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Rollercoaster Episode 2


"Answer your phone. I know you're ignoring me but I really need to speak to you. Please Timi."

Timi played the voice message that Ite had dropped on her phone. She had to admit that she had started to miss her friend. Yes, she was jealous of her ring and her man. Her man. Damola was her man, not Ite's. She shut her eyes, thinking of what to do. Was she eventually going to let go of him? What if Damola was yet to realize this vision from God? Maybe she needed to give him more time. Maybe she...



The indisciplined knock on her door jolted her from her thoughts. It was Ite. She was screaming her name.
Timi shook her head and went to get the door. Ite was wearing a grey chiffon blouse. Timi's blouse.

"You came here to return my top?" She said, letting Ite in.

Ite rushed over to her friend and hugged her.

"I missed you. It's been a week! Haba! Even Jesus has forgiven me." She said.

"Ite what do you want?"

"I don't understand why you're being so upset. Yes I messed up. And Damola also admitted we messed up. We took some time apart so we can get ourselves right. Spiritually and all that." She said.

Timi turned around to face her immediately. They took some time apart? Was Damola coming to realize that getting married to Ite would be a grave mistake?

"A..apart?" Timi asked with uttermost eagerness.

Ite sighed, taking a seat. She grabbed Timi's unfinished bowl of cereal.

"Yeah. Just for a while though." She said carelessly.

Timi nodded.

"Okay. I'm sorry I've been acting this way to you."

"I understand. I'm sorry too. But to be honest, Timi, I can't wait to be married o so I can have more..." Ite burst out laughing.

Timi hissed and grabbed her cereal bowl from her, walking into the kitchen and shaking her head.


Damola opened the door and hugged her in a warm embrace. She looked better. He let her in and shut the door behind.

"What do I get you?" He asked.

"Gulder ." She smiled.

"Yeah right." He laughed. He opened his small fridge and set two cans of Malt on the coffee table.

She opened her can and took a sip, avoiding his eyes. Damola didn't take his eyes away from her though. He was thinking of what to say, but he was also trying to be careful.

"If you keep on avoiding me, we won't move past this you know." He finally said.
He moved closer to her and held her right hand in his. Timi shut her eyes. Her body had started reacting to his touch. Her mind spiraled. But she was trying to maintain her composure. She finally looked into his face. His face was so close and she really felt the push to brush her lips against his. He was handsome. She looked at his full thick brows to his symmetrical nose. Then she caught her sanity again.

"I had a vision." She finally blurted out.
Damola swallowed, not shifting his eyes from her face.

"Okay..." He urged her to go on.

"I'd known you are my husband since we met at Divine Grace. I just didn't want to be desperate or jumpy. I wanted you to also...I wanted God to reveal this to you Himself." She confessed, highly embarrassed.

"Okay. What happened in this vision?" He asked.

She smiled.

"I was in a maze. I was lost. I got to point where I was stuck and Damola, I heard God tell me to look beside me. You were there beside me. I told my pastor and he told me to pursue this. I know it may sound odd to you. But it's the truth and I don't want us to make mistakes with our future. I was so annoyed that you and Ite slept together! Damola I felt... I went back to God. How can I be saving myself for you and you're sleeping with another woman?"

Damola ran his hand through his bald scalp. Then he pulled at his goatee.

"Did you pray about this?" He asked.
Timi's eyes lit up.

"Yes! I did. And God confirmed it." She said.

"Hmmm. You know, I really got to like you." He said.

Her heart started to race a little. Then it raced a lot when he held her hand again.

"You did?" She said.

"Yes. You're a glorious friend. A virtuous woman. You're beautiful and I swear if I had not met Ite I would have married you. I had started praying about a wife when I asked you to come over for my mom's birthday that day. And that very day I met Ite and connected with her in a different way. You, I want to protect like a sister. Ite, she's... My heart..."

"I get it." She cut him short. She knew he was going to friend zone her.

"Timi I'm so sorry. I wish I can give you what you want but...I do love you. I hope you understand. Maybe if you had told me this earlier..."

She blinked the buds of tears that had started to form in her eyes. Damola saw the tears and wiped them with his hands. Then he pulled her close and hugged her.

"Everything will be fine, okay?" He said.

She clung and cleaved to him (her husband) nodding her head until he let go.


"It's the 23rd of October." Ite said.

They had met for lunch at a restaurant in the Ikeja mall that Saturday. Timi and two other of their mutual friends.

"I'm so happy for you girl." Ayo, one of the girls said.

"I know I can't be your Cbm. So let me jeje tell you not to make the asoebi expensive. Me I'm not rich like you guys." Ify , the other friend said.

"I haven't chosen Cbm yet now? And what is Cbm? You guys keep abbreviating things!" Ite laughed.

"Chief bridesmaid na. Everyone here knows this is your Cbm." Ayo said, pointing at Timi.

Ify elbowed her.

"Are you okay? You've been quiet."

Timi sipped on her soda and forced a smile.

"Im good. The food is a bit salty that's all." She lied.

"So what's your hashtag? 
#damolaite2014 or #itedamola2014" she laughed.

Timi thought of one. #timola...

"Social media has colonized you guys I swear." Ite laughed.

After their date, the girls hugged each other and agreed to see some other time. Timi rode with Ite so they had to go back together.

"Timi are you okay?" Ite asked as she started the ignition of her car.

Timi smiled.

"Of course. Why do you guys keep asking?"

Ite shrugged.

"Well, I don't know. You just don't seem that delighted about my wedding." She said.

Timi sighed. She also knew she was being a bad friend of late.

"Okay to be real with you, I'm a bit envious that he has you all to himself now and we may not be as close as we always have been. And I also don't have a man. And being single kind of sucks, you know." She said.

Ite pouted her lips, making a sad face.
"Come here." She hugged her best friend.

"No Damola is tearing us apart, okay. Bff for life!" She laughed.

Timi nodded, laughing too.

"Talking about guys...I know someone I can hook you up with." She said.
Timi hissed.

"No, no. Don't start please. I can find me a guy. I don't even trust your taste."
Ite laughed.

"For real? Have you seen my fiancé? You had better love my taste." She said.


That night, before Timi went to bed, she got a call from an unknown number.
It was a guy. He said he was Ite's friend from Unilag. He said Ite had given him her number. He said he wanted to meet up for a drink.

She was going to say no by default. She couldn't cheat on Damola. Even if he hadn't realized yet, she was going to wait for him and stay faithful and loyal. Like the virtuous woman that she was.


"I'm Rotimi." He smiled, like it was a toothpaste ad. 

Timi rolled her eyes. She had come to the supermarket to get some groceries and was walking to the parking lot when the young man walked up to her. 

"Nice to meet you." She said, keeping a straight face.

"You're pretty." He said.

She laughed.

"I know." She said.

"I met you at the Chevron exhibition some weeks ago. Your bank came to market at the event. I work with Yelson limited." He said.

She remembered him now. They had talked briefly then, chatting generally about work. 

"Oh true! I remember. How are you? Do you live around here?" She said.

"No, my parents do. I came visiting." He responded. 

"Oh great." 

"Um...if you don't mind can I maybe get your number?" He asked politely. 

She gave it a thought, and without further hesitation, she gave him her digits. 


October 23rd came around and she had attended the wedding of her bestfriend and her husband. Rotimi had come with her as her date. She knew she needed him orelse she would lose her mind. 

She liked Rotimi quite well. But that was where it ended for her. Maybe she was still getting to know him and maybe a part of her was still clinging to the threads of the ripped fabric that knotted her to Damola Damisi. She had wept at the wedding...wept more than the bride and her mother. She had claimed the tears were of joy and that she was happy for Ite. 

She hadn't caught the bouqet. Ayo and Ify had struggled for it and Ify eventually caught it. 

"Are you having a good time?" Damola asked. He had moved a little closer to her Chief bridesmaid seat which was beside Ite's. Ite had gotten up to dance with her father. It was time for the father-daughter dance. 

Timi smiled. 

"Ofcourse." She said. 

"You look beautiful." He said. 

Timi blushed a little. Rotimi had told her a thousand times that morning that she looked beautiful but there was nothing that pleased a woman as much as hearing these words from the man she was in love with. 

"Thank you." She replied. 

He smiled at her then moved back to his side of the couple's sofa. 

*Rollercoaster Episode 2



  1. Lmao. As I don carry last for this series, let me laugh well at how much home Timi is giving herself. TBH, I feel her pain.
    Good job, Fisayo. I slept and woke up on your blog. Going through every post from last year. To drop comment on each post na d wahala now but each post is making my Easter week.