Thursday, 8 February 2018



Beatrice was tired of the noise and disturbance every other night. If she were still in the USA, she would have called the cops for the nuisance. She was a medical doctor who worked all night and had to sleep in the day or all day and had to sleep at night. She had complained a few times to the resident and to the estate agent and admin office but nothing had been done.

She had just returned from work and was trying to take a warm bath in her tub and finish a book before heading to bed. She was forty years old and single and she had learned to start enjoying her loneliness.

She tried to assimilate the first few paragraphs but the music from the other flat was killing it for her. How on earth could someone play music that loud and not think it would be a disturbance to their neighbors? She’d had enough. She climbed out of the tub and pulled on her bathrobe before storming out.

She knocked on the door several times in anger but no one was answering. That was a little weird and strange. Usually, Tony would open the door and roll her eyes and promise to reduce her noise. She pushed the door and noticed it was not jammed. It was unlike Tony to forget to lock her doors. Besides, it was a security jam lock door.

Beatrice pushed the door open and looked around. The living room was scattered. The throw pillows had deep fist impressions. She started to get bothered. Had there been a fight with that her arrogant and rude boyfriend?  She followed the sound of the music to trace where it was coming from;  the bedroom.

Tony was not in the bedroom. She opened the bathroom door and then she found Tony’s body in the tub.

“Jesus Christ!!!!” Beatrice screamed. She rushed over and dragged her out of the tub to the bathroom floor. She checked her pulse and heartbeat.

Immediately, she started with chest compression. She pushed and pushed, at the same time speaking in tongues, pushing hard in her spirit man. 

“Holyspirit you have to help her! The devil cannot take her life! Not this young life! God please!” Beatrice wept as she tried to administer CPR. 

She reached for her phone in her bathrobe pocket and called the hospital where she worked which was about ten minutes away. She requested for an ambulance.

After several compressions, she tried to open her airways and then started to give mouth to mouth.


The scissors fell from her hand and she felt the force release her gradually. She tried to struggle and free herself and it felt easier this time.

“Jesus! Jesus!” She mumbled. Her speech was not coherent.

She opened her eyes and saw so many moving images at the same time. She could not comprehend what was going on. She heard the sound of the ambulance and many voices. She realized that she was being whisked away…back to earth, back to life!

It was not the time to die yet.

The End! 



  1. Wow. I love the end. Thanks Fissy . I’m glad Tony didn’t kill herself

  2. Wao, God bless you fisayo. I'm sp happy Tony did not die. I'm also happy she did not marry Toba, in part 2 written in my head, she's sure coming out better

  3. August Occasions8 February 2018 at 23:10

    This story brought tears to my face.we sld be careful of our actions today because of tomorrow. But God is truly a God of second chance. Am glad she didn't die. For that Toba ehen.....

  4. Thank God she didn't die o. I was so scared. Couldn't even drop comment till I got to the end. Well done Fisayo! 🙌

  5. Thank you....I thought the previous Post was the last one. I spent days rewriting the story in my head

  6. The reader loses control of the interface in a variety of ways, just as the narrator feels that he is losing control of his life writing.