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RIBS Episode 1

Hi guys! I apologize for the long time no see. So I have finished reviewing one of the stories submitted. I did enjoy it and I hope you do too.

From Fisayo Akanbi.

(Yeah, I know. My namesake. Lol!)


After tossing and turning on her side of the bed, Dieko finally woke up looking dishevelled, her hair scattered and the hair net she wore to sleep almost dropping off her head. She turned to the other side of the bed trying to reach for her husband like she usually did but he wasn't beside her. She got up and then sat at the edge of the bed, frowning in a mix of worry and confusion, looking around the room like something was amiss.

"Honey!" she called out with a stifled yawn, and finally standing from the bed.

"Honey!" she called again, opening the bathroom door and peeping to check if her husband was inside but he wasn't.

She went to the side table and checked the time on her BlackBerry phone. The phone was one of the birthday gifts she had gotten from her husband a few weeks ago. The time was 3:00 am and her husband was not in bed.

"Where is Mide at this time of the night, why is he still awake?" Dieko whispered as she turned to leave the room.

Walking down the corridor leading to the staircase she paused and smiled at the large wedding picture frame of her and Mide hanging on a side of the lobby. She was wrapped lovingly in the arms of her husband, they were both looking into each other's eyes and Dieko had a big happy smile on her face revealing her gap teeth, Mide on the other hand was looking handsome with his big and deep dimples. Standing there, Dieko couldn't help but flashback to how they met and how far they'come.

Dieko was walking through the aisle where mother care products was shelved. She hated doing what she was in the store to do picking out gifts, she just wasn't good at it because she always picked odd gifts for different occasions. It was her bestie's baby shower and she had to choose the best and right gift for the baby since she was going to be her god-mother,

Yes, Her because left to Dieko, Tolu, the bestie by the way,  was going to have a baby girl whether she liked it or not. She laughed at what she had just whispered to herself.

Dieko and Tolu were always arguing about the sex of the baby she was having.

"Tolu lets bet it youre going to have a baby girl." Dieko would argue.

"No! Dieko mind yourself o, if you so want a baby girl wait till you have yours, then you can have a dozen of baby girls but as for me Tolulope Adeoti, the baby i'm carrying in here is a big boy." Tolu would respond,  patting her very huge baby bump.

"I dont know why you dont want to know the babys sex sef Dieko had said rolling her eyes.

"Hmmm abegi! I dont believe in checking the babys sex before the birth jare, it doesnt change the fact that am expecting and by the way, a boy or a girl, they're both children jooor."

Dieko laughed again as she remembered the last baby talk she had with her friend. She was looking at a playpen when a young man approached her,

"Excuse me ma'am" he'd said with a smile, revealing his deep dimples

"Yes can I help you sir?" replied Dieko trying to cover up her irritation with a smile. Not only did his height and body structure startle her, his deep baritone voice also intruded her thoughts.

"Ehyes please, am sorry if I startled you" said the man, a smile twitching at the side of his mouth, obviously Dieko was not able to hide her irritation as she intended.

"I noticed youve been standing here for some minutes, it seems were in the same situation..."

Dieko cut in, not trying to hide her irritation now  

"what can I do for you sir?"

"I would have called one of the staff members to help me out but since you are a woman I thought it best to seek your help. I know your judgement will be good" He said.

Dieko couldnt help but smile at the way he intruded her thoughts again, She had been wondering why he hadn't just called a staff for help. She noticed he was holding two dresses in a hand and a miniature Barbie doll on the other hand. He was raising the items up for her to see.

"So which one is best to pick?" He asked.

She didnt hear the beginning of his statement. She was looking at his deep dimples. She had always had a thing for guys with dimples.

"Er.Im sorry what did you say? She was totally embarrassed at the way she was looking at the guy from head to toe.

"No problem maam" He said laughing now  "I was saying Im caught up between these two items, I dont know what to pick for my little niece.  Her birthday is tomorrow’’

"Okay, hmmmm…" she was looking intently at the items trying to figure out what to say

"How old is she by the way?" she asked

 "Shell be four tomorrow"

"Okay. I think the Barbie doll will be the best gift for her and shell appreciate it real big since its coming from her big uncle" she added laughing  "and Im sure shes got more than enough dresses, so the doll will do the trick."

He laughed too "It should do the trick, Im trying to win her love back because were actually not on talking terms" they both laughed.

"Can I help you too, it seems youre finding it difficult to pick something." he gave a big smile revealing his dimples again.

Dieko took a deep breath before answering him "yes I am, I dont know what to pick for my friends baby. Tomorrow is her baby showerI dont know if this playpen is okay" She said, pointing to the item on the shelf.

He turned to take a look at what she was pointing at. 

"I love this! Its a very unique gift and Im sure your friend will love it too, But its colour pink. Is the baby a girl?"

Rolling her eyes and laughing, she responded. "We dont know yet, but Im hoping its a girl"

With his brows raised , he said"Thats funny though, you dont know the babys sex yet and you want to buy a pink coloured giftI think its better to get a unisex coloured gift. Lets check if theres another colour"

"Okay I can see blue, cream and wine here. Which one is better?" Dieko said, pointing to the items.

"I believe the cream one is cute, because blue is for baby boys and the wine is out of it."

"Okay I get,..anyways thats true. Ill pick the cream one then" she said smiling. "You have been of great help to me more than I was to you because this is one thing I hate doing. Thank you very much."

"Thank you very much too and Im happy we were both of help to each other" He said, stretching out his hand to shake her "Pardon my manners please, Im Tomide Williams, Mide for short."

 Dieko was still laughing. "Youre pardoned, Im Dieko Folawiyo and its a pleasure meeting you."

She was expecting him to raise an eyebrow about her name, she always got that attitude from people whenever she told them her name and she was right because he asked for the meaning of the name.

"Hmmm……Dieko, whats the meaning?"

"Dieko short for Diekolooreoluwasimi meaning…" he interjected and they both said the meaning in unison

"Gods favour to me is not limited" they laughed together.


Dieko was jerked back to the present, still smiling at the picture frame. She whispered her name and the meaning to herself.  "Diekolooreoluwasimi. Gods favour to me is not limited."

She continued walking down the lobby when she began to hear soft moaning. As she approached the end of it, the sounds became louder and she could tell they were sexual noises. She wasnt sure where it was coming from but as she got downstairs, she was certain the noise was coming from the housemaids room. She had goose bumps all over her body suddenly. Her feet became stone cold and her heart was pumping fast like it was going to jump out of her chest. Immediately she got to the door leading to the room she couldn't open it. It was as though her strength was drained by the noise and the whispers she was hearing from the room.

Leaning against the wall she silently prayed "Lord Jesus please help me, Let this not be what I think it is."

Immediately she summoned the courage, pulled the door knob and swung it open. 

She stood still with her mouth opened wide and her jaw dropping to the floor at the sight she beheld. 

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Written by a Akanbi Fisayo. 

Edited by Fisayo Talabi. 

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