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Episode Two

Her mouth was open but no words proceeded. Her past stared her right in the face. Lanre’s wife. 

She remembered vividly that evening in February, two years ago when Nike had called her. She had pleaded with Lolade to leave her husband alone, going into details of how Lolade was distracting him from being a good father to their two kids. She had even offered to give her severance pay to the tune of Six Million Naira.

But Lanre had told Lolade that he loved her and she was the best thing to ever happen to him. He treated her in the most special of ways…like no man had ever done before. He told her she reminded him of his late mother who he could and would kill for. He protected her and had so many promises, one of which was that he would marry her as soon as he was able to finalize the divorce process which he had already initiated. Lolade didn’t think it was her place to inform the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Akingbile that she was the soon-to-be Mrs Akingbile as soon as the divorce was successful.

“I’m sorry, Madam but I can’t help you.” Lolade had said and ended the call.

“Please leave my office. I’ll be contacting Tunde and informing him that I am no longer interested in your firm’s services.” Nike said, bringing Lolade back to the present.

Their firm was incorporating a company as a special purpose vehicle to carry out a joint venture between Nike and some Italian and French promoters. This was a big shot for her boss.

“Um..Ma, please…I…I don’t know what to say…Please I beg of you. Please.” Lolade pleaded. She was trying to muster up courage but the tears started to pour out.

“Get out.” Nike said.

She nodded then grabbed her bag and staggered out of the office.

The rain had started to pour heavily before she got to the office. A slightly heavier traffic had formed from the Lekki bridge and it was still going to be a while before she got to the office where Mr. Tunde was probably waiting for the good news. Or maybe not. Maybe Nike had called him already to give him a break-down of the whore he had for an employee. The delay gave her a little time to think. She never liked to think about this. The thoughts always came. Always. And she always did her best to push them away. This time, they wouldn’t go away.


It was 6.15a.m that Saturday morning when she heard the all too familiar sound of Lanre Akingbile’s Range rover. He had pulled into the parking lot of the two bedroom apartment he had gotten her somewhere in Lakowe. She didn’t need to open the door. He had the keys.

“Morning.” She had said, wondering why he was at her house. He never came over on Saturdays. His wife was always home on Saturdays.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her neck.

“What’s up, Lanre?” She’d asked.

He smiled.

“I moved out. We are separated. She got served with the divorce papers and pulled a fit. I told her she was allowed to move out but she insisted she wasn’t so I did.” He said all in one breath.

Lolade tried to take it all in.

“Calm down. I don’t understand. Are we going to live here together? She will find you here…If she got my number she can get my house. What’s going to happen to your kids?”

He laughed.

“I have another property at Northern Foreshore. I just bought it last December. We will move in there together.” He said. "The kids are in Canada. There's no problem with that."

Lolade smiled but shook her head.

“This is…it’s too sudden. People will say I am living with someone’s husband. The tongue lash and everything...Lanre I don't know.”

He pulled her closer and held her neck, looking into her eyes passionately.

“I am going to marry you. You are going to be my wife…if you will marry me.” He smiled boyishly in the cute way that she adored.

She was happy. She wanted nothing more than to marry Lanre Akingbile. But she was uncomfortable  about the circumstances surrounding this.

“If you don’t believe me, I’m ready to meet your people…”

Lolade cut him short. She knew her mother would never approve of him, even though she pressured her night and day to bring home a man. Her mother lived in the rough depths of Mile 2. They had lived there for about nine years…since her father had chased her out of their house at Surulere after which he married his secretary. His explanation was that her mother was stubborn and disrespectful despite her inability to produce a male child. Of course he had all the backing and support from his extended family who had personally come to bundle her out of the house. He hadn’t let Lolade or her sister, Lara live with him and his new wife who was already pregnant (with a boy). Nevertheless, he hadn’t exactly been a horrible father. At least he ensured that Lolade and Lara finished their University education. He had even paid for Lolade’s law school fees.

Lara died three years and eight months after they all moved to Mile 2. She had been raped and killed by unidentified touts. That fatal night, Lolade had vowed that she would make something of her life and leave the ghetto by all means. She would prove to her father that a female child was equally as perfect as a male. No. She even wanted to surpass the gender bar. 

After two years of searching for a job in Lagos with a second class upper bachelors and a second class lower from law school, she finally settled for a firm that was willing to pay her Thirty Thousand Naira monthly.

She had met Lanre Akingbile at the Lands Registry. He was leaving the Commissioner’s office as she waited in the lobby to get a report on her files. Her phone had fallen from her grip but before she could reach for it, Mr. Akingbile had accidentally stepped on it. And fortunately, the Nokia was rendered useless.

The rest they say was history. He had insisted on buying her a brand new one that day. He said he would wait till she was through with her work, which he helped fast track. Then he took her to a gadget store and got her a brand new smart phone and a tablet as the apology present. One thing led to the other and they became special friends turned lovers. She quit her job. She loved to do makeup. He signed her up for classes in South Africa and when she returned, He opened a makeup studio for her.

When he got her the apartment, she had asked her mother to move in with her but Mama had refused. She said she would rather die than partake in the ruining of another woman’s home. 


Mama was stubborn. 

Lolade had explained over and over that Mrs. Akingbile was a wicked woman who wasn’t giving Lanre peace in his home. 

Mama had laughed. 

Those were the exact words that Lolade’s father’s wife had said to her those years. 

Mama had called Lolade a whoremonger who would perish in iniquity if she did not leave the married man alone. And that was the last time she had set eyes on Mama.



The taxi man pulled over at the office building. Her fingers shook as she unzipped her brown leather wallet and handed him the fare. She picked up her file and walked inside. The receptionist gave her a look as she walked in. Lolade smiled and the receptionist smiled back, sarcastic though.

Mr. Tunde was in his office. He wasn’t sitting in his executive chair. He was pacing and panting. Usually he would have poured himself some whiskey to calm his nerves or gone to the toilet for a smoke. 

“Sir…” Lolade started. Her heart was thumping.

He looked at her and shook his head.

“What happened? Nike called me to say she is no longer working with us! She said you would explain everything.” He yelled.

Lolade shook her head this time. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her if it could. Maybe it was time to go to that hell that Mama had prophesied about because the whoremonging  looked like it was fast catching up with her.

How would she tell her boss that she had been the mistress who had taken his client’s husband away? 

How would she explain that she was the young girl whom the client had caught flogging her husband with a belt on his buttocks right on their matrimonial bed because that was the kind of sex he enjoyed? 

How would she break it down to him that it was because of her that he had locked the client out of her own home? 

How would she say that she was the one he was with on the client and her husband’s wedding anniversary? 

How would she?

His phone started to ring. He picked up the call immediately. And then, when he ended the call, he looked out the window, avoiding her eyes. 

“She is willing to work with us only if I sack you.” He said. He couldn't look at her in the face. Lolade did not know if it was because Nike had told him the gory details in the phone call...or maybe not. The call was not beyond three minutes. Her sins would require fifty hours of a phone call.

Lolade couldn’t stop the tears. She saw this coming.

“Sir, I…I can pass the file on to another lawyer. Please…I need this job sir…” She cried.

He sighed. 

“Please shut the door behind you. The HR manager will deliver your letter of termination to you.” He said, pouring himself some whiskey.

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