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#Torera’s Tales 2

The white chiffon dress seemed okay…but maybe not appropriate. There was no particular theme for the party. Besides, she wasn’t exactly in a party or fun mood. She was just going to pop in, drop her gift and pop out. Staying for long would definitely be awkward with Muna’s presence. Maybe white was not a good choice afterall, considering there would be bouncy castles and lots of junk food with running and uncontrollable children who could run into her without warning or caution. The Dolce and Gabbana piece was not ready for such molestation just yet. She pulled out an animal print t-shirt and a pair of black wide leg culottes. That would suffice. Besides she would only be there a short while. 

She called her cousin who was practically the only close friend she had. Enitan was a day time fitness instructor and a night time party rocker slash super hero slash go-to-girl. She was Otunba Tafa’s younger sister Aunty Adesola’s daughter and was about two years older than Torera. Aunty Adesola and Enitan’s dad were academics; specifically, professors from John Hopkins and Oxford respectively. Her older brother was a doctor and her younger brother was an Engineer. Enitan was the black sheep. She had studied law at London but had decided to stick with her passion--- being a fitness expert. Aunty Adesola had asked Torera to talk some sense into Enitan’s head but it seemed as though Enitan’s head was more occupied with gym equipment and fitness routines that nothing Torera said made sense. Otunba Tafa was the saving grace. He asked her parents to give the girl a chance to prove herself and offered to be her pioneer client. In the space of eight months, girl had opened a gym at Lekki and a lot of top shots trooped in on a daily…especially men. Yes, Enitan was hot…and she knew it. She employed two male instructors later on and in no time, their female clientele base sky-rocketed.

“Hey you.” Enitan answered the call in a mouthful.

“Are you eating?” Torera said.

“Uh-hun.” She started to chew annoyingly.

“Eww. At your old age. Stop doing that.”

Enitan laughed.

“What’s up?”

“I’m going for Ayo’s son’s birthday party. He invited me. It’s awkward, isn’t it?”

Enitan laughed again.

“Why are you going again?” She said.

“He invited me. His wife invited me too.”

“And you think she meant it? She probably just didn’t want to look bad before her husband.”

Torera sighed.

“Whatever. I’m about to get dressed. I’m not even gonna stay long. What are you doing today? Let’s go see a movie or hang out. I’m beginning to get bored just being home.”

“Where’s Uncle Nekan?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he is on another date with his girlfriend. The man has no shame. Isn’t he embarrassed being a sugar daddy? She’s so young!” Torera made a face.

“And pretty?” Enitan said.

“You’ve met her?” Torera asked immediately.

“I think she was the one that came here with him last weekend. They came to see mum.”

Torera mumbled some angry words.

“What is he doing? He is taking this thing too seriously!” She yelled.

Enitan laughed.

“So where do you want to go? I’m free today.”

Torera shrugged.

“Should we go to the party together and then exit together? Okay that’s why I called. I am kinda nervous.” She said.

“I knew it!” Enitan laughed.

“Come and follow me.” Torera said in her childish voice.

“Okay okay. I hope it’s not strictly by IV. Is there a theme?”


“Okay. Pick me up.”

“Yay!” Torera jumped.

“Idiot.” Enitan said and ended the call.


Torera parked the car and turned off the ignition. She brought down the vanity mirror and looked at herself in it. She smacked her lips together.

“Is my makeup okay? Like not too loud? I hope this matte is obvious. Is my eye shadow too much?” She asked Enitan.

“It is. Let’s turn around and leave because you look so ugly.” Enitan replied, rolling her eyes.

Torera hissed and grabbed her clutch.

“I like your pants. I’m taking them after this party.” Enitan said.

“We are not the same size.” Torera retorted.

“I am a size 8 and you are a size 10. I can trim the waist.”

Torera shook her head and got out of the car.

The noise of children running around welcomed them. Two little boys ran past them, holding water guns, one chasing the other. Torera jumped back a little. It looked like a lot of fun. There were cartoon characters and a clown and a candy stand and an ice cream stand and balloons and screaming and lots of cake. She saw Muna first. She was holding their son; the celebrant. She had to admit that Muna did look very good. She was wearing a t-shirt that read “Jason’s Mom”.

“I didn’t get the gift from the car!” She gasped. “I’ll be back.” She turned around, hurrying to get to the car when she bumped into him. 


She tripped and he held her waist and the side of her torso (tapping some current.) She felt the shock waves. He felt it too. She broke free from his grasp quickly.

“Hey…hey Ayo.” She said, clearing her throat and adjusting her hair which was already packed in a bun. She liked the scent of his Tom Ford cologne. She liked the feel of his arms and his chest. It felt like hard bamboo. She liked the scent and the feel of his breath on her face. She could tell he just ate something minty. She wanted to taste the mint. It was then she realized she was standing a little too close to the man.

“You’re leaving so soon?” He said, raising a brow cockily.

She wanted to explain that she was going to get the gift from the car but the words were not forth coming. She tried to shift her gaze from him but her eyes would not co-operate.

“Tori right? You made it!” She heard her say. Muna. She had joined them. 

Torera wondered how Muna had come to the other side so quickly. She noticed the matching tees as the couple stood before her. His t shirt read “Jason’s Dad.” 

This was becoming awkward.

“Torera.” She said. She was certain that Muna knew her name.

Ayo smiled. He knew what was going on obviously.

“It’s a beautiful party.” Torera smiled after some seconds of silence.

“Thank you darling.” Muna said. “Jason is having all the fun he can. He’s worth it. He’s a good boy like his dad.” She leaned over and kissed Ayo. 

Ayo looked a little puzzled. Torera could tell.

She did a quick search for Enitan but she didn’t find her. Great!

“I was heading to the car to get the birthday gift.” Torera said.

“Oh! Thanks a lot.” Muna smiled.

“Daddy!” A little girl screamed, running towards Ayo. She was Kayla, one of the twins. Her face was painted with butterflies and some cake and ice cream. 

“Hey princess!” Ayo’s eyes lit up as he opened his arms and held her, lifting her in the air. She giggled.

Torera smiled. This could have been her life.

“Let me allow you get the gift. I’m sure Jason is waiting.” Muna said.

Torera nodded, forcing yet another smile. She just wanted to walk away as swiftly as she could. She was extremely nervous and all over the place. She was heading towards the gate when she wobbled and before she knew it, she had collapsed to the grass. She winced. She knew she had sprained her ankle. She should not have worn those heels! She tried to get up but it was difficult.

“What kind of misfortune is this today?!” She hissed. Her heel was damaged. They were new shoes! She still couldn’t find Enitan. Very typical. She should have known better. Enitan was a fun freak!

“Need help?”

Torera hissed again, without looking up.

“Of course I need help.” She said.

She felt someone try to lift her up. She looked at him and mumbled a little thank you.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay? That ankle looks bad.” He said.

“I’ll be okay. I just need to find my cousin.” She said.

He nodded and let her be. She tried to walk again but she yelled. Her ankle hurt extremely.

“Okay, I won’t be okay!” She called out to him.

He came towards her almost immediately, holding her waist and putting her arm over his shoulder.

“Let’s get you to have a seat.” He smiled.

She winced again as she tried to rest on him and walk on the other foot.

“If we continue this way we will take forever. And I want to go dance with the kids.” He said.

She laughed.

“Aren’t you a little old for that?” She said.

“I don’t care.” He laughed.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her towards an empty seat. He placed her gently in it and held her leg in his hands.

“Err…” She started.

“Come on. I’m just trying to get this checked to be sure it is not swollen.” He said.

“I’ll have a doctor do that, thanks.” She replied.

He shrugged.

“Okay. Take care and don’t sprain anything else.” He said and walked towards the corner where the kids were having a dance competition. She saw him join in the dance to a children’s song. She opened her mouth wide when she saw the other adult in the loop, dancing to Frozen’s Let it go. That was Enitan. Torera shook her head.

She had planned to stay at the party for just ten to fifteen minutes but it had been so much fun and Enitan didn’t want to leave. She had befriended most of the kids and taught the little girls dance routines. The parents were starting to love her, including some very married daddies. Torera wished she could have joined in the fun too but for her sprained ankle. She didn’t have a choice but to sit still and munch on the food passed around by the waiters.

Ayo saw her again. She knew he was busy with the kids and organizing and everything else.

“Hey pretty.” He said, dragging an empty plastic chair and sitting beside her.

She smiled. Somehow, all the pain in her foot seemed to cease.

“Birthday daddy.” She said.

He laughed.

“I hope you’re having fun and we aren’t too boring for you. I noticed you’ve been on the same spot since.”

She smiled. So he had been watching her. Nice. A part of her wished she had not done anything goofy while she thought no one watched. One time, she and Enitan had gone for a wedding and when everyone was dancing, they saw a very tush looking girl by her table. The girl shifted a little on her seat and raised one half of her bum. Enitan had burst out laughing, claiming it was the "Easy Fart with style" method. 

“I actually got my ankle sprained.” She said. “It really hurts.”

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” He said and knelt beside her immediately. He held her ankle in his hands and touched it. She didn’t mind this time.

“You should let a doctor have a look at this.” He said.

“Yeah I will. I just need my crazy cousin over there to get her fun satisfaction so we can leave.” She replied.

Ayo laughed. He turned around and saw Enitan from a distance.

“There’s a doctor here. Hold on.” He stood up and walked towards the bouncy castle. Torera watched him as he took each stride. She saw him approach a guy. A tall guy. They spoke for a few minutes and then they started walking towards her. She laughed as she saw the other guy. It was the same one who had helped her earlier. He was a doctor?

“Torera, this is Wale. He’s my buddy and he’s a doctor. A physiotherapist.” Ayo said.

The Wale smiled. Torera rolled her eyes.

“I bet you need me to have that look at it now.” His smile was cocky.

She looked at him and then Ayo.

“Okay I see you have met before. I should leave you two to catch up. Oh did I mention that Wale’s single?” Ayo smiled.

Torera shook her head.

“Seriously?” She said.

He laughed and left, leaving the doctor and his patient.

“So it’s Torera. Nice name.” Wale said.

She didn’t know what to say. Was he trying to get lucky and hit on her? Her phone started to ring. It was her father. She was still angry with him. She hissed and answered the call.

“Dad…I am fine. No need to get worried. I’m at Ayo’s kid’s birthday party with Enitan. And it’s fine I’m not upset about your new chic.” She said, obviously upset.

“Oh…okay. That’s good. I was calling to let you know I’m off for a week to South Africa with Nike. We just want to spend some quality time together, away from work.” Otunba Tafa said.

She was shocked. She started to panic.

“Huh?! Dad? You’re leaving work? Who’s going to handle work? I am on leave? That’s irresponsible dad! You barely know this woman!” She started to rant.

“Omotorera that’s enough. I won’t take this rudeness from you! I hope you know I am very disappointed and embarrassed by how you treated this woman. And you owe her an apology because the odds are that she will become a part of this family. Now get a life and leave mine, young lady.”

She was quiet. She heard him say some other things and then he ended the call.

She heaved a sigh.

“Everything okay?” Wale said, looking at her.

She shook her head.

“No. Everything is not okay.” She said, not minding that she was speaking with a total stranger.

“Wanna talk?” He said.

She shrugged.

“What the heck? I mean, I’ll probably never see you after today. I could as well just unburden my heart.” She said.

“Or you could end up seeing me for the rest of your life.” He smiled, with that tint of cockiness again.

Enitan ran towards them, swaying her hips to and fro the earth. She was panting.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you. Oya let’s go. It's getting late.” Enitan said. She looked at Wale.

“Who’s he? He’s cute.” She said.

Torera looked at her excuse of a cousin, short of words to respond to her.

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