Tuesday, 28 November 2017



She bit her lower lip as she stared at the app again for the umpteenth time. She started to worry about if she had a reason for bigger worries. The pregnancy test she had taken was very accurate and even Feyisetan confirmed that it was negative. She decided to quit circumventing the issue and decided to stop by the hospital for a proper test and check up after close of business. She wanted to leave work earlier but with the way things were at the office, she couldn’t pull that stunt. It was no news that Mr. Wright’s attitude towards her was somewhat cold. Since she resumed at work, he had been acting a bit strangely and she couldn’t place a finger on it. She had gone to his office to apologize for the missed calls but he dismissed her and told her that there was no problem.

As soon as it was 5 o’ clock, she shut down her computer and got her purse. She told Sharon that she couldn’t work late because she had to get to the hospital for a proper check-up. As the elevator got to the ground floor, she stepped out and bumped into him.

“Leaving so early?” He asked. It was Dan.

She smiled. She had to admit that things had been a bit awkward between them lately. She had been missing his calls and forgetting to reply his text messages. The few times she answered them, she always said she was busy and would call him back but she never did.

“Hi, how are you doing?” She said, avoiding his eyes.

He sized her up for a while before he nodded.

“I’m good. I believe you are too. I was told you were ill for some time. I tried to call but as usual, you never answered.”

She shrugged.

“I’m sorry. It’s been work and stress and…”

“And Toba.” He smiled.

She looked up at him in utter surprise.


He laughed.

“I know you and him are seeing each other. He…he is someone I have done business with before.” He looked at her. “I wish you all the best.”

She didn’t know what to say for a second. It was as though she was frozen in space and time.

“Look, I really want to apologize…I know things…”

He raised his hand.

“Please don’t complicate things further. I really am happy for you and I wish you well. Is Wright around? It’s surprising that you are leaving at this time. Didn’t he tell you about the Carlton Brothers meeting for 7pm today?”

She didn’t know which question to answer first. She could see that she had hurt him. She wanted to apologize sincerely. As they say, the heart always wants what it wants and she felt blessed and lucky to have met a man like Toba. He was the kind of man she had always prayed for and she wouldn’t let sentiments for Dan whom she barely knew ruin everything for her.

“I am not aware of the meeting.” She said.

“Oh. Okay.” He said reluctantly. “Um…I should head upstairs.”

She nodded.

She wanted to head back to the office but she was meant to have dinner that evening with Toba’s parents at the Oriental hotel. She needed to hurriedly get to the hospital first as she would not have the time again till the weekend and she couldn’t wait that long.

She dreaded hospitals. She hated the smell of disinfectants and drugs. She hated seeing those banners that talked about getting checked for different forms of cancers and getting vaccinated for a million kinds of infections. The sight of sick people scared her. The sight of half dead and half alive people being rushed on stretchers into the theatres and Emergency Rooms made her cringe.

“Miss Lewis?” The nurse dressed in white scrubs called.

She stood up and took in a deep breath.

The nurse beckoned on her to come with her to another room where her vitals were taken. Her temperature was a bit high and she had added about six kilograms more since the last time she checked her weight. Majority was deposited as tummy fat and hip fat.

“Dr. Folusho will see you now.” The nurse smiled.

Tony smiled too and walked like a sacrificial lamb being led to the altar.

Dr. Folusho was a doctor in his forties. He had started to grey on his edges and his goatee. He shook her and offered her a seat. She took in a deep breath and smiled.

“How are you feeling today, Miss Lewis?” He said.

“I am okay. Recovered from the malaria. But I came here for another reason.”

“Oh okay. What may that be for?”

She sighed.

“I don’t know…I haven’t seen my period in a while. I saw something very light last week. Just very minimal. I googled it and I think that’s called spotting.” She said.

“When last did you get your actual period?”

“Over a month now.” She said. “Almost two.”

He scribbled something in her file. She peeped to see but she knew there was no hope seeing a medical doctor’s handwriting.

“Are you sexually active Madam?”

She avoided his eyes. His tone changed. She saw the crucifix on his wall and posters about his church. She cleared her throat and nodded.

“Okay. When last were you sexually involved with your…partner.”

Judge! She hissed in her head.

“I don’t recall but it’s been a while now. I took a pregnancy test by the way. It was negative.”

“Pregnancy kits are not a hundred percent reliable. We will need to do some blood work. Meanwhile I need to examine you. Can you kindly take off your dress and get into this robe.” He handed her a hospital robe. He called the nurse to assist.

After she had changed into that, Dr. Folusho checked her abdomen and pressed around it, asking if she felt pains. She nodded where she did and shook her head where she did not. After that session, she looked at him, waiting for answers.

“I need you to see the gynecologist. She will be joining us shortly.” He said.

Her heart started to race. The nurse drew some of her blood to have it tested. She almost peed on herself in fear. She hated suspense mode especially when she was in the hospital. Shortly after, Dr. Nneka joined them. She introduced herself and smiled pleasantly then explained that she wanted to perform an ultrasound.

“I’m dead! It means I am pregnant right?” Tony blurted out.

Dr. Nneka smiled.

“We can’t confirm anything yet until we get the results. I will be asking you further questions after the ultra sound.” She said.

Tony nodded.

She spread her legs as the doctor carried out the endovaginal after confirming that her bladder was empty. The doctor inserted the probe into her vaginal canal and she tried to see what was on the monitor. She tried to search for anything that looked like a baby.

As she buttoned her dress, she looked from Dr. to Dr. She looked at her watch and realized she had spent about over an hour at the hospital already. She checked her phone. It was almost time for the dinner. She saw missed calls from Toba and from Feyisetan.

“Miss Lewis, your pregnancy test and the ultrasound shows that you are not pregnant. Your womb is not carrying a baby.” Dr. Nneka said.

“Thank God!” Tony screamed. She looked at Dr. Folusho and quickly composed her self, still all smiles.
“Thank you so much! I feel so relieved!” She grabbed her purse. She stood up to take her leave.

“Well, regarding your delayed period, is this the first time or there have been times that you have noticed this?”

She shrugged.

“Not really. But I don’t think I have noticed missing them. Sometimes they just come really late.” She said.

“Okay.” Dr. Nneka said. “Well, give it some time. It will come. But from the test carried out, we noticed a few things which you need to be made aware of.”

Tony looked at her. She dropped her purse and took a sit again. 


“You have some fibroids. They do not look like they threaten your fertility. In fact, most fibroids usually don’t threaten fertility. It’s all about the location. There is only one which is giving us some concern because of its location and this may lead to more painful and heavier periods over time. On the other hand, we noticed a cyst on your left ovary. It’s not really something to worry about yet because of the size. It's something very prevalent among black women and most people don't know about this until they need to have a comprehensive ultrasound test.”

Tony put her hands on her head.

“I don’t understand doctor. I mean…I am twenty seven. My mother had fibroids and had to take out her uterus and that’s because she is an older woman. I don’t understand. And what cyst? Am I dying? Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh Jesus save me!” She burst into tears. 

The nurse tried to hold her.

“You are not dying! Come on! You need to be more informed of these conditions. A lot of women walking around, some even younger than you are have this situation going on.” She said.

“So what do I do?” She sighed.

Dr. Nneka looked at her.

“It’s either you opt for a surgery. A myomectomy….”

“Surgery? I have not had any children yet! I can’t take out my womb!! God is punishing me for all my sins! Oh God!”

“Calm down and pull yourself together Miss Lewis.” Dr. Folusho said.

She nodded.

“A myomectomy does not take out your uterus. It preserves it so that you can have as many kids that you so desire. But it may not be necessary yet. I don’t think it’s necessary yet.” She said. “Are you getting married soon? It’s important that you don’t delay having children from this point forward.”


“What do you mean you couldn’t make the dinner anymore, Tony?” Toba yelled. He had driven down to her apartment and stormed in.

She sat on the couch, holding a pillow to her chest and trying not to blurt out everything that had happened at the hospital.

“Woman I am talking to you! Don’t I deserve an explanation for standing me and my parents up at the hotel? You just shot yourself in the foot you know. This was a chance for you to really get to know them better and for them to take you into the family.”

She looked at him. She opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

“I told you I had to be at the hospital. I was not feeling okay.” She said.

“What was wrong?”

“Nothing.” She replied.

He hit the wall with his fist, clenching his teeth. He reached for her, grabbed her and shook her body.

“You’re hurting me Toba!” She yelled.

“I was going to freaking propose to you tonight! You just ruined everything!” He yelled.

She looked at him. She started to cry. She remembered everything at the hospital and how the doctor told her to start working on having babies. She couldn’t tell Toba. What would he think? Even she herself still did not understand the entire problem. He would think she had reproductive problems and he would run away. Where would she start from? She couldn’t possibly go back to her vomit called Jimi.

“You have nothing to say?” He looked at her.

She continued to cry as she watched him storm out of her flat the same way he had stormed in.

Feyisetan walked in with two glasses of wine and the bottle under her arm. She joined Tony on the couch and handed a glass to her.

“You need to take it easy. It’s not the end of the world, sissy.” She said.

“It is. I don’t understand what is going on with me. Everything just seems like my world is crumbling before my very eyes.” Tony cried.

“Life is not this complicated. Just call Toba and apologize. Tell him you are sorry and just tell him that you had a bad headache and when you got to the hospital they told you they were going to place you on admission for a week but you have a lot of major jobs and deadlines at the office which you cannot miss. So it bothered you and you got confused and had to bail because you were not in the right frame of mind. Buy gifts for his parents and kiss and makeup and live happily ever after.”

Tony looked at her bestie and smiled finally. She couldn’t believe she was taking advice from Feyisetan of all people. But that seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time.

“Do you think he will believe me?” Tony said.

“Are you serious? Oh my God baby are you okay now? I feel so bad for yelling at you. I was so selfish. I should have asked you how you were feeling.” Toba said. He pulled Tony closer to him and kissed her.

“I’m so sorry too. It’s just that I’ve got so much work piled up on my desk at work.” She said.

“It’s for a while. After we get married you are going to quit and just be a good stay at home mom to our kids.” He said.

She tried to respond but she could not. She did not know which part of his sentence irked her more. Was it the guilt of her supposedly threatened fertility or the fact that he was going to make her a house wife?



  1. Hmm. I don’t even know what to say at dis point. Is Toba the right man?

  2. See all the red light from Toba. .only if she can give Dan a chance

  3. Why do I feel Toba has anger and patience issues?
    P.S: this episode is short fah. I read it in less than 5mins (I think. Lol).
    Well done Fissy!