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FINAL EPISODE (photo credit)

He wasnt sure of the reason why she called him late last night, but he has a feeling shes starting a hanky-panky. He started feeling very uncomfortable around her when he noticed he was getting attracted to her. He knew he was supposed to tell his wife, he knew that was the paramount thing to do. He was on the verge of telling her one day but he couldnt because of the tension that was between them then and he didnt want to add to the tension or cause another bout of hullabaloo.

Theres something not right and true about her, she was completely different from the lady he used to know so well. He didnt understand what it was but its definitely not a good thing. The first time they went out together after their reunion, he didnt like the way she was looking at him, it made him feel very uncomfortable but there was no way he could tell her so it wouldnt lead to embarrassment. He didnt hide the fact that he was happily married from her and each time they spoke he always find a way to chip in something sweet about his wife. He really has to thread carefully with her.

The shrill of the intercom intruded his thought.

Yes, Sharon what is it? he said immediately he picked the phone from its cradle okay let her in.

Talk about the devil……. And why is she in his office again? He sighed and adjusted on his seat with a plastered smile on his face, ready for her entrance.

Hello Mr Mide Williams! she announced as she walked into his office like she owned it. Truth be told she is a pretty woman. Tall, light skinned and had curves in the right places, she could pass for a model not to mention her captivating smile that reveals her well set dentition after years of wearing braces.

Hi, Miss Adesola Thompson what a pleasant surprise he said with his plastered smile unaltered, he stood from his seat and gave her a hug before pulling out a chair for her

To what do I owe this surprise missy?

Excuse me she said with a feigned frown when did it become a crime to pay ones long time best friend a visit?

Its not a crime really, just surprised at how you located my office

Dont be silly Tomide! You have forgotten so quickly that you gave me your complimentary card the day we met

He cringed when she called him Tomide it was only his wife that calls him by his full name apart from his mother who calls him that whenever she was angry with him or needed to say something very serious. This is another sign why he must tread carefully with her, she never called his name in full, she'd always called him Mide so why the sudden change.

Im sorry, I forgot. Anyways you are welcome to my office, so what can I offer you?

Nothing in particular, but I wouldnt mind if you offer me yourself she smiled.

She was flirting with him. Oh God! What can I do in this situation?

You are not serious, you better say what you want me to offer you, never mind Ill just call Sharon to bring something nice for you

Nah. Dont bother, Im not staying long I just came to check on you because I called you yester night but you didnt pick neither did you call back so I thought to pop in your office today.

Ooops! Thats true I saw your missed call but it was too late for me to call back plus you know Im now a married and it wont be proper for me to call a lady at that time of the day. Sorry for that. I hope all is well?

Idiot! Keep rubbing it in my face that you are married, you dont know anything yet.

Yes all is well. I just want to ask you for a favour and I hope youll grant me

Geez! Favour again after all these ones youre doing to me.

What favour is that? I just hope its something within my power to give.

Of course it is! Dont be ridiculous at least Im not asking you to leave your wife for me, of which I can never do that. She flashed him one of her captivating smiles again.

Youd better not even try that, in fact you wont dare. He snorted.

So what is this favour? he purposely ignored her sarcasm.

Okay, you are invited to my moms surprise birthday party, its this coming Saturday at my house. I hope youll be able to honour my invite

Oh! Thats nice, thats a small favour to ask. Ill be there. What time is it and where in Wuse is your house because I can still remember you said you stay in Wuse Zone 5.

Thank you so much she said beaming with smiles its 5:00pm and its at flat 10, 256 Senanga Street, Wuse Zone 5. I hope you come with your wife because Ill like to see the much spoken about Mrs Williams in person, enough of her pictures. Of course she knew he wasnt going to come with her, she could swear on her fathers grave that he didnt tell his wife about their reunion. She said it just to erase any suspicions.

No problem, well be there together and youll see she is far prettier than what you can see in the pictures here. He was pointing to the pictures of Dieko placed on his table.

Who was he deceiving? She had her plans mapped out neatly.

Let me be on my way then, see you on Saturday and thanks again for honouring my invite. She was up already, straightening her dress.

Youre welcome, thanks for dropping by too even though you refused to be offered anything. He was up, opening the door to see her off.

Dont bother Mr, you can get back to work Ill find my way. Thanks. She hugged him and turned to leave.

Hmmmm! he sighed immediately he closed the door.

She wasnt as bad as he thought, he would go for the birthday but not with Dieko because he wont tell her about it because he didnt want to start raising suspicions for himself. Although Dieko knows who Adesola is, she never for once believed either of them didnt feelings for each other while they were in school so she was not always keen on hearing anything about her. After the birthday he would try to cut all forms of communication with her.

Little did he know he had invited trouble into his life?

Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting Gods sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness. - John C. Boger

                                    EPISODE TEN
Its been two weeks since she gave her husband a surprise dinner and things have been smooth between them until last week when she noticed her his strange attitude. It was very unlike him to be moody. He was always bubbling with life no matter the situation but recently he seemed to be lost in deep thought each time he was alone and each time they were together he spoke less. In fact he prefers to be on his own than to gist or play with her. She is disturbed and she has asked him severally what the problem was and his answer was always that he is fine, he just needs time alone. She doesnt want to pester him so shell just let him be, in his time hell talk to her.


He has found himself in a deep big mess. He wasnt sensitive enough, he wasnt smart and he was just plainly stupid, blind and disobedient. He regrets not telling his wife about the whole issue when it started, he regrets not telling her that he even met her not to talk of going for the so called surprise birthday party she invited him to. Everything is such a mess now. He has allowed the devil to play his mind and to take hold of his life.

Since the incident last week he has not been able to talk to his wife properly, in fact he is technically avoiding her. He has betrayed her trust, he has gone against Gods word in every aspect. He has not been able to pray or even study his bible, he knows Gods stance on what has happened. He got everything wrong from when he sensed that things have changed about her. She was no longer the good and innocent lady he used to know. He decided to blind his eyes to things he was supposed to be sensitive to and take cognizance of.

He has a very pretty wife who loves and adores him, who is ready to do anything for him to be happy. A wife who will never hurt him, a wife who has never deprived him of his right in any form. She is the epitome of the virtuous woman described in proverbs 31:10-31. What more does he want? He hates looking back when a situation has occurred, he prefers to find a solution to the problem but in this case he was totally lost. He didnt know if he should tell his pastor first or his wife. He knows Dieko would not take it lightly moreover, he didnt know how to tell her, he needed somebody to intercede on his behalf. Pastor Abioye would be in the best position to do that, he has to see him ASAP.

After the incident, the devils incarnate has not called him or even tried to get in touch with him. Not that he wanted her to call, he didnt even want to see her or hear her voice but each time he thinks about her not getting in touch his eyes becomes clearer to his stupidity. All along she knew what she wanted to achieve. He was just not clear on why she decided to destroy him and his home, they didnt part ways on bad terms when he travelled out of the country then. He cant even think of any reason why she would want to destroy him this way or any other way.

The most important thing now is to seek Gods face and ask for forgiveness, he doesnt even know how to approach God but he has to. He must go to a secluded place where it would be just him and God alone. He has let Him down big time, with his knowledge of the word and his relationship with God. Now he understands this scripture better: 1 Corinthians 10:12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. He has never thought he could fall victim of this circumstance, in fact he always wondered how people got there. He couldnt even concentrate at work, he had to divert all his work to his personal assistant which is very unlike him.

He couldnt hold it anymore, he picked his phone and called his friend and pastor Abioye. After all the pleasantries, he told him straight away that he needed to see him urgently so a time was fixed for that day.


She got him at last, though he tried to prove hard to get thank God for her well mapped out plan coupled with the fact that it was just a tiny weeny part of him that has changed. She still knew how to press his buttons, thank God partially for old time spent together. Yes thank God partially for old time, because its the same old time that has led her to do all what she is doing. She was going to ruin him. This is just the tip of an iceberg for him.


Dieko felt lonely at work because there was really not much work to do and there was no one to talk to. Tolu was already on her maternity leave she has few weeks to go and Tomide is not much of an option because of his mood, she would have started a chat with him on BBM. She would close work early today and go visit Tolu at her house, she needed company and someone to talk to badly not with Tomides new attitude.

She closed work an hour to her closing time and headed straight to Tolus house. When she got there, it was like they had not seen in ages, they gisted for long she almost forgot she had someone to take care of at home. She felt so at home at Tolus place with her godson Nathan (Gift from God), running around the house and asking her thousands of question at a time. Yes godson because the then unborn baby she wanted to get a pink gift for when she met her husband is actually a boy and she loves him dearly, he is such a sweet boy, he calls her mummy Dee. The thought alone brought a smile to her face and her hand went to her tummy unconsciously.

Mummy Dee Nathan called in his baby voice

Yes my love, what is it?

I saw you smiling now, why did you smile?

Dieko burst into laugher

So you saw me, I smiled because I love you my darling or dont you love mummy Dee again?

 I love you

How much do you love mummy Dee? Dieko asked

This much he was gesticulating, spreading his tiny arms in the air mucher than how I love my teacher in school

Dieko and Tolu burst into laughter, Tolu holding her bulging tummy.

Nathan darling, theres nothing like mucher, youll say I love you much more than I love my teacher in school. Okay?

He was nodding Okay Mummy Dee, I love you much morrrrr..eeee dragging the more than I love my teacher in school

Good! Thats my boy, give Mummy Dee a big bear hug Im going home already its late she said standing up while carrying Nathan up and twirling with him. He was giggling.

Nathan darling, should we twirl with mummy too? Dieko asked feigning to pick Tolu up from where she is seated, the little boy was giggling the more and shouting yes mummy Dee! Lets twirl with mummy pronouncing the twirl as twee.

We cant carry mummy because she has baby living in her, you know?

Yes we cant, mummy said baby will kick her and I dont want mummy to be kicked by baby

Alright darling thats good of you, you love mummy too. I have to go now. Bye Nathan

She pecked him on the forehead and patted Tolus bump too before she left for the door with Tolu behind her.

Okay sis, Ill holla at you tomorrow, regards to Biola

Alright, thanks for coming and not just tomorrow o make sure you call when you get home and drive carefully. Greet Uncle Mide too. Bye.


On her way home, she thought of Nathan and smiled again. He was just three years and he is smart for his age. Her hand flew to her tummy again. She has not seen her period in a month now and she was late by a week again. She wasnt ready to raise her hope falsely, her period has been irregular since the miscarriage so there was nothing special about missing it for a month. She wouldnt tell Tomide because he would force her to buy the pregnancy kit again to check and she wasnt ready for another disappointment, her husband always says we wont stop trying because you dont want to get disappointed each time you see one colour band. Moreover she wasnt feeling anything except for the pain she feels in her lower abdomen each time she uses the loo and the pain she feels in her shoulder tip whenever she lays down. That was the only thing she was going to see her doctor for, anything other than that is a NO-NO.   

                             EPISODE ELEVEN
I never knew what she was up to, she only invited me to her mothers surprise birthday party. Prior to that day, I noticed some changes about her, changes that were not there before when I knew her. We were best of friends in school but we lost contact after I travelled out of the country. I met her again after a very long time through one of my clients at a luncheon, we talked at length and exchanged numbers thinking it was the same lady I used to know. I let her know I was married immediately she told me she was still single but I didnt know it wasnt enough. I walked into her trap with my eyes open and now I have landed myself in a deep mess.

Tomide was explaining what happened to Pastor Abioye with tears in his eyes. He couldnt look his pastor in the eyes although they are both friends. He was ashamed of himself.

Hmmmm was all Pastor Abioye could mutter

Tell me what exactly transpired between you two?

Yes. I went for the supposed birthday party alone although I told her I was coming along with Diekolami but I couldnt go with her because I never for once mentioned my reunion with Adesola to her………”

He was cut short by Pastor Abioye

Hold on Mide, sorry to cut you. I hate to dwell on mistakes or what has already been done especially in cases where havoc has been caused but I have to tell you that is the worst mistake you can ever make as a married man. Keeping secrets from your spouse no matter how trivial you may think they are. You can go on please, but why didnt you tell her about the lady?
Hmmmm. I know and I regret it now. Dieko knows about Adesola but she doesnt believe neither of us had feelings for each other when we were in school. I didnt tell her because I didnt want to breed unnecessary suspicions, I wanted to tell her when I noticed things were becoming awkward but we were having issues of our own and I didnt want to stress her with it. I thought I could handle it on my own.

Go on please. So what happened when you went for the birthday?

I went for the birthday just in time but when I got there, no one was there for the supposed party so I became nervous. I asked her where the invited guests were and she said she wanted me to be in the private living room because the bigger one was crowded with the guests waiting to surprise her mom. I believed her because I thought I was just being paranoid. She told me to calm down and offered me a drink, I took the drink and felt calmed. That was the last I remembered until I woke up and found myself on the bed in a strange room with Adesola beside me. She was half clad while I was stark naked, the unthinkable had happened between us.

MOG! Tomide called Pastor Abioye as he fondly calls him, trying to wipe the tear that escaped the side of his eyes.

I didnt know what to do when I found myself in that state. I couldnt blame anyone but myself for the situation. I couldnt cry, I just picked up my things and left the place. Apparently there was no birthday party, I was tricked and I was drugged but I still cant figure out what I ever did to deserve what she did.

This is very serious and I am short of words. How sure are you that something happened between you two? Pastor Abioye was wiping the forming beads of sweat off his face.

I am not sure because I cant describe the effect the drug had on me but with the state of things that day, I am 90% sure. He looked stressed all of a sudden.

Lets pray for wisdom first.

After few minutes of a short prayer said by Pastor Abioye, he agreed on going home with him to talk to Dieko. He also advised he went for the personal retreat he intended going for after the situation had been sorted out.

Theres nothing much I can say now because you already regret what has happened and you dont need me hammering on what has already been done. All you need do is to ask for forgiveness from God and your wife. Well go to your place together to talk to Dieko, I know God will take control of the situation.


Dieko was at her doctors office, after she had made her complaint known to him he did a quick examination on her and suggested she did some tests and scan which she was to wait for the result.

The result of the tests were out and she was back in her doctors office. She tried to hide how nervous she was because she didnt know what to expect. She sat still where she was seated with her hands clasped together on her laps.

Mrs Williams, result of the test you did shows you are five weeks pregnant……..

Pardon! Dieko exclaimed with a puzzled look on her face. How possible is that?

You are five weeks pregnant the doctor repeated ignoring her question. Didnt you say you are five or six weeks late?

Yes I did but how possible is it for me to be pregnant and Ill be oblivious of it? Doctor, I dont feel pregnant. You know my history, I have been pregnant before and I know my body so well. The only strange feeling I have is the pain in my lower abdomen each time I use the loo and the pain in my shoulder tip whenever I lay down to either sleep or just relax. Aside that I have no other complain. She was getting irritated already, she wasnt ready for any form of disappointment.

Just calm down Mrs Williams. Ill explain some things to you. You see its possible for you to be pregnant and not know. It is known as Cryptic pregnancy and there are extreme cases where the woman might not even know she is pregnant till she goes into labour. Women in cases like this do not have the regular pregnancy symptoms due to different reasons. In your own case, its possible that you are stressed and you need to take a break. Do you understand now?

Hmmm she sighed

Thank you Jesus. I now understand, I have actually been under so much stress lately. She couldnt help the smile that was twitching at the corner of her mouth. She couldnt wait to leave the hospital so as to break the news to her husband. She wasnt prepared for the next bombshell from the doctor.

Theres a but maam.

What is wrong? she asked with a slight frown forming on her face. She couldnt even guess what the doctor was about to say because his face was expressionless.

These doctors and their reports of doom, what is it again. Oh God!

Take it easy madam, thank God you came at this time for us to be able to detect it……”

Detect what! Doctor please dont tell me theres something wrong with my baby?

The pain in your lower abdomen and shoulder are some of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can become apparent between week five and week 14 of pregnancy.

Ecto what! her eyes were almost falling off the socket. Oh God! Not this one again, please Lord.. she was sobbing now.

Yes ectopic pregnancy. The implantation of a fertilised egg outside of the womb, specifically in the fallopian tubes.

No need for explanation from the doctor. She knew what an ectopic pregnancy was, she had read countless books on pregnancy not to know what it was.

Mrs Williams please take it easy. Thank God you came at this time that it wasnt later. It is still at the early stage before the fallopian tube ruptures. You have the following treatment options; to monitor you carefully with no instant treatment, to remove the egg through surgery or to place you on medication that will help stop the growth of the egg.

Oh Lord! This is too much for me to bear.. she couldnt hold her tears anymore.

Im sorry maam the doctor said handing her a box of Kleenex. Like I said earlier, its still in an early stage so Ill recommend the third option I mentioned which is placing you on a medicine called methotrexate. Youll be given one dose as injection with close monitoring. Im not going to bombard you with too much today so you can go home and discuss with your husband but make sure you come back as early as possible to carry out the treatment so as to avoid further damage.

She could only nod at all what the doctor had said. She muttered her appreciation and left the office. She didnt know what to do, she had to call her husband because she couldnt drive in her present state. She dialled her husbands number and he picked after the third ring.

Hello Tomide, can you please come pick me from the hospital, I cant drive at the moment. I really cant say much now, when you come Ill tell you. Thank you. She ended the call and started sobbing afresh not minding that she was in the public.

God what have I done wrong? This is not the assurance you gave me. Father please help me, this is too much for me to bear………”  

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. - Habakkuk 2:3

                                 EPISODE TWELVE
Diekos call came in when he was about to leave Pastor Abioyes office, immediately he ended the call he sat down again looking more distressed than before.

What is wrong Mide? Pastor Abioye asked standing from his seat and looking puzzled.

Dieko wants me to pick her from the hospital, I dont know why shes there and shes not even telling me anything. I know I dont deserve to be told anything, I dont even deserve to be forgiven. Tomide was looking stressed with every words he spoke.

At the hospital? Pastor Abioye was standing beside Tomide Was anything wrong with her before you left home and was she sounding alright on the phone? You dont need to think or talk like that Mide, lets concentrate on what is at hand first then well come back to that later.

I cant really say if shes fine because she sounded like shes been crying. She was looking okay when I left home and she didnt complain of anything. I need to get going now, shes at our family hospital. He stood up from his seat to leave.

Okay, it is well in Jesus name but Ill have to go with you to make sure everything is fine. Let me have your car key please, I dont think you can drive in this state of yours.

Tomide handed Pastor Abioye the key and they left the office together.


She was a tomboy, dressed in a camo combat trouser with a tee-shirt and a silver dog chain with a cross pendant but that wasnt enough reason for him to keep staring at her. He was looking at her like he had never seen a girl dressed like a guy. He wouldnt stop staring, even when she gave him one of her scary looks he still kept staring at her like she was some sort of alien who fell from the sky.

All of a sudden he had approached her, introduced himself in a jiffy, cracking a joke, grinning from ear to ear revealing his deep dimples and when he stretched out his hand to shake her, she was taken aback a little because no guy has ever approached her the way this guy just did. He had the guts to approach her even after she had given him her awful expression (her scary way of telling guys to back off and they always get the message), he was even cracking a joke. Who does that?

She ignored his hand shake but said hi to him and told him her name when he asked. She gave him a little bit of attention because he looked cool to hang out with and she needed company. She was new in the school and it was boring doing things alone with no friends to hang out with. She hated hanging out with girls because they gossip a lot and many of them were just too dumb. They became very close friends in fact best of friends.

He was down to earth and was always sincere, he made her know from the start that he was fascinated about her personality and wanted them to be very good friends. It was easier for her because she wasnt cut out for any intimate relationship, she only needed friends who understood her kind of person and who wouldnt take advantage of her in any way.

He had great influence on her, she started behaving in ladylike manners and they were known as the best couple of their set even though they were not dating. They did virtually everything together except sleep and live together. Nothing changed about his initial intention to remain friends but a lot changed about hers. She started having feelings for him but never got the courage to tell neither him nor anyone, she kept it to herself and she never gave any guy audience even after he told her to stop being rigid and at least give a particular guy that seemed to be on her neck a chance.

She regrets everything now and she blames him for making her lose that particular guy and every other guy that came to her. She blames him because he wasnt sensitive enough to see through her façade that she loved him and she shunned every guy because of him.

He travelled out of the country, they lost contacts but she kept hoping he was coming back and just like it is in the movies he would have realized he loved and missed her, find her and then profess his love for her and finally propose to her. It never happened that way instead when they met again it was already late but not too late though.

Now he is happily married to a beautiful woman and she is single and miserable. She hopes her plan works out just as planned, if it does shell be the happiest woman on earth. It must work out because shes put too much into this plan of hers, it took her a while to map out everything. All she needs now is to monitor herself well and not put herself through any form of stress.   

Dieko was looking strained when Pastor Abioye and Tomide got to the hospital, it was obvious she had been crying because her eyes were red, puffy and her makeup was smudged. Tomide ran to her side where she was seated and hugged her tight. Immediately she saw her husband she burst into tears again she couldnt speak, she just kept crying and her husband kept rocking her and telling her everything was going to be well. After several minutes, they left the hospital with Tomide and Dieko in his car and Pastor Abioye helped drive Diekos car.
When they got home, Dieko had calmed and was able to explain to her husband all what Doctor Badmus told her in the presence of Pastor Abioye.

Jesus Christ! he shouted and stood from his seat running his hands over his head and face. This cant be, its not possible and it shouldnt be at all! Not after all this years.

Dieko and Mide please its okay, you guys really have to calm down at this point, theres nothing or little we can do about this situation. God alone has the final say now and all the time. You know all these things already so lets not drag it. Dieko, I can only imagine how hard this is for you but I really need you to calm down right now. He was seated beside Dieko patting her on the back while Tomide was still pacing the room.

MOG so what can we do now? I am confused at the moment! My wife is pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy, its a disheartening news. MOG you know this is not easy! This is something weve been waiting on God for, I cant say God is unfair but this is really hard to bear.
I know Mide, thats why I want you to calm down first, you alone can explain how you both feel and I can only imagine the feeling, so for us to know what to do youve got to take a seat and a deep breathe please.

Tomide listened to Pastor Abioye, stopped pacing, took a deep breath and sat close to his wife. He still couldnt look her in the face.
Thank you so much Pastor Abby thats what she calls him even before he became a pastor I appreciate your effort, I know God is still in the business of doing miracles and I believe in His promises, I believe in the word He gave me and Im holding onto it. All I need is for you to pray for me and along with me, I need strength right now because I cant do it on my own. In fact Im so drained I dont think Ive got tears to shed again. She was trying to smile through the tears still running her face.

Pardon my manners Pastor Abby, what can I offer you? she stood up and called out to Vicky.

Never mind Dieko, Im okay Ill just stay a few more minutes with you guys before leaving, I have to get back to the office. Ill check back later in the evening after work. I like your courage Dieko and I want you to know it is well. Remember Psalm 34:19, 55:22 hold onto Philippians 1:6 and please leave everything to God. Mide it is well too, take it easy my man and please stay strong for Dieko. I have to get going now but lets pray before I leave. He rose from his seat patted Tomides back, prayed with them and made to go.

Thank you Pastor Abby Dieko said rising from her seat.

Thanks so much MOG, I really appreciate your care God bless you real good. Tomide and Dieko both saw Pastor Abioye out of the house.

Later that night, after Pastor Abioye had checked on them again as he promised Tomide and Dieko had a chat and decided to go see Doctor Badmus together the next day. Dieko noticed her husband was not comfortable with her, it was as if he was avoiding eye contacts with her. She had a feeling something was wrong with him but she didnt have the strength to ask him what was bothering him because she had more than enough for the day to carry her husbands burden along with hers. Moreover when she asked why Pastor Abby was with him at the hospital to pick her up, he stylishly ignored the question and told her to rest instead. He was also being extra nice, she just hope nothing bad has happened to him because shes beginning to get funny feelings and thoughts running through her head.  

Dieko couldnt sleep, she was just tossing and turning on the bed until she eventually stood up and left for the sitting room. She checked the time it was just 3:15am, she remembered it was Saturday. She had plans to go for the married womens meeting in church from there to the salon later in the day and then visit Tolu, she wanted to see her again before she puts to bed. All the plans have been ruined now, she thought as she sighed and threw herself lazily on the chaise lounge in the sitting room.

She stood up from the chaise lounge, pacing and looking round the sitting room. The cream-coloured sitting room was well and neatly arranged with colourful throw pillows on each of the couch, the chaise lounge on which she stood from was on the far end of the sitting room opposite the dining area. The sitting room had a shiny chocolate-coloured tiles with a matching colour of drapes mixed with patches of cream colour. There was also a large flat screen TV with other gadgets on a TV stand at a corner of the room. Beside the TV stand were two big flower vases on each side of the TV stand containing beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If children were in this house Im sure it wouldnt be as neat and tidy as this, Tolu has only Nathan but her house is always scattered with toys of all sorts. I also want my sitting room scattered with toys, God please help me. Dieko thought as she picked one of the throw pillows. She laid on the chaise lounge with her eyes closed and the pillow held close to her chest.

She didnt want to go to the hospital today but Tomide insisted they went since Doctor Badmus asked them to come as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Thank God he recommended placing her on a medication because if he had recommended the surgery, God knows she would have vehemently refused it and opted for another option. She still remembers the pain she went through when she had the evacuation of her first pregnancy, it took her a long time to get over it and she wasnt ready to go down that lane again.

She was tempted to tell her husband she wanted to be left alone with the pregnancy and allow God take control but she remembered the bible scripture that talks about the children of God being destroyed for lack of understanding. Shes not ignorant of her condition neither does she want to test God but she doesnt want to take drugs to stop the growth of her baby, theres little difference between the medication and having an abortion, its like shes killing her child.

She stretched from where she was to pick the small bible that was on the side glass table, unsure of the scripture to open to she flipped through the pages and a verse from Psalms caught her eyes I will not violate my covenant, or alter the word that went forth from my lips. Psalms 89:34. Immediately she saw the verse, she felt the urge to sing praises to God and to worship Him. She went on her knees and burst into worship songs not minding whether she was disturbing her husband and Vicky who were sleeping.


Tomide heard when his wife rose from the bed and left the room, he didnt know what she was up to so he tiptoed after her. He stopped at the corridor leading to the staircase when she entered the sitting room, he watched every move she made from where he was. He thought of going to confess to her but he couldnt, in fact he dares not, not with the issue on ground. He was about leaving for their bedroom when he heard her singing, he allowed her sing two more worship songs before going to join her. He got to her side, knelt down too and held her by the waist before joining her in the song. She had tears running her face through her closed eyes.


Dieko didnt hear her husband kneel beside her or even sing along with her until she felt his arms around her waist. She opened her eyes and saw him on his knees singing along with her, snuggling closer to him she placed her head on his shoulder and they both sat on the floor still singing.

She stopped crying and suddenly felt something like peace released within her. They were still singing when her husband stopped and tilted her face up with his forefinger to look at her. She stopped singing too and raised her head to look at him, he had tears in his eyes too. God! Hes been crying too. She thought. She only saw her husband cry once and that was when he lost his father, the year they started dating. He had been a wreck when it happened and it took him a long time to get himself together because he was very close to his dad. He is the only son of his parents, they were just two he and his sister Folake but he was closer to their father.

Seeing him cry now is amazing to her, she had a feeling it was more than the issue on ground because he didnt cry when they lost the first pregnancy though he was down casted. She wanted to clean the tears off his face but he held her hand and stood up from where they were seated. He carried and sat her down on the couch closest to them then he prostrated before her, he didnt know why he was doing it but he knew he had to confess to her. He has not been himself since it happened, he felt like a burden was placed on him each time he saw his wife trying to bring him out of the shell he had been since the incident.

She stood abruptly from the couch and tried to pull Tomide up but he told her to remain seated that he had something important to tell her and he preferred to say it in the position he had attained. She wasnt comfortable with it but she agreed because she was eager to know what he wanted to say that made him cry and prostrate.

Still in the position, he told her everything that transpired between him and Adesola leaving out no details, all the while he couldnt look up to face her. When he was done talking, Dieko didnt not utter anything she only rose from her seat and went towards the window facing outside.

She didnt know what to say or think, she never imagined this was what Tomide wanted to say. She never suspected him or doubted his fidelity, she even chastised herself when she had the flashing thought that it was her husband with Vicky the day she was caught with James. Tomide has betrayed her trust in him, how could he! What could she have done wrong to him? It was not just anybody, it was the much spoken about Adesola! He never for once mentioned they had met again, maybe if he had mentioned it this would not have happened.

Tomide is wicked! She has nothing to say to him now, in fact she wanted to get away from him. She left him still prostrating and went to their bedroom upstairs.


There! He had said it all. Tomide was left alone in the sitting room, he doesnt know if he should feel lighter now that he has confessed or not. This is going to be worst but I have to brace up for whatever I get, I honestly do not deserve mercy or forgiveness from Dieko he thought. He stood up from where he was and sat on the couch, he checked the time it was 6:30am. He lay down on the couch silently praying that God touches Diekos heart because he cant predict her next line of action. He slept off while still praying.

While in the bedroom, Dieko laid on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

                              EPISODE FOURTEEN
There were many of them lined up in front of a big door, they were all waiting to be called in for their parcel. It was almost her turn to be called in when all of a sudden she saw a very big curtain drop from nowhere right in her front. She couldnt see through the curtain so she looked around and found many people still standing behind her. She heard a voice that sounded like many waters and looked back again, apparently she was the only person seeing the big curtain and hearing the voice. The voice called again, it wasnt audible but it sounded very close. She became scared and founded herself muttering words of prayer. She didnt like the fact that she was the only one hearing the sound and seeing the curtain, she couldnt even tell what it was. She would have left the place but it wasnt possible because shes been expecting the parcel for a long time and she wasnt going to leave without getting it. She heard her name being called from the big door but she couldnt go in because of the curtain standing in her way. She heard the voice again, this time it was very clear and loud. The voice told her she couldnt go in unless the curtain was removed by her. She looked back to see the reaction of those behind her on the queue, they were getting agitated already. She was getting confused and sweating profusely, she was in a dilemma. She had an important parcel to collect, her name was already called and is still being called, something was hindering her from getting the parcel and now a voice was telling her she had to remove the curtain she knows nothing about. How on earth am I supposed to remove this curtain? I dont even know how it got there not to talk of removing, moreover why do I have to be the one to remove it? She was still muttering to herself when the voice spoke again, it was as if it heard her. You alone can remove the curtain because you placed it there yourself and if you dont, you might not receive your parcel. The only way for you to remove the parcel is to check yourself well………”

Dieko woke up sweating and panting real hard. Oh God! It was a dream but it looked so real. She was trying to sit up on the bed when she heard her phone ring, she picked it up and checked who the caller was. It was Biola, Tolus husband she answered after the third ring.

Hello Biola, good morning she said almost in a whisper holding her head with her other hand, her head was really pounding. problem. Whats wrong with her...okay, Ill be there as soon as I can. Bye. She dropped the phone on the bedside table and laid back on the bed still holding her head. Oh Lord please not now, please not now.. she said under her breath.

Biola just told her Tolu was in labour and theyve been at the hospital for the past three hours with Tolu writhing in pain and left unattended to. He wanted her to come because he couldnt handle the situation alone. She stood from the bed and checked the time, it was almost 9:30 am she didnt realize she had slept that long. She looked at the other side of the bed and realized Tomide didnt come into the bedroom to sleep, she doesnt even expect him to. She had to attend to the situation at hand first which is her friend, after then she would know what to do about herself and Tomide.

She quickly dashed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She came out when she was done, combed her hair and packed it into a doughnut with a ribbon and then applied a lip balm. She changed into jeans trouser with a polo shirt and sneakers to match. Im going to the hospital and I need to be comfortably dressed she thought as she laced her sneakers. She picked her phone and left the bedroom.

When she got to the sitting room, Tomide was up and calmly seated on one of the couch looking into space. She didnt bother greeting him, she picked up her car key and grudgingly told him Tolu was in labour and she was going to join them at the hospital. He offered to drive her to the hospital but she ignored him and left the house.

On her way to the hospital, she thought of how she reacted to her husband but she shoved it aside and justified herself by saying he deserves any kind of treatment she dished out to him, after all hes the one at fault. In no time she got to the hospital, parked her car at the parking lot and went into the hospital. It wasnt hard to detect it was a general hospital, it was filled with people both the healthy and the invalids. The hospital reeked of doom, bad news, sickness, accidents and death itself, if any of them ever smells she thought. It reminded her of her present situation, she hates hospitals!

She was about to ask the receptionist about Biola and Tolu when she heard the receptionist raining abuses on a heavily pregnant woman who was asking her if she could sit. Apparently, the woman was in labour and was asked to walk from one end of the reception area to the other end till she was ready as the receptionist put it. Dieko felt blood rushing to her face, she was ready to defend the poor woman when she realized that was not why she was there. She walked away from the reception in search of Biola and Tolu, I hate these general hospitals and I told Tolu not to register here but she wouldnt listen to me she murmured as her eyes scanned the room. She heard her name, immediately she turned she saw Biola coming towards her.

Oh Biola thank God! Ive been looking for you and I didnt want to ask all these ill-mannered staff members. She hissed Wheres Tolulope?

Dont worry about them Dieko, theyre always like that. You wont believe weve been here for the past four to five hours now and nobody is ready to attend to us.

You see! Thats one of the reasons why I hate all these silly general hospitals and I told Tolu but she didnt listen to me. I wonder why you allowed her register here, why you didnt allow her go to the hospital where you had Nathan? her anger was written all over her face.

Its not my fault, you know the experience we had then too. We thought a general hospital will be better than a private one. Biola replied.

Thats true, but notwithstanding there are still great private hospitals around moreover I recommended my doctor at Harmony Hospital to Tolu but she was bent on coming here where she claimed they are more competent. Anyways theres nothing we can do about that now, when you want to have another child nobody will tell you people not to come back here. Where is the Tolu herself, let me go and see the stunts shes pulling. She giggled.

Ha! Dieko another child! Nooo after this one we are done, not with the stunts Tolu is even pulling now. Im not ready to make her go through this again. Shes over there. He pointed towards the long hall by the reception.

She could hear Tolus voice right at the beginning of the hall, she was crying and praying at the same time. Immediately Tolu saw her, she motioned to Dieko to come to her side. Dieko was ready to make jest of her but she could see she was in pains so she walked quickly to her and sat down by side holding her hand.

It is well with you in Jesus name, Tolulope. Sorry, it will soon be over. Dieko whispered still holding her hand.

Dieko, Im in serious pains. Tolu said weeping and writhing in pain, squeezing Diekos hand. Please pray for me, this pain is unbearable. I want to hold my baby, I dont want to die.

God forbid! You wont die, youll hold your baby very soon. Tolu you need to confess positively right now. Lets pray. She said a short prayer with Biolas amen vibrating the hallway.

When they were done praying, a young female doctor appeared with two nurses behind her. She ordered the nurses to help Tolu into the delivery room and also asked Dieko to come with her. They all went into the delivery room leaving Biola pacing the hallway and speaking in tongues.


Tomide thought of Diekos reaction to him, what happened is the height of the evil he can ever do to her. The Dieko he married will never behave that way to him no matter how offended she may be by him. He has really crossed his line, he was at the cross road. He really has to get out of the house, now is the time for the personal retreat he was thinking about. He has to plan the trip as soon as possible but he needed to talk to Pastor Abioye first, he has to let him know he has told Dieko about it. He picked his phone and put a call through Pastor Abioye who picked after the first ring. He told him everything that happened but didnt bother telling him about Diekos reaction before she left the house. That was his cup of tea. He thought.

Pastor Abioye was happy about news, he told him it was a good start and he also told suggested some places where he could go for the personal retreat, just him and God alone. He wrote the places down on a piece of paper. Pastor Abioye told him he would call Dieko later in the day to talk to her, they talked more and ended the call.

Tomide was a bit relieved after speaking with his friend and pastor. He would have to decide where he would go out of the places Pastor Abioye suggested and when to go, but he has to make peace with his wife before leaving. He stood up from the couch, told Vicky to prepare something light for him to eat and left for their bedroom upstairs. As he was climbing the staircase, he thought about the fact that Vicky has never prepared his meal, it has always been his wife since they got married. He was hungry and he couldnt eat out, it was too early for that. He brushed the thought away and went into the bedroom.


There! She got what she wanted. She was super elated when the distinct colour bands appeared on the control and test regions of the pregnancy test strip. She was pregnant! She screamed with joy, at last she got what she had always wished for. No going back now. All she needs is to let him know. Thats all what she owes him.

To hell with conscience! To hell with family! To hell with him and his stupid wife! I am very much content with this. She thought as she cleaned up the strip and threw it into the bin.


Dieko rushed out of the delivery room looking panicky, she called out to Biola and whispered into his ears. Biola held his head, closed his eyes and leaned on the wall. God please! God please! God please! He kept saying as Dieko patted him at the back, she had tears in her eyes not now please, keep praying. Ill be back. She left him and went back into the delivery room.

                                 EPISODE FIFTEEN
As Dieko drove home at about 10pm, she found herself flashing back to what happened at the hospital, she couldnt stop crying. She was crying because she was grateful to God for sparing Tolus life, she saw the awesomeness of God and she had imagined what would have happened if she lost her friend and sister.

The doctor said the umbilical cord was compressed, she explained to her in a way she could understand that because of the movement of the baby inside the uterus, the umbilical cord got wrapped around the baby. The cord got compressed during labour which led to the decrease of blood flow making the baby distressed. She further explained that it was not a major worry because most babies pass through it and the delivery proceeds normally but in the case of Tolus baby, she already passed the meconium which the doctor explained as her first stool.

There was nothing they could do other than to perform an immediate caesarean section on her after she had lost so much blood. It took them a long time to wheel her into the theatre due to the lackadaisical attitude of the medical practitioner there, all the while she was weak and still bleeding. Dieko was scared to the bone because she had never witnessed a live childbirth except the ones she watch on reality shows and the one she was witnessing at the moment was complicated coupled with the fact that she knew the person in labour. She couldnt pray, she just kept muttering God please take control.

Tolu couldnt talk again she was only weeping, she held unto Diekos hand as if it was her life line. She was eventually wheeled into the theatre after what seemed like ages, the female doctor who attended to her from the start and another male doctor went along with her. Dieko was not allowed into the theatre so she stayed with Biola, each of them to their thoughts. It wasnt up to ten minutes they stepped into the theatre the female doctor came out with a puzzled look, she announced that something that was beyond their knowledge just happened. Tolu delivered a baby girl immediately she was placed on the surgery table without the help of the doctors. According to the doctor, she couldnt have delivered the baby on her own because of the complication, though the baby was tired she was very healthy and Tolus bleeding stopped all of a sudden too. The doctor concluded that it could only be God because it was a miraculous experience.

When the doctor gave them the good news she jumped up and screamed, she didnt know when she hugged the doctor. Biola on the other hand knelt down and started singing praises with tears running down his face.

She didnt leave the hospital until she was sure Tolu and the baby were doing fine, she promised to see them the next day. She was happy for her friend. The sound of her phone jolted her back to the present, she picked the phone which was on the seat next to the drivers seat. It was her husband, she hissed and dropped the phone back on the seat. He had called several times while she was at the hospital but she ignored the calls because she didnt want to talk to him. He called again but she decided not to pick it, moreover she was almost home.


Tomide was getting restless, he had called his wife more than ten times and she had refused to pick. He was getting angry but he reminded himself not to be because reverse would have been the case if what happened had not. On several occasions when he heard a car horn that sounded like hers, he stood up to check the gate from the window in the sitting room where he had been since morning. After he had gone to their bedroom to freshen up, he came down stairs to eat the custard and bean cakes Vicky had prepared for him. He had been praying and reading his bible since then, Vicky came to ask him if he was alright and wanted her to prepare anything for lunch for him but he told her he was okay and didnt want anything. He also included Tolu in his prayers for safe delivery for her. He was flickering through the TV channels for what to watch when he heard the horn of Diekos car. He called out to Vicky to open the gate, since James left theyve not been able to get another gatekeeper.


Immediately she drove into the compound she saw that her husbands car was where it was when she left the house in the morning, it indicated he had been home all day. She wondered what he was doing at home all day, though her husband is a homely man he rarely goes out on weekends except he had something important to attend to. He always assign every weekend events to his PA, he enjoyed staying at home with his wife. She felt a pang of guilt as she thought of it but immediately shoved it off her mind and shrugged at least its all his fault. She thought as she parked and got out of the car. Vicky came towards her greeting and collecting her bag.

Did my husband go out today? she added after answering Vicky.

No ma, hes been home all day. Vicky replied going to the boot of the car.

Okay, dont worry theres nothing in the boot.

She went inside the house and saw Tomide sprawled on the chaise lounge, he was wearing a short and short sleeve shirt. She avoided looking at him, greeted him coldly and went upstairs to their bedroom. In the bedroom she laid on the bed with her face up, she needed a hot shower to wash away the smell of the hospital from her body. She stood from the bed and started undressing. She caught a glimpse of her body in the full length mirror, her breast looked different it was swollen and tingly when she touched it. She looked at her tummy too but there was really no difference, it looked normal to her because she has a slightly big tummy. She hadnt noticed her body was already changing and that was why she never suspected she was pregnant. She placed her hand on her tummy and prayed silently closing her eyes God please help, perform a miracle in my life. A miracle that will put the doctors report to shame just the way you did to Tolu. You are the great physician and I believe you to do more than I can ever fathom, God please wipe my tears, show me how awesome you are once more.

She was still praying when Tomide stepped into the bedroom. She stopped praying and quickly took the towel that was on the stool in front of the dressing room. She was trying to wrap herself with it when Tomide came closer to her and held her hand, standing in front of her he looked into her eyes and called her full name in a whisper.

Diekolooreoluwasimi his voice was husky and he swallowed before continuing

Im really sorry for hurting you, I know I have hurt you real bad and I never intended to hurt you. I have never wanted to hurt you, I love you so much my love. I regret not telling you when the whole thing started with her, I hate myself for what I did. Please I beg you in the name of God, forgive me. I know I have caused you pain and my heart is bleeding for that. He was about to prostrate when she drew his hand and lifted him up. She suddenly felt the need to sit, she picked the towel that had dropped on the floor and wrapped it around her body before sitting on the bed.

Sit down Tomide she said patting the bed. Tomide wanted to refuse when she repeated it. Without hesitation he moved over and sat beside her. She faced him and held his two hands.

Tomide, what you did really hurt me. I am pained, you betrayed me Tomide! I trusted you, I believed in you, I told you the greatest thing you could ever do to offend me is to have an affair. Tomide you didnt do it with just anybody, you did it with that Adesola, how could you? Let me ask you a question.

Please do. He looked tense, he didnt know what she wanted to ask.

Are you still in touch with her and have you guys spoken since the incidence? she asked looking at him intently, she was scared to hear his answer but she needed to know.

No, we have not spoken ever since then. I have even deleted her number and I already told Sharon not to let her into my office. Is there anything you want me to do again?

Okay, thats fine. No theres nothing from that angle but theres something I want to do she looked away, there was tears in her eyes and she didnt want him to see it.

What is it? he asked with a sober look.

Still looking away I want a break she said calmly but firmly.

His phone rang but he refused to pick it, he was still looking at his wife who was looking away from him. He didnt understand the break she was talking about. The phone rang again, he was about to press the reject button when Dieko told him to pick it. He wanted to object but the look she gave him told him to pick the call.
Excuse me please he said as he took the phone and checked the caller, it was an unknown number.
I dont know who it is he blurted out.

Then pick it up before it cuts.

He picked it. Hello, who am I speaking with please? Erhuhhuh what! he stood up abruptly from the bed You cant be serious, thats not possible! You are such a devils incar..hello! Are you there? The line went dead in his ear. Oh! God he said running his hand over his face, he couldnt believe what he just heard.

What is it? Dieko asked coming to his side with a concern look.

He wasnt answering so she repeated the question. He looked at his wife and knew there and then that he has lost his wife to the silliest mistake he has ever made in his whole lifetime. He hesitated before saying Adesola is pregnant he said calmly, searching his wifes face to know what she was thinking but her face was expressionless.

So what do you want to do about it? she asked quietly.

He didnt answer because he didnt know what to do. Dieko quietly went to the dresser, picked her shower cap and entered the bathroom. She got into the bathtub, turned on the shower and let the water fall on her body. She couldnt control the tears running down her face, she wept like her life depended on it. She wasnt sure when she told her husband she needed a break but with the new development she sure needs a break.

Tomide sat back on the bed, his head hung down and placed on his hands. This is the height for me, God please dont let me suffer for my sins this way. God please have mercy, not even for my sake anymore but for my wifes sake. She is really hurting. He couldnt weep again, it was as if he had exhausted all the tears from his tear gland. His head was aching badly. He was blank, he couldnt think of anything. What will my mother and sister think of me? What will the pastor and members of Amazing Grace Chapel think of me? Me the vibrant Bro. Mide who will likely go to pastors school, impregnated another woman. God please the shame is too much.
Dieko came out of the bathroom, she looked tired and her eyes were red and puffy. Oh my God! She has been crying in the bathroom. He couldnt stop looking at her. She wore her nightwear, climbed into bed and pulled the duvet to her chin. Her head was pounding but she wasnt going to use any drug because shes not sure about using any medication in her condition.

She couldnt sleep so she called out to Tomide to join her in bed. Tomide joined her on the bed and he hugged her tight, he was weeping now and he kept telling her he was sorry. She felt pity and realized how hard it is for him too at the moment although he called it upon himself and their family. She decided she wasnt going to be hard on him.

She snuggled close to him and assured him that everything was going to be fine even though she didnt know how it would be. She suddenly remembered the dream she had earlier that day, she was thinking about the dream when it occurred to her that the big curtain might mean the resentment she had for her husband when he told her what happened the previous day. She remember swearing never to forgive him for what he did.

It also occurred to her that the parcel she was waiting to collect in the dream was the child she had been asking God for but it wasnt making sense because she was already pregnant even though its a pregnancy that will be terminated. Then she heard the voice in her head say With God, all things are possible or dont you believe he can place the foetus in the right place? Immediately she heard the voice she started singing:

                          Whose report will you believe? I shall believe the report of the Lord

                        His report says I am healed, His report says I am filled,

                       His report says I am free. His report says victory.

Tomide heard her singing and joined her. When they were done singing, he told her about the personal retreat he was planning. He told her he needed time alone with God and she agreed. She also explained to him that the break she was talking about was to be away from him for a while because she is hurting and has been betrayed by him, she had to think about the situation on ground. Though she assured him she has forgiven him, it wasnt easy for her to forget about it hence she needs the break to clear her head and to also settle some business with God.

He asked her about the pregnancy and the appointment they were meant to make with Doctor Badmus. She told him that would be after she was back from the break since Doctor Badmus didnt specify when he wanted her to come back, he only told her as soon as possible. Tomide wasnt okay with the plan she was making but who was he at the moment to tell her otherwise. He just had to agree.

He also asked where she was going for the break and she told him she would like to go to her aunty who was in UK since her visa was still valid. She told him she would call her aunty later in the day to let her know she was coming over. He offered to buy her plane ticket but she refused, she said there was no need, she could it afford it. He didnt bother to press her.
It was 1:08am when Dieko checked the time on her phone. She decided she wasnt going to church, she needs to rest. Tomide had already slept off and was snoring lightly, she turned off the light and slept too.

                                EPISODE SEVENTEEN
The day went very fast Dieko thought, she stayed back at home when Tomide told her he was going to church to see their pastor and tell him about the situation on ground. He was very active in church so it was proper to let his spiritual leader know he had erred. She had also gone to visit Tolu at the hospital, she was doing better than the previous day though she still looked pale. She denied it when Tolu asked her if she had been crying, she didnt want to tell her what was happening to her, not yet probably after they might have resolved everything.

She was in their bedroom talking to her aunty on the phone when Tomide came in.

No ma, Im coming alone. He has to go somewhere thats why we cant come together. Kosi problem ma no problem ma. Ill get my ticket for Tuesday and Ill update you. Ok ma Ill tell him, thank you ma. Bye. She ended the call and looked up at her husband who was still at the door.

Come on in now, why are you standing there? How was church, were you able to see Pastor Isaac? she adjusted herself on the bed.

I was waiting for you to finish on the phone he smiled a little.

You didnt have to wait for me to finish moreover I dont appreciate you behaving like a stranger in your own house or even to me. Youre still my husband. She sat up on the bed and propped up two pillows behind her. Tapping the bed beside her she said come and sit down, tell me what you told the Pastor and what he said too.

He pulled off his shoes and got in the bed beside his wife. Once again Im sorry Dieko, I want you to know that I didnt plan for all what happened. Im sorry for the pain I have caused you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. He searched her face to be sure what he said sank.

Its okay Tomide, I forgive you. She had done a lot of thinking before he came back and it took every fibre in her to tell him she has forgiven him. She needs Gods grace to forget the pain because she is still hurt.

Just tell me what happened in church she sounded impatient. She already knew he was going to be suspended from being a worker in the church for some time, thats one of the reasons why she wants to stay away for a while. She wont be able to stand the shame.

He coughed out before starting Ive been suspended indefinitely. Need I say Pastor Isaac was highly disappointed, he wanted to know how everything happened and how you are taking it. I also told him Ill be going on a personal retreat for a while, I guess that was the only thing that made him a little calm about the situation. He encouraged and also prayed for me, he said hell give you a call maybe tomorrow.

Okay. She wanted to know what he told the pastor when he wanted to know how she was taking it, she decided to ask him. What did you tell him when he asked how Im coping?

He shrugged I told him the truth.

That? she asked with a frown.

I told him you didnt take it well at first which is normal but that Im surprised at the fact that you have shown to be understanding. I also told him you are the woman Ill ask God to make my wife again if there is an afterlife. He smiled sadly before continuing I told him you have been strong for me and for yourself.

She shook her head slightly and quickly brushed the tear that slipped down her face. Little did he know that she was fighting a battle inside of her to be strong on the outside for herself and him.

What did he now say?

He said he knows its very hard for you to bear and that youre a good woman. He said I should ensure you forgive me from your heart.

Hmmmm. Okay, I already told you Ive forgiven you. Were in this together because you are my husband and we are one. You are part of me and I am part of you too. She smiled through the tears that was now flowing freely.

He drew her close to himself and hugged her tightly, wiping her face with the back of his hand. When she was calm he asked her when she was travelling.

Ill buy my ticket tomorrow against Tuesday she told him, resting her head on his chest.

You still dont want me to buy the ticket for you? he asked looking into her face pleadingly.

No, dont bother Ill get it myself.

Please Dieko, let me buy it for you. I want to be sure you have really forgiven me. Please.

 She hesitated alright she said tight lipped. But please buy a one way ticket because I dont know when Ill be back.

Okay, thank you. Ill call Mr Shehu to get it for me. Itll be better to go with British Airways so you can leave in the morning.

Yes please let it be BA. Thank you. She purposely stopped using any endearment for him or call him any of the pet names she calls him.

What will you like to eat? she said as she made to climb down from the bed. He held her hand to stop her.

I want another favour from you, I hope Im not asking for too much? he looked into her eyes.

It depends on what you want to ask for. What is it?

I dont want to stress you, Im thinking we should eat out.

Awwww please Tomide Im not up to that, let me just prepare whatever you want to eat at home for you.

Okay no problem I just felt youll be tired or something. Im fine with anything you want.

She was about leaving for the kitchen when it occurred to her that her husband was trying hard to please her, it wouldnt be fair to make it harder for him. She turned back and called out to him. He was already changing out of the cloth he wore to church earlier.

Tomide, let me just take a shower and we can go. She saw the flash of happiness in his eyes when she said it but looked away.

Okay, take your time. We can do Chinese then, since they open at this time he checked his watch, it was past 7 O clock.

In no time, they were dressed to go. They were about stepping into the car when she felt a sharp pain in her tummy. She screamed out when she saw it.

                              EPISODE EIGHTEEN
 She was still brooding over what happened two weeks ago, it was too sudden and she hadnt expected it. It was the second miscarriage she was having. She was rushed to the hospital immediately but it was too late, she had lost the baby. She cried for days querying and questioning God. She had expected a miracle to happen. She knew she had to be thankful to God notwithstanding the pain she had going through.

She hadnt been able to go to work. She was home alone, Vicky had gone out. Tomide had gone for the personal retreat after much persuasion and begging from her with the promise that she wasnt going to brood over it. She had to tell her aunty that something very important came up and she couldnt travel again, she promised to go visiting some other time. She didnt want her to know what really happened.
Tomide will be back from the retreat the next day which was their sixth wedding anniversary and she had to be cheerful and good looking. She had planned to go to the salon and do some shopping for herself too, she needed to get new clothing. She had been depressed for the past few months, it was high time she got up and dusted herself from every form of depression. Her husband is sober about all what happened, who was she to hold it up against him or to keep rubbing it in.

Forgiveness is one of the keys to a strong and lasting relationship. She had forgiven him and Adesola, in all honesty it was very difficult forgiving someone who almost destroyed her home. She forgave her and handed the situation to God to take care.

She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom to take her bath.


Adesola had registered for antenatal immediately she found out she was pregnant and she was being very careful with everything she did. She didnt want to stress herself, she avoided everything that could stress her or the baby. She had hired two house helps. She called Tomide once in a while to remind him she was carrying his baby. He never called her and she doesnt give a damn about it. She was in her second trimester precisely ten weeks.
She was excited because she had her first ultrasound today and she had a peek at her baby. She was able to point out the babys fingers, toes and heard its heartbeat. She had done her baby things shopping and also decorated the babys room. She was well prepared for the arrival of hers and Tomides child.

She was seated in her living room, legs crossed on the couch with a glass of fruit juice and a plate containing roasted groundnut on the glass table beside her. She was flicking through the television channels when her phone rang, she picked it up from beside her and answered it with a frown.

She dropped the call with a hiss. It was Tomide. He had never called her and even now that he did, he called her with a different number. He wanted to know how she was faring and how he could be of help to her. Of course she doesnt need any assistance from him, she only wants him to accept the paternity of their child and that was what she told him leaving him with no choice.


Dieko was dressing up when she heard the horn of a car at the gate, she quickly put on her dress and went downstairs. It was Tomides sister Folake. She quickly opened the gate for her to drive in.

Haha! Aunty Folake, ekasan ma good afternoon ma she greeted kneeling down Anjy baby, how are you doing my love? she carried the girl out of the car.

How are you Dieko? Anjola wont you greet Aunty Dee she turned to Dieko shes been asking after you since and she has refused to greet you now. How come youre the one opening the gate? Youve still not gotten another gate keeper since James left. Kilode - why?

Leading them to the living room she answered No, weve not found any one thats reliable. She went into the kitchen and came back with a tray containing a glass cup, a pack of fruit juice, a plate of peppered meat, biscuit and a smaller pack of juice with straw for Anjola. She placed it on a stool in front of them, served them and sat down.

Aunty, how have you been? Its been long you came to our house she giggled.

Ive been very fine. I called Mide thinking I wont meet any of you at home but he told me he wasnt around but Ill meet you at home. Why didnt you go to work?

I wanted to rest so I took some days off.

Are you alright? she asked with concern written on her face and adjusting on her seat.

Yes Im fine, I was a little bit down but Im great now. She was reluctant to tell her what really happened but they are quite close. She resolved to tell her if she pressed her further.

Have you been to the hospital? You should go to the hospital if youve not gone please. Hope youve eaten or I should help you prepare something quickly?

She burst out laughing haha Aunty Flakky! Believe me Im fine, Ive been to the hospital already.

Why are you laughing now, Im serious o. Okay what did the doctor say was wrong? Or are we expecting because you look pale to me she winked at her, smiling.

I was actually expecting but we lost it again. She smiled cheerfully, she didnt want her to start feeling sorry for her so she quickly added but God is working out something for us because He knows best.

Aunty Folakes jaw dropped when she heard what Dieko said, she was speechless for a few seconds before recovering and hugging Dieko without uttering anything. It is well my dear, I join my faith with yours. I hope youve not been brooding over it? Please dont, as you said God knows best and nobody can question or query Him. Just keep your calm and hold onto the promises of God and His word will come true for you.

Thank you Aunty. Please dont tell grandma about it, I wouldnt want her to start panicking again referring to Tomides mother.

Okay I wont

They talked more before she left. Dieko loves her husbands family and they love her too. Her mother-in-law treated her like an egg anytime she comes visiting them. She knows if Tomides sister told her about the miscarriage, she would be with them in the twinkle of an eye regardless that she stays in another town.

She ate the peppered meat and drank the juice left over by Aunty Folake.

She left the house and went to the salon. After she was done making her hair, she did manicure and pedicure too. She realized its been long she took special care of herself especially her hair and nails. She was always particular about her hair and nails before she got married but after the first miscarriage she relented and when she began her quest to get pregnant, she forgot about it and regarded it as waste of time.

When she was done in the salon, she went to a shopping mall and bought new clothes, two pairs of shoe and perfume for herself, she also bought a skirt and blouse for Vicky. She bought three pieces of shirt and ties to match for her husband. She also went to the babys aisle and bought a few more baby things to add to the ones she had bought before. She bought a white coloured flannel, packs of tiny socks, a beautifully knitted baby shawl and a cream coloured bouncer.

She felt happy and alive again and in the spirit she decided to go visit Tolu. She had not seen her in a while, she couldnt go for the babys naming ceremony. She called her to find out if she was home, when she confirmed she was home she headed towards Tolus house.

On getting there, she met a pregnant lady who looked familiar but she couldnt place the face. The lady kept looking at her too as if she knew her too. Tolu introduced her to the lady as Dee her best friend and sister from another mother and also introduced the pregnant lady to her as Dessy. She was a friend and one time colleague of Biola, Tolus husband.

The lady left before Dieko giving the excuse that she had to be somewhere. Tolu saw her off and gave the baby to Dieko. When Tolu got back, Dieko told her the lady looked familiar but she couldnt place the face. She looked like Adesola in one of Tomides old pictures he had shown her but she didnt mention it to Tolu because she wouldnt want to explain who she really is. Tolu waved it aside and concluded that people do look alike.

After spending more time gisting with Tolu, she left too. She was careful not to talk about the past happenings in her life and family to Tolu. She resolved she wasnt going to tell her now but as a testimony later.


While driving home, she remembered who the lady she met at the Adeoyes house was. Good gracious! She is Mides wife! She felt a pang of guilt and jealousy at the same time. Truth be told, the woman is far more beautiful than the lady she saw in the picture frame in Mides office. She is the epitome of a natural beauty, fair skinned with a full mass of a jet black hair tumbling over her shoulder to her back. She has a nice dentition with a gap tooth which didnt escape her gaze when she flashed her a beautiful smile. She couldnt help but compare herself to the lady. A surge of fresh anger and hatred welled in the pit of her stomach for Mide and his wife.

                               EPISODE NINETEEN
 Tomide got home very late the next day, Dieko was asleep on the chaise lounge in the living room when he entered. He tiptoed to her side and knelt beside her studying face. She smiled in her sleep and snuggled into the pillow she held over her chest. Tomide wondered what she was dreaming about. She looked more beautiful than she was when he left two weeks ago. He noticed her nails were newly painted, both her finger and toe nails were painted hot red. The hair that was peeping from the hair net that was slightly off her head was shiny, he guessed she had been to the salon. It looked as if she was back to the pretty and fashion conscious woman he had married. Looking at her alone in her sleep made him desire her, he felt a tingling sensation run down his body. He couldnt hold it anymore, he bent his head and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. She stirred and her eyes fluttered open. She hit him playfully on the arm smiling.

Tomide you scared me! I didnt know when you came in, when did you come in?

Are you sure I scared you because you didnt look scared when I kissed you, in fact you responded beautifully he teased. Ive been here for the past ten to fifteen minutes. He grinned wickedly.
Seriously! I didnt sense it at all, I must have been deep asleep. How was your trip and why did you come late?

You definitely were deeply asleep, I think I even heard you snore he laughed still teasing her.

No thats a lie! I know I dont snore she eyed him playfully.

Just kidding though you werent snoring he stood up from where he knelt and sat beside her on the chaise lounge placing her legs on his laps. The traffic jam on the way was bad, I think there was an accident or so. Thank God Im home now. Thats the most important thing.

Yea, thank God. Sorry. Do you want me to serve your food now or youll like to shower first? she asked rising up.

Tomide pulled her back and kissed her again. What does Mrs Diekolooreoluwasimi Williams wants to serve me?

Grinning widely and finally rising from the chaise lounge she answered theres fried rice and grilled turkey with coleslaw, should I set the table now?

Yes maam please do I am very hungry I can eat anything at the moment, I wont hesitate to eat you too if possible.

Okay, if you eat me its allowed she laughed and entered the kitchen.

Tomide pulled off his shoes and socks and followed after his wife. The table was set by the both of them and Tomide sat to eat while his wife watched him and filled him in on all that happened while he was away. She told him about his sisters visit and also told him about the lady she met at Tolus place. She told him she looked like the Adesola in one of his pictures but she wasnt sure if she was the one.

He also told her about his encounter at the retreat. There were many people on the mountain where he went but everyone was busy with their individual businesses. There was no disturbance of any form. He explained that the place was serene and it was very easy to hear from God there, even if He spoke in a whisper.

He told her about the word he received: Micah 7:7-10

But as for me, I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me. Rejoice not over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me. I will bear the indignation of the Lord because I have sinned against him, until he pleads my cause and executes judgement for me. He will bring forth to the light; I shall behold his deliverance. Then my enemy will see, and shame will cover her who said to me, Where is the Lord your God? My eyes will gloat over her; now she will trodden down like the mire of the streets.

He also told her how he felt peace within him. He told her of how he called Adesola and asked what he discussed with and her response. He explained that he had a pressing to see Adesola and he would like Dieko to go with him any day they were both chanced. She agreed and also supported he helped her in any way he feels he should. He told her he had learnt his lessons and he would never hide anything from her and he also begged her never to hide anything from him too, no matter trivial, difficult or insensitive it may look or sound. He apologised again for all that had happened and promised to make it up to her in every way he could.

They cleared the table and kitchen together and went upstairs, Tomide didnt know something special was waiting for him in the room. He obviously had forgotten it was their anniversary. Immediately he opened the door, the smell of flowers and scented candles wafted through the breeze to his nose. He sensed Dieko was up to something mischievous, it was dark safe for the flickering of the candle lights. Dieko was giggling behind him, he wanted to see what else was waiting for him in the room but he didnt want to spoil the fun by turning on the light so he kept walking blindly into the room following the flicker of the candle.

He stopped when he got to the front of their king sized bed, he could see it even without the candle lights. The bed was sprinkled with red roses and there was a small red and white heart shaped cake on the bed, he didnt know what they were celebrating but he decided to play along. A big card and a neatly wrapped gift was also on the bed. He picked it up, immediately he opened it, the sound of Barney and friends theme song filled the quiet room:

 I love you, you love me

We are happy family with a great big hug

And a kiss from me to you Muaaah!

Wont you say you love me too?

He didnt know when he blurted out Whats todays date Dee?

Dieko burst into laughter before telling him the date.

Shit! Oh nooo! Dieko Im so sorry I forgot. Please forgive me. He came towards her and pulled her to himself Im so sorry darling, you know its unlike me to forget.

Dieko was still laughing. I just knew you would forget but I know its unlike you to forget our anniversary. Its because of all what happened and thats why am not angry but youll pay for forgetting. She said looking serious suddenly.
Her change of expression got him scared Pay?

Yes you will she said looking more serious tomorrows lunch or dinner will be on you! she laughed again.

He exhaled loudly you got me scared there naughty you. If thats the price then I humbly accept without complain that tomorrows dinner is totally on moi. He pointed his right thumb towards his chest. He picked up the card and read the wordings inside, it was hand written by Dieko:

I love you with all my heart. This is the best anniversary I have ever had, filled with life threatening lessons that has brought us closer than before. It has made us closer to each others heart, close enough to for me to hear your heart beat. Close enough to feel your pains and joy. I am part of you and you are part me. I love you forever Ayooluwatomide Williams. Signed by your better half Diekolooreoluwasimi.

He had tears in his eyes already. I love you so much Dieko, I will never hurt you again and I promise never to make you cry too. You are my angel indeed. I will write you a poem too just make sure you remind me. He drew her close and kissed her again this time it was with hot passion.

Dieko managed to disengage from him wont you unwrap your gift?

Tomide pulled her closer again, I want to unwrap this priceless gift given to me personally from God first and every other gift can wait.

He tickled her and she giggled loudly. I have missed you my love and I want you now. He said in a husky whisper.

                                    EPISODE TWENTY
They were seated in Adesolas living room, she sat across them with her bulging tummy. Moving around was difficult for her now because her EDD was in two weeks time and the doctor had told her she could put to bed two weeks before or after the date given to her. She was surprised when she saw Mide and his wife at her door few minutes ago. She was reluctant in letting them in but she had no choice than to let them in.

Dieko had looked her from head to toe with instant recognition clearly written on her face. She had voiced her thought out when she noticed the gaze Dieko gave her. Its me you met at the Adeoyes place, dont be surprised. When I saw you I knew I had seen you somewhere but I didnt remember where until I left. I had seen your picture at Mides office. You are far beautiful in real life than what the picture showed. She moved away and showed them the way to the living room.
Dieko didnt know whether that was a compliment or a dis so she kept quiet.

Pardon my manners please, I saw the way you looked at me and I decided to make it easy for you instead of racking your brain. Please have your seat she gestured towards the couch.

Dieko looked round the house, it was cosy and had a sophisticated look with the interior decoration and all the antique decorations that looked very expensive. The house was very neat and smelt nice too. The owner is obviously a neat freak but has a foul mouth. She also noticed she was very blunt and down to earth.

She was also a pretty woman with an hour glass figure, everything she had was in the right proportion even in her pregnant state she looked very pretty. She was also fair skinned and tall, taller than she was. Dieko couldnt help but wonder why she wasnt married and was chasing after her own husband. She was too pretty not to attract men of different status even men of the higher echelons in the society.
Can I get you anything to drink? her thick and sophisticated voice cut rudely into Diekos thought.

Were okay thanks the question was directed at her but Tomide answered before she could find her voice. She was embarrassed to be caught looking around somebody elses house like she had never seen anything like it before. Whereas she wasnt looking at the house she was thinking of the woman seated across her. She could only nod her head in approval of what Tomide said.

Ermermmm. Tomide cleared his throat and sat upright in preparation to talk. Adesola I came here with my wife to apologise for any pain I might have caused you, knowingly or unknowingly. I am truly sorry and I want to inform you that I am ready to do the right thing with the support of my wife. I am ready to accept the paternity of the child indeed and in every other area. I promise to be there for the child after its birth, Ill take care of all your financial needs till the child is old enough to come visiting. Ill be responsible for the childs welfare. With the support of my wife here, the child is free to come for holidays at ours as long as youre willing to release him or her. What do you have to say to this?

Adesola was speechless. She had tears welled up her eyes, this is someone she has greatly offended, she doubts if God can ever forgive her yet these people are here asking for her forgiveness when she was supposed to be the one begging for their forgiveness.

Since the day she saw Dieko at the Adeoyes, her face and beautiful smile never stopped tormenting her. She didnt deserve the pain she had caused her and her husband just because she was devilish, selfish, greedy, unforgiving, bitter and evil. She had wanted to destroy an innocent womans home.

She felt since she couldnt have Mide when they were in school and now, she could at least have a real reminder of him. His child! That was why she devised her evil plan. She was obsessed with him. She was weeping profusely already.
She stood from her seat and knelt down. She begged for their forgiveness. She confessed that she actually drugged Tomide but she didnt sleep with him. She also confessed that she managed to help him ejaculate into a small container and that was what she used for the artificial insemination of the baby growing inside of her. She said she knows she deserves to be lynched and she wouldnt mind if they called the cops on her because she did is a criminal offence.

All the while, Tomide and his wife were listening with rapt attention. Dieko couldnt believe the depth at which people could go to be evil. This was the height of evil and sheer wickedness. She was speechless when Adesola was done with her confession, she couldnt believe what women would do in the name of crazy obsession they called love. She couldnt dare to imagine all what this evil woman might have done to her husband so as to get what she wanted from him.

She didnt want to be forward so she kept quiet and looked at her husband waiting for him to say something. He was also speechless.

He couldnt believe his ears, if he had watched it in a movie he would have said it could only happen in the make-believe world and not in reality. This was not a make-believe world, not a fiction. It was real and it happened to him! He rubbed his hands across his face and exhaled loudly.

This was very difficult for him to do but he has to forgive her. Hes relieved now that he knows that he didnt sleep with her, it had been a burden in his heart ever since the incident. He and his wife married as virgins so it made him feel dirty mere thinking about it that he had sexual intercourse with another woman who wasnt his wife. Thank God the child was not conceived through sexual intercourse, though its still his seed.

He stood up and went towards the window that was closest to him and whispered few words of prayer. He asked God to strengthen him and help him forgive her. He turned back and lifted Adesola back to her seat, he held her hands and raised her face up to look at him.
Thank God I have been vindicated, although I have a share in the whole mess but thank God for forgiving me. If God can forgive me who am I not to forgive you? I forgive you and I release in the name of Jesus. Ill use this opportunity to ask you to accept Jesus Christ into your life, hes the only one that can give you peace of mind and joy everlasting. Are you willing to enjoy the peace and joy we are also experiencing?

She nodded positively.

Repeat after me, Lord Jesus, please forgive me all my sins, wash me white as snow with your blood that was shed for our sake. Let me know you more, let my life bring glory to your name in Jesus name I pray.

She repeated after him and ended the prayer together.

Dieko was looking at the scenario from where she was seated. She was very proud of her husband, he did the best thing. She stood up and went to Adesolas side and hugged her. It was when Adesola stood up from the couch she sat on that she noticed she was dripping. Her water had broken. She didnt know what was happening until she felt the sharp pain released through the whole of her body. She realized she was in labour already.

Mide! The baby is coming now she shouted through clenched teeth. She quickly described where her baby bag was to Dieko and the hospital to Mide who was already searching for his car key. Dieko came running back with the baby bag. They left for the hospital immediately.

The delivery was fast to the surprise of the doctors. Adesola had a bouncing baby girl who looked exactly like her father, Tomide. She was named Oluwafiifehanmi God has shown me His love.

Oluwafiifehanmi was handed over to Dieko by Adesola before she died few hours after the delivery. Her death couldnt be explained by the doctors, they kept saying she was perfectly alright and there was no complication. They concluded by saying God knows best.

Its exactly a year today and they were celebrating Oluwafiifehanmis first birthday. She is a cute baby and Dieko loves her to bits. Nobody knew she wasnt her mother except for their immediate family.

God had answered her prayers too, she was expecting her babies too. According to her doctor, she would be induced if the twins refused to arrive before the end of the week and she agreed willingly because she was tired of pushing the bulging tummy around, not with Fifehanmi who is very clingy. She never allows anyone carry her.
She likes to sleep on Diekos tummy. She already knew the babies sex, she didnt want any surprises. She was expecting two boys. Thank God she has a baby girl already. She asked God for three children and God granted her request.

Later that night, Tomide presented the poem he wrote for her just as he had promised.

                                    You are part of me and I am part of you

You and I were brought together in me

You and I were made to be us in you

I am missing alone in me but complete in you

I am incomplete because of you

You were gotten out of me

To give me joy and to be my whole

I was returned back into you

To make me complete

You are the one that made me whole

My only RIB is found in you

Which equals to our RIBS  
Diekolooreoluwasimi, you are my missing rib that I found. I bless the day I found you at that shopping mall, God bless you. I love you my darling wife. He pecked her on the forehead and patted her baby bump too and he felt the babies move.  

                                                       THE END!


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