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“It’s fine. You can just drop me off at Aunt Toju’s or I can stay here alone. I’m used to it anyways…I grew up without you technically.” Lade said, looking his mother in the eye. He saw her sigh. He didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t help all these anger he was feeling. He was angry. Maybe not at her. But she was the only one left and he had no one else to channel his anger to.

Nike ran her manicured fingers through her hair. She had cut it low. She was growing it out. It gave her a different look. Otunba Tafa said he liked it.

“Lade, it’s just for a few days.” She said.

“I know. I’m not stopping you from going on your love trip with your boyfriend mom.” He retorted.

“I just don’t want to stay with your family.”


“Because I don’t wanna.”

“Okay. Mr. Tafa wanted you to come along. But I told him it might not be a good idea.”

Lade laughed with dots of sarcasm.

“Are his kids coming along too? Is it a destination wedding?”

Nike hissed.

“I have some packing to do. And so do you. You’re staying at my mother’s house. I don’t want to inconvenience Toju.”

“I am an inconvenience now?” He laughed.

She shook her head. Lade was reminding her so much of Lanre. He spoke with the same sarcastic undertones all those times that Lanre ridiculed her. She wanted to raise a gentleman. She wanted to raise a perfect man. But it seemed nothing in the books worked. She couldn’t count the number of times she had changed his schools and the number of times she was called by the principal or was it the number of times he got suspended from the different schools? She had sat him down one day and asked why he was deliberately being rebellious. He had said nothing. The height of it was when she found a condom packet behind his bookshelf. He was a child! She confronted him and he sparked and raised his hand. The look of shock in her face transmitted to his and he dropped his hand. Nike had wept and wept beyond control and Lade had packed a few things, left the house and after intervention from her mother and Toju, he came back home.

Nike was tired. Apart from the fact that she was falling weirdly in love for the white bearded old man that wanted to marry her, she also wanted a father figure for her son. She knew he had been through a lot; the loss of his brother, his parents’ divorce, the loss of his father, returning to Nigeria, failing JAMB etc. She didn’t know how else to help him and maybe that was something Otunba would help her with. He didn’t have a son but he had successful daughters. And he was a responsible man. What more could she want?

She dialed Toju’s number as she went up the stairs to her bedroom. She needed to talk to someone.

“Nikky what’s up?” Toju’s loud voice answered the call.

“I’m confused. I don’t know what to do.” Nike said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you talk?” Nike asked. She heard the angry honking of vehicles. Toju was driving.

“You are crazy! Can’t you see I trafficated? Olodo!” Toju yelled. 

“Ehen I’m with you jare. I can talk.”

Nike sighed.

“Maybe when you get home.” She said.

“Talk na! What’s up? Is it Otunba?”

“No. It’s Lade.” Nike said.

“Lade? Is he okay?” Toju said. She drove towards a corner and parked her car. “I’ve parked. What’s up?”

“I’m just tired Toju. Am I a bad mother? I don’t know what else to do I swear. Lade is just…I don’t know. I think he is deliberately being mean to me. I have pleaded, shouted…I don’t know.” She started to cry.

“Sweetie it’s okay. He’s just…he’s just frustrated. It is difficult transitioning from having a complete family to being an only child with just one parent.” Toju said.

“Isn’t that part of why I’m with Nekan?”

“I know. But you should also understand that Otunba is a stranger to him.”

“I can’t resurrect his father! I am not Jesus!”

“I know. Calm down. You were the same person that told me that Otunba’s daughter was rude to you. It’s normal, girl.”

Nike sighed.

“Okay. But I just want to be there for him. I want him to be happy. It breaks my heart to see him become this…this monstrous person.”

“It’s okay dear.”

“I’m having second thoughts about this trip to SA with Nekan.”

Toju laughed.

“Why? You can drop Lade off with me.” She said.

“With all his drama? I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Come on. I love him as much too and I’ll do anything to make him happy, okay?”

Nike sniffed. That was what Lade also preferred. Maybe staying with Toju would make him happy.

“Thank you so much, Toju. I appreciate this so much.” She smiled.

“Anytime babes. Make sure you have fun with your man and don’t come back pregnant o.”

Nike laughed.

The driver opened the door of the luxury cab and Otunba stepped out first, then he held out his hand for Nike to come out. She smiled. South Africa was one place she had never been to. She always wanted to but she just never made out the time. She loved the scenery and the atmosphere. She took in a deep breath and smiled as she shut her eyes. Cape town was beautiful.

“Welcome to the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel.” The door man said, smiling and taking a little bow.
Nike smiled.

“Thank you.” She said. One of the hotel workers had brought a luggage cart and started to wheel their bags towards the reception.

The receptionist was also all smiles. Anyway, it was part of their job as hotel staff.

“Welcome to the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel.” She smiled.

“Thank you Bokang.” Otunba said, looking at the name tag on the receptionist’s shirt.

Bokang smiled.

“Have you made reservations or would you like to book right now?” She asked.

“My assistant did that already.” He replied.

“Name please?” Bokang asked.

“Adenekan Tafa and Nike Ajayi-Cresley.” He said.

She did a quick search on her computer and smiled again. Then she handed him two card keys.

“These are your access cards. Enjoy your stay at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel and Capetown.” She said.

Nike pulled him aside quickly.

“Is everything okay?” Otunba asked.

“Umm…I want my own room. I don’t think we should stay in a room together.” She said.

He couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing and some passers-by started to look.

“I’m sorry….hahaha…but are you serious, Nike?” He said.

She nodded.

“I am. I am not your wife....yet. I don’t want to sleep in the same bed with you.” She said.

He shook his head.

“I presume you are a virgin and you have never slept with a man?” He laughed.

She didn’t budge. Her face was expressionless. 

“Nekan I am not staying in the same room with you.”

He nodded.

“It’s okay.” He laughed. “I’ll get another suite for you. Or can’t we just put pillows in between us at night?” He started to laugh again. "Come on, Nike. We are not kids here." 

She shook her head and walked towards the receptionist.

“Please get me another suite.” She said.

Otunba stopped laughing. He saw that she was serious.

“I had them book us the Superior suite, babe.” He said.

Bokang checked through her computer again.

“Um…I’m sorry we have only the Classic suite available.” She said.

“It’s okay.” Otunba said, bringing out his Visa card from his wallet.

Nike felt a little guilty that she was making the man pay extra. But she didn’t want to give herself up too easily. It had been such a long time since she had been with a man. That man was Lanre. And that was a long time ago. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone else and she intended to keep things that way…until she got married again (if that was God’s will.)

She sat in her suite and looked out the window. They were to have lunch together in a few minutes and then take a walk at the Victoria & Alfred waterfront. She knew he was offended by her insistence on having a separate room. But she didn’t want to renege on her own decisions. 

Even though she was there in Cape town with him, her mind never left her son. 


Since her father returned from South Africa with Nike, Torera noticed a different glow about him. He was happier. She didn’t have a choice but to confront him and he informed her that he had proposed to Nike and she had accepted to be his wife. She wanted to be happy for him but she couldn’t help the jealousy she felt. Who was she kidding? She really did want to get married but she had not found the right guy and she desperately wanted to. How could her own father get married before her? 

Her father had made her apologize to Nike and even if she really did not want to, she didn’t have a choice. The earlier she accepted the reality, the better. The woman was here to stay. 

She had gone over to Nike’s house with a peace offering of cup-cakes and wine, and tendered her apology. Nike had a lovely home, and Torera got to understand that she was from the popular Ajayi-Cresley family. She had her own old Lagos money and she held her own. Nike was obviously not in her father’s life for his money like she had thought earlier.

She had been seeing Wale, the cute doctor for a while. He had asked her out and Ayo had put in a word or two, claiming that Wale was a great guy and was willing to settle soon. Enitan told her to give it a try…even though Enitan never really took relationships seriously. Her philosophy was 

---Meet a guy, date him, and dump him if you find your husband elsewhere.

Torera liked him. He was good looking. Which girl didn’t like a good looking doctor. He said his parents were abroad and he was an only son. His elder sister was married and lived with her husband in Luxembourg. Since Ayo, she hadn’t really given her heart to anyone else. She kind of knew he was out of her league. He was married. She really didn’t know why she still let that crush dangle in her heart. She was starting to really like Wale. Maybe the crush on Ayo was simply because she had no one else in her life.

That weekend, he asked her to come over. They usually hung out in public places. At first, she thought it was cute. Enitan said he had something to hide but Torera discarded the thought. He was just being a gentle man. She wasn’t sure if to invite him over to her house, especially with her father being around. She wasn’t ready to introduce him just yet to the family. They had only been dating for about a month and a half.

She settled for a sexy black lace dress and nude Louboutins. She added a little more layer of her Ruby woo and grabbed her Chanel purse. He said he wanted to surprise her with dinner. He was a great cook and he always bragged about it.

She parked her car and pressed the door bell. She looked around. He lived in a really nice neighborhood. Thoughts of when she would move in started to flood her mind. Would he propose that day? She laughed at the thought. They had only just started dating.

“You look amazing, Torera.” He said, kissing each side of her cheek and hugging her.

She felt his eyes all over her and it made her feel more beautiful.

“Thank you. Nice place!” She smiled.

He shrugged.

“It’s my humble abode. Not too big.” He said.

“Huh? This is a duplex and it is tastefully furnished too.” She said. She dropped her purse on his couch and looked around.

“I really love the theme of this place.” She said.

“Maybe you can re-decorate it.” He smiled in that coy way he usually did.

She blushed.

He walked over to her and kissed her. She kissed him back. Things were getting a little more intense so she broke off the kiss and caught her breath.

“So, something smells really nice!” She smiled. “Where’s the kitchen?”

Wale rubbed his palms together.

“I was about dishing the food on the dining table.” He said.

“What’s on the menu?” She asked.

“Err…chicken barbecue, sweet and sour sauce, basmati rice, plantain, coleslaw, fruit cake…”

Torera gasped.

“And you’re sure you cooked?!” She said.

He laughed.

“I told you I am very hands-on in the kitchen, baby” He said.

She was on her fourth glass of wine. She loved the meal. She had to admit it was perfect. He was a great chef.

“Have I scored more points with you?” Wale asked, as though he read her mind.

Torera laughed. Her head was feeling a little woozy.

“Aren’t you having a little more alcohol than you should be having? Ayo told me you’re a church girl.” He said.

She giggled.

“I am a Christian. I am human too. God forgives.” She said.

He laughed.

“So how many yards of husband material am I?” He asked.

She laughed again, looking into his eyes.

“A hundred.” She said.

He nodded, licking his pink lips. He moved closer to her and she literally felt the chills in her body. She knew he was going to kiss her. She really wanted him to.

“I could be a trillion if you let me.” He said softly in his deep baritone. He drew her closer and claimed her lips. And she let him claim more. 

The morning after, she was back to her senses. She woke up and jolted out of bed. A naked Wale was laying next to her, still deep in sleep and snoring lightly. She was naked too. She shut her eyes and cursed. What had she done? She grabbed her undies on the floor and put them back on then searched for her lace dress and her shoes. She heard voices in the living room. She was a little confused. Who else was in the house? He said he lived alone. 

She got dressed and opened the door, tip toeing. She peeped through the door that led to the living room. There were two guys chatting and drinking.

“Your guy never wake?” One of them said.

“How he wan wake? If you hammer rich man pikin how you go wake?” The other said.

The other one laughed.

“I swear Wale na fool!” He laughed. “Him landlord don call again this morning. He never pay him rent for two months.”

“Na why he take your house pose for the babe na. Poor girl. Why all these rich girls dey gullible like this?”

“She dey find husband na. Na she get that range rover for the compound?” The other one said.

“Yes now!”

Then they both burst out laughing.

Torera almost peed on her self. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest. What had she done? More importantly, how would she walk out of the house with Wale's friends around?

She bit her lip in anger. She headed back to the room but she stopped halfway. She was confused. 

She should have known Wale was too good to be true.

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  7. I'm enjoying Torera's tales. Interesting.
    A reader told me about your blog.
    Thanks for your comment @my blog.
    Kudos to you!

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