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Muna heard his phone continue to beep multiple times. The vibration was disturbing, especially as she was about taking a nap. Ayo was in the bathroom. She unlocked his phone and opened the Whatsapp messages.

Omotorera Tafa

-          Ayo thank you very much. You knew the kind of person Wale is yet you threw me into his arms. You told me he was a good guy.

-          You made me start a relationship with him knowing fully well he isn’t who he claims to be.

-          What could I have done to you that would warrant this level of hatred to me? Ayo I will never forgive you.

-          Is that what I am worth to you? At least our history should count for something.

-          I would never do that to you.

-          Stay away from my life you retard!

Ayo stepped out of the bathroom with the large brown towel hanging on his waist. Water dripped down his hair and body to the wooden floor. 

“What is the meaning of this, Ayo?” Muna said.

He sighed. He was getting tired of her constant distrust. He had to admit things were getting a little shaky between them. She always suspected him, even when he was absolutely innocent. He knew she had trust issues, but he expected her to get over it. It had been four years since the ugly incident happened to her at Enugu. They had since moved past that.

“What have I done again, Munachi?” He said.
He was tired. Emotionally. 

She handed him the phone.

“What kind of messages are these?” She hissed.

He shook his head and started to read them. He paused.

“What is she talking about?” He said, confused.

“You tell me.” Muna said.

“Babe I introduced her to Wale. Wale that was at Jason’s party. Remember him?”

Muna nodded.

“The doctor guy.” She said.

“Yeah. They actually started dating. She told me she liked him and I told her he was single and from conversation I have had with him, he is ready to settle.”

Muna burst out laughing. She held her stomach as she started to roll on the bed.

“Why are you laughing?” Ayo asked.

“Oh my days!” Muna laughed, wiping the tears that fell of her eyes from too much laughter.

“Ugochi should tell you herself, not me.” She said.

Ayo frowned.

“What’s going on?”

“Ayo but you are wicked. Why would you introduce Wale to Torera?” Muna said.

“The guy is a doctor. I have had conversations with him and he seems quite…”

“He is a fake guy. Ayo we don’t even know him like that. He is our neighbor’s family friend that’s all. The guy tried to ask my sister out.”

Ayo’s eyes widened.

“He did?” He said.

Muna nodded.

“Yeah. And he started asking her to borrow him money because he was having problems with his bank. That guy can lie for Africa. He even lied to her that he works with St. Nicholas hospital! The guy works in one yeye private clinic at Yaba.”

Ayo sighed.

“I need to call her and apologize. I really thought he was a sensible guy. I hope he didn’t do anything stupid.” He said.

Muna laughed.

He dialed her number but she continued to ignore his call. He dropped a couple of messages and she read them but never replied.


“Tee, you are extremely gentle!” Enitan said, laughing. They were having lunch at a rooftop restaurant somewhere along  Etim Inyang street in Victoria Island.

Torera adjusted her sun glasses and took another sip of her apple juice. She was clearly still upset and wasn’t finding it funny.

“What did you expect me to do? Break a bottle on his head?” She raised her voice.

Enitan shook her head.

“What is wrong with breaking a bottle on his head? He deserves it. He turned you to a Sarewagba!”
 She laughed.

"A what?" Torera said. 

"You heard me. Sarewagba." Enitan laughed. 

Torera hissed.

“I was so embarrassed. What upset me the most was that I decided not to go back to the room. I passed through the kitchen door which was behind. I got to my car and I remembered I left the key on the stupid dining table! I tried to go back in and I realized the kitchen door was jam lock! I called Wale’s phone and it was switched off. So I just had to knock on the door and tell them I was Wale’s friend and I had left my key.” She said.

Enitan spewed the drink in her mouth and burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny, Enitan.” Torera said.

Enitan raised her hands up.

“I promise I won’t laugh anymore. Has he even tried to call you?”

Torera nodded.

“He’s been apologizing. Says he wants to see me and explain.”

“At least he cooked for you.” Enitan smiled.

Torera hissed again. Her phone beeped. It was Ayo.

“You should answer his call.” Enitan said, looking at Torera’s phone on the table.

“As far as I am concerned, Ayo was in on this. He ridiculed me.”

“But Ayo is not Wale.”

“He said Wale was a good guy!”

“He only gave his two cents. He didn’t force you to date the man.”

Torera exhaled. She knew her cousin was right. 

Her father had told her to get a life and she was determined to get one. Yes, she was still very upset by what happened with Wale, but life had to move on. She needed to meet new people and possibly meet a potential husband. Since Nike came into their lives, she felt that pressure to want a man of her own. She knew her father said the truth. She couldn’t live with him forever. She was almost twenty-eight and she needed to set her priorities right.

Wale was a mistake. And it was her fault. 


It had been about two weeks and Torera still hadn’t answered his calls. He was beginning to get worried. He had no idea what Wale had done or not done. He did not want to interfere but he felt the urge to.

He had been at the gate for a few seconds and Ayo had been honking continuously. There was no response from the gate man. He hissed and had no option but to dial Muna’s phone to get her to open the gate for him. It was bit late and he didn’t want to disturb her especially because she was the only one home who was looking after the kids. He had no choice when the gate man still did not respond.

Ayo looked at the neighboring house and noticed a car drive out. He strained his eyes a little more and saw the driver. 

It was Wale. 


The adrenaline rush came from somewhere he couldn’t explain. He put the gear of the car on Park and hurried out immediately.

“Wale!” He yelled, walking swiftly towards the black Nissan Pathfinder.

The car stopped moving and the driver wound down the glass window.

“Wale stop that car!” Ayo yelled again.

He pulled the handle of the driver’s door and dragged Wale out angrily by the collar of his shirt.

“Ayo calm down! What is it?” Wale said, confused at the same time trying not to panic. He looked around and dipped his hand in his pocket, searching for his phone.

“What did you do to her?” Ayo said.

“Torera?” Wale replied.

“Of course Torera.”

Wale shook his head.

“Guy, e no bad reach like this na. I think say you just arrange the babe for me.”

“What?! What did you do?”

“Ayo, I really did like her but I didn’t plan for things to happen that way too na. And she is a rich girl I had to flow.”

Ayo shook his head, lost for words.

“I made a big mistake. I thought you were a responsible man.”

“Stop am, abeg. Don’t bring my integrity into this.”

“Integrity? You hurt that girl and now she blames me for it because I told her you were serious.”

Wale sighed.

“Okay, for real I am sorry. I have been trying to call her but she doesn’t take my calls. I really was going to apologize. She is a nice girl.” He said.

“Is everything okay?”

Ayo turned around. Muna was standing next to them. Her phone was in her hand. She looked puzzled.

“It’s nothing babe. Just confronting this fool about Torera.” He said.

“Oh.” Muna replied. Her response was cold. As cold as her body which was beginning to shiver from a mix of heavy breeze and jealousy. 

“Can you imagine! He says he thought I arranged Torera for him! Does Torera look like that kind of girl by any standard?! This is so crazy men!” Ayo continued to raise his voice, bursting with all shades of agitation.

“I’m sorry. But I don’t think it’s this bad, guy. Is the babe your relative? She told me you are an old friend.” Wale said.

“Old friend?” Ayo said. Muna sensed some disappointment in her husband’s voice.

“It’s okay. Wale please I apologize.” Muna said. “Let’s go home.” She turned to Ayo.

Ayo was so upset he verbally lashed out at the gate man who had now appeared from nowhere. He went straight into the bedroom and tried to call Torera again. She didn’t respond. He could barely function. He had not even changed his clothes or taken a bath. 

He sent yet another text message. He was still typing when Muna walked in.

“What was all that about?” She said, looking at him. She sat at the edge of the bed, arms akimbo.

“All what?” Ayo continued typing on his phone.

“Don’t pretend to me, Ayotunde. What was that drama about?”

He looked at her.

“I just hate what he did. And she blames me for it. She hasn’t answered my calls in almost two whole weeks!”

Muna shook her head, confused at what her husband was saying.

“Okay?” She said, raising her hands.

Ayo exhaled.

“She just responded.” He said, looking at his phone. He smiled.

“Praise the Lord.” Muna replied dryly. She rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom to pee. 

Ayo laughed. His mood switched almost immediately. 

That night, Muna watched him fall asleep. She tried to push the ugly thoughts that were once again flooding her mind. She wanted to wake him up and confront him but she decided to give it a rest. Maybe there really wasn’t anything to his reaction. Maybe he was just being a good friend to Torera. Maybe.

She gaggled some of the green Listerine a second time and spit in the sink. She adjusted her hair and exhaled. She closed from work a little earlier than usual and hurried home. Ayo had called earlier to say he wanted to see her. He said he ran into Wale and confronted him. She didn’t know why she was taking so much caution in having good breath for him. She was not anticipating kissing him. In fact, she was not anticipating kissing anyone anytime soon since the whole drama with Wale. If she was getting into another relationship, she would certainly be more careful.

He would be at her gate in Seven







She heard her phone ring. He didn’t honk. He said he didn’t want her father to carry him and his car to prison for noise pollution. She hesitated at first, deliberately ignoring the first two rings. The third time, she answered it.

“Hey.” She said. Her voice was flat even though her body was giddy.

“I was getting scared already that you wouldn’t answer my calls again.” Ayo said.

She paused.

“I’m at your gate.” He continued.

“Okay. I’ll ask the security to let you in.” She said and cut the call. 

She dialed the phone at the security house and one of the guards answered it. She instructed him to let her guest in.

Her father wasn’t home. He had gone on a business trip to Abuja. She missed him and his many jokes, tons of which were always repeated and she had no choice but to laugh at them.

In a few seconds, Ayo was in the living room, sitting on the brown couch. She saw him as she descended the stair case. Mabel the cook had served him a glass of cold pineapple juice. She could see the ice from where she stood. 

“Hi.” She smiled. 

He turned around and smiled too. He hugged her. She smelt that Tom Ford again. She felt his warmth. It was starting to break the ice. 

“How have you been?” He said.

She shrugged.


He nodded. She joined him on the couch and took a seat.

“First, Torera I am so so so sorry for whatever happened with Wale. I shouldn’t have let you date him. I just thought he was a serious guy. He is one of the few serious minded single guys that I know and…”

Torera laughed. She was not happy about her drama with Wale but somehow, she managed to laugh. 

“Are you sure you know him? That guy is a crook!”

Ayo nodded.

“I heard. He has been lying the whole time. I am sorry. He is my neighbor’s friend and that’s how we got talking. We play basketball together and talk politics and he just seems like a great guy.” He said.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry for the things I said too. I was just really pissed off.” She said.

Ayo let out a little laugh.

“I deserve it.”

She giggled, covering her face.

“I called you a retard!” She mumbled.

“It’s okay. I am serious.” He laughed.

She laughed too. Her eyes rested on his hands; his left hand specifically. She saw the ring mark that was starting to form a lighter shade on his fourth finger. He wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

“How is Muna. How are the babies?” She asked, looking at the glass of pineapple juice. The ice was melting. She never felt comfortable asking about his family. That was creepy. She knew. But she couldn’t help it.

“They’re okay.” He said. "I don't wanna talk about Muna." 

He had a fight with Muna that afternoon. It was becoming a pattern he was getting used to. 


“So um…I really wanted to apologize for Wale.” He started again.

“You said that before. It’s fine.”

“But Torera, you’re wicked o! Ah ahn. You insulted me. That’s not fair.”

She giggled.

“I just thought you were pawning me off to the next available man.”

“I would never do that to you.” He said gently.

She smiled, without looking up.

“It’s just so hard and difficult finding a man, you know. I feel so stupid…” She sighed. She looked up in the ceiling and stopped the tear that was attempting to drop down her face.

“It’s almost impossible finding a man that would love me and be a possible husband. I mean, I am not getting any younger here. And my dad might just get married before me.” She said.

Ayo smiled.

"Marriage is not what it seems most times."

She sniffed. She was having a battle trying to stop herself from crying.

“It’s just frustrating.” She smiled. She looked at him and blinked. “I shouldn’t be telling you this. Don’t mind me I am so silly…my girl side is showing herself again.” She said. 

She knew she was derailing from common sense.

Ayo held her hand and stroked the back of it. She froze in time for a second. She didn’t stop him. He moved closer and placed her head on his chest. She couldn’t stop herself. She started to cry.

“It’s okay, Chickles.” He said softly. He started to stroke her hair.

She held her breath.

He hadn’t called her that in ages! That’s what he called her when she was his girlfriend. 


She felt his breath on her neck and each strand of hair on her skin stood with undivided chickled attention.

What was she doing?

She was falling again like a pack of cards. She struggled. Her spirit tugged against her flesh. She knew this was wrong. 


Toju’s phone rang for the fourth time. She finally stood up to get it. It was Nike. She threw back her hair and tucked the strands behind her ears.

“Babes.” Toju said.

“Hey Toju. What’s up?” Nike said at the other end of the line.

“Err…not much really. Any gist?”

Nike laughed.

“Not every time gist. Sometimes it’s different.” She said.

“Okay o. So what’s different today?”

Nike cleared her throat.

“I have finally decided on the color of aso-oke that I want to wear for the traditional wedding.” She screamed.

Toju laughed.

“So what did you pick from? Wine, blue, purple, green, lemon?”

“I think I’d rather just go with something mature. After all how many people my age do you see getting married? So I decided on khaki. And I think I want gold and bronze beads on it instead of the usual peach abi coral color. I have been on Bella this entire afternoon checking for cuts and designs.”

“Hmm…not bad.” Toju said.

“As my maid of honour, you have to follow me to the aso-oke vendor’s place. Please!”

Toju laughed and then she giggled a little. Her giggle was a distracted one.

“Toju is your mind here? Are you listening to me?” Nike said.

“Um…yes yes sure! You know what…” She laughed out loud.

“Stop it!” Toju giggled again.

“Nike let me call you back please.”

“No way! What are you doing? Toritseju!” Nike raised her voice, dragging the Toritsejuuuuu. 

Toju cleared her throat.

“Okay okay. I have someone over.”

“You’re dating someone? How come you haven’t ever mentioned it?”

“Well, maybe because we have been so absorbed in your own love life and we forgot that Toju might have one too.”

Nike sighed. She knew that tone. She knew she was guilty. She always spoke about herself and never asked how Toju was doing or who she was seeing.

“I’m sorry, okay.” Nike said. “I take the blame.”

“It’s okay. I gotta go now love. I’ll call you back!” Toju giggled and ended the call.

She dropped the phone by the bedside table and turned to face him. He smiled at her as she placed her head on his chest.

“I’m a bad friend.” Toju said.

He laughed.

“But you’re a good lover.” He replied.

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