Monday, 6 April 2015

Where do we start?

Hi everyone. Long time, I know. A lot has happened over time that's made it almost impossible to write anything. I appreciate your concerns and being upset. Sorry from the bottom of the heart. 

This is just to inform you that we will be back pretty soon with fresh series. Quite soon. 

Meanwhile, e ku election, and happy easter. 



  1. Fissy Abeg hold your apologies..3 Fucking months no updates from u. Am not asking that you should have posted stories for us but you should have let us kno what happened to you instead of all the silence we got. I even DM u on twitter no reply.
    Are you saying you haven't used the internet for the past 3 months? Even if you gav e birth to triplets it's not excuse

  2. Fissy baby u just kept us hanging like tht, daris God ooo lol where 've u been? its gud to 've u bck. Happy Easter!

  3. Welcome back...u no try so tired of checking ur blog jst looking 2ru my bookmarked stuffs and remembered u..u shld av @ least dropped a msg or so..anyway good to av u back..hope u dnt run away again ooooo..

  4. It was not fair 3 months fa. I almost gave up on always refreshing your blog 😒.. am happy ur back sha.. Welcome back and pls Try not to leave us again..

  5. Thank you everyone. Once again i apologize. I appreciate your checking up in the past months. I wish i could give a detailed explanation but all the same, thank You. I am working on something new to be posted over time. God bless!

  6. Pele Fissy! I know the feeling. Keep up the good work.