knew that her bestie would have tried hooking them up. Her friend has been on her case for a long time, always trying to hook her up with someone and that was why she didnt tell her about the guy in the store, she was sure to blow it out of proportion. 


Dieko was seated in her office smiling at her thought. She had woken up that morning feeling down, Tomide knew better than to chat her up so he had let her be. 

Tolu was expecting her second baby. Dieko wasn't exactly jealous. She was just tired of being childless. She believed in the word she received from the Lord the previous night and she was going to hold unto it. She was going to wait for the vision to be fulfilled, though it wasn't easy but she had no choice than to trust God. God had always been her rock since she became born again.

Few minutes later, Tolu was in Dieko's office. She knew that whenever Dieko didn't call her phone so they could go for lunch together, then Dieko was not in the best of moods. She was tired of the situation too and she had prayed and was tired of praying. She couldnt help but feel uncomfortable whenever she was with Dieko, pushing her bulging belly around her friend. Though she knew Dieko would never feel jealous or threatened by her pregnancy but she had been married for just five years and was expecting her second baby and her friend who has been married for four years didnt have a child yet. There and then she got a reply from the Holy Spirit in a still small voice, It was clear and audible and she couldnt deny it was Him.

You dont have to understand, just tell her to be still for I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make for her a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.’’

Isaiah 54:1
Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in travail! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her that is married, says the Lord.’’

I just love this our God!’’ Tolu spoke out.

Dieko was confused.  What her friend just said didnt make sense to her. She knew Tolu was aware of her sober mood because she hadnt said anything since she came into her office. She stood there for about a minute before blurting out that she loved God. Of course! Dieko loved God too.

Yes I love God too and Im sure youre not in my office to tell me that’’Dieko snapped.

Im sorry darling, please dont mind the way I blurted out. I am just too in love with this our God. Let me explain to you’’ She said pulling out the chair in front of Diekos desk.

What has He done this time around?’’ she said rolling her eyes. She wasnt in the mood for any chit chat, including Tolu's testimonies.

You wont believe I got a message for you just now while standing there. Immediately I stepped into your office and saw your face, I knew you were thinking again and I just thought of how I was going to comfort you if I dont understand what you are going through. Right there I got a reply from the Holy Spirit and he said, I quote: You dont have to understand, just tell her to be still for I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make for her a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.’’ And He dropped a scripture too. Isaiah 54:1 Im sure you know what is there and if you cant remember please open your Bible for confirmation’’


That was all Dieko could say and of course she couldn't remember what was written in the scripture Tolu had just said. She wasn't a super hero. 

Please bring out your Bible I want you to read it out yourself or should I help you bring it? Where did you put it?’’ Tolu was struggling to stand up from the chair.

Dont worry Ill get it, its in my bag here.’’Dieko said.

She was pulling her Bible out of her bag and trying to open to the passage. She opened the part and started to read out when she opened her mouth with her eyes popping out. She couldnt scream.  

*episode three RIBS

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Episode 2

Dieko turned her back and left the room, she couldnt say anything about what she had just seen. She headed back upstairs to the bedroom feeling very disappointed in herself. She didn't bother to go searching for her husband anymore. 

'How could I have thought it was Mide in there with Vicky? How in God's name did that thought creep into my mind? Mide is a good man and the best husband any woman could ever wish for' Dieko leaned against the wall, talking to herself.

She went on her knees and continued soliloquizing 

'He has never given me cause to doubt him so……..oh! God just forgive me, Im so sorry for allowing the devil play my mind like this. Please forgive me Lord, I promise never to doubt my husband or even think bad of him again. 

She prayed silently. She climbed back into bed and tried to sleep but she couldnt, The whole scenario kept replaying in her mind. It was Vicky her house help huddled all up with James their security guard on the bed. She was dumbfounded at the sight. She couldnt believe they were caught in the act in her house right under her nose. They were so riveted in the nonsense they were doing that they didnt hear her open the door until they both saw her standing there before they disengaged from each others arms. 

She was very disappointed in Vicky because she had worked with them for a long time and Dieko had never had any reason to think the girl could do anything of that sort. Her head was throbbing, it was 4:00 am already and she had to sleep, 


Tomide was deep in thought on the couch where he was seated when he heard the scurrying sound along the corridor. He wasnt sure what or who it was and he wasnt ready to be disturbed but his instinct told him to go check. Immediately he got to the entrance of the corridor, he saw Vicky trying to run to the door leading to the backyard. James was behind her and he had only his boxers on and his clothes in his hands, trying to push her off the way. Obviously he wasnt aware of oga's presence until he looked up and stood still too.

‘’What in heaven is happening here!’’ Mide ordered

‘’erm……erm.oga abeg no be like so na Vicky say make I come help her’’ answered James,

 Vicky was shaking with a fright. 

"Help her with what and at what time are you helping eachother?' he yelled.
"Are you alright? Just get out of here the both of you, well solve this tomorrow." Tomide said and left the corridor then headed back to sitting room. They both hurried to the door, James ran out and Vicky closed the door and went back to her room sobbing.

Tomide couldnt place what just happened now although he knew it was something very silly and wasnt ready to be bothered about it. That was the least of his problems. He had disturbing issues that had to be solved immediately before they went out of hand. He just didnt know how to solve them. All he knew was that telling his wife was the paramount thing to do but he didnt know when he was going to tell her about it. He picked his phone from the side table, checked the time saw it was 4:30 am then he headed for their room upstairs.

When he got to the room he saw his wife was still sleeping peacefully where he left her and silently thanked God she didnt have to witness what he saw concerning Vicky and James. He had to talk to her about it later in the morning. He had always known there was something creepy about that boy James. Right now he just wanted to get into bed and cuddle his wife though she was asleep but that would calm him a little bit. Climbing into bed beside his wife he pecked her. 

"I must tell her before it gets out of hand" he muttered to himself "and I love my wife dearly so I owe her that"
Just as he was settling to sleep, the scriptures that has been ringing in his head for the past few days came to his mind again.

"Do not desire her beauty in your heart and do not let her capture you with her eyelashes………can a man carry fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned?"



It was morning already. Tomide and Dieko were up having their morning devotion. They had always had their devotion together as a couple in their bedroom in the four years they'd been married, Dieko always said a family that prayed together stayed together. The joint devotion was usually after they had both had their individual quiet times. Dieko rounded up the devotion by praying while Tomide shared the grace.

"Good morning my love, How was your night?" said Tomide pecking his wife on the forehead.

Stifling a yawn, Dieko replied poking him playfully in the side "Hello Mr Tomide Williams, a good morning to you too. My night was fine and yours? By the way where was your honourable highness yesternight?"

"Why did I get the feeling that you were not going to notice I wasnt beside you" Tomide said laughing and strolling towards the bathroom.

"We are one in spirit my dear husband, I feel what you feel and I felt it when you left the room’’ She was also laughing

‘’Hmmmm Dee Dee! The feeler or is it the seer, you felt it indeed. You were so fast asleep when I left the room, you didnt even hear me open or close the door.’’ 

"Haha thats not nice she said pouting playfully "at least I woke up later to find out you were out of bed. Why were you out of bed? Its unlike you, was anything wrong?

"Yea, I couldnt sleep so I just decided to get some air downstairs..."

Moving close to where he was standing, she asked with her face turning into a slight frown

"Are you sure theres nothing wrong?"

"Nah. Trust me theres absolutely nothing wrong." He covered her mouth with a kiss.

"Hmm" She pulled away. "Youve not brushed your teeth" she said hitting him on the hand "Please hurry up were running late already"

Tomide winked at her with a grin on his face "Yes maam" he said bowing slightly and entering the bathroom.

"Lest I forget Dee, I need to talk to you about Vicky and James’’ Tomide was saying from the bathroom.

"Yes..I was going to say the same thing. They have started misbehaving o, Well talk about it after work today." She replied. 

In no time, they were both dressed for work and ready to go. 

Tomide ran an event planning and decorating firm that was thriving well. Dieko on the other hand was a Public Relations Officer working with an advertising agency,


They both got the gifts they wanted and went to pay. Tomide insisted on paying for the gift Dieko got but she appeared as a force to be reckoned. After much persuasion that was abortive, Tomide let her pay for the gift. They bade themselves good bye and left.

The most silly thing and grievous mistake he had ever committed in his entire life was not asking for her telephone number. She didnt look like one who was going to give a stranger her number but he would have tried his best to get it. The brief moment they spent together at the shopping mall made him feel like they had known each other for a while. Another thing was that there was something about her he couldnt place his hand on, she looked very familiar to him. Their meeting was like a déjà vu.

All through the week Mide wasnt himself and it was very unlike him. He couldnt concentrate at work, He kept thinking about her. There was something striking about her but he still didnt know whatever it was and now he might never even know because he stupidly didnt get her number. Facebook couldnt even do the trick of searching for her because he couldnt remember her surname only her first name and that was not going to be helpful, He wasnt ready to start checking out all the Diekolooreoluwasimi that was going to appear on Facebook.

The week passed and even his nieces 4th birthday party couldnt do anything to stop him from thinking about the mystery lady. He started calling her that because he still couldnt figure out what was it about her that was making him jittery. The birthday party reminded him more of her because his niece Anjolaoluwa would not stop carrying the Barbie doll he got her with the help of the mystery lady. She even insisted on strapping the doll to her back. The Barbie doll gift from her dear uncle made him win her love back. His elder sister Folake, Anjolaoluwas mom noticed he wasnt flowing with the children at the party knowing his love for kids. She asked him but he couldnt tell her what the whole thing was all about, not just yet even if he was going to tell her.

He wondered if his sister would be of any help if he told her.. He didnt tell his best friend, Olumide, too. He had to find out what this thing was about her. Tomide decided what he was going to do. He had no power of his own, he would take it to the Lord in prayer. Lol. 

PING! PING!! The vibration of his phone cut rudely into his thoughts. He hissed. He picked up the phone and checked the BBM message that just came in, It was from mystery lady’herself.  Diekolooreoluwasimi his darling wife. She had sent some messages to him before the two pings that alerted him came in. He smiled while reading the message:

Hello my prince charming,
How is work going and hope youre good? You dont need to reply if youre busy just checking on my love. See you at home. Love you to the moon and back.

He couldnt help but smile again, thinking how she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He replied her message:

Thanks my love. I love you to bits...

and ended it with the hug and kiss smiley too.

He thought about how things had changed for him real good since he met his wife and remembered the scripture that says He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.
 Indeed he had found a good thing from the Lord and he was still obtaining favour from him. He would never take that for granted. Never!

Tomide has always been a lover of God and his family. He never joked with the things of God. However, lately, he had been questioning his faith in God. These doubts about his spirituality started when he started having what seemed like attractions that were not harmful at first to his long-time friend Adesola whom he just met few weeks ago.

Tomide and Adesola were very close right from their secondary school days till they got to the University. They were branded the best couple in school despite the fact that they had nothing going on between them. They were best of friends. They however lost each others contacts when Tomide traveled out of the country for his Masters degree until they met again through one of Tomide's clients recently. He couldnt say his meeting with her again was for good. He knew he had to avoid her by all means! This was the time he had to take heed to the scripture that says "And by the fear of the Lord a man avoids evil." 


Seated in her office, Dieko was still thinking about the whole scenario of Vicky and James. She still felt bad about the way she concluded it was her husband. Maybe if she hadnt behaved like someone whose husband was kidnapped in the middle of the night she wouldnt be having the silly thought.

She had just sent a message to her husband and was still fiddling with her phone when her best friend Tolu entered into her office and crashed her very pregnant self into the chair in front of Diekos desk. Tolu was expecting her second child.

With a grin on her swollen face and rolling her eyes, she asked, "Arent you going for lunch? Lets go o, Im so hungry and Im tired of sitting I need to stretch my legs.’’ 

She noticed Dieko was not looking her usual self 

"Dieko, whats wrong?" Tolu asked. 

"I dont just feel happy today" answered Dieko

"What is it about?"

Tolu was not someone Dieko would keep anything away from, They'd been friends from childhood days. Dieko sat upstraight and then narrated everything to her.

"So what is your stress in all what youve told me now? Because I dont seem to understand the reason behind the headache youre giving yourself.’’ Tolu hissed.

You dont understand. I just told you Im feeling guilty for thinking it was my husband

And I am telling you too that I dont see the reason why you should be feeling guilty. The thought you had was very normal, no matter who your husband is even if he is a pastor, The thought will still creep in because he is the only man in the main house and it doesn't mean you don't trust him. So baby girl cheer up. Please stop making yourself guilty over nothing. As for those two without any shame, you should deal with them, Im sure thats not their first time. Only God knows what they do when youre not home.

Abi o! God save us from all these things o

So are you cool now? Tolu asked trying to stand up from the chair

Yes I am, Thanks to you I would have killed myself with guilt. She said smiling Careful o iya ibeji I no fit carry you if you fall because youre already ten times bigger than me’’

Haba ten times ke pity me now’’ Tolu laughed. "Are we good to go for lunch now?

Yes we are. You too like food sef I dont blame you sha, Its like you are eating for extra two people

Abeg o which kain two people, Na only one o. They both laughed and left Diekos office.

Dieko felt more relieved and she knew one of the blessings she had in addition to a best friend was a good husband...

*Episode 2


*Written by Fisayo Akanbi

*Photo credit