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Rollercoaster Episode 3


It had been about six months and three weeks since Rotimi had started this relationship with Timi. He hadn't met any woman like her. Not that he had a long history of exes, but he just loved who she was. She was calm, yet precise and straightforward. He knew he was more in love with her than she was with him...that was if she loved him at all. He had told his mother about her. And she had asked to meet the woman that was making her son weak to the knees.

"Wow! Isn't that too early, Rotimi?" Timi said in response to his question.
He had picked her up for dinner at Lekki and had just told her that he wanted her to meet his mother the next day, being that it was a weekend.

"Well, it's almost seven months. It's about time." He responded, brushing a strand of her locks off her face. She moved back a bit as his fingers approached her face.

"Seven months already. Time does fly. I wasn't even counting." She laughed.

He cut a bit of his roasted chicken and aimed for her mouth. She laughed, looking around.

"People are watching, Rotimi." She frowned, pushing his hand away.

"Well, we have nothing to be ashamed about, do we?"

She smiled, looking away.

Saturday came and they finally met his parents. Timi convinced herself that she needed to be nice and respectful. At first, she was reluctant. She wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. But then, they were such a lovely couple and she couldn't help but accord them all the respect they deserved. She took a special liking to his mother. The older woman kept referring to her as "our wife."


After Rotimi had dropped Timi off, the phone call came through just at the right time.

"How far now?" He answered the call with his hands-free.

"I'm good. How did everything go?" She asked.

"Yeah, great. Went well. They love her." He responded.

"Nice. So about the ring, I finally contacted the jeweler lady and she has the exact one that Timi likes. In her size too. So it depends on when you are ready to buy it." Ite said.

Rotimi sighed. He was sure about this. He wanted to marry her.

She told him that she had been hurt in the past by someone she really loved. He knew she was scared to give out her heart again. He had promised her that he would love her with every drop of red within him and that he would never let her feel sadness for one micro second. He wanted to be her everything and to show her what love really meant. She deserved so much more.

"I also need your help with planning the proposal. I want to give her something special." He said.

Ite laughed.
"I'm the lau, lau one of us both. Timi is a conversative." She said.

He laughed this time. That was one of the things he loved about her. That she was conservative.


"Are you really sure she loves this man?" Damola responded as his wife went into the details of the surprise proposal she had planned out with Rotimi.

Ite frowned her face in confusion.
"What do you mean? Of course she loves him."

Damola shrugged, wearing his white "I love Dubai" tee shirt. Ite had bought it when they were on their honeymoon.

"She just never seems excited about him." He said.

She went into the bathroom to rinse off the exfoliating lotion she had applied on her face then she joined her husband in bed.

"What matters is that he loves her like you love me." She smiled, kissing his lips. He gladly returned the favor as he reached for the switch to turn off the lights.

Ite was already deep in sleep. He could tell because she had started to snore. Which he hated. He tried to push her but it still didn't work. Instead, she stopped for a while then started again. Before they were married, he would never have guessed that she did. She looked too pretty to snore. He never liked to be disturbed while sleeping because he was a really light sleeper on the other hand. When the snoring wouldn't stop, he sighed and walked out of the bedroom. He went to the kitchen to grab a mid-night snack. The fridge was roughly arranged and the spilled ketchup as well as stains of okra soup still glazed the shelves of it. He had mentioned it to his wife that it needed to be cleaned. She had laughed and called him a neat-freak but she agreed to make sure the fridge was spotless. However, the fridge was anything but spotless. He sighed then went over to the sink to fill a bowl with water and soap. He took out the items in the fridge one after the other and started to clean it. After he was done with that, he decided to mop the kitchen floor. She had made Amala the night before and there were still few lumps of it on the floor. His wife was a good cook but the little he had come to know of her, she wasn't a clean woman.

He had spent about an hour cleansing and arranging things when his phone beeped. It was a text message from his network provider. 

'Congrats! You won thirty free SMS. Text 3 to 5611.' 

Without gracing it with a thought, he touched the delete button and wiped off the text. He checked his Bbm updates next. It wasn't like anyone would be awake by 2.15am although it was early Sunday morning.

Jesus my sanity, Jesus my prophecy.

That was Timi's personal message. She had just updated her status. He wondered why she was still awake?

'Don't you sleep?' He sent her a message.

Within one second, she responded.

'Lol. Was praying.'

'Oh I'm sorry to have disturbed. Pray for me.'

'Ha ha. I always do.'

He paused.

'I do need them. Your prayers always did me good. I'm where I am today because of your help, you know.' He replied.

Timi smiled, clutching her pillow.

'I still pray for you.' She responded.

'Ok. Get back to praying. Ttyl.'

'No, I'm through. Why are you awake at this time? Where's ...your wife?'

Damola hesitated at first.

'Just insomnia.' He replied.


'I should go now. Be good. And make sure you take care of you.'

She smiled and sent a smiley. Then he stopped responding.


Timi applied a little mascara and then joined Ite in the living room. Ite had told her she was bored at home and wanted to hang out. Damola had travelled to Warri. They agreed to go on a boat cruise at Victoria Island. It was Timi's birthday.

"Please change this dress jo." Ite said, as Timi joined her in the living room.

"What's wrong with this one I'm wearing?" Timi became defensive.

"It's just boring. Wear something nicer. I know you are Mummy Jesu but please, we are girls." She said.

Timi rolled her eyes then went inside and changed into a navy blue tunic. She wore a belt with it. Ite shook her head and finally brought out a green body on dress from her closet. She matched it with a neon colored statement necklace.

"Now this is what I'm talking about." Ite winked, doing a short dance. Timi laughed. She had to agree she looked sexy in the dress.

They got to Victoria Island and after the necessary checks, they got the boat. They ordered food and drinks. Ify and Ayo had also joined them. Timi hadn't been expecting them. Ite said it was a surprise.

"You guys just like food. When I invite you for fellowship you never turn up." Timi laughed.

"Trust me now." Ayo said. Ayo was a Uk size 6; extremely slim, yet she ate the most of all of them.

"I wish I had this girl's metabolism. I get fat even on pure water!" Ify said. The others laughed, teasing Ayo who had started devouring grilled lamb chops.

Ite excused herself. She said she had to take a call from her husband. Then in about five minutes, she walked in with him. Timi was taking a call when they walked in. She ended her call immediately and  screamed as she ran to hug him. Ayo gave Ify a weird look but when Ify didn't catch her eyes, she focused on her plate of chicken pepper soup.

"She said you were in Warri. Awww you made it for my birthday!" She started to tear up. Damola hugged her.

"I wouldn't miss your birthday. Ite had this whole thing planned." He said.

Timi's phone started to ring again. It was Rotimi. He was supposed to pick her up at 7pm and take her out because he was working for the day. He had been checking on her at every thirty minute interval.

"Hey." She said, answering the phone.

"Hey my Sweetness. Birthday girl. How's your party going? I really wish I could be there with you instead of being at work." He said.

She smiled.

"Don't be bothered. I'm good. Really." 
She replied.

"Okay dear. I miss you already." He said.

She laughed for a second.

"My battery is running a little low. Let me try to get some power on it."

"Okay love." He said.

She ended the call and switched it off. She had to admit she was getting tired of his calls.

"He really loves you o. You're so lucky." Ify said. She was sitting beside Timi.

"Hmm. If you say so." Timi shrugged and changed the topic. 

The girls started having a conversation and Damola got up to take photos. Photography was one of his lifetime passions...and also because Ite never left the house in an outfit without making him take photos.

Music suddenly started playing from somewhere. It was Timi's best song. "Speechless" by Michael Jackson.

"Oh my God! Whose idea is this? It has to be you!" She pointed at Ite.

She was still excited and consumed with laughter when he hugged her from behind. He was also holding a bouquet of many white roses in his hand. She turned around immediately. It was her boyfriend, Rotimi. She was beyomd surprised!

"Rotimi!" Timi screamed. She was shocked seeing him. He still had about three to four hours before picking her up.
Rotimi kissed her cheeks and she tried to pull away, avoiding his eyes.
Then he handed her the roses and before she could say thank you, he went on a knee and started to speak the speech.
Timi's heart started to race again. She didn't know what he was saying but her blood was shooting high. He was going to do what she was thinking. Yes. He reached for his pocket and she shut her eyes. The girls started to go ooh and Awww. Her next best song started playing. D'ija's Awww.

She opened her eyes and before her was the ring in his hands, facing her. He was asking her to marry him and make him the luckiest man on earth, in the midst of other love languages.

Her gaze moved from the proposer on his knees, to the photographer on his feet. He had stopped taking photos. He was simply looking at her. Her heart pounded some more. The breeze from the waters together with the melody of the music contradicted the thoughts in her mind. She looked at Damola again.
She couldn't hurt him.

But he was married. He hurt her, without hesitating. 

She shut her eyes again. She had to stick around till Damola left Ite or till God did something to bring him back to her arms. She couldn't just give up like that. She still had some level of hope...and like potatoes.

Rotimi was still kneeling, filled with love for her, yet her heart was filled with same for the other man in the room.

Her friends had started to urge her to accept Rotimi's proposal. The man had been kneeling for about five to seven minutes and Timi still hadn't said a word.

Finally, she let open her mouth but her voice ceased. She swallowed, searching for the right words... 

"I..." She started to cry. She looked again at Damola.

"I can't marry you, Rotimi. I'm sorry." She cried, her eyes fixed on her best friend's husband still. 

Damola shut his eyes. He knew she was not over him. 


*Rollercoaster Episode three


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