Sunday, 1 May 2016

The next story series.

Hi Beautiful Blog fam, 

Thank you for reading the recently concluded series; "Heat in the Raindrops." 

Please remember to share this blog. (Yes we want plenty traffic 😀) but the aim is to reach out to a lot of people through the means of fiction which is a strong passion of mine. 

So I am already thinking of the next story to write. A thought came to mind. Why don't I bring characters from previous stories? 

So readers, which series do you want a continuation of? 

Please drop the comments here and the series with the highest votes gets the story line for the new series. 

Love you and enjoy your sunday.

Happy new month! 


  1. All your stories ended well. Why don't you continue with a story on ugochi the model (whistle blower)with a mix of torera tafa still tryna hook up with ayo.remember her dad thinks ayo is her fiance. Considering what happened recently(tiwa savage),lets see how ayo's marriage will weather anoda storm.wts a marriage without storms

  2. I want a continuation to all of your stories (yes! That's how much I loved them and will love to continue reading about them); but I will say 'heat in the raindrops' since that's the one we have just concluded... 😊

  3. Err... Bring back Toju and that other babe. We never found out if they eventually hooked up.

  4. Bring back all the Roller Coaster characters. And Nike Akingbile from 'before our eyes'. Teinz a bunsh.