Tuesday, 5 April 2016



Hey Readers!

Did you enjoy reading "Before Our Eyes"? Did you like the end? Who was your favourite character?
Just so you know, the ebook is now available on okadabooks incase you wanted a copy. Please tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Lol.

By the way, for the sexual content in Before Our Eyes, a lot of people reached out and said "Ha Fisayo has changed! Bad girl." Lol. I just want you to know that sometimes, I think it's important to cover and address the exact situation which is the real thing people go through in our society...if not worse. (I still tried to be as decent as possible though) :)


Meanwhile, I am yet to finish my short novel titled "The Cassock." I have it for a while now but I need to put finishing touches. I can already tell you will love it. I kinda challenged myself on some parts of it. I'll let you know the release date. Please broadcast and share!

New series:

I am buzzing with a new story for the blog. It's going to be titled "Heat in the Raindrops"

Be expectant. I'm not telling you the plot yet! lol

Thanks so much.

Just wanted to update y'all.


Fisayo Talabi

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  1. Hey Fisayo! I just started and finished 'Before our eyes' today, and trust me I found it very awesome!

    Well done, I really appreciate your imagination and putting it into writing. I like how it ended as well, a reminder that there's always a second chance at life. I also agree with you the sexual content thingy you pointed at above.

    Looking forward to reading more from you. :) Great one!